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It’s Illegal for Morocco to Join ECOWAS

It’s Illegal for Morocco to Join ECOWAS


It has been confirmed that at the 55thOrdinary Session of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which held in Monrovia, Liberia in December 2016, the Authority of Heads of States and Government of the member states of ECOWAS erroneously gave approval in principle to the request of the Kingdom of Morocco to join the sub-regional grouping. However, in view of the legal implications of the request the Authority has directed the ECOWAS Commission to examine the implications of Morocco’s membership of the ECOWAS within the ambit of the Revised Treaty of ECOWAS and to submit the results at the next session of the ECOWAS scheduled to hold in Lome, Togo in December, 2017

Having critically reviewed the Revised Treaty and other legal texts of the ECOWAS as well as the African Union we are of the firm view that Morocco is not legally qualified to join the sub regional economic union. However, before examining the legality of the request it is germane to expose the false claim that Morocco’s admission would improve the economy of member states of ECOWAS. Despite the so called Morocco’s strong ties with ECOWAS member state, trade between them remains low as it is less than USD 1 billion a year. This is insignificant as West Africa has a GDP of $345 billion. Even then, the volume of trade is expected to reduce as some of the trade agreements between Morocco and ECOWAS member states are illegal to the extent that they relate to the illegal exploitation of the mineral resources in Western Sahara.

It is worthy to note that both the European Court of Human and a High Court in South Africa have ruled that Morocco lacks the legal capacity to exploit the mineral resources in the occupied territory of Western Sahara. On the basis of such judicial decisions we have it on good authority that the Polisario Front has concluded arrangements to challenge the agreements signed between Morocco and other countries including the member states of the ECOWAS for the exploitation of the mineral resources located in the occupied territory of Western Sahara.

Before the submission of Morocco’s request for membership of ECOWAS Nigeria and some member states of the economic grouping had raised serious objections to the “EU-ECOWAS Partnership Agreement” designed to allow the industrialised members of the European Union to flood West Africa with manufacture goods and thereby destroy the infantile industries in the member states of ECOWAS. If Morocco is admitted to ECOWAS the European Union would have achieved its objective as it has signed an Association Agreement with Morocco which is similar to the EU-ECOWAS Partnership Agreement in every material particular. In other words, if the request is granted, Morocco will take advantage of the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of people and goods to serve as a gateway for EU goods entering into West Africa and thereby defeat the principal objectives of the ECOWAS.

It is therefore crystal clear that the member states of ECOWAS do not stand to benefit economically from the membership of Morocco in the economic grouping. Even, assuming without conceding that the presence of Morocco in ECOWAS will add economic value to the organisation the illegality of the request to be a member state of ECOWAS cannot be justified under the community law. It is worthy to recall that a similar application was rejected by the European Union in 1987 on the ground that Morocco was not considered to be a European country and hence could not join the European Union. In the same vein, the application of Morocco to join the ECOWAS should be rejected on the ground that it is not a State in West Africa.

As far as the community law is concerned Morocco is not qualified to be a member state of the ECOWAS. By virtue of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty of 1993, ECOWAS was set up to promote co-operation and integration, leading to the establishment of an economic union in West Africa in order to raise the living standards of its peoples, and to maintain and enhance economic stability, foster relations among the Member States. The ECOWAS member states are 15 in number and they are: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote D’voire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

The membership of the ECOWAS is restricted to the States in the West African sub-region and in this regard, the Revised Treaty has defined the “region” as the geographical zone known as West Africa in line with Resolution CM/Res/.464/(XXVI) of the OAU Council of Ministers. It is submitted that since Morocco is not located in West Africa but in North Africa between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea it does not satisfy the geographical criterion to be a member state of the ECOWAS. In the circumstances, the admission of Morocco will automatically lead to a change of the prerequisites for accession and a comprehensive review of the Revised Treaty and other legal texts of the ECOWAS to reflect the inclusion of the North African country in the economic union.

Furthermore, according to Article 2.2 of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty the members of the Community, hereinafter referred to as the Member States, are the States that ratified the Treaty. It follows that any West African State may apply to become a member of the Community, which requires that the applicant be a State in West Africa whose territory is located at least in part on the geographical space of West Africa. This requirement can be deduced from the 1975 Treaty, which states that the Members of the Community, hereinafter referred to as “Member States “ shall be the States that ratified the Treaty and such other West African States as may accede to it. Morocco is not qualified to accede to the ECOWAS Revised Treaty as it does not satisfy the geographical criterion as “region” in this case means the geographical zone known as West Africa.

Pursuant to Resolution CM / RES.464 (XXVI) of the Council of Ministers of the Organisation of African Unity (now African Union) Africa was divided into five Regional Economic Communities (RECs). The RECs covering these regions signed the Protocol of Relations between the African Economic Community (ECA) and the RECs on 25 February 1998. In September 2006, the African Union initiated a first rationalization of regional integration initiatives by designating ECOWAS as the only strategic framework for regionalization in West Africa. The 1993 revised ECOWAS Treaty respects the regional delimitation.

Morocco is presently a member of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), the REC for the countries in the North African region. The members of AMU have not been able to meet at Summit level since 2008 due to the unending disagreements over Morocco’s continuing illegal occupation of Western Sahara, a member state of the African Union. Even though Morocco has just been admitted to the African Union it has begun to threaten the unity and solidarity of member states by promoting decisive politics. For instance, in 2016, Morocco led several Arab countries to withdraw from the Arab African Summit on account of the participation of Western Sahara.

In view of the legal obligation imposed on the member states of the African Union by the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights to recognise the right of colonised peoples to self determination majority of the member states of the ECOWAS have accorded diplomatic recognition to the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, a member state of the African Union. But the Kingdom of Morocco has continued to occupy the territory of SADR. The occupation of the territory of SADR is a gross violation of the Ruling of the International Court of Justice delivered in 1975 wherein it was held that the “materials and information presented to it do not establish any tie of territorial sovereignty between the territory of Western Sahara and the Kingdom of Morocco or the Mauritanian entity.”

All member states of ECOWAS have adopted the Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance which stipulates that accession to power “must be made through free, fair and transparent elections.” The Protocol emphasizes on separation of powers, and among others the independence of the Judiciary and judges. The Protocol is also clear on the neutrality of the State in all matters relating to religion. In Amouzou Henry & Ors. v. The Republic of Cote D’ivoire (2004-2009) CCJELR 281 at 297 the Community Court of Justice held that“The commitment to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights is derived from its ratification by each of the ECOWAS Member States, of two fundamental instruments, which are the ECOWAS revised Treaty and the Protocol Relating to Democracy and Good Governance (Art 1).” The system of government in Morocco is monarchical and as such it is not qualified to adopt and ratify the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.

All member states of the ECOWAS have also ratified the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Community citizens have access to the Community Court of Justice to protect their human enshrined in the African Charter. In Manneh v. Republic of The Gambia (2009) CCJLR (PT 2) 116 at 133 this Honourable Court, while interpreting the provision of Article 9(4) of the Protocol of the Court of Justice as amended opined that it has jurisdiction to hear and determine cases of violations of human rights of community citizens that occur in any of the member states of the ECOWAS. Since Morocco has refused to ratify the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights its citizens cannot access the Community Court to challenge the abuse of their human rights.

The admission of Morocco to ECOWAS will encourage other countries to belong to any REC of their choice in violation of the 2006 Resolution of the African Union. The admission will also dilute the regional integration of the member states and people of West Africa contrary to the letter and spirit of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty. Indeed, as the request of Morocco to join ECOWAS was granted in principle by the Authority of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS without consultations with relevant stakeholders it has attracted negative reactions from many interest groups. For instance, the Organisation of African Trade Union (OATUU), the Nigeria Labour Congress and a number of other leading civil society organizations and private business groups in West Africa have kicked against the request of Morocco to join the ECOWAS.

In the light of the foregoing, it is indubitably clear that the ECOWAS does not stand to benefit economically from the admission of Morocco as a member state of the economic union. In addition, the request of Morocco to be a member state of the ECOWAS is at variance with the provisions of the Revised Treaty and the other legal texts of the ECOWAS. Therefore, we urge you to use your good offices to prevail on the Authority of Heads of State and Governments of the ECOWAS to reject the illegal request of Morocco to join the economic union. However, it should be pointed out that the rejection of the request for membership is without prejudice to the observer status of Morocco in the ECOWAS.

• Mr. Falana is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and former President, West African Bar Association


Enyeama’s return to Eagles will spell doom, Owolabi warns Rohr


Enyeama’s return to Eagles dangerous, Owolabi tells Rohr

By Samuel Ifetoye

Former Green Eagles winger, Felix Owolabi, has warned against the return of Vincent Enyeama into the national team saying: “It may spell doom for the country at Russia 2018 World Cup.”

There are strong indications that Coach Gernot Rohr is unsatisfied with the goalkeepers in the Super Eagles and has extended invitation to Deportivo La Coruña goalkeeper, Francis Uzoho and afterward Enyeama, as he steps up his preparation for the Mundial.

According to Owolabi, after Enyeama called it quit from the national team, he should be allowed to enjoy his retirement after serving the nation well.

“Enyeama for me has no business in the Eagles again. The fact that he has called it quit from active football for the nation and coupled with the controversies surrounding his forced retirement, I believed there should no clamour for his return.

“Let Enyeama stays retired as far as the national team is concerned. It will be good for Nigeria if he is asked not to come back. And if he is asked to come back, sincerely it is going to spell doom for the country,” he said.

Recounting an incident in 1982, the former IICC Shooting Star of Ibadan player said that any controversy that precedes a tournament always end in a disaster.

“Previous experiences have shown that when there is a controversy over stay or do not stay on a particular player when he decides to come back, it does not speak well for the entire team.

“A similar thing happened in 1982 when I was in the Eagles. I will not mention names, but at the end of the day we lost out. Several events have unfolded pertaining to a player coming back from retirement. For God sake, Enyeama has gone on retirement and let it remain so.

Rohr as a good coach must be able to mold whatever material he has available at his disposal. It is not as if we do not have good goalkeepers, after all a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

“Most of us were able to find our way into the national team because we were given just one match as a test and we went through it and we passed. It is like an examination,” he stated.

Source : The Guardian 

FEC approves 2018 draft budget

FEC approves 2018 draft budget, Road Trust Fund, 14km transmission line

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the 2018 draft budget proposal, Road Trust Fund (RTF) and the construction of 14-kilometre 330KVA transmission line to evacuate power from Azura power plant in Edo.

These were the decisions taken by the council at its meeting held on Thursday in Abuja.

The Minister of Budget and National Planning, Mr. Udoma Udo Udoma, disclosed this when he briefed State House correspondents alongside the Ministers of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola and that of Finance, Kemi Adeosun.

Udoma, who declined to disclose the actual figure of the approved 2018 draft budget, said President Muhammadu Buhari would soon forward the document to the National Assembly for final approval.

“The Federal Executive Council, today, approved a draft 2018 budget proposals.

“So, we will be liaising with the National Assembly to agree with the date in which the president will formally submit the budget to them.

“It is the president prerogative to submit the budget, submit the proposals and give the details.

“I will be operating above my brief if I do that, the constitution gives that authority to the president.

“We did promise that the budget will be ready in October and it will be ready in October.

Speaking, the Minister of Finance, Adeosun said the council also approved the establishment of Road Trust Fund (RTF) structure.

According to her, the RTF structure is a PPP initiative that will allow the private sector to get involved in road construction in exchange for tax credit.

“What is unique about the scheme is that it is building on an existing scheme that avails tax credit, but is one company per road and we have found that only two companies have been able to take advantage of it.

“The tax will be recovered over a three-year period. We expect this to mobilize significant capital into road provision across the country.

“The ministry of works will be approving the design and the cost of those roads.

“The Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) will also provide certificates of no objection to make sure that the costs are reasonable, ministry of works will supervise.

“What we expect is significant road delivery, especially in areas, for example industrial clusters, affected by very bad roads.

“We expect the impact on revenues to be neutral because we are tightening our tax code. But, we still put in a limit that no company can apply and use more than 50 per cent of the tax within a year for this scheme.”

According to the minister, with the RTF structure, the government is trying to widen the pool of funds for road construction in the country.

Fashola said the council approved the construction of 14 kilometres transmission line for the Distribution Company of Nigeria to evacuate the Azura power plant in Edo at the cost of N796.6 million.

He said Azura power plant would be ready in May 2018, while the construction project would be completed within the next seven months.

How AGF Malami ordered Maina’s recall

Revealed: AGF Malami ordered Maina’s recall


By: Yusuf Alli

Buhari orders task force chief’s sack

Count me out, says Head of Service

PResident Muhammadu Buhari yesterday directed that controversial civil servant Abdulrasheed Maina be fired.

Maina, former Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms Task Team was restored and made director after being on the run for alleged N2b scam, among others.

Attorney-General of the Federation and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami directed the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) to reinstate Maina, The Nation learnt.

It was also learnt that the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, did not make any input into Maina’s reinstatement. In fact, sources said, Mrs. Oyo-Ita advised against Maina’s recall, but she was overruled.

Instead of allowing Mrs. Oyo-Ita to determine Maina’s fate, some top officials of the Ministry of Interior were made members of a committee which recommended his reinstatement.

The officials were members of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior.

Also yesterday, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) detectives stormed Maina’s Abuja home ahead of the legal battle for the interim forfeiture of the $2million house.

The agency said Maina still had a case to answer with a former Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mr. Steve Oronsaye and two others.

The details of who authorised Maina’s return were contained in a letter of reinstatement sent to the wanted officer by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC).

Those in Maina’s camp allegedly released the letter to prove that the Federal Government followed “due process” in recalling him to duty.

The September 18 letter was also sent to the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC).

The letter, signed by Mustapha L. Sulaiman for the FCSC chairman, indicated that the AGF advised the FCSC that Maina should be reinstated.

The letter said: “Kindly refer to the Attorney-General of the Federation/ Honourable Minister of Justice letter Ref. No. HAGF/FCSC/2017/ VOL. 1/3 dated 27th April 2017 requesting Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) to give consequential effect to the judgment that voided the warrant of arrest issued against A.A. Maina which formed the basis for the query and his eventual dismissal.

“Further to the aforementioned letter, the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) at its meeting held on 14th June, 2017 deliberated on the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF’s) letter and requested the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) vide letter FC.4029/82/VOL.III/160 of 21st June 2017 to advise the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior to consider the AGF’s letter, the Officer’s case and make appropriate recommendation to the Commission.

“The OHCSF accordingly advised the Ministry of Interior to consider the matter. The Ministry of Interior at its Senior Staff Committee (SSC)’s meeting held on 22nd June, 2017 considered the disciplinary case against the Officer and the letter by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice seeking the reinstatement of the Officer as a Director (Administration), SGL. 17 in the Federal Civil Service.

“The Ministry of Interior’s Senior Staff Committee (SSC) deliberated on the case and recommended that Mr. Maina be reinstated into the service as Deputy Director. SGL. 16. The Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) vide letter Ref. No. HCSF/LU/ COR/ FCSC/749/III/ 135 dated 14th August 2017 forwarded the recommendations of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior to the FCSC for further necessary action.

“The FCSC at its meeting held on Wednesday, 16th August, 2017 considered the letter from the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice and the recommendations of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior on the disciplinary case against Alhaji Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina, Deputy Director (Administration), Salary Grade Level 16.

“The FCSC, thereafter, approved the reinstatement of the Officer into the Service with effect from 21st February, 2013(being the date he was earlier dismissed from Service).

“The FCSC also approved for the Officer to sit for the next promotion examination to the Post of Director (Administration), SGL. 17.”

In the letter, which was sent also to Mrs Oyo-Ita, the FCSC only added a clause as follows: “You are kindly requested to deliver the attached original letter to the Officer, please.”

Giving insights into how Maina was reinstated, some top government sources said the “deal” was executed by the AGF, Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) and the officials of the Ministry of Interior.

One of the government officials said: “The Head of the Civil Service of the Federation insisted that the reinstatement of Maina was absurd and illegal. She did not play any role in the entire process which led to the recall of the dismissed officer.

“In fact, she refused to add a sentence or a line to a memo routed through her office to the so-called Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior. It is not within the mandate of the SSC to determine a grievous disciplinary case involving Maina.”

Another official said: “When some forces were determined to bring Maina back, the Head of the Civil Service took precautionary measures and warned that the process will fail.

“Instead, what the FCSC did was to compel the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation to forward the recommendations of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior to it for further necessary action.

“All the documents are intact and they will be presented to President Muhammadu Buhari. I am sure more heads will roll. All the SSC members have no business being in office again.”

As at press time, detectives from the EFCC have stormed the residence of Maina ahead of the legal proceeding for the interim forfeiture of the $2million house.

“We have deployed our detectives to Maina’s posh $2million residence at 10 Amisi Musa Street, Jabi Lake Area to effect his arrest and mark the mansion afresh as still under investigation. We had marked the residence but he had the audacity to clean up the marks.

“Although the suspect has gone underground, we will fish him out at all costs.”

The agency stressed that Maina and Oronsaye had a case to answer before the Federal High Court Abuja on alleged N2billion Pension funds allegedly mismanaged for biometric contracts.

The EFCC source added the case “Maina and three others tagged FHC/ABJ/ CR/97/ 2015 dated July 10, 2015 is still ongoing”. The others are Oronsaye , Osarenkhoe Afe and Fredrick Hamilton Global Services Limited.

“The suspects are facing a 24-count charge bordering on procurement fraud and obtaining by false pretence. Neither Maina nor Oronsaye has been discharged.

”Oronsaye and two others pleaded not guilty to the charge, Maina has been on the run.”

Responding to a question, the source said: “Steve Oronsaye was only discharged by a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory on a separate N190 million corruption charges levelled against him. The alleged fraud was committed when Oronsaye was the chairman, Presidential Committee on Financial Action Task Force set up by former President Goodluck Jonathan

“Following a no-case submission, the trial judge ruled that the prosecution failed to establish its case against him.”

​News Headlines Oct 21, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 21, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Visiting my daughter in Aso Villa is like going to jail –Soyode, father of Vice-
President’s wife
Titi Abubakar behind messy row over custody of my children –Atiku’s son’s ex wife
Fresh $5.5bn loan: Youth groups threaten mass protest
Lagos records another lagoon suicide, deploys divers, boats
Sani to FG: Include Presidency cabal, APC members in looters’ list
I acquired many degrees to liberate my mind –Bishop Oladunjoye
Displaced by Boko Haram, 272 schoolchildren starve in Abuja IDPs’ camp
A’Court jails Kebbi ex-AG 70 years for N1.6bn fraud
Fresh crisis looms in PDP as court asks Makarfi not to recognise S’West chair
EFCC didn’t raid my home for hidden funds –Amosun
Oyedepo celebrates escape from third potential plane crash
US doctors treat IE’s customers in Lagos
General Overseer accused of forging signature to change church’s trustees
Father of seven rapes three-year-old neighbour’s daughter in Katsina
I was determined not to ‘carry over’ the course –Bride who took exam in her wedding gown
FG’s clampdown on judges aimed at weakening judiciary –Wike
Okorocha: One Zuma statue, many controversies
My father-in-law shares bed with me, husband – Wife
Police accuse prison inmate of defrauding medical store, auto company
IYC faults military deployment in N’Delta
It’s madness fighting Okorocha over Zuma’s statue – Imo speaker
Traders count losses after robbery in Aba warehouse
Imo Assembly not Okorocha’s puppet – Speaker
Buhari congratulates Ekwueme at 85
Anambra poll: Osinbajo, Saraki, govs for Nwoye’s rally today
Constitution amendment: Dogara briefs govs on devolution, others
PDP NEC meets Tuesday
Okowa presents N298bn budget, says Ojougboh unintelligent
Skye Bank, First Bank to take over Evans Medical
We contributed $29bn to Nigeria in four years – Shell
FG to spend N15bn on solid mineral exploration
Nigeria on track for global aviation growth – Demuren
I acquired many degrees to liberate my mind –Bishop Oladunjoye
I’ve always been in love with my stature –Namure, GM, AIT
There’s no law on Diaspora voting yet–Oyekanmi
N4m for grabs at Katsina, Lagos badminton tourneys
Enyeama’s return not threat to Ezenwa, Akpeyi –Ex-Eagles keepers
Quadri progresses to ITTF World Cup knockout stages
Conte laments Chelsea’s busy schedule
Olorunleke seeks Confed Cup success
Bale back in training, eyes Tottenham reunion
What’d you do if your spouse sold your car without your permission before you returned from a trip?
I planned to have first class and worked on it every day –Onuigbo, best graduate, American University of Nigeria
I wish to have big backside –Adekemi Taofeek
Davido absent at Tagbo’s burial –Brother
Poor parenting, cause of drug abuse among young artistes –Zack Orji
I will not leave soul music –Aramide
People, including my wife, have abandoned me –Man down with swollen stomach
Men swapped for murder suspects by police DIG seek N250m compensation •Human rights activists call on IG, PSC to probe Dagala
Dredging making our lives miserable –Residents living around Third Mainland Bridge
Before grabbing them young…
Politics of national debt sustainability ratios


Nigerians Fear Buhari, They Don’t Trust Him, Says Jonathan
Buhari Offers to Host D8 Ministers in Abuja Next Month
Wike: FG Weakening Nigeria’s Justice System with Systematic Intimidation
Shell: 90 % of Degradation in N’Delta Caused by Oil Theft, Sabotage
219 Retired Biafra Police Officers get Pensions in Enugu
Clear Air on $25bn NNPC Contract, ADP Tells Buhari
Nigeria, Business Destination for International Community, NCC Tells US
Special Courts to Try Over 6,000 Bayelsa Suspected Payroll Fraudsters 
Kogi CJ Frees 19 Awaiting Trial Inmates from Prisons
World Bank Tackles Nnewi Erosion with N6.9bn
Crisis Looms in JUTH CMD over Sacks
Fresh Yellow, Lassa Fever in Plateau
Dakingari Jailed 70 years for N1.6bn Fraud
287 Illegal Medicine Stores Sealed
Waziri of Sokoto Junaidu Dies at 85
Ambode Seeks Partnership for Hospitality Devt
Osinbajo: Afe Babalola Teaching Hospital Will Stop Medical Tourism
Tuface, Timaya, Flavour, Di’Ja, Others for Ikorodu Mega Music Tour
A’ Ibom, C’River Houses of Assembly Set Up Committee on Boundary Crisis
Ambode Swears-in Oke as 16th Lagos Chief Judge
Army Council Promotes 123
‘Trust Differentiates  Our Administration from Jonathan’s’
Buhari Felicitates with Ekwueme at 85
Lagos Inaugurates Ebeano Mother-Child Unit at General Hospital
Kano Spends N1.9bn on Local, International Scholarships
Yoruba Patriots Adopts Paseda for 2019 Ogun Governorship
Google and the City
Air France, KLM Partner Jumia..
LG Electronics: Using Technology for Positive Learning Environment
Kudimoney Makes Global Top 50 Digital Banks
Knorr Launches  Campaign to Feed 815m
Power Firms Engage Consumers, Assure of Improved Services
Nwoye Kicks Off Campaign for Anambra Governorship
In Search of Justice for Army 38
Jumbo House Protests Exclusion from Bodo/Bonny Road Flag-Off
Adama Indimi’s Achilles’ Heel
Ex-Lagos Dep Gov, Femi Pedro’s Burdens
Toyin Kolade Remembers Late Mum
Vincent Enyeama: Return to Super Eagles Beckons
Madrid, Barcelona Re-enact Rivalry with Football Academy
Amaju Pinnick: The Architect of Revitalised Super Eagles
Battle for Nigeria Bankers Games Semi-finals Hot up  
MultiChoice Celebrates Premier League

The Nation

Attack on APC govt: Presidency hits back at Jonathan
No corps member had twins for me, says Amosun
Wike, Rivers F-SARS Commander’s face-off worsens… as Rivers council ejects anti-robbery squad
FG set to disburse fresh Paris Club refunds to states
Averted plane crash: Pastor Adeboye received divine instruction to pray for me before the trip, says Oyedepo
Quadri in narrow loss to Korean
How I will spend my $250,000 World Food prize money — Adesina
Anti-grazing law: Ortom warns traditional rulers
North Korea’s nuclear weapons aimed only at U.S – diplomat
Infidelity: Never had a girlfriend in the past 26 years – Amosun
Nigeria rated 5th in highest pollution, mortality deaths
Abdulmutallab sues U.S. over free speech, religious rights
Retired Biafra Police officers receive pension
Oyo tertiary institutions issue 14 day ultimatum over 15 month unpaid salaries
BREAKING: Amaechi, Wike’s fight get messier
Nigerians React to Maina’s Re-enstatement, hail Buhari Anti Corruption war.
How closeness to God helped my political success —Dogara
UNILORIN graduates 9,018 students
Kadpoly lecturers suspend strike
NANS hails Gani Adam as new Aare Ona Kakanfo
‘No accreditation, no lecture’
Excitement as college holds first games in decades
Quadri in narrow loss to Korean
Mourinho says he has no idea when Pogba will be fit
Chelsea play down injury crisis ahead Watford tie
Brazil names costa, drop Luiz against Japan
Neymar fined $1.2m in tax evasion case
Ambode grace closing ceremony, as 17th Governor’s Cup Tennis Ends
What did Messi take during Barca vs Olympiacos tie?
Judge withdraws from Ogun PDP leadership tussle suit
39 candidates vie for eight positions in Gombe APC
APC women leader backs devolution of power
Obasanjo bags AFRIMMA’s Leadership Award
Why Tagbo ’s killer may be a woman
Stella Damasus to perform at SOD show
FCT ranks top in sexual violation – Report
Court orders six strokes of cane on man for stealing ladder
My husband has turned me into a punching bag, woman tells court
My husband seeks his father’s permission before intercourse, wife tells court
Best Nigerian recipe for this weekend – Abula
HEARTS…a story of love, heartbreak and life [PART ONE]
When Conflict Can be a Good Thing in Church
Let’s talk single parenting
Show More
Oyo tertiary institutions issue 14 day ultimatum over 15 month unpaid salaries
New institute to groom would-be teachers in Niger
Delta produces Maltina Teacher of the Year
UNILAG alumnus seeks social impact
Fintech Nigeria engages CBN, NSE on innovation in financial tech
FG urges entrepreneurs to follow due process in business registration
We’ll support about 9,000 academics to pursue PhD and Master’s yearly –TETFUND boss Baffa



Real Madrid Academy In Rivers State: A Veritable Empowerment Tool
Buhari And APC: Reversal Of Change
2019: Buhari Hasn’t Done Enough For Re-Election — Junaid, Shettima
Budget 2018: FG To Spend N8.06 Trn
Arewa Youth Leader To Buhari: Anti-Corruption War Is Losing Steam
Sexual Harassment: A Cat And Mouse Game? – Yetunde Arebi
Lagos Fights Mosquitoes, To Inaugurate Community Vector Control Point
Nigerian Male Quartermilers And The Threat Of Extinction – Yemi Olus
Africapitalism And Amazing Tony Elumelu
Woman Survives Cancer, Dies After Drinking All Day
2018 World Cup Draw Eagles Ready For Group Of Death — Rohr
Plateau Killings: Security Ignored Our Alerts — Residents
Plateau killings: Security ignored our alerts — Residents
Buhari, a sectional leader, N’Delta leaders, stakeholders insist
Anambra guber: Onitsha stands still as Osinbajo, Oyegun, APC govs flag off Nwoye’s campaign
Jonathan at 59: PDP, Fani-Kayode describe ex-President as icon of democracy
I will send rumour mongers to jail – Amosun
2018 World Cup Draw Eagles ready for group of death — Rohr
Talk is cheap as Wenger eyes more misery for Everton
Doubt over Pogba’s return to EPL action
Ekwueme: Sturdy, stern and steadfast at 85
…divisions tearing Nigeria apart caused by Buhari – Nwabueze
2019: Group bags north to back Igbo presidency
Sexual harassment: A cat and mouse game? – Yetunde Arebi
Wife’s battery crashes 5-year-old marriage
He closes his eyes during sex
Omawumi, Akpororo, to judge ‘Nigerian Icon’ talent hunt
Saraki plans grand wedding for daughter
Expect entertainment panache at my concert tomorrow- 2baba
Sweet and sour memories of Felabration 2017
Gov. Ikpeazu announces N10m grant for films shot in Abia

The Guardian

 Nollywood holds health summit
Amosun denies having extra marital affairs
Ex-accountant general gets 70-year jail term
 Catalan leader pressured from all sides
Suicide: Another man jumps into Lagos lagoon
Buhari urges D-8 to prioritise trade, investment incentives among member states
Buhari challenges African leaders on peace, development agenda
Four lightly injured in Munich knife attack
South Korea protesters call for ex-leader Park’s release
Modi party under fire for demanding cuts in Indian film
Troops kill three Boko Haram insurgents, recover arms in Borno
Philippines’ Duterte says he will shoot criminals
 Barca won’t be used as political tool – Bartomeu
Neymar a mentor for Mbappe at PSG says Marquinhos
Luis Suarez to sit out Uruguay friendlies
NBBF crisis won’t affect our basketball league sponsorship, says Kwesé sports boss
‘NFF choice of foreign coach dishonour to Omagbemi’
Why Okocha is face of EPL Trophy Tour’
Ways to boost your immune system
Izehi Eleanor: ‘I daily acknowledge that values build character in both individuals and businesses
I didn’t pick my dad’s call for 6 months because he wanted me to stop talking about Vitiligo- Ogo Maduewesi
LagosMums shut down Lagos with mega conference, exhibition
10 years later, revisiting Asa’s declaration of freedom
 How to stop food wastage
Day of the girl child… Students make case for gender equality
Make new mistakes!
At UACHD youth seminar, Utomi,  Weekly political notes
Amosun denies having extra marital affairs
Buhari assures Southeast of more patronage, as Nwoye receives APC flag for Anambra poll
 Nasty C Releases Video For “Allow” Featuring French Montana
Fashion Trends To Expect From LFDW
 Shaydee set to drop video for new single, make sense
ROBAZ Entertainment plans big for showbiz industry
A blast of music in Anyigba, as Tuface, Timaya, others Rock University town
Music takeover! Jidenna unveiled as host of ‘Heineken Live Your Music’ parties in Abuja and Lagos
Guinness Nigeria re-introduces ‘GN party serve’

Daily Trust

Epic struggle for senatorial seat in Kogi East
Buhari fires back at Jonathan
‘Strong men’ behind PDP chairmanship contenders
When kidnappers target policemen
When Festus gets angry, it’s like thunder – Ngozi Okoye
Wazirin Sokoto, Junaidu dies at 85
Adamawa teenage mum reveals shocker: ‘Why I sold my own baby for N10,000’
Judge withdraws from Ogun PDP leadership suit
Boko Haram abducts 3 women from farms
PDP Convention: Court bars Olafeso exco from submitting delegates list
’ll make Nigeria attractive for investment – Buhari
…Salutes Ekwueme at 85
Nigeria third in global infant mortality rate – UNICEF
Adesina to use his World Food Prize money on African youth
‘UK, US lying on Nigeria graft support claim’
Inmate masterminds purchase of Hilux from prison
Man jumps into Lagos lagoon in apparent suicide attempt
Society honours outstanding Muslims, present Islamic book
INEC officials, judges for electoral laws training in S/Korea
Pharmacists seek more funding for institute
APC don’t build leaders they poach from PDP – Gbenga Daniel
Why AFRIMA shouldn’t be called ‘Africa’s Grammy Awards’ – Mike Dada
Suicide bomber kills 30 in Kabul mosque
IT expert urges FG to sell Nigcomsat-1R to private sector
Fight against corruption becoming tougher -Magu
.Reading Rohr’s mind against Desert Foxes
Kicking off!
Jeremy Guttrie: Nigeria has what it takes to do well in baseball
BUA boss Rabiu tops ‘Choiseul 100 Africa’ 2017 award
PAN MD tasks youth on innovation, entrepreneurship
Eterna commits N1.220bn to lubricant facility upgrade
5-year-old girl missing in Zuba
Abaji chairman locks out staff for late coming
More on teachers failing while their students “pass” exams
In search of the ‘detribalized’ Nigerian
Single term: Weighing the Ekweremadu prescription
Still on the end-phase of insurgency and rebuilding the North East (I
Pope’s brother denies pontiff is seriously ill
U.S.-backed fighters declares victory over Islamic State’s former Syria
Editorial; Drug abuse in the North

The Sun

Man plunges into Lagos lagoon
Why we dumped his body in the hospital and fled
Pension alert: Ex-Biafra police officers go wild in Enugu
Wike accuses FG of weakening Judiciary
Amosun advocates special fund for flood free states
•It’s easier if ruling party fields Buhari
 I kiss well in movies – Belinda Effah, actress
Rohr gets five-month pay
Nigerians can never vote for PDP again –APC
Pension alert: Ex-Biafra police officers go wild in Enugu
Taking Tea Without Milk Could Be Better For Your Heart
Coping with dementia
Unpleasurable Paradise
Crime of passion: the other side of love
Awful things husbands should stop doing to their wives
Another look at survivalist PDP defectors
GENERAL MALU’S GRATITUDE: Adenuga’s gift saved my life in Liberia
Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill dozens of worshippers
Australian schoolgirl with cerebral palsy climbs China Great Wall
CPC reaffirms citizens rights as basic necessities provision
How we got FG to pay us pension –UDEH, Ex-Biafra police officers leader
Every Aare-OnaKakanfo must be bloody-minded – Prof Adesina
Ogun revenue agency generates N33bn in 8 months
Ikpeazu promises N10m for films shot in Abia State
1,300 students benefit from itel mobile support
■ As brand celebrates 10th year with launch of selfie camera phone
Rohr gets five-month pay
Enyeama must fight to be No 1 again – Agu
World Weightlifting Championship: IWF ready for clean competition 
Ikorodu agog for Glo Mega Music Tour this weekend
Wike accuses FG of weakening Judiciary
2019: Lamido confers with Abdulsalami Abubakar
EDITORIAL: Lt. Gen. Victor Malu (1947-2017)

New Telegraph

Fawehinmi reffered to me as Aare Ona Kakanfo –Gani Adams
Aare Ona Kakanfo title does not belong to gentlemen –Prof. Adesina
Horror in Plateau
Middle East EVIL: Human traffickers now trick victims,sell their organs
Judge, warders aided detained fraudster to buy N17m car –Police
Presidency to Jonathan: Nigerians trust Buhari, not you
Aare Ona Kakanfo: The myth, halftruth and reality
Kebbi Accountant-General, Dakingari’s Acquittal Upturned, Bags 70years Over N1.6bn Fraud
Delta 2019: People, not gladiators’ll determine the governor –Ofehe
Obaseki’s vision stirs Edo’s future, one-year after
Presidency teams up with Pinnick’s opponents ahead OF election
Enyeama’s return, good for Eagles competition – Agu
‘I was denied promotion for 20 years for testifying in Otokoto crisis’
What we’ll miss about Oloriegbe, brilliant student, who died 5 days to convocation – Family, friends
Tagbo: We’ve not declared Davido free of guilt yet –Police
Obaseki didn’t use school compound for rally, says APC
Alleged graft: Absence of prosecution counsel stalls Ngwuta’s trial
Amosun: I have no twins out of wedlock
Why clubs suffer in midst of huge sponsorship funding
Yusuf: My teacher called me ‘Fresh’ because of my intelligence
Private teams struggle to survive in top division
Ghana, others for Lagos Taekwondo Classics
Nobody can claim monopoly of graft war, says Magu
Presidency to Jonathan: Nigerians trust Buhari, not you
Nigerians lash out at Gifty for yet another semi-nude photo
Coaches drill campers in Kwese Prospect Camp
Presidential aide trolls Nigerians over photo of Buhari, family aboard presidential jet
Community seeks Edo gov’s intervention in clan headship tussle
Kukah: U.S, Europe causing Catholic Church decline in Nigeria
Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa S avage others nominated for MOBO Awards
Remove abandoned vehicles from stations –Police
Guinness re-introduces drinks catering service
AFN sets standard for international competitions
ART X Lagos: Roadmap towards art development
Abdulmutallab, Nigerian suicide bomber, sues US over ‘maltreatment in prison
Conte dismisses Chelsea’S unrest RUMOUR
In Nigeria, it’s paying more for less
The Taste Of Illicit Sex (Part 1)
FG: 59,000 Nigerian children die annually due to poor sanitation
1ST FORTY Hotels unfolds a classic treat
Amachree tasks operators on inbound tours
Africa Travel: Online travel booking tool
SEE ME, SEE WAHALA! (II) (True-Life Story)
Social Diseases 1 (The Clap; Gonorrhea)
Enebong Ephraim: Eyeing revival greater than Azusa street
Ankara suit, too dapper to resist
Igala indigenes launch new constitution in Lagos
Oyedeji Youth Foundation stages b’ball camp
Epe demolition: Lagos demands title documents from landlords
QMA to feature Moremi The Musical
IDOWU: I enjoy watching people’s expression when they’re eating my food
Atunda Entertainment on talent grooming drive
Nigeria needs ‘intellectual bailout,’ not just cash –Oyedepo
Lai Mohammed to kick-off Carnival Calabar 2017 dry run
NCAC to partner China on cultural diplomacy
VAIDS: Big move towards tax compliance in Nigeria
The perilous sojourn to ‘yahoo conservation’
Naccima president to deliver US lecture on investment summit
Kebbi AG, Dakingari, bags 7 years over N1.6bn fraud
Wike: FG clamped down on judges to weaken judiciary
Tallen: Buhari’s health issues affected his level of concentration

Restructuring and Chapter II of the Constitution

Restructuring and Chapter II of the Constitution

The Horizon By KAYODE KOMOLAFE, Email: kayode.komolafe@thisdaylive.com. Tel No: 08055001974

It is an important step in the restructuring debate when proponents call on President Muhammadu Buhari to seize the moment and give leadership in the process. At least, there has been a suggestion that the President should set up a commission on restructuring. In a way, that seems to be an expression of lack of confidence in the National Assembly where the business of constitutional amendment is already afoot. This is because on his return from his medical trip, Buhari directed those interested in restructuring to take their case to the National Assembly. The divergent approaches to solving the problem should interest the Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

After all, restructuring is ultimately a constitutional matter. While the proponents of restructuring are pushing for a new constitutional entirely to be legitimated by a referendum, the National Assembly seems comfortable to be addressing the extant issues of the Nigerian federalism by means of amendments of the 1999 Constitution. The huge deficit in both perspectives is that the focus is almost exclusively on the vertical issues of Nigerian federalism – devolution of powers (to the states or regions as the case may be); fiscal federalism, resource control, state police, contents of the legislative lists etc. There is hardly any corresponding passionate argument on the horizontal issues of the socio-economic rights richly embodied in the Chapter II of the Constitution. How many proponents of restructuring are making the case for socio-economic rights to be justiciable in their proposed Constitution of “True Federalism.” Why is there not so much agitation for the socio-economic empowerment of the people guaranteed constitutionally as proponents of restructuring push for greater powers for governors and state and regional parliaments? It is simply because making Chapter II work can only be a pan-Nigerian struggle and not an ethnic, regional or religious effort.

So when proponents of restructuring dismiss the 1999 Constitution as one imposed by the military they are silent on the remarkably humane content of Chapter II. They ignore the material power that Chapter gives to the people while they hanker after the powers of governors relative to that of the President and the powers of state/regional parliaments relative to those of the National Assembly. Even if the British imposed the welfare and humane content embodied in the Chapter II of the 1999 on Nigeria at their departure in 1960, it would be worthwhile for the working people of Nigeria to defend those provisions called the “Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy.” You don’t need any referendum to implement the policies of access to basic education, primary healthcare, social housing, food security, mass transit, water, sanitation etc. in Chapter II.

What is not being said in this debate is that merely redrawing the political map of Nigeria by means of a restructuring legitimised by a referendum does not on its own provide the magic wand for the achievement of the great objectives encapsulated in Chapter II. It requires massive political economy efforts including competent and modern economic management to realise those objectives regardless of the structure that may be finally agreed upon by the ethnic and regional champions. Otherwise, the real marginalisation will persist, that is the socio-economic marginalisation of the poor who constitute the overwhelming majority by the tiny minority of the economic and political elite. The poor and the elite alike belong to all ethnic groups, regions and religions. This is the yet-to-be- unanswered class question in the restructuring debate.

It is important to reflect deeply on the interplay of forces between democracy and federalism in the Nigerian context. Politicians and their publicists talk so much about “dividends of democracy”; yet the meaning of the phrase has become imprecise. Depending on who is engaging in propaganda, the meaning could range from the construction of an expressway to the filling of potholes on a road built 40 years ago. The dividend could also be massive waterworks providing millions of litres of water a day to some communities or simply the construction of boreholes. Similarly, there is a lot of imprecision about the benefits of restructuring as a democratic and federalist proposition.

However, those who at least still harbour some social democratic convictions should insist that the gains of democracy should not be trivialised or perverted. For the real dividend of democracy is freedom including freedom from poverty, disease and ignorance. Therefore, we cannot seriously talk of dividends of democracy in a social order in which the basic human rights are not protected.

It must be emphasised that these rights include the socio-economic rights. So when next a politician tells you his story about “dividends of democracy”, steer away the conversation from propaganda and ask him or her pointedly what he or she has done in terms of policy execution, articulation or legislation to ensure that the socio-economic rights of the people are adequately protected. The struggle for the protection of basic social economic rights guaranteed in the constitution is a legitimate struggle ultimately towards the inauguration of a humane social order in Nigeria.

The proponents of restructuring argue that “true federalism” would make Nigeria more democratic. But their idea of democracy does not envisage the social democracy guaranteed in Chapter II. It is the duty of lovers of genuine democracy and anti-poverty activists to stress the centrality of socio-economic rights to a “true federalism.” A few years back, this reporter made this point on this page when an anti- poverty bill was proposed in the House of Representatives. The bill was aimed at empowering the citizens to sue government officials for failing to provide basic needs in education, healthcare, security, water etc. These are the issues that should be raised with strident voices in the present conversation about Nigeria’s constitutional future. Of course, the social Darwinists in our midst (and some proponents of restructuring are among given their ideological background) would jeer at such a proposition and dismiss it as “utopian”.

The state and society do not owe anybody a living in their limited comprehension of the inherent contradictions in this inhumane social order. To those with this philosophical bent, socio-economic life is all about competition; those who cannot compete may as well disappear from the face of the earth. The authors of austerity budgets and theoreticians of Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) abhor social spending. By the way, economic policies in the over 30 years in this country have been consistently ideological mutants of SAP. However, the fact they often ignore is that if the resources lost to massive treasury looting, corruption, leakages and other forms of economic crimes are applied to social welfare programmes, poverty will be reduced and society will be safer.

Inequality is not only regional or ethnic. The primary question is about social inequality. Even in the metropolis of capitalism, theoreticians are having a rethink about social inequality. Nobel Laureate in economics, Professor Joseph Stiglitz, once argued that when policies bridge gaps created by social inequality the economy will grow better. The policy process in favour of people’s welfare would be enhanced when the basic law of the land backs it up. That is why those who are not outraged that more than 13 million children are out of school or that thousands die yearly in remote villages because of lack of access to basic medical care that could cost less than N1, 000 should be reminded that there is a Chapter II in the constitution. It is part of the basic law of this country.

Millions of Nigerians are denied socio-economic rights that are fully guaranteed as “Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles” of policy in Chapter II of the 1999 Constitution that is currently under review. However, the weak point in the constitutional provision which those who are cynical about social justice always exploit is that these socio-economic rights are not “justiciable”. A six-year old citizen who is denied primary education cannot go court to enforce his socio-economic right to education.

That has been the obstacle to the advancement of the frontier of this aspect of human freedom in Nigeria. The National Assembly could make their process of constitutional amendment relevant by removing the obstacle in the way of the enforcement of socio-economic rights. The Senate and the House of Representatives should take the initiative of advancing this restructuring debate by deepening the socio-economic rights in the constitution. If the National Assembly toes this line, it would be making a significant contribution towards building social democracy. It is when socio-economic rights are made justiciable that democracy in this land would mean more than calling on the people periodically to queue up to vote for competing candidates in elections.

To be sure, there is no illusion here that the poor will have a better deal in a selfish society by merely amending the constitution to make socio-economic rights justiciable. It would take a greater battle to be waged against the predominant ideology of governance that is opposed to government’s investment in welfare programmes. It takes a genuinely anti-poverty president or governor to focus more on those policies that would democratise access to basic needs rather engaging in propaganda of executing “projects” all over the place. For instance, more than four years ago a civil society organisation, the Socio-Economic Right Accountability Project (SERAP secured a judgment against the federal government in ECOWAS on the child education.

The court upheld the right of child to education; but the government has treated the judgment with contempt while not disputing the jurisdiction of the court. As the people’s lawyer, Femi Falana, often reminds his compatriots, even the idea of justiciability in the present situation should be tested.

For instance, the constitution guarantees right to life and that of free movement. But lives are being lost daily on scandalous roads including the so-called expressways because of the social irresponsibility of governments at all levels that refuse to fix these roads. There is constitutional right to life yet thousands of children are dying of hunger and preventable diseases. Yet all what our bourgeois lawyers can tell us is that the citizens who use these hazardous roads and starving children cannot go to court because the rights involved in these instance are not “justiciable”.

Hence, in several public interest cases, Falana has gone to court to test the justiciability of the rights. Such advocacy should be embraced by all those committed to making the people reap the real dividends of democracy.

Although poverty might not be merely legislated out of this land; yet the law could be employed as a weapon in the important anti-poverty war. Devolution of power to states or regions and resource control by governors would not automatically eradicate poverty. The structure of poverty plaguing this land should also interest the advocates of restructuring.
Culled from ThisDay

News Headlines Oct 13, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 13, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

IG asks court to stop Saraki, Senate from investigating him
$25bn scam: I approved NNPC loans, not contracts, says Osinbajo
Buhari asked us to focus on northern Nigeria — W/Bank
Probe Kachikwu, Baru face-off, ACF tells Buhari
Mob beats up man caught with human skull, body parts
Police arrest guard, cobbler for ‘abducting’ 15-year-old pupil
Five pupils feared dead in Kaduna boat accident
Lagos resident leads gang to rob, kill neighbour
Landlord, children kills tenant two days to wedding
Dismissed soldier nabbed for robbery
Ambode, Ashafa urge executive, legislative cooperation
Kidnappers of Lebanese nabbed in Oyo
PDP must unite to win Osun 2018 gov poll —Makarfi
EFCC recovered N29bn from whistle-blower tips —Magu
I don’t deserve deposition threat, says Olubadan
Cult killing probe: Rivers Assembly denies receiving police invitation
Alleged bailout scam: Fayose promises released commissioner, AG new cars
Buhari asked us to focus on northern Nigeria — W/Bank
IPOB: Lethal weapons recovered from Kanu’s residence, says Abia CP
Court jails man for sleeping with second wife
Woman kills three-year-old son for ‘looking like his father’, bags 33 years in jail
137th IPU: Saraki leads NASS delegation to Russia
Liberians await delayed results for new president
Reps recommend upward review of minimum wage
Buhari seeks Senate’s approval for CBN nominees
Govs want NASS to harmonise positions on review of constitution
Pension fund assets rise by N862bn
Growing cyberattacks raise demand for insurance cover
Interbank lending rate drops to 20% amid cash squeeze
Buhari reappoints Orji NSIA boss
Stakeholders unveil new funding initiative for mortgage banks
Amiesimaka tips Eagles to shine at Russia 2018
Bet9ja boosts powerlifting
Tornadoes set for Minna return
Pulev slams Joshua
Valcke faces criminal probe
Ozil, Sanchez could leave in January – Wenger
Fans take to Twitter to mourn DJ Olu as his body is laid to rest
Tagbo: God knows my hands are clean, says Davido
Don laments low level of ICT awareness in schools
WAEC to hold international summit on examination malpractice
FG introduces 780 adult education classes nationwide
NABTEB laments shortage of technical colleges, teachers
We have learnt our lessons – Queens College Principal
Over 20,000 teachers to sit qualifying exams in 26 states
Tagbo: Davido breaks silence, releases statement, CCTV footage
Full list of 2017 AMAs nominations
Men dominate American Music Awards nominations
UK police probe assault claim against Weinstein
A balanced diet is essential for hair growth
PCN arrests 20 illegal medicine dealers
ARC Nigeria partners states on vaccine storage
Sickle cell and the valley of the shadow of death
How entrepreneurs can use chatbots for business
Six Artificial Intelligence-powered tools for entrepreneurs
Editorial: Embarrassing condition of State House clinic
Sukuk: Sucker or succour?
Regulatory framework for foreign investment in Nigeria


At APC South-west Leadership Meeting, Akande Says Presidential Ticket Open to All
FG to Review Power Sector Privatisation
NNPC: I Did Not Approve Contracts But Loans, Says Osinbajo
ECOWAS Court Awards N18m against FG for Labelling Actress, Njemanze, Two Others Prostitutes
IG Asks Court to Stop Senate from Probing Him
ECOWAS Court Awards N18m against FG for Labelling Actress, Njemanze, Two Others Prostitutes
Supreme Court to Decide Dasuki’s Bail Appeal Jan 25
Saraki Leads N’Assembly Delegation to 137th IPU in Russia
Jack Warner Rejoices in US World Cup Flop
Intels Vows to Fight Back as NPA Terminates Pilotage Agreement
IMF Warns of Heightened Risks as Nigeria Seeks to Increase Foreign Debt
Police Say Weapons Were Recovered from Nnamdi Kanu’s Home
Buhari Re-appoints Orji as NSIA Boss
House Urges Buhari to Begin Negotiations on New Minimum Wage
Farmer to Die by Hanging in Delta for Stealing N170, Nokia Phone
IPC Condemns Continuous Attack on Journalists By Security in Kogi House
Monkey Pox: Disease Control Agency Denies Vaccination Exercise
NNPC Invites Investors to Partake in Oil Search in Seven Inland Basins
Allegations of Marginalisation Has Created Fear and Suspicion, Says ACF
National C’ttee on Export Promotion Meets, Targets Cocoa, Sesame Seeds
NERC Fines Ibadan Disco N50m for Misuse of CBN Loan
NMMA Award Marks Silver Jubilee, Opens Entries
Senate Refers FG’s $5.5bn Loan Request to C’ttee
C’River SuperHighway: BudgIT Warns against Another Unnecessary Debt Burden
Three Suicide Bombers Die in Failed Borno Hospital Attack
El-Rufai Presents N217bn Budget Proposal for 2018
FG Brokers Food Security Partnership with Brazil
With Low Spend on Healthcare, W’Bank Pledges Accelerated Investment in Human Capital Devt
NIRSAL, Moroccan Firms Sign Agreement to Expand Agric Insurance
Man Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping Girl at Gunpoint in Akwa Ibom
Ganduje Explains Why His Govt Will Not Sack 25,000 Unqualified Teachers in Kano
FRSC Personalises Number Plates, Recover 75 Stolen Vehicles, Says Oyeyemi
Mrs Osinbajo to Speak at 2017 African Gems and Jewellery Exhibition
Saraki Leads N’Assembly Delegation to 137th IPU in Russia
VCs Urge FG to Increase Investment in Education
Insecurity: NBA Threatens to Withdraw Its Services to Kidnappers, Robbery Suspects
Pension Fund Assets Hit N6.1 Trillion
ANAN Harps on Competence, Integrity
Fidelity Bank Sells $400m Eurobond
Shareholders of PZ Cussons Approve N1.98bn Dividend
Group Seeks Attitudinal Change among Nigerians
Poor Welfare: NDLEA Workers May Revolt, Call for Buhari’s Intervention
APC Finally Fixes NEC Meeting for Thursday
PDP Chairmanship: Delegates Should Pick a Man of Vision, Says Babangida
Kogi West PDP Heads Back to the Drawing Board
Royal Honour for Oshiomhole
Education for the Underprivileged
Celebrating Ogidi New Yam Festival
A New Vista for IDPs
Wenger Salutes Nigeria over Super Eagles Qualification
Nasarawa Amazons Battle Delta Queens as Curtain Falls on NWPL Super 4
Police Golfer Wins Ikeja Lady Title
Bet9ja Boosts Power-lifting as Waheed Wins in USA
‘Why MTN Organised Football Clinic in Lagos’
20 Teams to Vie for IGC Corporate Challenge Cup
The Rise and Fall of Nnamdi Kanu

The Nation

Southwest APC demands more powers for states
$25b deals row: Presidency, NNPC board call for ceasefire
I approved NNPC loans not contracts, says Osinbajo
Lethal weapons found in Kanu’s residence, says police chief
World Bank urges govt to invest in Nigerians
Alleged N2.1b laundering: let my mum rest in peace, Patience Jonathan tells EFCC
How politicians grabbed power firms’ shares under Jonathan, by ex-minister
Home owner charter: No qualified applicant will be left out
Wenger Congratulates George Weah as President Elect
Photos: Osinbajo commissions multi-billion naira Bonny Bodo bridge
Minister lauds Armed Forces for defeating Boko Haram
Osinbajo’s denial: So who signed NNPC’s contracts?
2018 budget goes to NASS this month – budget minister
Tagbo’s death: Danger of mixing drugs with drinks
How politicians grabbed power firms’ shares under Jonathan, by ex-minister
LASU to admit 3,500 candidates in 2017/18 session
Student’s death sparks violence in Ekiti
ITTF confirms Quadri, 19 others for World Cupin Belgium
Aquatics Federation endorses Dolphin Swimming League
Gov’s Cup: Nigerian parents travel from Amsterdem for daughter’s debut
Lagos rumbles as Tornadoes, Akwa battle for AITEO Cup
We will not be blackmailed into making decisions- NBBF
This Eagles will make us proud in Russia – Amiesimaka
‘PDP can’t win in 2019’
Edo APC to begin biometric registration of members
What’s Obaze up to?
`D.J Cuppy’ Otedola’s daughter confirms split with Anichebe
Most expensive thing Efe bought from his N25m
Tagbo: Davido quizzed for ‘lying’
‘Good nutrition vital for child development’
WHO, NAFDAC partner on eradicating fake drugs
Commissioner: no room for quacks in Sokoto labs
Davido attends Dj Olu’s funneral
Tagbo: My heart is rare – Davido
Dismiss reports on post-UTME cancellation – Adamu Adamu
Unions canvass decent work conditions for workers
‘How market products, services in austere times’
Nigerians urged to buy local fabrics
FIIRO woos Unilever on R&D commercialisation


Bello Orders Investigation Into Assault On Journalist
NMA Begins Strike In Benue
10 Schools For Maiden Dolphin Swimming League
Reps To Probe Jonathan, Buhari Over N11.1bn Aso Rock Clinic Budget
APC Presidential Ticket For 2019 Election Still Open —Bisi Akande
Muslim Council Tasks INEC On Free, Fair Poll
PRP Candidate Cautions Against Money Influence
Nigeria Drops On FIBA World Ranking, Remains Africa’s Best
DTHA To Receive 2018 Appropriation Bill Before End Of Oct —Agas
Apapa Traffic Gridlock: Council Blames Operators, Erects Road Barriers
Labour Rejects FG’s No Work, No Pay Policy
Son Leads Kia Design Team In China
Tagbo: Davido’s story, by lawyer
NNPC $25bn contract award: Osinbajo disowns aide
I will restructure the EFCC when I become President – Fayose
Over 500 Keke operators block Imo govt House over ban
Senate begins consideration for Buhari’s $5.5bn loan
Why FG banned medical doctors from private practice
Seat belt saved my life — Aguero
Barcelona to hand Messi £80 m bonus
VP Boakai, George Weah lead in Liberia provisional result
I was not elected to be sharing govt money – Gov Jibrilla
New York, London police probing separate Weinstein assault cases
D.J Cuppy’ Femi Otedola’s daughter confirms split with striker Victor Anichebe
Rights Violation: ECOWAS Court orders FG to pay actress, 2 others N18m
First Lady and the Aso Rock Clinic
SON, electrical materials dealers collaborate to check substandard products
Police, LASG debunk rumoured demotion of Lagos CP, Edgal
Why JAMB may not reduce 2018 UTME fee – Oloyede
100 CSOs, Imo lawmakers demand for open budget system
Maternal health: $20m safe birth initiative for Nigeria, Ivory Coast

Daily Trust

 Yabatech marks 70th anniversary, graduates 9,021 students
Apple iOS 11: Six awesome features that you will love
Court jails 45 Boko Haram members
Yabatech marks 70th anniversary, graduates 9,021 students
Buhari: My discussion with World Bank boss twisted
Buhari for APC guber rally in Anambra
PDP Chairmanship: Daniel visits Obasanjo
Restructuring turning new form of opposition – presidential aide
President Buhari mourns tragic loss of students in Kaduna
Obiano offers automatic employment to 17 corps members
Returning IDPs home, our greatest challenge – NEMA
‘Li’ani’ new Hausa film to be released soon
Bauchi governor’s wife, NAFOWA to collaborate on women empowerment
Football coach goes naked to motivate team
Unilorin produces 89 first class graduates-VC
Sokoto :NIPOST enhances street delivery of mails
Science tech., innovation, key to economic development – Emefiele
Customs intercepts 27 hilux vans worth N432m in Abuja
Adopt Pidgin English as national language – UDP Chairman
Repositioning social workers for effective service
Labour ministry to partner prisons service on vocational training
Davido opens up on Tagbo’s death
NNPC shuts Kaduna, Warri refineries over operation costs, TAM
2019: South West leaders rule out auto-ticket for Buhari
Rohr targets 2019 Nations Cup ticket
Gov’s Cup: Nigerian parents proud of Netherlands-based duaghter’s debut
Truck rams into cars, okada, kill one in Gwarinpa
Commercial motorcyclist slumps in Kubwa
Police nab suspected car thief
Paradox: Teachers failing while their students “pass” exams
PDP and Fayose’s bid for the presidency
Building an Africa free from hunger and poverty
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Essence of Eagles team spirit –Obakpolor
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