17-year-old Nigerian emerges WAEC’s best candidate with 8 A1s

17-year-old Nigerian emerges WAEC’s best candidate with 8 A1s

Gabriel Dike

A 17-year-old former pupil of Nigerian Airforce Secondary School, Ikeja, Lagos, Peter Arotiba, has emerged the best overall candidate in the May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in West Africa.

Arotiba emerged the best candidate in the sub region with eight A1s in the May/June 2018 WASSCE, beating over 1.9million candidates that sat for the examination.

In the May/ June 2018 WASSCE, Arotiba with examination number 4251112045, obtained A1 in eight subjects which are Economics A1, Civic Education A1, Tourism A1, English Language A1, Mathematics A1, Biology A1, Chemistry A1 and Physics A1.

The second and third positions went to two Ghanaian students, Wilhermina Opoku (2nd) and Brago Afrifa, (3rd).

Opoku, 18 years old and former student of Wesley Girls High School, Cape Coast and Afrifa, former pupil of Yaa Asantewaa Girls SHS, Kumasi, recorded A1 in all the subjects during the May/June 2018 WASSCE.

The Head, Public Affairs of WAEC Headquarters, Accra, Ghana, Mr. Abiodun Aduloju, said the three candidates were honoured with the WAEC International Excellence Awards for their outstanding performance in the May/June 2018 WASSCE at the 67th Annual Meeting of WAEC in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

According to him, the three winners emerged from 1, 976,537 million candidates who sat for WASSCE in The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Aduloju stressed that the Augustus Bandele Oyediran Best candidate in West Africa was also presented to Master Peter Arotiba.

The image maker said the council appealed to international donor agencies, corporate organisations and philanthropic private individuals to collaborate with WAEC by instituting other awards to encourage more students in the sub region to strive for academic excellence.

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An Aerial View of 2019 Polls

An Aerial View of 2019 Polls

By Simon-Kolawole, Email: simon.kolawole@thisdaylive.com, sms: 0805 500 1961

With the exception of Rivers state — where former friends are at war — governorship elections have been concluded across Nigeria on the not-so-unfamiliar note: the good, the bad and the ugly. As typical of Nigerian politicians, if they win, “the election was free and fair”; if they lose, “the election was rigged”. No politician rejects a result that favours him or her. It is worth celebrating, though, that many are accepting defeat these days and sending congratulatory messages to the winners. We can take this as a positive trend — as the Fourth Republic approaches its 20th anniversary. And, yes, I intend to take you through some interesting historical facts today ahead of the anniversary. A lot has happened in 20 years that we need to recollect.

Elections were held in 29 out of 36 states because of what Mr Peter Obi (then of APGA) did in 2007. Having fought for three years to win his election petition against Dr. Chris Ngige (then of PDP), Obi had spent just one year as governor of Anambra state when the 2007 election was held. He went to court to enforce his constitutional right to four years in office and the courts agreed with him. So his first term expired in 2010. Other states with similar litigation outcomes soon joined the train of “out of season” elections: Ondo, Edo, Ekiti, Osun, Bayelsa and Kogi. That, in sum, explains why governorship polls are now held in only 29 states during the general election. It is practically impossible to align them with the general election, so we will live with this for life.

But contrary to what you might have been told, Ngige was not the first sitting governor to be asked to vacate office. The “honour” goes to Mr. Boni Haruna (PDP), whose re-election as governor of Adamawa state in 2003 was nullified by the tribunal in March 2004 — but the Court of Appeal saved his neck thereafter. His opponent, Alhaji Adamu Modibbo (ANPP), would have done a Peter Obi before Peter Obi. At the time, the Court of Appeal was the last bus stop for governorship petition. This was changed to the Supreme Court by the National Assembly in 2010 to “deal” with Justice Ayo Salami, then president of the Court of Appeal, who had been accused of using his position to award governorships to Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). He denied the allegation.

Haruna might have survived by the skin of his teeth in 2003, but many governors were not that lucky. In fact, 11 incumbent governors were swept out of office that year — the highest in a single season. All but one of the six south-west governors (all AD) were defeated by PDP candidates. Only Governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos survived. However, in the 2015 general election, only one incumbent was defeated — Alhaji Ramalan Yero (PDP) of Kaduna state. Later in the year, Captain Wada Idris failed to get re-elected as the governor of Kogi state. In 2019, only two incumbents have lost so far — Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi and Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa. We have to wait for the outcome of Rivers’ election to know if we need to update the casualty figure.

Despite all the hue and cry, PDP did not do badly in the 2019 general election. It gained four states (Bauchi, Adamawa, Oyo and Imo) and lost two (Gombe and Kwara). Zamfara is still in play. If the Supreme Court rules that APC was not qualified to field candidates in Zamfara, PDP would gain an additional state. And if Senator Ademola Adeleke maintains his victory at the tribunal up to Supreme Court level, Osun would also go the way of PDP. If Rivers goes in the bag too, PDP could soon be in charge of 17 states as against 18 for APC. With Kogi in play in November, PDP could even dream of having 18 states to APC’s 17 and APGA’s one. It is a possibility. On the evidence of this, I wouldn’t think the 2019 general election was such a bad outing for the leading opposition party.

Comparatively, PDP lost eight states (all in the north) in the 2015 general election (before losing Kogi later in the year to make it nine). In fact, PDP did not gain a single state then, compared to four in 2019. As things stand, PDP will control 14 states, APC 20 and APGA one by May 29 (the missing state on the list is Rivers, whose result we may not know until another week). I understand that political emotions are still raw, but for PDP to even have the possibility of controlling up to 18 states by November 2019 is like a fairy tale. The party was virtually dead and buried after the 2015 elections and the mass defection to the new bride, the APC. It could be that Nigerians are disappointed in APC’s performance and are returning to their first husband. I can’t say for sure.

PDP used to pride itself as the largest party in Africa. In 1999, it produced 21 state governors as against APP’s nine and AD’s six. After the 2007 general election, PDP was controlling 28 states! The party was so arrogant that it continued to tell us it would rule Nigeria for 60 years, like the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which ruled Mexico for 71 unbroken years from 1929 to 2000. PDP probably borrowed its green-white-red flag from the PRI. The PDP started showing signs of break-up in 2007 with the formation of the Reform Group, led by Senator Ken Nnamani, Senator Adolphus Wabara and Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari. Things began to fall apart with its “zoning” (power rotation) controversy in 2011 after the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

The PDP could be mischievous by talking about the number of its “alumni” who are now APC governors. The governors-elect of Kebbi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Bauchi, Kwara and Ogun, among others, were once in the PDP in their careers, although they are wearing the APC jersey today. That was how powerful the PDP used to be. It is accurate to say it produced most governors, either as current members or alumni, in this year’s general election. Despite its famed power, PDP has never ruled three states: Borno, Yobe and Lagos. Its record of having ruled 33 out of 36 states in the last 20 years will be hard to match; APC and all its legacy parties have only ruled 26 states, with no luck in 10 yet. Taraba is the only northern state APC or any of its legacy parties has never ruled.

APC’s hold on Borno, Yobe and Lagos looks solid, so also is the eternal record held by Alhaji Ibrahim Geidam, the Yobe governor. When he leaves office in May, he would have ruled Yobe for over ten years. He became governor on January 27, 2009 when Senator Mamman Ali died. Giedam, as deputy, stepped in to complete Ali’s term and subsequently won two terms in office in 2011 and 2015. This record cannot be broken. Under the amended constitution, if you succeed your principal, your tenure starts counting immediately. There is no “completing” anybody’s tenure again. Yobe had also produced the second longest-serving governor: Senator Bukar Ibrahim, governor in the Third Republic from January 1991 to November 1993 who later served two terms from 1999-2007.

Ibrahim served as governor for 119 months while Geidam would have spent 124 months and two days by May 29, 2019. Rev. Jolly Nyame also governed Taraba thrice and matches Ibrahim’s record. Alhaji Abubakar Audu was in the same class; he could have matched Ibrahim’s record if he had not died on his way to winning the 2015 election in Kogi state. He was elected in 1992 and 1999 but lost in 2003. Only one living person can still equal their record: Chief Segun Osoba, governor of Ogun state from 1992-93. He was elected again in 1999 but lost in 2003. He can still have a go, legally speaking. A court had ruled in 2003 that the Third Republic tenures of Audu, Osoba, Nyame and Ibrahim would not count in the two-term limit permitted by the 1999 constitution.

Back to the 2015 governorship elections, it is very interesting to note that Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal defeated APC’s Aliyu Ahmed with a margin of 342 votes. Tambuwal has described this as the slimmest victory margin in the history of Nigeria. I do not have any evidence to contradict him. But if Senator Adeleke eventually becomes governor of Osun state, his own margin could be 354. The tribunal has annulled the supplementary election of September 2018 which gave victory to APC’s Alhaji Adegboye Oyetola. The difference of 12 votes would still make Tambuwal the “slimmest margin” record holder. The biggest gap in 2019 is in Borno state, where APC’s Babagana Zulum scored 1,175,440 — that is 1,109,325 more than his opponent who got 66,115 votes.

Alhaji Mohammed Imam, the PDP candidate in Borno, should still thank his stars — Senator Ayo Eze, the APC candidate in Enugu state, got a miserable tally of 10,423, the lowest of any PDP/APC governorship candidate. But you just have to pity PDP’s Alhaji Abba Yusuf whose 1,024,713 votes in Kano still did not allow him to be crowned. Dr. Abubakar Ganduje scored 1,033,695 to edge him out, although the alleged irregularities that greeted the supplementary election means the tribunal will soon receive a visitor. There were five “millionaires” in all — Ganduje (1,033,695), Zulum (1,175,440), Nasir el-Rufai (1,045,427, Kaduna), Aminu Masari (1,178,864, Katsina) and Yusuf (1,024,713, Kano). Yusuf is the only “millionaire” to lose.

Finally, despite the allegations of irregularities, elections were very competitive in several states, particularly in Sokoto, Adamawa, Kano, Oyo, Ogun, Plateau, Sokoto and Bauchi. The figures look credible, although the Kano supplementary poll is being disputed. Over all, we seem to have fairly contained the fraudulent writing of results in some parts of the south, but the underage voters in the north are still getting a pat on the back. General voter turn-out needs to improve. INEC must get its act together in the area of logistics and speed of announcing results. Certainly, the 2019 general election was not better than 2015, but to call it the worst in our history cannot be accurate. As a journalist, I covered the 2003 and 2007 general elections. I know what I saw. Perspectives.

And Four Other Things…
The Igbo once again gave their votes to the PDP in the presidential election and this has raised yet another issue over the sharing of the “spoils of victory”. If the APC-led government insists on “winner takes all”, then national cohesion will take a hit in the next four years. While the hawks will be telling President Buhari to “deal with those guys” for not voting for him, I would say two things: one, he should not ignore the fact that south-east’s votes for him have been on the rise in the last three general elections, no matter how marginal; two, he needs the support and energies of everybody. He has to be president of all, including those who did not vote for him. Inclusion.

Is there a way of really understanding the Nigerian situation? We depend heavily on imports, yet we do not have enough reception facilities at the ports. Imported goods spend months before they are cleared. Now there is another problem: even though we have been talking about promoting non-oil exports and encouraging Nigerians to go into agriculture, the ports are such a mess that exporting has itself become a nightmare. According to a Bloomberg report, shipments of cashew nuts worth N108 billion ($300 million) have been trapped at the Apapa port since January because of “inadequate capacity and infrastructure, stifling red tape and corruption”. Nigeria!

Chief Audu Ogbeh, minister of agriculture, might have bitten more than he could chew on Wednesday while defending his ministry’s 2019 budget before a senate committee. Ogbeh complained that some Nigerians now order pizza from the UK via their cell phones and take delivery the next day through British Airways. He sounded genuinely angry. Some commentators have taken him on, reminding him that government officials gleefully patronise foreign goods and services. Some said he was exaggerating his “pizza by air” claim so as to be retained as minister. Can Ogbeh please give us details of how much forex Nigerians expend on importing London pizza yearly? Spicy.

Mr. Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, shocked many of us when he said on Wednesday that some states in Nigeria now enjoy nearly uninterrupted power supply. I did not know things had improved so dramatically in the sector. All I know is that my bills for diesel at home and in the office have gone up considerably in the last three weeks. However, it seems some Nigerians do not agree with Fashola: someone said on Twitter that to be fair to the minister, he did not say the states enjoying “almost 24 hours of power supply” were in Nigeria. Maybe he meant American states! Or was the minister adding the power supplied by generators as well? Electrifying!

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Basing Teachers’ Promotion on Students’ Exam Results Promotes Malpractice – SM Adekanye

Basing Teachers’ Promotion on Students’ Exam Results Promotes Malpractice – SM Adekanye

The Late S.M Adekanye

The death has been announced of a retired Director of Education and Principal in the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mr S.M Adekanye. He breathed his last on Wednesday, March 20 2019.
A teacher, an author and examiner of English Language, Adekanye was respected for his forthrightness and commitment to duty.
It is indeed a great loss for the education community in Lagos State.
He once granted Demola Adefajo’s Blog (DAB) an exclusive interview where he bared his mind on many issues.
The interview is reproduced below for your pleasure.

Mr S.M. AdebisiAdekanye is a retired Director of Education who took his bow out of the teaching service in 2013 spoke with our correspondent on a number of issues impinging on education- examination malpractice, sexual harassment, failure in English Language, discipline in school and a host of others.
Enjoy the interview
How did the journey start?
I am Mr SM AdebisiAdekanye.
I started as an ordinary teacher in 1980. I started as a teacher of English Language and English Literature at Anwar-ul-Islam College Agege in the HSC classes and Class five. That’s where I started. After some time I became the head of department of English Language and Literature. I left the school in 1990. I was posted to Lagos Baptist College, OkeOdo. I spent few months there before I was transferred to Yewa High School, Agege in the same year. I was in Yewa High School as he Vice Principal of the school from 1990 to 1999. I was posted to FESTAC College, AmuwoOdofin as the Deputy Principal in 1999. I spent just a month there. I was posted to St Joseph Secondary School, Agege, where I also served as the Deputy Principal from 1999 to 2001 when the schools were handed over to the original owners. From there I went to IjaiyeOjokoro as the Deputy Principal.
After that I came to Millennium Secondary School, Egbeda in 2002 as the Principal of the school. I was there till 2007 when I was moved to Alimoso Senor Grammar School, Alimoso as the Principal. Then in October 2010, I was transferred to Lagos Model College, Meiran as the Principal. I was there till June 26, 2013 when I retired from the service.

Factors responsible for bad results in English Language
The factors are many. Let me start with the students. The students are not properly groomed in the subject. The subject is very demanding. From the school level, the students should write essays, do comprehension passages, do summary. Then we have the objectives and Test of Orals and Lexis and Structure. All these should be done within a week. But the Essay area is the only area the child would be asked to write something for someone to interpret. So the student should be properly groomed. If he can write a good essay, there is no way he would not be able to handle the other aspects.
As for the teachers: the teachers’ knowledge and enthusiasm. Don’t let me use the word knowledge. The enthusiasm in teaching the subject is low. From the beginning they find the subject a burdensome subject, very engrossing and demanding. And then if it is the lazy type, he or she would not be able to do what is expected of him or her. There are two categories of students. Those from educationally enriched background, from literate homes and those from homes where the parents do not have deep knowledge of English Language. The students from the homes where the parents don’t have deep knowledge of the subject and government bad policies worsen the situation. Eventually, the students record low marks.
These are the basic issues.
Let me pick the example of a public secondary school. If you give them an essay topic, before you can come across a student who can score 22 over 50 in essay writing then such a student must be a brilliant student. Most of them score between 12 and 18 in essay. The paper 1 carries 100 marks. Essay: 50, Comprehension: 20, Summary: 30. If a candidate scores 12 or 15 over 50 in Essay, if he is not properly groomed, he would not be able to respond properly in Comprehension. So in all, maybe he manages to scores between 30 and 35 in paper 1. The Objective is 80 questions which may boil down to 20 marks eventually. Then you get to test of orals, 15 marks. So the Paper 1 is the Paper that can do and undo the candidate. It carries the greater proportion of the marks. But a child that does not have control over the subject would just mess up everything and it would bog down to F9.
The problems are many. The problems are with the students themselves, the teachers and even the government.
The role of the government
The government is to create an enabling environment for teaching and learning. Then the government has to go about the training and retraining the teachers. Training and retraining the teachers is not just bringing ideas not relevant to the environment. It is a question of teaching them basic things like how to write good essays, how they will go about their comprehension, how they will go about their summary passages. If a teacher has control on all these areas, there is no way the child would fail. Even if the child is from educationally disadvantaged background, it doesn’t matter. The grading is from A1 to C6. He can at least get C6.
But if the teacher is not properly equipped in these areas, the students would find it difficult to pass. That is why the government should train and retrain. They should not stop training teachers. If they want to train, they should look for relevant resource people. People who have gone through the educational system, who have been involved in marking of scripts and who actually know the demands of English Language syllabus. When all these are lacking, there is no way the student can pass English Language. Like I have said earlier, in a public school before you can come across a student who will score 40 over 100 is a difficult task.
Teachers not being examiners
As a teacher you should attend the coordination even if you are not going to mark. You should acquire the experience because the schemes vary from year to year. If a teacher is not conversant with all these things, he won’t know the right thing expected of him. For example, today in Paper 1 we have the essay, comprehension and summary. Most of the time they have been giving the students stories to react to in comprehension and summary. In essay, they ask the students to write personal letters. Most of the time they write stories that are not relevant fit into requirements. A teacher has to be conversant with all these things. When the teacher is not conversant, there is no way he can impart the needed knowledge.
Discipline of students
Discipline will break down in schools because in the home too it is not observed. The parents don’t insist on discipline. If a child is from a disciplined home, he would transfer it to the school. Maintaining discipline in schools is a very difficult area because of certain cases coming out of disciplining students. Government encroachment has been too much. Discipline in the school is necessary. It is the strength of every school. With disciplines school and disciplined administration you will have a very disciplined school. But discipline has failed in the society and at homes. It is very difficult to maintain it except you are the stubborn Principal who appreciates the necessity of discipline in the school setting. Even then, as a human being there are times you can make a mistake. If you don’t device a means of maintaining discipline it may be very difficult. Discipline is essential in the school but very difficult.
It is for the smooth running of the administration if students will comport themselves and be orderly.

When you misfire as an administrator you are in trouble. Disciplined and orderly school is essential for smooth administration and learning. When you get to a disciplined school you think you are in a graveyard. Everything is silent. Everybody is minding his or her business. It is quiet with no disturbance or students roaming about. Everybody will be seated and teaching and learning would be going on well. And the students will not come to school late.
When you want to maintain that as a Principal some of your teachers would be rebellious. They will consider it to be too harsh. The government is not helping matters. Parents are also not helping matters. Most of the young parents don’t beat their children at home. During our own time our parents beat us at home. So it was not strange if you were beaten at school. Even if you were bruised nobody would care. But these days the young parents would not want to beat their children and they would not want the teacher to beat their children.
If you say punishment, you can give the child imposition. But these days it takes time. And the government is not encouraging suspension of students. If a child has gone beyond bounds, you just give him a week or two to stay at home with the parents and return when he is sober. Government restrictions have made things very difficult for school Principals. The Principals have no authority. He is the school Principal, but if he is not diplomatic, he can incur the wrath of the society, the government.

Experience with discipline of students as a Principal
What I was doing was to call a meeting of the parents before curbing the excesses of the students. I would put a notice, inviting the parents to discuss at length. For instance on late coming, I would tell the parents “your children have been coming late and it has been disturbing teaching and learning in the first period. what do we do?” If they say we should curb the lateness, we would then deliberate on how to curb the lateness. I would take suggestions from the parents. Mine would be to implement the suggestions. The reason is this: there are some parents who have access to the ministry. They would just go and tell some cock and bull story. Eventually, they would start worrying you. They (Ministry Officials) would not let you concentrate in school.
It is better to start with the parents and give the children grace of, maybe, two weeks to adjust. You tell them “we have resumed today. If you come late to school two weeks from now, you would be sanctioned”. It is as simple as that.
You see, you cannot discipline the students without the parents’ consents because some of them may not agree with you.
So that was the way I was going by it. I would first of all invite the parents and we discuss and reach resolution. Then the students would be given time to prepare. By the time the grace period expires he would have checked himself and put some things in order. Eventually, you would have very few of them would fall into that trap. There must be consultation.
And you as the Principal must be an embodiment of discipline. If you tell the students not to come late, you too should come to school early. By 7 to 7.30 you are already in the school. If you do that, the children will learn one or two things from you. But you cannot sit somewhere, doing something different and expect the students to behave well. It won’t work. If you want to curb staff lateness, you come early to school. You should be one of the first arrivals in the school.

Examination malpractice
The problem is that the students are not properly equipped for the examination. So they panic when they want to go and write the examination. They don’t exude that confidence expected of them. That is why they go all out to look for easy way out. That easy way out is examination malpractice. They look for ‘live’ questions, solicit for assistance of some corrupt teachers to assist them in the examination hall.
The first solution to examination malpractice is to prepare the children very well. If the child is very well prepared, half of the problem is already solved.
Then with the staff, all of them cannot be corrupt. You have one or two teachers you can trust who would not compromise. These are the teachers you choose to lead the invigilators. There would be more than two who are honest who would not tolerate malpractice. They are the people you make the chief invigilators for each paper. Some of the teachers, the young teachers especially, collect money. They would even collect money for even tests,
Prepare the children well and you will need some disciplined and honest teachers who will invigilate.
So if you have the honest teachers leading the invigilation, the deviant ones cannot do anything. If they want to do anything unusual they would be curbed.
Involvement of school Principals in examination malpractice
The pressure for that is from the government. When the school result is bad they indict them. In their meetings they say all sorts of uncomplimentary things about such schools as if the school is not being properly manned, when such pressure is mounted on them, they will go to the extent of aiding and abetting. Promotion of the staff should not be based on the performance of the students. Once you do it like that, you are indirectly creating an atmosphere conducive for examination malpractice.

How have you been spending your retirement period?
I have been going round some schools, assisting them on the effective teaching of English Language. I want to establish a consultancy service where teachers would be trained in the teaching of certain subjects- English Language, Mathematics, Economics and some other subjects. The teachers would be trained by the best hands you can find in this country.

Sexual harassment in schools
I heard some cases like that. It is a very delicate matter. In the first instance, when something of that nature happens in the school the school would be divided. You would have some members of staff who would say no and others would say yes. Some would be supporting the accused teachers. That is why I say it is very delicate matter. If a teacher is using his position as teacher of students to be harassing those students sexually, the best thing to do as a Principal is to request for his transfer from that school. If he goes to another school and he does that, they also would agitate for his transfer. By the time he goes round about ten or twenty schools, he would eventually be sober

Teachers who write anonymous petitions
What you should do as a Principal is to have record of everything in the school. Some teachers want to operate in an atmosphere of confusion. They don’t like well-disciplined place where things are done in proper manner. I can give you one simple example: if at the end of every term, the Principal would call for the marks, the continuous assessment marks, have a copy with him and a copy with the teacher, and do that for all the test and take the pain to vet the CA marks and ensure they agree with what is in the marked scripts, teachers would find you very strict. Some would commend you. But those who live on collecting N500 from students and so forth would gang against the Principal and write their petitions
The Ministry of Education is operating a system I will call an absentee landlord. When the landlord is not living on the premises, anytime he comes and people tell him about some things going on he would consider all the tenants as being bad. And he would just be doing some things the tenants will not like. That is what they do in their investigation. They come for investigation. They don’t have their facts. If the person who wrote the petition has been able to make himself available, it would have been easy to investigate.
Some teachers basically are cowards. They can’t call a spade a spade. If you see that the Principal is doing something bad and come out with your facts, it would be very easy. It would solve a lot of problems. You see when the Ministry officials start their investigation, if you are not careful, innocent people would be brought to their investigation because they would mention their names somewhere. By the time you get to know they would start asking foolish questions. That is what I see in the whole idea of petition writing.
A Principal who would not be subjected to anonymous petition would be one who has given them the laxity to do whatever they like. Once the Principal is disciplined and say this is what I want for my school, a lot of the teachers would commend the Principal. But you would have three or four who would be very rebellious because they cannot operate in that atmosphere. So certainly they can write a petition against the Principal .
Life as a retiree
The entitlement was delayed. But it has eventually been paid. I am sorry to say one thing, Fashola’s government was basically an anti-pensioner’s government. His emphasis was on other development, neglecting the pensioners. Ambode has been very good to the pensioners. If he can continue to clear the backlog, once someone retires they can get their entitlements within three to four months. But once there is backlog there is no way you can pay someone who has just retired. It is very painful when you retire and you don’t have any means of livelihood. You were once collecting a salary and the salary was okay for you. But when you are retired you don’t have anything. Not even N5000. It is a big money to you. And you know you are growing. And this environment when you are growing all sorts of ailments would be emerging- diabetes, hypertension. All these things would start coming. That is the time you have to take good care of your health. And when you don’t have the financial wherewithal what do you do
My philosophy
I believe you should do your best and leave the rest to God

Religious Belief
It is a personal matter. I am not enthusiastic about religion. Not that I condemn religion but I have read a lot about what religion can cause in the society. Very bad people hide themselves under the cloak of religion and become hypocrites. So I am not so keen. Not that I don’t believe in God. But I am not so keen about religion.

News Headlines Mar 31, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 31, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
EFCC raises team to quiz Amosun, Okorocha, Yari as immunity ends
Saraki, Mark, Akpabio, 214 lawmakers to get N1.3bn severance allowance
GAC tackles Aregbesola, Mandate Group over Sanwo-Olu’s cabinet
Constitutional crisis looms as CJN’s tenure ends in three weeks
Though now a Christian, I’ve never been to church – Bolanle Ninalowo
When I get to varsity, people will be scared of my English – Sanyeri
The one change Nigeria needs
The effects of sexual frustration
Man arrested for hacking brother to death
I’ll like to meet Sugar Daddy said to be bankrolling my business — Ifu Ennada
Shina Peller throws lavish party
I left police because of injustice but met the same thing in politics — Sen. Misau
My wife was murdered carrying pregnancy of son she’s been praying to have — Husband of sergeant killed in Edo
N13bn fraud: EFCC approaches Interpol for ex-NIA DG, wife’s arrest
Offa Poly student commits suicide over handout proceeds
We’ll resist speakership zoning to South-West, North-Central — APC group
Minimum Wage Bill undergoing standard procedure — Presidency
Ohanaeze youths seek Buhari’s intervention in Kanu’s arrest order
Confusion as gunmen shoot five at Kogi fishing festival
No bodyguards for priests against kidnappers — Catholic bishops
Court sentences four to death by hanging in Delta
Lassa fever kills five in 15 new cases
Two killed in Ondo cult clash, two suspects held
You can’t deregister parties, APP tells INEC
Inconclusive elections: Emerging threat to Nigeria’s democracy?
Alleged certificate scam to blackmail Kwara governor-elect, says APC chieftain
LCCI hails CBN on interest rate reduction
Nissan wants tariff hike on used vehicles, grey imports
Airport infrastructure: Union demands new passenger service charge
One can be instrumental to nation-building by creating businesses –Ajayi
NLC knocks govs for not implementing pension scheme
Nigerian crude oil grades get boost in Europe
Electronic voting won’t stop rigging because some ranking politicians are desperate –UI VC, Olayinka
We must remove legal web frustrating anti-graft war – Ex-Ambassador to Philippines, Farounbi
I’ve been waiting for my brother’s call — Late Adesanmi’s sister
It was tough leaving as insurance firm’s MD to become a priest —Supreme head, C&S
SDP’s crisis contrived to stop it from displacing APC, PDP – Shonibare, SDP chair
Against the odds: Again, Nigeria’s Special Olympians shine in Abu Dhabi
Man City cruise back to top
Ex-Eagles celebrate Tinubu at 67
Federer battles Isner in Miami Open final
Racist abuse: Sarri calls for rule to halt matches
UPDATED: English Premier League table (Wk 31)
Private varsities can better manage TETFund allocations –VC, Elizade University
I’ll make a scapegoat of Lil Kesh – Eleyele
Young actors messing up the industry – Dele Odule
My work is based on my values – Femi Jacobs
With kidney ailment, having children not my priority – Leo Mezie
The effects of sexual frustration
10 public places where Nigerians defecate openly
Meningitis victims prone to memory loss, stroke –Expert
I’m sad knowing Oyo drunk driver who killed my pregnant wife walks freely — Widower
Govt, police failed to honour late officer, visit family –Sons of cop killed in Edo
Constant agony as Cross River/Ebonyi communities continue deadly clashes over land
Editorial: Containing the Lassa fever spread
The one change Nigeria needs
Awon Boyz wows @ iREP 2019
Needed reforms to stem revenue losses in oil sector
Please listen (II)
Dangers of using sex as punishment

The Nation

NASS: APC moves against PDP plot to snatch 13 senators-elect
Many injured as gunmen attack Kogi fishing festival
Tinubu: No room for serpent in National Assembly this time 12
Rivers Polls: Wike, AAC’s Awara clash at stakeholders meeting
Oluleye, ex-PPPRA boss, is dead
BOLANLE AUSTEN-PETERS: I would have been a dancer
APC, Buhari and 2023 (1)
Democratic Deficits and Nation-Building
Deportation saga: Nigeria, Ghana Immigration in reconciliatory talks
APC caucuses vow to enforce party’s decisions
APC caucuses vow to enforce party’s decisions
Election monitoring group calls for probe of returning officer
Govt urged to look into traditional cure for sickle cell
Ogun governor-elect, deputy meet Buhari at Aso Rock
Fayemi to S’ West Leaders: Put aside party politics for regional integration
Eko Chocolate Show to generate $2b, several jobs
Nigeria still can’t feed itself – Buhari
Again, DSS arrests Jones Abiri in Bayelsa
Ihedioha: Imagine the future of Imo
‘Buhari’s integrity inspired my move to APC’
Tinubu, real Yoruba leader – Ehindero
Imo: Tasks before Ihedioha
Kwara: Can the people take ownership?
Why I want to be Deputy Speaker – Magaji
SAVIOUR GODWIN: Yes, I have found love!
Morelos: Flipside of Rangers in-form striker
WILFRED NDIDI: How Nduka Ugbade made me a toughie
Late Messi brace win Catalan derby
Wasteful Bayern stumble in title race as Dortmund win late
Rashford, Martial give sloppy Manchester United win over Watford
GTBank, Innoson rift over alleged court judgement deepens
How rise in inflation may affect Nigerians
MAN, OPS push for effective port system
Aba shoes in markets carry dollar price tags
Rite Foods elevates ‘good Samaritan’ sausage hawker
‘With N10, 000, you can start T-shirt merchandising’
Man jumps to death in Ibadan
Edo Waste Mgt Board re-activates ‘Clean Up Edo’ campaign in Benin
Highway robbery claims six in Adamawa
Police nab kidnapping syndicate, recover AK 47 in Katsina
Herbalists using vulgar languages on us, residents cry out
British curriculum not superior to Nigeria’s — Educationist
I see my music as Gold
Auchi Poly sanctions 27 staff for misconduct
Media group inaugurates TV for youths
MICHAEL JACKSON: Dstv to air controversial ‘Leaving Neverland’
Vitamin C can cut time spent in intensive care units
Nutritional benefits of mango
Wellness tips this dry season
APC, Buhari and 2023 (1)
Democratic Deficits and Nation-Building
Editorial: Boy giant
The education of young Success

Bago: No Agreement with APC, Oshiomhole over Consensus Candidate
Says North-central denied position for 20 years
Customs Donates 6,725 Bags of Rice to Orphans, IDPs
Fayemi: Olusola, PDP Free to Challenge My Victory
Amid Revenue Drop, NASCON Puts Smile on Shareholders’ Faces
As Nigeria’s Local Portfolio Investors Regain Confidence
Adedoja, Former Sport Minister, Dumps PDP
Amnesty Office Unveils Strategy to Reintegrate 30,000 Ex-Niger Delta Agitators
ANRP Vows to Challenge A’Ibom Guber Election Result
For First Bank, the Beat Goes on at 125
A Case for NHIS Act Review
Exposed…Singer, Iyanya’s Tryst With Rich Married Women
Timaya Still in the Game
From A Bricklayer to a World Champion…How Anthony Joshua’s Glo Tvc Is Inspiring Nigerians
Liverpool Host Spurs in High Stakes Premiership Match
Waiting and Waiting for the Global Renminbi
The Silent War Between Osinbajo And Amosun…
NYSC Appeals to Katsina to Provide Potable Water, Hostels at Orientation Camp

Keystone Bank appoints Abubakar Danlami Sule as Acting MD/CEO
La Liga: Messi Brace Seals Barca Win
Bahrain GP: Ferrari’s Leclerc Takes Maiden Pole
Lagos City, Birrel High School Sparkle at PWC Chess4Change Grand Slam
The 1980s Star Actors: Where Are They Now?
Who Will Settle The Rift Between Kola Daisi And Kessington Adebutu?
Honour Well-Deserved…Dazzle And Valour Of Abimbola Ashiru
From Atlanta To Kwara…Ahmed Uwhubetine Becomes Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s Man Friday

Daily Trust
Why Ganduje’s Re-election Cannot Stand – Abba Kabir Yusuf (Abba Gida-Gida)
Declare National Emergency on Kidnapping
Residents flee as Boko Haram attacks Chibok, Madagali villages
B/Haram: Troops kill 5 insurgents, arrest 3
Marafa to Oshiomhole: Don’t change suddenly
We have sealed 7 branches of GTBank to recover debt – Innoson
NASS leadership: What we did wrong in 2015 – Tinubu
Bauchi Governor-Elect Mohammed, others to get certificates of return
Inside ‘mad dash’ for Senate presidency
B/Haram: Troops kill 5 insurgents, arrest 3
Don’t micro-zone NASS leadership to individuals – Hon Kumalia
Confusion as defections rock Amaechi-backed AAC in Rivers
NCDC confirms 15 new cases of Lassa Fever in 6 states
2019 Lagos Polo: Abuja Almat clinch Majekodunmi, Italian Ambassador Cups
Ogboro, Kangiwa, Kyari, head NPF committees
200 golfers storm Kaduna for Daily Trust President Cup
As PIB lingers, multi-billion dollar investments elude Nigeria
Obiano opens N1.2b fish feed plant in Onitsha
40th Int’l trade fair: Linkage between agriculture, industry will bring sustainable growth- Enelamah
Gunmen injure 5, disrupt fishing festival in Kogi
Police averts ‘bloody’ clash between CSO/PDP in Rivers
The one change Nigeria needs
Nigerian students contribute $42b to US economy
Nigeria, Ghana in talks to end counter deportations
We are equal to securing Nigeria – NAF
Ibadan man climbs mast, then jumps to death
How we construct threshers for farmers, local fabricators
Sesame price rises in Sokoto as supply dips
Has FUTA Eva FI tomatoes disappeared from market?
Opportunites for government jobs shrinking, says Edo governor
Buhari urges universities to invest in research
British curriculum not superior to Nigeria’s — Educationist
Kannywood actress Nagudu dazzles in red
Man condemned to 30 years imprisonment for defiling 10-year- old girl

The Sun
Investigate illegal deployment of soldiers during polls –Falana tasks FG
Rivers guber: INEC assures of concluding collation as scheduled
NASS leadership: Group warns against excluding Southeast
Aftermath of Russia 2018 World Cup: Nigerians still stranded in Russia –Amb Ugbah
9Th Assembly: APC reps members jostle for speakership position
I won’t act nude for even $1billion –Toyosi Opeyemi, actress
Bayo Omoboriowo: Buhari’s photographer opens up on president’s images
Let’s work as one family, el-Rufai appeals to Kaduna residents
38 bag distinction as ABU Agric Colleges hold joint convocation
Dickson signs N299b 2019 budget into law
Restructuring: Fayemi urges Afenifere leaders to re-strategise
Enugu govt to upgrade School of Public Health Nsukka to College of Health Technology
9Th assembly: southeast will not accept anything below deputy senate president – adighije
Nothing wrong if Buhari probes Obasanjo on n16 billion power contract – Ekechi
Buhari’s second term opportunity to consolidate s/east rehabilitation – Pastor James
Why I dumped APGA for APC – Evang. Tony Gray Okpe, Senatorial aspirant
CBN enjoins Enugu farmers to take advantage of IDP on ACGSF
AfDB approves $20m investment in Uhuru fund
Facebook to train female entrepreneurs in Nigerian universities
Nigeria’s MPI remains positive for 24th consecutive month –NIPC
PenCom allays fear over management of N8.67trn pension fund
Man City go back to the top of EPL
Allegri: Juventus will not risk Ronaldo against Ajax
McGregor’s rise from plumber to $100 million fighter
CAF kick-off first ever VAR Workshop in Johannesburg
Nigeria soars to 38 spot in latest Fifa women’s ranking
I have silenced critics – Osimhen
D’ Tigers face France in FIBA 3×3 World Cup Qualifier opener
Parents, clerics pushing youths into football slavery —Players’ agent
Ahead AFCON 2019: Eagles striking options excites Rohr
Ighalo: I rejected Barca over bench role
Dennerby: Our target is to play in World Cup final
… Ogebe determined to keep her place in Super Falcons
Actors call for more black hairstylists in Hollywood
Terrorism and the New Zealand example
What is fitness?
NSE: Weak sentiments trail stocks
Why you should dump that manipulative guy fast!
Honouring God in your home
Women, conduct background checks on your men
Illegal structures
Benefits of having sex more often
What is fitness?
5 Sneaky reasons you suddenly have dandruff
Adamawa 2019: why and how Jubrilla lost
NDLEA uncovers hard drug factory in Enugu suburb
At 60, my wife has been my talisman in life

JUST IN: Again, DSS Allegedly Rearrests Jones Abiri In Bayelsa
Suicide: Man Jumps From Bank’s Mast To Death In Ibadan
NASS Promises Amaechi Budgetary Assistance On Ibadan-Kano Rail Project
We’re reviewing varsity curriculum to make graduates employable —NUC
The rise and rise of corruption in Nigeria
DFID invests £300m on humanitarian response in north-east zone
Judgement: Status of all Delta APC candidates remain valid, legitimate ― Omo-Agege insists
Sokoto: We will reclaim our stolen mandate, APC chairman tells members
Institute sets to empower drivers with micro-bus in Lagos
Kwara youth set agenda for governor-elect
I’m back as Lagos PDP chairman till 2021 ― Segun Adewale
Obasanjo, Osofisan, Raji-Oyelade, Omogaifo, preach love at Nwagwu’s remembrance
Ex-Policeman Accused Of Killing Teenager Remanded In Prison
Hotel worker arraigned over alleged theft of N400,000 lodging fee
Court sentences applicant to 12 years in prison for kidnapping women…
Salesman, 20, docked for allegedly stealing N218,000 recharge cards
Keystone Bank Appoints Abubakar Danlami Sule As Acting MD/CEO
US applauds Edo State’s integrated anti-human trafficking framework
UN send team to investigate Mali herdsmen killing as death toll rises…
APC, PDP And The Battle For 9th National Assembly
Senate Presidency: Party supremacy must prevail —Lawan, Senate…
After conducting substandard elections, APC can’t impose presiding…
Any attempt to impose presiding officers on the 9th Senate will fail…
Why My Suspension From APC Can’t Stand —Niger Delta Affairs Minister
Ebenezer Obey To Mark 77 In Grand Style
Why we picked Phyno, Teni as TomTom brand ambassadors —Cadbury
Edge takes over DE Rovans hotel, set for re-launch
Kemi Akindoju makes directorial debut with ‘Lavender’
Sniper: Useful, Yet Deadly


INEC, IPAC On Warpath Over Plans To Deregister 84 Parties
Nigerian Students, Others Contribute $42.4bn To U.S. Economy
APC, PDP Trade Words Ahead Of Rivers Poll Result Collation
‘How Ganduje Won Kano Election’
Tuggar vs Bulkachuwa: Moral Burden On Justice Zainab
Zamfara APC Still In The Woods
Kogi’s 7th Assembly And The Task Ahead
Useni And Lalong’s Long Walk To Victory
NIMASA Begins Enforcement Of Cabotage Act
Glo-sponsored CNN African Voices Promotes Works Of Music Sensations
Sterling Bank Wins EPIS Innovative Bank Of The Year
SystemSpecs, EFINA, Others Mull Digital Inclusion Agenda
Emirates Offers Nigerian Travellers Free Hotel Stay
Federer Books Title Clash With Isner, Schools Shapovalov
Zidane Talks Up Interest In United Star
Ogebe Determined To Keep Her Place In Super Falcons
Ilechukwu Eyes First NPFL Win Over Enyimba
AFCON U17: 40 Golden Eaglets To Undergo MRI Test – Manu
Dare Art Alade, Stephanie Coker, Others Grace Premium Brand Unveil
TBoss, Uti And Pregnancy Rumours
I Strive Hard To Succeed – Rabi’a
Dress Sense Defines Personality – Amina
Beyonce, Jay-Z Honour LGBTQ Family Members
How We Raised Edo IGR From N300 To N2bn – Elamah
Holi: A Festival Of Different Tales
Reversing The Building Collapse Trend In Nigeria
Idiagbon: Remembering The Incorruptible General
EDITORIAL: APC And The NASS Leadership Tussle
This Edward Onoja…
Dr Pongri: A Colossus Of Laurels
Britain And The Brexit Impasse
Musical Chairs At The 9th Assembly
The Article That Isn’t About Sadness
Skin Food
Diabetes Mellitus Is Like Suffering Amidst Plenty
Firm Donates Textbooks To Unijos
Veritas University Graduates 141 Students
British Curriculum Not Superior To Nigeria’s, Educationist Says

The Guardian

Horse-trading, intrigues intensify over 9th National Assembly leadership
Lawyers differ on courts’ powers to stop INEC during elections
MFM FC seek first win against Enyimba International
Nigeria can’t feed sufficiently despite agric contribution — Buhari
Kanu’s re-arrest order may destabilise Southeast— Ohanaeze
Yoruba losing from Commonwealth due to leaders’ attitude – Fayemi
INEC promises transparent guber election in Rivers
VC threatens students with expulsion over plagiarism
Marylove Edwards, 13-year-old Nigeria’s young tennis champion
Adekuoroye, Oborududu, others win gold medals
Gyan, Akushe win Warri/Effurun Peace Marathon
Solskjaer relieved to avoid Watford ‘banana skin’
Zidane praise for Man Utd’s Pogba opens door to Real bid
Man City cruise back top of Premier League with win at Fulham
What to do with multiplicity of political parties – Nigerians speak
Geep Programme: An empowerment scheme wrapped in opaqueness
Plateau guber: When Useni could not count on fellow Generals
GEEP: This is not time to throw around free money —Tope Fasua
Editorial: Where are Japanese auto plants in Nigeria?


The Shocking, Messy Side Of SUCCESS’ STORY: Yes, I Wanted N1m Compensation – Stephanie, Lady Who Made Recording
No Regrets Turning Down Barca, Ighalo Declares
Okowa’s Re-Election A Testament Of Excellent Performance- NANS
NEXT SENATE PRESIDENT: Oshiomhole’s Riot Act, Ripples Of The Lawan Endorsement And Fear Of The PDP Bloc Vote
Obasanjo Should Respect Buhari — Femi Adesina
Where Is Osun Resident Electoral Commissioner?
Contaminated Lands, Water: New Major Inquiry Into Oil Spills In Niger Delta
Iheanacho’s Troubled Career
AGALI: I’ve Made Mistakes, Which I Don’t Pray Others Make
I Killed My Girlfriend For The Fun Of It —Rufus Giwa Poly Student
HOUSE OF REPS: Tensions As Reps-Elect Await Zoning Of Speaker, Other Leadership Offices
How Misdiagnosis Kills 70 Percent Of Nigeria’s Cancer Patients – Expert
The Death Of Democracy In Nigeria: A Coroner’s Inquest (5)
Gabriel Imomotimi Okara (1921-2019)
I Cry For Buhari, Governors And Nigerians
Buhari’s Victory And The Burden Of Political Liabilities
ENEMIES OF PROGRESS! Amnesty Programme Project Worth Billions Of Naira Looted, Destroyed 24 Hours To Inauguration —Dokubo, Co-ordinator
Why young people must seize power in 2023
Living inside the dumpsite of death!
Restructuring Yoruba race need to be more tactical, strategic …, Fayemi tells S’ West Leaders
Nnamdi Kanu’s sureties never applied to withdraw their suretyship – Lawyer
Rivers State Governorship Election: Collation will be concluded as scheduled – INEC
2018 Aiteo / NFF Awards: 1994 set of Eagles get special award
Kean steps up in Ronaldo absence to rescue Juventus against Empoli
How to have fun when time is not on your side!
A moment of madness
DYH crew nominated for 2019 GIAMA Award
Besides 9ice, Burna Boy, Wizkid’s music, every other music is crap – Motunrayo Kuti
People think I smoke, drink, do drugs, but I don’t- Slimcase
I’ve no regrets being born again- Lynxxx
I didn’t burn the naira to promote my song- Orezi
28 schools in Taraba get UBEC intervention

News Headlines Mar 30, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 30, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
APC NWC may zone Deputy Senate President, Majority Leader to S’South, N’Central
Onnoghen appeals as cct dismisses no-case submission
Sodomy: Reverend arrested in Lagos for infecting 16-year-old boy with HIV
Shocking revelation of Boko Haram insurgents’ ‘wives’: ‘We saw hell in Sambisa forest’
What does an unhealthy relationship mean to you?
70 magnetic beads removed from boy’s urinary tract
Professor asks students to get 1,667 friends on social media to earn A+
Lady fakes own kidnap, murder to break up with ‘poor’ boyfriend
19-year-old sets ex on fire for ending their relationship
New device allows fathers breastfeed babies
Woman delivers twins one month after giving birth to baby
Benchers, key to instilling confidence in Nigeria’s democracy – Saraki
NACJ to honour Nigerians in business, entertainment sectors
ADVAN supports global call for social media regulation
Akanran monarch honours Ilaji Resorts boss, others
Securex West Africa announces speakers conference
Huawei committed to digital inclusion in Nigeria – MD
Meyer appoints new MD
Man connives with kidnappers to abduct friend, gets N1m share
Why I killed my wife’s lover – Balogun, 25-year-old suspect
Security guard rents out boss’ house, steals property
Policemen kill NURTW member in Akwa Ibom
Driver defrauded of N1m loan obtained to process visa
Four kidnapped NYSC members regain freedom
Girls who wear leggings lead boys into sin, frustrated mum suggests
Police arrest teacher who allegedly forced Lagos schoolgirl to give oral sex for marks
Party’s decision to settle for Lawan shocked, surprised me –Ali-Ndume
Supplementary polls: New found toast of Nigeria’s political class
Ekiti tribunal: APC commends Appeal Court, urges Eleka to work with Fayemi
INEC issues Sanwo-Olu, Hamzat Certificates of Return
Omo-Agege, Waive incur N300,000 fine each as Appeal Court upholds judgement nullifying their elections
Community demands revival of abandoned project
Mastercard set to buy shares in Jumia
Nigeria’ll save N3.6tn on import reduction – FG
Wema Bank to pay first dividend in 14 years
Lagos-Ibadan railway project won’t be abandoned – FG, NASS
Tax holiday: A’Court dismisses NLNG’s case against NIMASA
Akpom set to become Greek ‘Invincible’ with PAOK
Rodgers defends Iheanacho after Rohr criticism
Racism: Klopp, Guardiola and Sarri call for matches to be halted
Juve’s Ronaldo doubtful for Ajax clash – Allegri
I miss having Ronaldo in La Liga – Messi
Raja Casablanca win second African Super Cup
I’m glad I didn’t die of hunger and still graduated with first-class degree – Ojo, OAU law graduate
Backlash from Nigerians, the least of my problems –Etinosa
Why African traditions must be preserved –Bayo Alawiye
I am not trying to be like Lagbaja –Adlib The JourneyMan
I’m a born-again Christian, not evil –Sunny McDon W
I almost quit music out of frustration –Kcee
Samon debuts GMC
Travails of ‘forgotten’ Ibadan community where potholes are water sources
Ogun govt abandons 30,000 books donated by World Bank at Lagos port
Unemployed Nigerians find solace in sports betting, make it full-time job
Till now, I don’t know how my scars, blisters disappeared –Gas explosion survivor
Please listen (II)
Dangers of using sex as punishment

The Nation
9th NASS: APC zones Senate key offices
I’ll base appointment of new ministers on merit, spread — Buhari
I’ll not betray Lagosians, says Sanwo-Olu
Cleric arrested for allegedly infecting teenage boys with HIV virus
EFCC intercepts N54m at airport, probes six suspects
Court declares Rilwan Akiolu bona fide Oba of Lagos
Defence team kicks as conduct tribunal orders Onnoghen to open defence Monday 1
Ex-lawmakers to ruling party: handle NASS leadership issue with tact
INEC presents Certificates of Return to governor-elect, 25 others in Gombe
Court dismisses suit challenging Adamawa gov’ship election
Cleric arrested for allegedly infecting teenage boys with HIV virus
EFCC intercepts N54m at airport, probes six suspects
Saboteurs, Politicians in cassock didn’t want us to meet Buhari, says CAN
Ilorin lawyer Gbadeyan congratulates AbdulRazak
Tinubu a worthy politician, says Presidential Support Committee
Dogara schemes to return as Speaker
Ifeanyi Ubah and the power of football
Another banker primed to become governor
Ayade, Lalong, Masari, others get INEC’s certificates of return
LCC to get tough with tipper drivers
‘My son asked me why they want to kill me!’ – Messi
Mick Schumacher steps into father’s big shoes in Bahrain
France 2019: Rohr visits Falcons camp rubs mind with Dennerby
Higuain retires from international football blasts critics
NTTF names team for WJC, AJCC in Ghana
2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Nigeria still in dark as Kenya picks camp site
Wema Bank’s PBT rises by 59 percent to N4.8b, pays dividend
How to Get the Media to Call You
Imo community threatens to shutdown oil facilities over abandoned projects
EFCC charges Italian, Nigerian with property fraud
Suspected herdsmen kill four farmers in Benue community
MICHAEL JACKSON: Dstv to air controversial ‘Leaving Neverland’
Fans praise OMOTOLA for casual, funny video
Some celebs’ rags to riches tales
Cinema exhibitors parley Censors Board on standard
Nigeria’s bewildering state elections

Honest Assessment of CBN’s Report Card Under Emefiele
Tribunal Dismisses Onnoghen’s No Case Submission
Honest Assessment of CBN’s Report Card Under Emefiele
We’ve Forgotten Our Children!
Gabriel Okara: Exit of a Literary Giant
Securex West Africa 2019 Announces Speakers, Sessions
Joba Movie Storms Genesis Cinema for Media Screening Movie
Mr. President’s Next FEC: Between Clientelism and Merit
DSS Denies Working against Electoral Process in Rivers
NSE Market Indices Appreciate by 0.68%
Homecoming Festival Unveils Plans for Second Edition
WARIF Collaborates With Slum2School to Empower Youth in Makoko
Masari: I won’t Sabotage Katsina People
Mo Benjamin Debuts With Sink Or Swim
BBNaija: DStv, GOtv Subscribers Can Vote Online for One More Housemate
Closeup Fetes Couples in #GiveLoveAChance Campaign

Daily Trust
DSS denies working against electoral process in Rivers
Elections: Catholic clerics tell winners to be magnanimous in victory
Saboteurs, Politicians in cassock didn’t want us to meet Buhari, CAN President cries
Man condemned to 30 years imprisonment for defiling 10-year- old girl
Clergyman arrested for allegedly infecting minors with HIV in Lagos
Osinbajo bags Life Bencher award
JUST IN: Prisons Service promotes 18 Controllers of Prisons
How policemen killed my husband in Uyo – Woman
Ganduje donates N600,000 to 6 corps members attacked by robbers
Delta APC crisis: Court dismisses Omo-Agege suit against Cyril Ogodo
FRC to begin verification of FG capital projects
PCNI supports 36,000 IDPs with food, drug supplies in Borno
Nasarawa 6th Assembly: Expect robust legislature – Speaker
Observers demand complete audit of 2019 elections
Atiku: Fintiri’s election births new dawn for Adamawa
Super Falcons climb to 38th on FIFA rankings
Why we should not celebrate Eagles’ victory over Egypt – Rohr
Southgate offers to help England women’s team before World Cup
9mobile promo: Another N1m winner emerges in Kano
Aso Rock Villa to get direct electricity in 6 months
FG records oversubscription of March bond
Police averts ‘bloody’ clash between CSO/PDP in Rivers
Sanwo-Olu, Deputy receive Certificates of Return
Burundi bans BBC after critical coverage
Healthcare: Widening gap between rich, poor worries NLC
Textile union hails Buhari on Micro Pension Plan
Adamawa to implement proposed N30,000 minimum wage, says Fintiri
General elections: Gov Bello praises Corps members neutrality in Niger
BOI approves N250m to support UNILAG’s entrepreneurship drive
Nasarawa Assembly orders stoppage of construction of 100 school projects
Man condemned to 30 years imprisonment for defiling 10-year- old girl
16-years after, court declares Akiolu bonafide Oba of Lagos
N8bn currency scam: Judge blasts EFCC lawyer, threatens to quit case over delay in trial

The Sun
EFCC, outgoing governors tango over post immunity probe
Tiny: Lagos most wanted serial killer
APC ex-legislators’ forum cautions party against anointing principal officers
DSS denies directive to work against Rivers poll
I was mocked, bullied for my dark skin –Beverly Naya
Court declares Akiolu as legitimate Oba of Lagos
Asset declaration: CCT insists Onnoghen must face trial
Drug war: Emir of Daura indicts security agencies
FG turning Bayelsa to theatre of war – Gov Dickson
Gunmen kill housewife, daughter in Kebbi
B’Haram attacks, loots foodstuffs at Chibok village
How Akara Vendor’s son floored millionaire in Anambra Assembly poll
Appeal court dismisses Omo-Agege’s suit seeking to challenge judgment nullifying his re-election
Adamawa 2019: A Referendum for good governance, says Fintiri, gov-elect
Fayemi’s governorship victory: APC commends Appellate Court
Ekiti governorship: Olusola-Eleka rejects Appeal Court judgment, heads for Supreme Court
Facebook to train female entrepreneurs in Nigerian universities
Nigeria’s MPI remains positive for 24th consecutive month –NIPC
PenCom allays fear over management of N8.67trn pension fund
FG’ll save N3.6trn in import reduction –Onu
Higuain dumps Argentina national football team
Bulgarian Pulev to appear before California Athletic commission for reporter kiss
Southampton manager blocks hotel wifi access for players
Jay-Z to receive presidential award at NAACP’s 50th anniversary
S/A miracle church visit: Daddy Freeze champions ‘Oge Okoye Challenge’
How my mother’s strength prepared me for life – Omoni Oboli, Filmmaker
Tani, 8-Year-Old homeless Chess Champion gets new apartment
Attacks on Igbos in Lagos and the needless talk about Lagos as ‘No Man’s Land’ by Prof. Steve Nwokeocha
Expect more judicial volcanoes
Re: Okorocha’s swan song
What bad report can do to you
Oshiomhole and dogma of party supremacy
APC had better firm up or pack up
Akwa Ibom gets 10th CP, Zaki Ahmed, in 2 years
Fear of reprisal attack as policemen allegedly kill NURTW chairman in Uyo
Why I observe Juma’at prayers at Villa mosque – Buhari
Kebbi police hunting for housewife, daughter’s killers
How I survived Xmas day accident that claimed 13 lives

Ghana Government Inspects $1.5bn Lagos-Ibadan Rail Project
Oba Akiolu Remains Oba Of Lagos, Court Rules
Buhari Meets Muslim Leaders, Discloses Why He Doesn’t Pray At National Mosque
Alleged False Asset Declaration: CCT Dismisses Onnoghen’s No-case Submission
Poor Oral Health Linked To Low Self-Esteem, Absenteeism In Children
Supplementary elections have improved quality of elections in Nigeria ― INEC
Tax holiday: Appeal court dismisses NLNG’s case against NIMASA
NYSC swears-in 2,049 corps members in Anambra
NYSC deploys 1,781 corps members to Bauchi
2019 polls an improvement in Nigeria’s electoral system — INEC official
Fayemi commends NYSC for role in Ekiti polls
Court orders Evans to defend himself, as lawyers desert him
Tambuwal advises NYSC members to pursue national growth
FRSC trains personnel on improved public education, enlightenment
Ondo govt, NYSC collaborate on skills acquisition programmes for corps members
NASS leadership: Don’t meddle in legislative affairs, Fadahunsi urges Presidency, APC
Hospital workers protest colleague’s murder in Enugu
Nigeria can attain economic buoyancy with sound fiscal policies — Lycuem Alliance boss
Bindo congratulates Fintiri, says I cherish democratic norms and values
9th Assembly: APC setting another quagmire for itself ― Senator Hunkuyi
Rivers: AAC governorship candidate petitions INEC
National hospital Abuja commissions clinic at NYSC camp
NAFDAC destroys unsafe, unwholesome drugs worth over N2bn
NASS leadership: Gang up against South-West thickens
Okowa tasks NYSC members on dedication, leadership
Farmer in court for allegedly stealing cocoa beans
Dogara mourns late Kebbi Rep, Dantani
FCT Minister decries high rate of epilepsy
Dentist counsels Nigerians on mouth odour
LCDA: Lawyer urges gov Akeredolu not to politicise process
FRSC warns drivers against reckless driving
LASU VC advocates open system of governance for society to thrive
Gombe governor-elect, Inuwa Yahaya receives Certificate of Return
Kano govt reads riot act to industries on cleanliness
NMA threatens to embark on three-day warning strike in Nasarawa
NAFDAC destroys unsafe, unwholesome drugs worth over N2bn
NASS leadership: Gang up against South-West thickens
Okowa tasks NYSC members on dedication, leadership
Ex-Policeman Accused Of Killing Teenager Remanded In Prison
Hotel worker arraigned over alleged theft of N400,000 lodging fee
Court sentences applicant to 12 years in prison for kidnapping women…
Salesman, 20, docked for allegedly stealing N218,000 recharge cards
Standard & Poor’s Affirms Access Bank Ratings Outlook Stable
Any Attempt To Impose Presiding Officers On The 9th Senate Will Fail —Sen Ali…
Oyo South: How PDP defeated Ajimobi —Balogun, senator-elect
President Buhari assures Nigerians of continued development
Kemi Akindoju Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Lavender’
Afro-rap queen, Mz J4zzie says lavish birthday party was to mark…
Expert urges govt. to support fashion industry to boost GDP
Comedian Helen Paul bags PhD
Anxiety As Woman Attempts To Abandon Own Baby In Ibadan Community
Bola Tinubu: His legendary exploits, his politics, his leadership
Fayemi: The emerging vanguard of democracy
Red Cross Sensitises Students On Personal Hygiene

Merit, National Spread, Criteria For Political Appointments – PMB
APC, PDP Trade Words Ahead Of Rivers Poll Result Collation
My Secret Life : I Don’t Allow Challenges Take Centre Stage – Penkwap
Innoson Resumes Hostilities With GTBank
CPC Cracks Down On Violators Of Tobacco Control Act
Troops Destroy 2 Illegal Refining Camps, Recover Crude Products
Count Us Out Of Rivers State Electoral Process – DSS
Ekiti Governorship: Olusola-Eleka Rejects Appeal Court Judgment
Zamfara Gov-elect, Others Head To S’Court
FG Commended For Uninterrupted Petroleum Products Distribution
German Agency Partners ACAI To Train 35 Lead Cassava Farmers/Trainers
Farmers/Herders Crisis: FG Commences 31,000 Hectares Grazing Reserve Project In Niger
NSE Market Indices Appreciate By 0.68%
Textile Union Hails PMB On Micro Pension Plan
Double Injury Blow For Spurs Ahead Of EPL Clash With Liverpool
Vettel Not Promising Ferrari Resurgence In Bahrain
Super Falcons Climb To 38th On FIFA Rankings
Rohr To Improve Eagle’s Current Form
Roger Federer Beats Anderson To Set Up Shapovalov Clash
Flavour Opens School For The Blind In Liberia
Nigeria Entertainment Industry Needs More Investment – Stakeholders React
I Will Marry Davido If He Asks – Sonia Nwankwo
How Cosmetic Surgery Killed Beauty Queen
Nestlé Improves Livelihood Of Over 17,000 Children, 350 Teachers In Nigeria
It’s Too Early To Rate INEC’s Performance – Ajulo
B737 Max 8: Between Air Safety And Passengers’ Confidence
Lost And Won Bauchi Governorship Election
PMB Will Make History By Assenting To Auto Industry Bill – Obi
EDITORIAL: Zamfara: The Controversy Lingers
Lawan And The 9th Senate
Threat To Ishaku’s Life
Now That Elections Are Over…
Scurvy In Children
As PMB, APC Shed The Ghost Of 8th Assembly
Court Remands Man, 21, For Alleged Rape Of 35-year-old Housewife
Doctor’s Report Confirms Defilement Of 10-year-old Girl
Herbalist In Police Net Over Death Of 45-year-old Woman
Court Remands Woman For Allegedly Defiling 2-year-old Girl
Election Violence: Father Of Stabbed Bauchi Boy Cries For Help
NAFDAC Destroys Unsafe, Unwholesome Drugs Worth Over N2bn
Dentist Counsels Nigerians On Mouth odour
Commissioner Advocates Proper Sex Education In Schools To Prevent Abortions
Burundi Bans BBC After Critical Coverage
Trump To Host Egypt’s El-Sisi In White House On April 9
Venezuela’s Guaidó Banned From Office For 15 Years
Pope Issues New Law, Guidelines Against Child Abuse In Vatican State
Woman of Substance: Giving Is A Way Of Life For Me – Fateema Mohammed
Reminisce: I Was To Be Buried Alive – Pa Ada
I Want To Change The Narrative On Nigerian Culture – Nwoko


AKA, Stonewoy Win Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2019
Vanguard IWD Discourse: Get Involved In Active Politics, Participants Task Nigerian Women
How Boko Haram Terrorists Abandoned Hilux Van, 2 Toyota Cars Loaded With Looted Food Items In Michika To Escape Military Onslaught — Defence Headquarters
Happy Mother’s Day
Police Stop Protest By AAC Supporters In Port Harcourt
ELECTION INFRACTIONS: How Women Used Menstrual Blood To Stop Soldiers In Rivers
Why Obaseki’s Govt Is Embarking On Luxury Apartments Devt In Benin – EDPA
Messi, Suarez Fit To Start ‘Fundamental’ Week For Barcelona
Tim Cahill Hangs Boots, Says I Had A Great Career, I’m Really Thankful
Wu Lei To Help Espanyol’s Budgerigars Fly Out Of Barcelona Shadow
Racist Abuse: In Every Country There Are Some Stupid People – Sarri
Racist Abuse: The Problem Is Not About Football Itself, It’s The Society – Guardiola
How Raja Casablanca Ended 19-Year Wait For Second African Super Cup
God Ordained Me To Be Emir Of Lafia, Justice Bage
Sudan Frees Editor As Football Fans Launch Protest
Ronaldo ‘Risks Missing’ Champions League Quarter-Final First Leg
My Son Thiago Asked Me Why They Were Killing Me In Argentina – Angry Messi
CCT Trial: I deserve an apology from FG, says Onnoghen
Breaking: A’Court dismisses Omo-Agege’s appeal on his annullment
ELECTION INFRACTIONS: How women used menstrual blood to stop soldiers in Rivers
Saboteurs, Politicians in cassock attempt preventing us meeting Buhari – CAN President
Battle for States: PDP rebounces, gets 14 states, eyes Zamfara, Osun
Rivers APC condemns Gov. Wike’s ban on public rallies, protests
It’s time for reconciliation, good governance – Sanwo-Olu
Wu Lei to help Espanyol’s budgerigars fly out of Barcelona shadow
Racist abuse: In every country there are some stupid people – Sarri
Racist abuse: The problem is not about football itself, it’s the society – Guardiola
Much-awaited movie, Joba, storms Genesis Cinema for Press Screening
Comedian Helen Paul bags a Ph.D
Nicolas Cage files for annulment 4 days after marrying 4th wife
Jay-Z to receive presidential award at NAACP’s 50th anniversary
Davido moves from No. 37 to No. 28 on American Billboard charts
We need $40bn to interconnect Nigeria by rail – Amaechi
Osinbajo bags Life Bencher award
Communal clashes: 88 refugees/displaced widows, youths in Ebonyi get succour from FG
Things to consider before giving your child smartphone
Illness costs Africa hundreds of millions every year – WHO
Satellite connectivity can further enable Nigeria’s broadband penetration goals – Opeke

News Headlines Mar 29, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 29, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Mixed reactions as Tinubu urges FG to revisit power sector privatisation
PDP senators-elect may present candidate for Senate presidency
UPDATED: INEC declares PDP’s Fintiri winner of Adamawa governorship election
Pastors kill brother-in-law for preventing church service in Ogun
Court orders Kanu’s arrest, says IPOB leader’ll be tried in absentia
Nigeria denied foreign loans over herdsmen/farmers’ clashes – Lai Mohammed
APC lawmakers-elect shun certificate presentation in Sokoto
Police to probe death of six-month-old baby in Abuja school
Zamfara: We are still studying appeal court’s judgment – INEC
Court quashes election of monarch in Enugu
Osinbajo, Fayemi, Yari meet, decline to speak
UPDATED: INEC declares PDP’s Fintiri winner of Adamawa governorship election
Command nabs cultists at colleague’s burial
Gown and town: The missing interface
Appeal Court affirms Fayemi’s victory, dismisses Eleka, PDP’s appeal
Police parade Imo teenager, two others for cultism, murder
Police to prove death of six-month-old baby in Abuja school
Police parade Imo teenager, two others for cultism, murder
Gombe councillor jailed for vote-buying
Food vendor electrocuted while rescuing colleague in Abia
Four injured in Ekiti tanker inferno
21-year-old jailed for killing sibling in Kwara
Cultists raid Rivers community, kill one
Wike sets up panel to probe election violence in Rivers
Anambra poll: Court orders INEC to investigate Ubah, returning officer
PDP’s Fintiri maintains lead as gov run-off holds in Adamawa
FG unveils pension plan for 80 million informal sector workers
Nigeria spends $60m annually on fish imports
External reserves rise to six-month high of $44.14bn
Revisit Nigeria Air project, pilots, engineers tell Buhari
FG issues 21 hydropower, other licences
Early goal shocks Onuachu
Solskjaer ‘beyond excited’ after landing permanent Man Utd job
CAF stages Super Cup in Qatar
Over 3,000 athletes for Warri/Effurun Peace Marathon
Italy defender Rugani extends Juventus contract
Van Dijk goes house-hunting after landlord Solskjaer lands Man Utd job
Mass promotion caused dearth of reading skills —Experts
ASUSS lauds Fayemi over new schools
Secondary schools can provide sports stars, says principal
Why I robbed men after drugging them —Cardi B
Trump says FBI, Justice Department to review Jussie Smollett’s case
Editorial: Criminalising out-of-school children phenomenon
Time to secure Leah Sharibu’s freedom from captivity

PDP’s Fintiri Deposes APC’s Bindow in Adamawa
INEC Urges Speedy Passage of Electoral Offences Commission Bill
Increase in VAT will Hurt Economy, Tinubu Warns FG
Says Nigeria requires bold reforms to survive looming economic crisis
Analysts Foresee Stronger Naira after Rate Cut
Dickson Accuses IOCs of Causing High Infant Mortality Rate
Appeal Court Affirms Fayemi’s Election as Ekiti Governor
Senate Worried over Low Performance of 2018 Budget
150 Children Homeless as FCDA Demolishes Orphanage over Family Dispute
Gunmen Kill Three, Injure One in Kogi
Court Revokes IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail
Emmanuel, Tambuwal, Abiodun, Others
Get Certificates of Return
Osun Gov, Oyetola, Asks Appeal Court to Reverse Tribunal’s Decision
Court Fixes April 2 to Deliver Judgment on Rivers Guber Poll
Absence of Ministerial Consent Renders Acquisition of OPL 310 Invalid, Court Rules
The Legal Debacle over ‘Employee’ in the Oni versus Fayemi Case
A Plea for Righteous Intervention in Rivers State
Concession of Independence Building in Final Stage, Says FG
Shareholders Approve Coronation’s Divestment from Subsidiaries
S&P Affirms Access Bank’s Ratings
EGM Stresses Importance of Fintech, Innovation in Markets
FG Tightens Security on Nigeria’s Waters
Ship Owners Push for Disbursement of $100m Cabotage Fund
Eagles’ Golden Class of 1994 to be Honoured at 2nd AITEO-NFF Awards
‘Boro’s Promotion Bid Keeping Mikel Away from Eagles’
Serena Teluwo, Chidinma Ezeh Show Great Promise at Chevron Tennis Masters
Zenith/Delta Principals’ Cup: Organisers Set for ‘Unforgettable Final’
BOA Lawyers League: Pressure on BA Law/Probitas in Group D
Ezenwa Reveals Excitement after Ending 29-years Jinx against Egypt
Kanu Backs Nwakali, Chukwueze, Osimhen for Eagles
Solskjaer Gets Permanent Man Utd Job
Health Minister Lays Foundation for Lions Club Dialysis Centre at LUTH
Tribute to a Quintessential Diplomat

The Nation
NTTF names team for WJC, AJCC in Ghana 4
Breaking: INEC declares Fintiri winner of Adamawa guber election
Tinubu advises Fed Govt on how to fix economy
Earthquake: Fed Govt acquires device to monitor earth movement
$30m Greater Lagos IV pipeline begins operation
Appeal Court okays Fayemi’s election
Court orders IPOB leader Kanu’s arrest
How Tinubu led ACN to reclaim lost states in 2007, by Osinbajo
Ambode, Obasa, Fasanmi, others hail Tinubu at 67
Gabriel Okara (1921 – 2019)
Bayelsa election tribunal begins sitting in Yenagoa
INEC presents certificates of return to El-Rufai, 34 lawmakers
Why inconclusive elections are rampant, by INEC
Adamawa Election: Security beefed up at polling units
Tinubu advises Fed Govt on how to fix economy
Earthquake: Fed Govt acquires device to monitor earth movement
$30m Greater Lagos IV pipeline begins operation
Appeal Court okays Fayemi’s election
Court orders IPOB leader Kanu’s arrest
Abiodun, others get Certificates of Return
Health workers to Buhari: Don’t appoint only doctors as Ministers of Health
Runsewe appointed chairman Africa-China culture exchange society
Iocs responsible for high infant mortality rate in Bayelsa says Dickson
Drug Boss says Nigeria has 15 million drug addicts
ICPC recovers N594b from civil servants
Huawei reiterates commitment to drive digital inclusion in Nigeria
‘Next Level can’t be achieved by blindly’
Asiwaju: The man and his eternal vision
Tinubu: The power of Lagos blueprint
PDP, APC all square in Sokoto House of Assembly
7 facts you may not know about Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu
Plateau Assembly passes 2019 N153.6bn appropriation bill
2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Nigeria still in dark as Kenya picks camp site
2019 African Wrestling Championship: Nigeria wrestlers know foes today
Super Eagles ready for AFCON, says Ikpea
Breaking: Man Utd make Solskjaer permanent coach
NUFBTE warns firm against engaging expatriates
‘Separate Petroleum ministry from Presidency’
LCCI praises CBN over MPR reduction
Chamber seeks improved healthcare delivery through ICT
Shareholders commend Africa Prudential for sustained growth
60 SON workers get training
Gunmen abduct four women
Police: kidnappers on the prowl in Plateau
Court remands man over taxi driver’s death
‘Baby buried without autopsy on doctor’s recommendation’
Pastors held for ‘killing’ in-law
Abductors demand N5m for journalist’s wife’s release
Man allegedly beheads brother
Policemen allegedly kill man over N200 bribe
NECO may not require allocation from FG soon, says Registrar
Blindness: Optometrists caution against artificial eye lashes, mascara
On Tinubu and the task of bridging division
Editorial: Gabriel Okara (1921 – 2019)
The Chi who wrote about chi

Daily Trust
‘With fashion, I learnt to be independent’
Olumawu unveils annual reading fair in Abuja
Why I recycle waste tyres to beautify homes — Rachael
FG, India to train youth in Niger Delta
NYCN President, Shagari wins Montana award in Morocco
Political stability critical for development – Buhari
Buhari may hand over to Osinbajo, Yakasai says
Kidnappers will soon meet their waterloo — Plateau Police
Osinbajo meets Yari, Fayemi
Women misused opportunities in 2019 elections – Guber candidate
Teluwo, Ezeh show great promise at Chevron Invitational Masters
Osun gov’ship: Oyetola asks Appeal Court to upturn tribunal’s verdict
3 parties file case against collation in Rivers
Mikel rejects Nigeria to focus on Boro’s promotion push
Why I am not handling any national team – Bosso
2019 basketball league season begins April
FG records oversubscription of March bond
SEC extends issuance of dividend warrants
Nigeria has 3.1m registered companies – CAC
Protesters shut down Port Harcourt over Rivers REC
Gov. Bagudu hails villagers for protecting stray elephants
Kano politics and the decline of values
9th NASS: Why N/Central should produce Speaker
AMCON: Nigeria should look beyond the here and now
Memo to retiring politician
May to hold 3rd vote on Brexit deal in spite opposition
Star-Studded political thriller, ‘4th Republic’ set for Cinemas
Car bomb outside Somali hotel kills at least 15
2 pastors arrested for alleged murder of brother-in-law
Police arrest suspects of 2 kidnapped children in FCT
Kidnappers in Plateau will meet their waterloo soon – Police
Editorial : Hot weather prediction for 2019
Nasarawa Assembly orders stoppage of construction of 100 school projects
NCE programmes: FCE Akoka matriculates 794
Don’t pay JSS 3 exam fees, Lagos tells parents
Imam awarded OBE for heroic response to Finsbury Park mosque attack
Imam Malik ‘versus’ Imam Shafi‘i
Brunei introduces death for gay sex, adultery
Chocolate City announces deal with American giant, Warner Music Group
Davido moves to No. 28 on American Billboard charts
Appeal Court upholds Moro election as PDP candidate
Presidential poll: Tribunal strikes out HDP’s motion to serve Buhari, INEC, APC

The Sun
How technology affected our position in OPEC – Buhari
PDP wasted $383bn in 4 years –Osinbajo
Group advocates life chairman, APC BoT for Buhari
Appeal Court affirms Fayemi’s election as Ekiti governor
Rivers: PDP alleges plot to stop collation using phantom security report
9th Senate: Lawmakers warn against imposition
VAT hike’ll impoverish Nigerians, Tinubu tells FG
UDP withdraws petition against Ugwuanyi
Ita Faaji building collapse: Akiolu, Adebutu others donate cash, relief materials to victims
Huawei partners 40 Nigerian varsities on digital inclusion
FUOYE VC decries poor research efforts in Nigerian varsities
Economy: Osun to collaborate with Venezuela, Israel, Cuba, others
Anambra South: Court orders investigation, prosecution of Ifeanyi Ubah, returning office
24 Ebonyi assembly members-elect get certificates of return
Imo: I didn’t institute legal action against Ihedioha, INEC –SNP guber candidate
Go to court if you’ve genuine case, INEC tells politicians
We ‘ll expose, shame those who truncated elections -Observer group
Nigeria’s MPI remains positive for 24th consecutive month –NIPC
PenCom allays fear over management of N8.67trn pension fund
FG’ll save N3.6trn in import reduction –Onu
Buhari’s agenda on job creation yielding results –ITF boss
Buhari launches pension scheme for artisans, tradesmen, others
Go to court if you’ve genuine case, INEC tells politicians
We ‘ll expose, shame those who truncated elections -Observer group
Adamawa guber: PDP’s Fintiri, coasts to victory, wins in all 14 LGAs
Sokoto APC members-elect absent, as INEC presents certificates to Tambuwal, others
Expect more judicial volcanoes
Re: Okorocha’s swan song
What bad report can do to you
Oshiomhole and dogma of party supremacy
APC had better firm up or pack up
A kettle of rice
Celebrating Asiwaju Tinubu at 67
Intensifying the war against HIV/AIDS
PenCom allays fear over management of N8.67trn pension fund
FG’ll save N3.6trn in import reduction –Onu

NDA Laments N1.3b Shortfall In 2018 Budget
BREAKING: Appeal Court Affirms Fayemi’s Electoral Victory
NECO May Soon Do Without FG Allocation ― Registrar
Rivers: APC Demands Fresh Exercise, Says INEC Has Compromised
Democracy taking root in Africa ― Obasanjo
INEC issues Certificate of Return to Ebonyi State Assembly members
We will shelter over 150 orphans stranded in Abuja ― FCTA
Police arrest 22-year-old man for beheading his brother in Jigawa over cattle
Crisis festers in Oyo NUT as blocs for and against secretary protest in Ibadan
NASS transmits clean copy of N30,000 National minimum wage bill to Buhari
Osun election tribunal’s judgment cannot stand ― Aregbesola
Police halt pupils’ serial clash in Ibadan
Suspected hoodlums attack journalist over land dispute in llorin
Senate decries poor implementation of 2018 budget
2 Men In Court Over Alleged Murder Of Taxify Driver
N5.6m fraud: Court sentences native doctor to 97 years in prison
Court remands 26-year-old man over alleged robbery
President Buhari Assures Nigerians Of Continued Development
How Bala’s PDP defeated power of incumbency in Bauchi
How Plateau PDP played into Lalong’s hand
In Edo, Cult Clashes, Killings Worry Residents
Bola Tinubu: His legendary exploits, his politics, his leadership
Fayemi: The emerging vanguard of democracy

The Guardian
Why Buhari stayed away from Tinubu’s colloquium
Downstream operations buoyed by $30b investment, demand
Princess Tessy of Luxembourg
‘How military handled Rivers elections’
Bola Tinubu Colloquium and productive national discourse
Nigeria groans as medical professionals’ emigration worsens
Court revokes bail of IPOB’s leader Nnamdi Kanu
MOSOP petitions Buhari, UNPO, EU over OML 11
Again, Buhari, security chiefs meet in Aso Rock
Infantino, Samoura, 20 football presidents expected in Lagos as Nigeria rewards playersi
Arsenal open talks on Umtiti, battle Barca for Alaba
Victorious Adegesin happy to overcome his challenges
Paul Onuachu: Nigeria’s new hero and Gernot Rohr’s potential saviour
Teluwo, Ezeh on fire as youngsters fight for Chevron Invitational Masters honours
For Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the hard work begins now
Buhari’s victory and issues that will haunt his second term in office
From inconclusive to conclusive elections as Lalong emerges in Plateau
Oyetola appeals Osun tribunal’s ruling
Appeal court upholds election of Fayemi as Ekiti State governor
Nigerian, Zimbabwean Develop Mobile Apps To Fight Sexual Taboo
Waje Isn’t Poor, She Just Wants You To Listen
Paul Onuachu: Nigeria’s new hero and Gernot Rohr’s potential saviour
Trump, white supremacy and the Christian right
Is the senate a retirement home for ex-governors? – Part 2
Celebrating Tinubu the political titan at 67
Brexit lesson for separatists
Editorial: Electricity: Replicating Azura Edo IPP model
Travelex, ABCON target $20b diaspora remittances in new partnership
I have trained myself to feel the fear, and do it anyway
BPE hinges NNPC’s privatisation on Petroleum Industry Bill outcome
Why SMEs should be recognised, by EGM chief


Stability Critical To Efficient Management Of Resources – PMB
Benue: Ortom And The Road To Victory
4 Injured, Motorcycles Burnt In Ekiti Petrol Tanker Fire
Benue: Ortom And The Road To Victory
Kano Governorship Poll And The Intrigues
INEC Issue Certificates Of Return To Ebonyi Assembly Members-Elect
UPDATE: INEC Stops Voting, Counting of Results Began in Adamawa
Wike Inaugurates Commission of Inquiry on Election Violence
Companies Mull Plastic Recycling Alliance, Lauds New Economic Opportunity
Access Bank: Delivering Value To Shareholders
Fidson Strives For Sustainable Growth In Shareholders Value
International Breweries Commends Distribution Partners
ETI Posts Net Profit Of N102bn In 2018
Ole Solskjaer Appointed Manchester United Manager
Super Eagles Ready For AFCON – Ikpea
Music Flows In My Veins – Jaypink
Ferrycee Praises Big Brother Naija In New Single
Arian Grande, Aka, Stoneboy Win Big At Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
Afropunk 2019 Scheduled To Hold In Brooklyn
IK Ogbonna Clears Air On Divorce Rumours
Fidson Strives For Sustainable Growth In Shareholders Value
Celebrating Buratai And The Nigerian Army Of Hope
Exploring The Generational Kulikuli Business Of Niger State
Media-Military Relations: The Way Forward
EDITORIAL: Menace Of Voter Apathy
Between Justice And Personal Interest: INEC Vs Zamfara APC
flashpoint: North-west, South-west Should Forget NASS Positions
flashpoint: ‘Democracy Under Threat’
Why North-central Should Produce 9th House Speaker
Case For Improved Primary Healthcare In Nigeria
Man, 42, In Police Custody For Death Of Married Lover


CAN Makes U-Turn, Moves To Congratulate Buhari On Election Victory
Why We Can’t Suspend Amaechi For Alleged Anti-Party Activities — APC
NASS Sends N30,000 Minimum Wage Bill To Buhari For Assent
Buhari Declines Assent To 5 More Bills
Why We Questioned Dokpesi — Immigration Service
Polls: Observer Groups Ask NASS To Convene Public Hearing
The Judiciary, Common Man’s Last Hope
PDP Drags Gov Bello, Deputy To Tribunal
Porsche Adds Coupe To Cayenne SUV Range
Wike Inaugurates Commission Of Inquiry On Election Violence
Emmanuel Tasks Akwa Ibom LG Legislators, Mgt On Grassroots Devt
Senate Decries FG’s Poor Implementation Of 2018 Budget
Delta Assembly Approves N22.7bn Promissory Note Discount From Zenith Bank
Man Bags 10 Yrs Jail Term For Killing Brother
Save Me From My In-Laws, Widower Cries Out
Court Dismisses Suit Against Minister Of Petroleum Resources
Gov Obaseki Throws Full Weight Behind NAFEST 2019
Ekiti: A-Court upholds Fayemi’s election, dismisses Olusola, PDP’s appeal
Osun election dispute: Oyetola asks Appeal Court to reverse tribunal’s decision
Colloquium: Buhari, Tinubu, say infrastructure critical in Next Level
Declare Nyesom Wike duly re-elected, Rivers women tells INEC
Biafra: Court revokes Kanu’s bail, issues bench warrant for his arrest
2019 budget: Lawmakers, ministers, others review N8.827trn budget estimates
Breaking: Tribunal strikes out HDP’s motion to serve Buhari, INEC, APC
Breaking: Fintiri Wins Adamawa Governorship Election
Rivers: Cole says polls compromised, calls for fresh polls Governorship election
Tinubu, will likely emerge as APC next presidential candidate – Tanko Yakasai
U-23 AFCON: Our chances against Nigeria are slim – Sudan coach
U-17 AFCON: NFF has abandoned me, Manu Garba cries out
Warri/Effurun Peace Marathon: 3,000 athletes set to race for top prize
2019 Lagos FA Cup: Rookie teams vow to upset big teams
Kane says he’ll support “walk off’’ over racial abuse
Davido moves from No. 37 to No. 28 on American Billboard charts
Ariana Grande’s ‘7 rings’ continues to top Billboard Hot 100
Cardi B points to past ‘limited options’ to explain drugging, robbing men

News Headlines Mar 28, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 28, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Our decision on Lawan final, PDP’s votes unnecessary – APC
Why we can’t serve Buhari petition — PDP, Atiku
Cs of return: Zamfara APC, gov-elect, others write INEC, head for S’Court
My post-election resolution is to avoid controversies – Sanusi
How not to save poor Nigerians
No incentive to increase power generation, say Gencos
Nigerians spend N767.23bn on airtime in three months
Fake estate agents defraud newly-wed couple, pastor of N3.9m
Agege flyover of anguish
Proprietress to pay N25m to pupil made blind by flogging
Dokpesi accuses Buhari of being a parasite
Egypt coach happy despite defeat to Eagles
Poor funding of Auditor-General’s office, boosting corruption – Senate
Makinde denies animosity towards Ajimobi
APC and the lessons not learnt
Truck kills Ogun pupil as thug drags steering wheel with driver
Suspected Fulani gunmen kill ex-air force man, driver in Edo
Killer of ex-Ondo deputy gov’s daughter sentenced to death
Court orders remand of businessman for alleged N218m scam
Police nab four herdsmen for kidnapping Catholic priest
Two-year-old girl goes missing from MFM church during service
Two pupils paraded for cultism in Edo
My post-election resolution is to avoid controversies – Sanusi
Pre-election suits: How Constitution’s 4th Alteration dashed politicians’ hope
40,998 voters to decide Adamawa next gov today
PDM candidate asks tribunal to void Buhari’s victory, order fresh poll
Borno gov-elect unfolds agenda
Kwara PDP passes vote of confidence in Saraki
Lawyer threatens to drag NNPC to court over recruitment
FAAN targets N101.6bn revenue in 2019
Electricity: TCN, Discos bicker over request to break monopoly
FG, states, LGs share N619bn
Injured Ronaldo returns to Turin for tests
Okowa boosts Eagles with $60,000
Ikpeba for Zenith Principals’ Cup final
Omeruo targets switch to Leganes
Halep moves closer to reclaiming World No. 1 spot
Editorial: Raising VAT to pay salaries
A review of 2019 budget proposal for agriculture

The Nation
We won’t challenge Kano rerun elections, says CUPP
AbdulRasaq promises not to discriminate against opposition
Ugwuanyi, deputy, others receive Certificate of Return
APC may boycott Thursday’s supplementary election in Adamawa- Official
Senate president: Buhari, APC leaders pacify Goje
Fed Govt, states, local govts share N619.857b
Verdict on Osun governorship poll cannot stand, says Aregbesola
Tinubu is pillar of democracy, says Buhari
Ex-deputy governor’s daughter’s killer sentenced to death
FEC approves N1.4b for DPR building design
Atiku, PDP get tribunal’s nod to serve Buhari through APC
APC: why we picked Lawan for Senate President
We were all consulted, says Senate spokesman
I’m not owing any bank, Okorocha insists
Governors-elect, others receive certificates of return
Private clinic where baby died not registered
Non-issuance of Certificate of return: Okorocha is on his own, says APC
ITEL sensitises keke riders on safety
We’re ready for Adamawa governorship rerun, says INEC
Tinubu: A kingmaker at 67
Rivers AAC’s deputy chairman defects to PDP
ASUU, FG resume discussion on 2009 agreement
Kwara PDP passes confidence vote on Saraki
INEC presents certificate of return to Okowa
Super Eagles 70 % ready
Delta proud of football fest –Ebie
Okowa boosts Super Eagles with $50,000
Adekuoroye, Oborududu lead 14 others to Tunisia
NPFL: Nwagua’s brace lifts Pillars over FC Ifeanyi Ubah
Bayern Munich complete record breaking Hernandez deal
NNPC recruitment enters second phase
USTDA satisfied with Eko Refinery&Petrochemical
Lagos to clamp down on ‘crazy’ automobile users
FCDA, firm row over 500Mw power project
Shell: why we signed contractor support fund with banks
‘We are partnering to ensure power supply’
Four held for police officer’s death
Abducted policeman found dead in forest
Girl ‘raped to death’ in Enugu
Man remanded for allegedly defiling minor
Group for launch Saturday
Teenager, two others charged with robbery
‘We’re committed to moulding pupils for development’
Success sparks revolution in Delta education sector
Provost hails TETFund’s support
N250m BoI grant for UNILAG entrepreneurship scheme
Ericsson, UNESCO launch AI programme
15-year-old pupil wins slot to speak in UK
Live up to your oath, LAUTECH VC tells Lab Scientists
Mass failure in General Studies at Sokoto Varsity
‘I want to provide quality education to people across board’
23 ‘special’ students get scholarship
Ex-CAMPUSLIFE reporter dies weeks to PhD award
Leadership blues
Obaseki sets world-class target for Edo varsity
BBNaija season4 scammers : Multichoice cautions upcoming artistes
BBNaija season 4 scammers : Multichoice cautions upcoming artistes
Numbness, cramps, tingling in fingers and toes
Quackery: NMA shuts down illegal medical facility in C’ River
Macular hole causes blindness, Optometrist warns
Kano records 335 TB deaths in 2018
Ortom’s wife expresses concern over menstrual health
Editorial: Amuneke

Kwara PDP Passes Vote of Confidence on Saraki
FEC Approves N1.4bn for Design of DPR Head Office
Zone Deputy Senate Presidency to South-east, Kalu Tells APC
Ihedioha Receives Certificate of Return, Warns Sycophants to Steer Clear of his Government
Enugu Elections Exceptional, Says INEC
Court Awards N25m to Student Who Became Blind After Being Flogged
FG, ASUU Resume Renegotiation on 2009 Agreement
FG, States, LGs Share N619.857bn for February
Invest in Stopping Corruption, Not Fighting it, Senate Advises FG
Dogara: We’re Not Rubber Stamp Lawmakers
Gunmen Abduct Former NBA Chairman
Envoy Wants Sharia Judges Placed under Sharia Courts of Appeal
INEC Withholds Return Certificates of Four Delta Assembly Members-elect
17 Political Parties Adopt Abubakar Audu’s Son for Kogi Governorship
Buhari Hails Tinubu at 67, Says He’s One of Democracy’s Strong Pillars
Army Confirms Rescue of Sheik Suleiman, Five Others in Katsina
‘Nothing Can Displace the PDP in Akwa Ibom State’
‘The Outgoing Administration in Kwara Was Not Good to Us’
Challenging Opportunities for Babajide Sanwoolu
APC: We’ll Ensure Consensus Prevails in Choice N’Assembly Leadership
(Updated) Election Petition: Court Grants Atiku Leave to Serve Buhari through APC
Expert Calls On National Assembly to Legalise CSR
Nigeria’s Manufacturing Index Expands Further
Sigma Assures Pensioners of Better Welfare Packages
Travelex, ABCON Partner to Enhance Diaspora Remittance
Transcorp Assures Stakeholders of Superior Value Delivery
Operators Kick as Buhari Declines Assent on Digital Rights Bill
Gov Okowa Boosts Super Eagles with $60,000
AFCON 2019: Eagles 69% Ready, Says Rohr
Team Nigeria Back from Special Olympics with 63 Medals
Axxela Inaugurates Elegbata Sports Complex, Greater Lagos IV Gas Pipeline Network
DOAMF Charity Golf Tournament to Tee-off Saturday at Ikoyi
Nigeria’s FIFA Badged Referee for VAR Training in S’Africa
NPFL: Pillars Crush IfeanyiUbah in Kano
Henzel, Chapecoense Plane Crash Survivor Dies
Contradicting Life’s Theory, Study Shows Having More Children Slows Down Aging
Salako: With NAIIS Result, FG Should Increase Funding for HIV

Daily Trust
‘Why N/east must produce next Senate president’
2 die in Anambra road crash
Ajimobi signs 2019 Appropriation Bill
Demolish defective buildings to save lives — Lagos Chief Imam
INEC to embark on electoral reforms
CUPP makes U-turn, supports Ganduje’s re-election
Kidnapped police officer found dead in bush
Almost half of Nigerian adults plan to leave country in next five years – Survey
PDP’s ambition to produce next Senate President, exercise in futility -APC
Ajimobi signs 2019 Appropriation Bill
Why we endorsed Ahmed Lawan — APC
I’ll run for Senate president if… — Kalu
Three still out as INEC issues certs to Okowa, 24 assembly members
Pillars hammer FC IfeanyiUbah as Tornadoes hold Lobi Stars
Rohr names Onuachu, Osimhen, Iheanacho as contenders for AFCON shirts
NNPC/Chevron Tennis Championships serves off in Lagos
Sell pressure hits stock market as investors lose N78.7bn
Cosgrove gets NITP, COREN commendation for CSR
FG to concession Independence Building in Lagos on BOT
Murder of former Ondo deputy governor’s daughter: Boyfriend to die by hanging
72 health workers trained in Kwara
Court dissolves 9-yr-old marriage over religion, frequent fighting
What does it mean to run an ‘Inclusive Government’?
A sober analysis of Ganduje’s victory
PEBEC and ease of doing business in Nigeria
Abubakar Malami’s Magnum Opus
United Kingdom: Brexit: May vows to quit after deal is passed
Iraq: Court orders arrest of ex-governor over ferry sinking
Mozambique: First cholera cases in wake of Cyclone Idai
4 cultists arrested over murder of policeman in Lagos
2 varsity dropouts allegedly drugged, raped 24-year-old woman
Man, 33, remanded for allegedly defiling minor
Editorial: Catastrophe of Cyclone Idai
VAT increase will diminish Nigeria’s global competitiveness — Economist
Hamonise minimum wage for quick assent – TUC tells NASS
Nigeria’s employers’ union warns FG on VAT hike
What you need to know to be a seed producer
Only 11 states serious about agriculture – Ogbeh
Anchor Borrower: Katsina rice farmers cry foul over selection
Delta says public schools’ pupils shouldn’t pay fees
Why academic libraries fail to live up to expectations
FCT Umunze to improve employee welfare
Beware of fake Hajj fare in circulation, group warns
Famous Kano Qur’anic reciter regains freedom
The havoc of illicit exploitation of forests
Edo: Father who impregnates daughter changes plea in amended charge
CAM Bill 2018 and legal reforms to drive Ease of Doing Business

The Sun
Tribunal grants Atiku, PDP permission to serve Buhari through APC
4 die, 8 injured as fuel tanker collides with bus in Anambra
FG’s March bond oversubscribed by N48bn
Gov Ishaku, deputy, others receive certificates of returns
Strike: FG, ASUU resume negotiation
I’ll run for deputy senate president –Kalu
Rivers guber: PDP alleges plan to relocate collation centre venue
Lagos awards contract of Happy Home-Alahun Ozumba Road in Kirikiri
Scientists deem new male contraceptive pill safe for use
Oil spill: Archbishop of York, Kufour, to probe environmental degradation in Bayelsa
UCTH CMD: Northern Cross River youths insist on zoning
South East must produce Senate President else APC’ll lose in 2023 -Ikoh
Kaduna killings: Southern Kaduna big enough to stand on its own -SOKAPU
INEC withholds certificates of Delta APC members-elect
SON decries false declaration, willful importation of substandard goods
FY’18: Afriland records N1.30bn revenue, pays 5k dividend
Boeing briefs airlines, may release Ethiopian crash report this week
How to use Google Search effectively
Why Ogbuoji, APC, lost Ebonyi guber –Agbo, campaign DG
Okowa’s Asaba: The latest Mecca of Africa’s football
Worm, not warm, into someone’s heart
‘We will encourage self-regulation where necessary’
The place of divorce in both old and new testaments (6)
The rabidly Anti – Islam reader (080 – 6844 – 8126)
Saraki and the tragedy of victory
Federal, states, LGAs share N619.85bn in March
Grief in Kogi as Olumoroti, ex-guber aspirant, loses wife
Malian bags 2 years for dealing in Tramadol
UCTH CMD: Northern Cross River youths insist on zoning, backs Ikpi
Certificate of Return: Why Okorocha is on his own – APC

FEC Okays N1.4b To Design DPR Head Office
INEC Presents Certificates Of Return To Kwara Gov-Elect, AbdulRazaq,…
INEC Presents Certificates Of Return To 26 Osun Assembly Members-Elect
Makinde, Olaniyan, Others Receive Certificates Of Return In Oyo
UPDATE: Nigeria Immigration Service Interrogates Dokpesi Over Passport
PDP warns over Adamawa supplementary poll
Adamawa APC makes u-turn, accepts to participate in governorship re-run
Ikpeazu, deputy, others receive Certificates of Return in Abia
Osun residents protest against tribunal’s judgement sacking Oyetola
Certificate of Return: Okorocha is on his own ― APC
FG to give 6% interest loan on vehicles manufactured in Nigeria
Kwara governor-elect to abolish State/LG joint account
Alleged N18bn fraud: I was given N25m to give ex-MD of NSITF, witness alleges
ASUU presents 20 issues before FG as re-negotiation resumes
Yoruba Youth to honour Ooni of Ife
N5.6m Fraud: Court Sentences Native Doctor To 97 Years In Prison
Court remands 26-year-old man over alleged robbery
4 docked for allegedly assaulting police officer in Ibadan
Police arraign 3 over alleged unlawful possession of ballot papers,…
Ibadan Chamber Of Commerce Receives Olubadan, Oyo CP’s Support
CAC registers 618,309 companies in three years
US Applauds Edo State’s Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking Framework
UN send team to investigate Mali herdsmen killing as death toll rises…
Syria requests urgent UN Security Council meeting on Golan
Osun Tribunal Judges’ Names’ll Be Written In Gold —Bode George
How Seyi Makinde can make Oyo State people happy —AD governorship…

The Guardian
Court clears Atiku to serve petition on Buhari via APC
APC’s Senate presidency crisis deepens
Automotive council laments $8b yearly import of used vehicles
Trump says Russia election probe amounted to ‘treason’
INEC insists on collating Rivers State results April 2
Youths, Aregbesola protest against tribunal’s sacking of Oyetola
Reactions trail Central Bank of Nigeria’s rates cut
Why I frowned on Ajimobi’s last-minute contract award, by Makinde
APC, MRDD lose bid to stop Adamawa supplementary guber polls
Eagles’ 2019 AFCON squad 69 per cent ready, says Rohr
Fanny Amun tasks NIS on funding, accreditation
Emmanuel Amuneke’s bravery did the magic for Tanzania, says Erico
Amori, other sponsors join Ovie of Mosogar Peace Cup
Lee tips Nigeria to become taekwondo hob, contender at Olympic Games
US tennis academy brings hope for Nigerian, African talents
‘Non-indigenes are no threat to Yoruba in Lagos politics’
Akpabio’s uncommon failure in propagating APC in Akwa Ibom State
Leke Abejide’s victory unsettles Kogi’s political calculations
Homophobic rhetoric and Nigeria’s culture of violence
Still on Onnoghen
2019 elections and the common good
2019 elections: Serious matters arising
Lagos Island building collapse: One too many
Teachable narratives of the presidential election
Editorial: Needed urgently: A reading culture
‘Crises in rural areas threaten progress in hunger, poverty reduction’
‘Why Africa’s regional trade remains low’
Tax reform, digitisation key to financing development in Nigeria, others
Sell-off persists on NSE, as index plummets further by 0.7%
Meadow Hall Foundation to reward teachers
BPSR laments low compliance with FOI by government agencies
NSE confers fellowship on Wabote, Ikuru
‘Lack of good governance hinders success of organisations in Nigeria’


Steer clear of Adamawa supplementary polls, PDP warns riggers
Why should there be thuggery in election ? – Hunkuyi
Breaking: 3 more presidential candidates file petitions against Buhari’s victory
Court to hear SDP case seeking cancellation of Rivers poll, April 1st
Establishing Accounting System For Small Business
Indictment Of Army On Rivers Polls Misguided—CSOs
Tony Elumelu Foundation Picks 3,050 Entrepreneurs For 2019 Programme
Akpabio’ll Reclaim Mandate—Umoren
UTME: 1.99m Candidates Jostle For 750,000 Spaces
Oba Of Benin Advocates Tough Sanctions For Human Traffickers
Ugwuanyi, Ikpeazu, Ihedioha, Others Receive Certificates Of Return
African Prudential Diversifies Income Base To Boost Stakeholders’ Value
18-Year Old Girl Raped To Death In Enugu
Alleged N3.6bn Fraud: Trial Of Ex-NDDC Director, Omatsuli Begins
LASG To Complete Kirikiri Industrial Estate Road In Six Months
RIVERS: INEC Plans To Relocate Collation Centre, PDP Alleges
Lagos Judiciary Trains Magistrates On Application Of Restorative Justice
Entries For 2019 Mike Okonkwo Essay Begins
UNILAG Churns Out 271 First Class
Abiola’s Farms: Ayobo Residents Send SOS To Ambode, CP Over Threat To Lives
FEC Approves N1.4bn For Abuja DPR Building Design
NASS leadership: All clear for Lawan; fresh crisis brews over Gbajabiamila
FG after my life – Dokpesi
Court fixes May 13 to rule on request to try Oshiomhole
Presidential Poll: Tribunal orders service of Atiku’s petition on Buhari
ADAMAWA MAKE-UP POLL: Will Bindow surmount the Fintiri hurdle today?
9th NASS leadership: Kalu threatens to resist marginalisation of S-East by APC
BENUE: Why Ortom is extending hand of fellowship to his opponents — Akase
What we expect from the next Senate – Obende
9th Senate: Coalition warns against imposition of leadership
Lyon line up Chelsea semi-final clash in hunt for four in a row
If I had scored, then we … – Hummels
Rebuilding Bayern pay club record fee for World Cup winner Hernandez
Semenya hits back at ‘wrong’ Coe and ‘muscle-packed’ claim
Semenya says ‘no threat’ to women’s sport
He deceived me into marriage by not telling me he never went to school, wife tells Court
Establishing accounting system for small business
Father who impregnates daughter changes plea to not guilty after death of witnesses
Communal clashes: 88 refugees/displaced widows, youths in Ebonyi get succour from FG
First woman, next man on the Moon will both be American – Pence
Research findings on epilepsy, others encouraging – Onu

News Headlines Mar 27, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 27, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Senate presidency: PDP warns APC, Ndume tackles Oshiomhole
EFCC arrests six Internet fraudsters in Ibadan
Panic as cult groups clash over Olumegbon’s death
Corruption level to rise under Buhari — SERAP
Evil spirit made me to rape seven-year-old girl – Suspect
Ajimobi warns Oyo governor-elect against campaign of calumny
INEC fixes Adamawa gov supplementary poll for Thursday, APC kicks
I’ll surpass my first term’s achievements, says Okowa
One dead, another injured while testing bulletproof charm in Katsina
Drinking hot tea almost doubles risk of cancer – Report
CBN cuts interest rate to 13.5%, seeks GDP rebasing
Graduating student jailed for porn, fraud
Success’ viral video shows Delta govt has no shame — Pat Utomi
Drama as court takes possession of UBA Enugu office
‘Buhari’s second tenure will favour Ndigbo’
Amaechi didn’t force us to sign resignation letters –AAC gov candidate
Why Eledumare Festival is important to us – Gani Adams
No school enrolment for children without birth certificate — Akeredolu
Ronaldo alarm for Juve ahead of UCL q’finals
Ekiti NURTW member to die by hanging for killing colleague
EFCC arrests six Internet fraudsters in Ibadan
Panic as cult groups clash over Olumegbon’s death
Baale wife’s death: LASUTH denies negligence, rejects compensation claim
Soldiers seize 60 weapons from Nasarawa groups
Fire guts buildings in Lagos
LP wants Ogun gov poll nullified, party chair disowns petition
Lawyer attributes Useni’s defeat to Plateau PDP’s internal crisis
Six steps to use bank apps safely
Cars45, Enyo partner to expand automobile retail footprints
NBC, private firm sign rural broadband Internet pact
Six transmission towers vandalised in Delta, says TCN
NCAA faults new Consumer Protection Act
I was naughty under Mourinho —Mikel
Eagles beat Egypt in Asaba
Golf: DOAMF tourney set to tee off
We couldn’t handle Osimhen, laments Libya coach
Evra faces legal challenge over PSG row
We’ve stamped out cultism in UNIPORT –VC
Why Eledumare Festival is important to us – Gani Adams
Rock pioneer Scott Walker dies aged 76
Poverty making people to patronise traditional bone setters, says Alimi
ECOWAS, WAHO move to stop fake drugs in W’Africa
The career woman and childbearing delays: A clinical view (2)
TB can end before 2030, says PSN
‘Three or more eggs a week dangerous to heart’
UPDATED: Judge recommends partial ban on iPhone imports to US
African ICT foundation targets affordable, accessible technology
Google enrols 12 African start-ups into accelerator initiative
Rising PoS transaction failure worries bank customers
Editorial: Promoting exports for favourable trade balance
Parable of JAMB’s magic cup

The Nation
Ignore vituperations of defecting Yeeh in Rivers – Tonye Cole
I’ll run inclusive government- Bauchi Governor- elect
PDP senators to APC: leave Saraki out of jostle for Senate Presidency
Election Tribunal receives 12 petitions in Nasarawa – Official
Buhari, APC chiefs endorse Lawan for Senate President
CBN slashes interest rate to 13.5%
Ajimobi to Makinde: shun politics of bitterness
EFCC arrests six `Yahoo’ boys, recovers exotic cars
Two hospitalised as fire ravages Lagos community
Rivers PDP, AAC row over alleged N3b offer
Allegations, counter allegations over polls
Bandits abduct North Korean doctor in Zamfara
Group to APC leadership: ensure fairness in zoning National Assembly’s positions
NiMet: Weather forecast compliance to boost crop yield
Operate within the law, Acting CJN admonishes military
Motorists, commuters lament gridlocks on Lagos-Ibadan expressway
NURTW tussle: Oyo artisans appeal to Auxiliary, Ejiogbe to eschew violence
Our members free to vie for National Assembly positions, says PDP
Buhari to senators-elect: avoid pitfalls of Eighth Senate
Ndume to consult colleagues over Senate president
Lessons of 2019 elections
NGO calls for prosecution of electoral offenders
‘Why I want to be Speaker’
Kwara: New dawn, new expectations
Kwara: The end of an Empire
Yobe PDP gov candidate concedes defeat, rules out court action
Didier Drogba set for Stamford Bridge return June 16
Nigerian Referees missing as FIFA announce officials for Poland 2019
Man City to play pre-season games in China
Injured Ronaldo expects to return in ‘one or two weeks’
McGregor announces shock retirement from mixed martial arts
NFL star Obada to youths: Don’t let your past rubbish your future
Entrepreneur seeks empowerment in Niger Delta
FMDQ to banks: hedge dollar-based loans
TCN’s capacity utilisation dips to 14.8%
VAT designed to support the poor, says Fowler
Lafarge Africa lists 7.43b rights’ shares
CWG chief: digital economy way out for Africa
Auchi Poly lecturer commits suicide
Prophetess duped me of N134m, lawyer tells court
How to end building collapse, by experts
Probate registry goes digital
Four remanded for alleged robbery
Lagos opens Ilaje-Bariga Jetty
Businesswoman held over alleged possession of firearms
Dad, daughter arrested over grandson’s death
Why education policies fail in Nigeria, by Adelabu
LAFROGRAMS celebrates at 50
FG flags off 2019 school census
Auchi poly lecturer commits suicide
Why Chinese are making it in Nigeria — Don
UNIPORT to graduate 9,452
TomTom signs Phyno, Teni as Brand Ambassadors
Comedian seeks public funds to buy car
Ifu Ennada introduces network sales for her hair product
Empress Njamah urges fans to live within their income
Mr Ibu advises students on career choice
AKA, Stonebwoy shine at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards
Kano records 335 TB deaths in 2018
Ortom’s wife expresses concern over menstrual health
Editorial: Jail for offending parents?

Magu: EFCC Secured 315 Convictions, N11.5 Billion Final Forfeitures in 2018
INEC Suspends Presentation of Certificates to Zamfara Governor, Assembly Members-elect
CBN Cuts Interest Rate to 13.5%
Ship Owners to Engage FG on Disbursement of Carbotage Fund, Says President
Leadway Assurance Launches New Product
NFF Names Osun FA Office after Ogunjobi
Continental Re Posts N34bn Gross Premium
Towards Self-sufficiency in Oil Palm Production
SERAP: Corruption Still High Despite Buhari’s Efforts
FG to Review NERC’s Extant Regulations
Buhari Blames Incessant Building Collapse on Greed, Negligence
Vows to punish culprits FG inaugurates inter-ministerial committee to tackle menace
Insurers Charged on Innovation, Change in Business Strategy
42 Parties in Kano Reject Results of March 23 Rerun Election
Tribunal: Ogun APM, Akinlade Hire Adeleke’s Lead Counsel to Tackle APC
Afriland Properties Posts N1.3bn Revenue, Pays N69m Dividend
Army: We’ll Be Fair to All in Our Investigation of Abonnema Violence
VAT Designed to Support Poor Nigerians, Says Fowler
NAF Special Forces: Bridging the Gap Between Air Projections and Force Protection
Court to Resume $406.7m Oil Shipment Suit against Shell on June 6
Ninth N’Assembly: Ndume Decries APC’s Adoption of Lawan as Senate President
Continental Re Posts N34bn Gross Premium
Otunuga: Why Interest Rate Cut is Necessary
Report: Growth in PE Fundraising Highlights Bullish Outlook
Semenya: United Nations Slams IAAF over ‘Humiliating’ Rule

Daily Trust
Abuja deaf school: FG’s panel submits report on sodomy
Justice Bage emerges new Emir of Lafia
Media Trust bags NIQS award for housing reportage
Kano is peaceful – Govt
Kogi judiciary links dep chief registrar’s death to non-payment of salaries
25th anniversary: NAFDAC gets accolades over war against counterfeit medicines
Police most corrupt institution in Nigeria – SERAP survey
INEC presents Certificates of Return to Governor Bagudu, 24 state assembly members
PDP will field candidates for National Assembly offices
Reps cautions Aviation minister over planned US $461m loan
INEC shelves issuance of certificate for Zamfara governor elect, assembly members
My running mate a betrayer — Rivers AAC gov’ship candidate
I’ll give Bauchi better prospect — Bala Mohammed
Onuachu’s debut goal seals Eagles’ victory against Egypt
NBBF disperses fear over interim injunction on premier basketball league
NFF to build football pitches across Nigeria
CBN cuts lending rates to 13.5%, 2yrs after
56% Nigeria’s rural population to get broadband services soon
Micro pension: PenCom targets coverage of 30m informal sector operators
Police protest non-payment of feeding allowances in Yobe
‘Over 10,000 beneficiaries get FCT scholarship’
Board clamps down on illegal farmers
Little Success Adegor still on my mind
Major casualties of the 2019 elections
Success and the dividends of stubbornness
ALGERIA: Army wants President Bouteflika removed
CHAD: African presidents’ bribe trial ‘like film script’
UNITED STATES: Pentagon okays $1bn for Mexico border wall
Graduating student jailed for internet fraud in Ogun
Driver to hang for killing colleague over loading arrangement
Court remands teacher accused of raping 14-yr-old student
INEC, Army and Rivers election
Facebook removes accounts from Russia, Iran for ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’
On the realities of spurring employment via technology – Part III
VAT increase will diminish Nigeria’s global competitiveness — Economist
Capital Science Academy’s Lois Amos-Penda wins francophone competition
MURIC faults FG’s indifference on Hijab saga
Prosecutors drop charges against Jussie Smollet amid doubts
The havoc of illicit exploitation of forests
NGGW to execute N3.1bn projects soon – Dr Hassan
CAM Bill 2018 and legal reforms to drive Ease of Doing Business

The Sun
Rivers AAC guber candidate claims defected running mate collected N200m
Defective/distressed buildings: LASG opens resettlement camp
Akwa Ibom holds monkey protection seminar
Kano supplementary poll: Police guilty of negligence – Civil society organisation
UN to probe ‘horrific’ Mali attacks as death toll jumps to 160
Nigeria seeks UK’s help in anti-graft war
Ex-gov Sylva mourns Gabriel Okara
Alleged campaign financing: Court to hear suit seeking to disqualify Buhari, Atiku on May 7
Reps: South East APC demands speakership position
Ganduje to Kano people: I accept your trust with humility
CBN crashes interest rate to 13.5%
Why Chinese are making it in Nigeria
CBN breasts the tape on conducive workplace for women
GTBank dominates CBN’s e-payments awards
How savings promo boosts our deposit base –Fidelity Bank
2019 Elections: Test for the rule of law
Ekiti Govt. goes tough on school land grabbers, threatens arrest, prosecution
Burundi releases schoolgirls held for scribbling on president Nkurunziza’s portrait
Auchi Poly lecturer commits suicide
IPOB: I was tortured to confess, Kanu’s co-defendant tells court
Ekiti driver who murdered colleague sentenced to death
Re-run: Kano State Govt. denies reports of killings, protests

PMB, APC Pick Lawan As Senate President
INEC To Conduct Adamawa Gov’ship Rerun Poll Tomorrow
CBN Slashes Lending Rate To 13.5%
PMB, APC Pick Lawan As Senate President
Nigerians Rule The World
‘FG Failed Woefully On Budget Releases To FCT In 2018’
Ex-NIA Boss, Wife, Yet To Report At EFCC
Importers Are Nigeria’s Greatest Enemies – Ogbeh
‘Shipowners’ II Monitor Disbursement Of $100m Cottage Fund’
FG To Harmonise Petroleum Industry Data, Fiscal Policies
Unveiling Faces That Will Shape 9th Senate
Kwara Poly Didn’t Fund Saraki’s Campaigns – KWSG
Ifeanyi Ubah Still YPP Member – Amakiri
OPEC Supply Cut Firms Up Oil Prices
Forbes Names Ezekwesili African Woman Influencer
CBN Slashes Lending Rate To 13.5%
Canadian Teenager Andreescu Retires In Miami Fourth Round
Federer, Anderson Advance To 4th Round In Miami
Omotola Celebrates 23rd Wedding Anniversary
MultiChoice Talent Factory Portal Connects Africa’s Creatives
I’m Frustrated, Tired -Waje
Criminal Charges Against Jussie Smollett Have Been Dropped.
Justin Bieber Takes Break From Music
Raising Awareness On Global Water Crisis
How Public Institutions Can Achieve Efficient Service Delivery
Nigerians Rule The World
Can Judicial Commission Of Inquiry Solve Bayelsa’s Electoral Crises?
Why Enugu People Are Revelling In Ugwuanyi’s Reelection
Beyond Zoning The Speakership To North Central

The Guardian
Cracks emerge in APC’s senate presidency bid
INEC holds supplementary guber election in Adamawa tomorrow
Onuachu scores second fastest goal in international football history as Eagles beat Egypt 1-0
One year after, AfCFTA seeks last ratification to kick off agreement
UI to host Africa 2050 summit
1 hour ago Nigeria
Foreign observers berate Kano State supplementary election
1 hour ago Nigeria
Akinlade, APM seek directive to check election documents
1 hour ago Nigeria
Olajide chairs Ibadan NIM for another two years
Government insists on MTN paying $2b tax penalty
PwC Chess4Change Grand Slam begins at Teslim
Team Nigeria set for beach games in Cape Verde
Abuja Almat, Centaurs, STL, Sublime, Aplus, NRT emerge as champions
NFF lines up more friendly matches for Falcons, Eagles
Sapele, Obiaruku ready for Zenith Bank/Delta Principals’ Cup final
Ikeja golf club honours Captain’s Day winners
APC, Amaechi supported us unconditionally, says Rivers State AAC gubernatorial candidate
Ganduje deploys ‘Osun magic’ to retake Kano poll
Cardi B Further Addresses Drugging And Robbing Men With Sex Video
Editorial: Health financing and the crisis of healthcare system in Nigeria – Part 2
How not to send pupils back to school
Politicians and their seasonal tribalism
Fair to leverage technology, innovation for SME development
CBN tweaks 32-month-old policy rate, opts for growth
Manufacturers want harmonisation of taxes, levies for higher productivity

Militarisation of electoral process is an ill-wind – Sunday Oibe, NCEF PRO
I am not part of Kano election violence – Kwankwaso
Breaking: INEC withholds Certificates of Return of Zamfara Gov, Lawmakers-elect
What’s your take on INEC’s statement that no election is perfect
Onuachu Strikes Down Pharaohs Of Egypt In Asaba
FG At FBN Anniversary Laments Infrastructure Gap, Calls For Real Investments
U-23 Captain, Okechukwu Praises Team-Mates
Menacing Cyber Plague Scares Nigerian Organisations
Seafarers Not Involved In Piracy Attacks — Union
New Uber App To Offer Customers Easier Connectivity
Eagles To Play More Friendlies Before AFCON
Senate Scores Finance Ministry F9 In Budget Releases To FCT In 2018
Suspended Polls: PDP, APC Tango Over Security Threats, Fraud
79% Of Organisations Globally Not Prioritising Women Advancement – IBM
SEYI BANIGBE: From N200,000 Credit Facility To Chains Of Businesses
Buhari, Atiku Abubakar And Nigeria’s Future
Communal Clashes: 88 Refugees/Displaced Widows, Youths In Ebonyi Get Succour From FG
IXPN Guns For Single-Connected Africa
Bonny Light Price Leaps To $68.01
Tension Over Bomb That Scared Imo Communities
Why I Dropped Salah — Pharaohs’ Coach, Aguirre
Tension over bomb that scared Imo communities
2 injured, buildings razed in Lagos fire
FG sets up c’ttee on building collapse
Presidential Poll: Tribunal begins hearing on Atiku’s petition against Buhari Wednesday
Breaking: CBN reduces MPR to 13.5 %
CCT: Why I’ve no case to answer — Onnoghen
Lovebirds turn Calabar airport field to Sodom and Gomorrah
Ifeanyi Ubah a smart guy joins APC – Oshiomhole
Dark days of impunity are gone for good – Buhari
Real Madrid Football Academy to be ready by May ending, says Governor Wike
I send hubby’s pal sexy texts!
He says men get nothing from marriage
Should I make a comeback?
YouTube celebrates rise of Afrobeats, spotlight on Burna Boy
Gosgem to hold music symposium in Lagos
DJ Cuppy dazzles fans again with newly acquired N75m Ferrari Portofino
Kano re-run: Kannywood celebrates Ganduje’s victory
Nigerians react to Waje’s video on moves to quit music
FG at FBN anniversary laments infrastructure gap, calls for real investments
Court sentences ‘Yahoo boy’ to prison for attempting to cheat
Saraki Not Involved in Appointment of Kwara Poly Rector, VC KWASU – KWSG
Communal clashes: 88 refugees/displaced widows, youths in Ebonyi get succour from FG
Menacing cyber plague scares Nigerian organisations
We must tackle HIV holistically for economic prosperity— Prof Babatunde Salako, Director General of NIMR

News Headlines Mar 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Mar 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
INEC server: Secondus kicks as APC wants PDP leaders arrested for ‘illegal access’
PDP, Fayose hail verdict as Appeal Court nullifies Zamfara APC primaries
PDP candidate, Bala Mohammed, defeats Bauchi governor
Building marked for demolition collapses in Lagos
APC must have its way in the leadership of National Assembly – Oshiomhole
Wema Bank faults ICPC report on Ehindero’s trial
Ethiopian Airlines still believes in Boeing despite crash – CEO
Offa robbery: Court grants defence request to examine cause of suspects’ injuries
Groups threaten to sue INEC over Okorocha’s certificate
Ondo court sentences man to death for killing girlfriend
PDP candidate, Bala Mohammed, defeats Bauchi governor
Command arrests three for killing nurse in Enugu
Metering is your responsibility, NERC fires back at Discos
Bauchi: Gov Abubakar congratulates Bala Mohammed
INEC to issue Sanwo-Olu’s certificate of return Friday
Tipper driver crushes truck conductor to death
Police rescue abducted Delta girl in Nasarawa
Family kicks as vigilante shoots Ogun resident dead at night
FG should rehabilitate slain NSCDC officer’s family – Idoma group
Police rescue six-year-old girl allegedly sold for N100,000
Woman, 75, detained for standing surety for son that jumped bail
Hard work, belief gave us AFCON ticket – Amuneke
Fan dies during AFCON match in Harare
U-23 AFCON: Five-star Osimhen fires Nigeria past Libya
Tanzanian president rewards players
GOtv to air Nigeria, Egypt clash
Akpeyi, Onuachu to start against Pharaohs
NYSC’s biometric clearance system’ll curb corruption – DG
Plant biotechnology can help achieve SDGs – Obembe
We’ve stamped out cultism in UNIPORT –VC
Ibadan Poly gets new rector
Improve teachers’ welfare, Provost tells FG
‘We’ll help you to fulfil your dreams’
Rock pioneer Scott Walker dies aged 76
Music is taking the bulk of my money, says singer Waje as she shares frustrations
Mental health approach crucial for combating non-communicable diseases
Google enrols 12 African start-ups into accelerator initiative
Rising PoS transaction failure worries bank customers
NITDA launches portal for indigenous IT companies
Editorial: 2019 budget: Avoiding past legislative pitfalls
Why Nigerian universities are graduating illiterates
PIGB: Saving Nigeria from NNPC
The silent rage of air pollution in Nigeria
Building Collapse: Govt’s role beyond condolences

The Nation
Kano rerun: Remain calm, PDP urges supporters
Zamfara: Appeal Court has vindicated us, says Marafa
Polls: Domestic observers rate Plateau high in peaceful, orderly conduct
Kano re-run: Observers’ group tasks aggrieved politicians on peace
Buhari moves to prevent National Assembly hijack
Literary icon Gabriel Okara dies at 97
Offa robbery: Court refuses post-mortem of dead suspect
Two feared injured as another building collapses
Rivers AAC governorship candidate alleges threat to life
Kagame, Disu urge alliance for Africa’s digitalisation
Breaking: Bala Mohammed wins Bauchi guber race
N1.3trn public funds stolen in four years, says Magu
You are jittery, PDP tells APC, Buhari
Why I defected to PDP, by AAC governorship running mate
Kudos, knocks for rerun elections
Buhari receives minimum wage report
APGA: Buhari’s policies will stabilise economy
APC urges Police, DSS to invesitgate Atiku’s claim to access to INEC server
Ndume joins race for Senate President
‘Why I want to be Speaker’
Kwara: New dawn, new expectations
NGO calls for prosecution of electoral offenders
Lessons of 2019 elections
Atiku’s suit lacks merit, bound to fail- BMO
9th Assembly: Onyejeocha declares for Speaker
2020 ICC Cricket World Cup: Nigeria won’t add to number in South Africa – NCF
Qatar Open: Quadri, Omotayo get bye to next round
Osihmen shines as Nigeria U23 stun Libya U23 4-0 to qualify for AFCON 2019
Real Madrid budgets £240m for ‘Operation Mbappe’
Tide against commercial motorcyclists, tricyclists
Transcorp okays $2.5b for power sector
Air Peace gets third B 777
Pensioners seek support for FAAN
Samsung: tough driving HSE awareness in workers
Smart devices boost camera market, says Canon
Our father raped us for years, say daughters
Witness’ absence stalls Dane’s murder trial
Rape suspect seeks bail to write exam
IE sets up panel on disputed bills
Police rescue six year old child sold to ritualist
Ibadan Poly gets new rector, registrar
Police arrest two suspects over alleged murder of woman in Enugu
Kano rerun: Prosecute electoral offenders, observers tell INEC
Ortom’s wife expresses concern over menstrual health
71 percent of TB patients are affected by catastrophic cost, says FG
26 must-have things for NYSC orientation camp
Buhari, governors and state debauchery
Editorial: For better micro-credit
State independence

Buhari, Jonathan, Dickson Mourn Literary Icon, Gabriel Okara
9th National Assembly: APC Will Not Share Power With PDP, Says Oshiomhole
Court Adjourns Hearing on Rivers Guber Poll to March 28
Nigeria 2019: Have we learnt any lessons?
Victor Osimhen’s Hat-trick Sinks Libya in Asaba
Ahmed Musa doles out N4m to Olympic Eagles for four goals scored
Canon Launches New Range of Products in Nigerian Market
Bridgestone Opens Showroom in Lagos
Abuja Almat Wins Majekodunmi Cup in First Attempt
Electrocuted Man in Nasarawa Not Our Staff, Disco Claims
Offa Bank Robbery Trial: Court Refuses Post-mortem Analysis on Corpse of Principal Suspect, Adikwu
Rivers AAC Deputy Guber Candidate Defects to PDP
EFCC: N1.3tn Stolen in Four Years
Herdsmen Kill Two Persons in Nasarawa
La Casera Deepens Market Penetration
EU Observers: Violence Marred Supplementary Elections
Protest in Rivers over resumed collation
INEC Resumes Collation of Tafawa Balewa Guber Election Results in Bauchi
Ndume Writes Oshiomhole, Expresses interest in Senate Presidency
Appeal Court Nullifies Zamfara APC Primaries
Summit to Discuss Service Innovation
New Gas Commercialisation Plan Seeks to End Flaring in Three Years
Captain’s Day: Ikeja Golf Club Honours Winners
Qualification Matches for Euro 2020 Continue on DStv
Ronaldo Injured, Barkley Shines in England’s Win against Montenegro


Daily Trust
Reps will continue to support biosafety agency — C’ttee chairman
WHO urges govts to scale up investments in TB care
Chidoka accused of sacrilege, suspended by Igwe of Obosi
Nigeria must think out of box to tackle security threats – Olonisakin
Ebonyi rice farmers to get N3bn loan
JUST IN: Buhari, Oshiomhole, 9 governors, APC Senators-elect in crucial meeting
Bauchi governorship: INEC begins regeneration of Tafawa Balewa election results
Nigeria needs N10trn infrastructure bond to curb deficit – Fashola
Shun vindictiveness — Ganduje urged
Search for new Kano speaker begins
Observers adjudge Plateau election fair, orderly
Nigeria thrash Libya, reach final round of U23 AFCON qualifier
Onuachu to make full Nigeria debut against Egypt
Garba Lawal delighted by U-23’s spanking of Libya
Mortgate rate must be below 10% to spur housing dev’t – Aliyu
Failed POS transactions: NIBSS, banks move to tackle delayed reversals
Forex: Again, CBN intervenes with $268.60m, CNY39.09m
‘Over 10,000 beneficiaries get FCT scholarship’
Board clamps down on illegal farmers
Women with disabilities empowered in Abuja
Re: The judiciary: Matters arising
Success and the dividends of stubbornness
Anthropology of fabricating electoral results: How the Kano outcome might have emerged
Buhari, Atiku and Nigeria’s future
US: Trump triumphant after being cleared of collusion
ISRAEL: Military strike Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket hits house
CONGO: Ebola epidemic exceeds 1,000 cases
Police arrest 113 suspected cultists, recover 8 vehicles, in Anambra
NSCDC seizes 2 trucks with 66,000 litres illegally refined diesel in Edo
Security man bags 9 months imprisonment for theft of A/C compressor
Editorial: That riot act to parents
On the realities of spurring employment via technology – Part III
Hamonise minimum wage for quick assent – TUC tells NASS
Nigeria to eliminate chemical fertilisers in agriculture, says Ogbeh
College provost warns students on cohabitation
Success’ videotape: Lady to receive N500, 000, car gift
Bida Poly to introduce additional degree programmes
Linda Ejiofor, Ibrahim Suleiman mark Tinsel’s 2500th episode with special dinner
Tobi, CeeC spotted at dinner after BBNaija Reunion episode
5 Kannywood veterans still on screen
Enforce basic safety, hygiene in water factories, expert tells NAFDAC
Water Day: ‘52.7m Nigerians have no access to water supply’
CAM Bill 2018 and legal reforms to drive Ease of Doing Business
Colloquium in honour of Prof Nwosu holds August 17
You can’t know it all
Ajimobi appoints principal officers for Ibadan Poly

The Sun
Minimum wage: Buhari pledges speedy action on technical report
Zamfara: Appeal Court nullifies APC primaries
Rivers: AAC deputy gov candidate dumps party for PDP
Sokoto guber: 342 votes margin’ll remain evergreen -Tambuwal
Bauchi guber: INEC declares PDP winner
Lawan, Ndume declare for Senate presidency
APC won’t share power with PDP – Oshiomhole
We’ve complied with FG’s policies on accountability, transparency – Buratai
Idoma group condemns killing of NSCDC officer
Kidnapping: How editor’s daughter was rescued
Offa robbery: Court refuses post mortem analysis of dead suspect
Marafa praises Appeal Court’s nullification of Zamfara APC primaries
APC demands PDP’s probe over alleged access to INEC server
FXTM gets licence from FSC
NASCON posts N4.4bn profits; pays 100k dividend
How we plan to handle 600m PoS transactions this year –Ajao, acting MD, NIBSS
Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria attains 1,200 days on no lost time injuries
Nigeria needs N10trn infrastructure bond to curb deficit –Minister
INEC shifts date for issuance of certificates of return to Sanwo-Olu, Hamzat
Alleged vote-buying: ANRP guber candidate threatens to drag Emmanuel to ICC
The Success Adegor story
Scrap supplementary polls now
Long wait for Nostradamus
2019 polls: The real winners are found in Akwa Ibom
Manipulated elections and Nigerian judiciary
Buhari’s victory: Obiano, Umahi & Ndigbo
FG celebrates new peak of 110,724.93mwh as Discos bemoan revenue loss of N1.4trn
We’ll soon reveal why Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed –Ethiopian Airlines
Air Peace alleges discrimination by aviation regulators
Lagos Building collapse: Another avoidable tragedy
Buhari, Atiku and Nigeria’s future

BREAKING: PDP’s Bala Mohammed Wins Bauchi Governorship Election
9th Assembly: Female Lawmaker, Onyejeocha, Shows Interest I
Nigerians In UAE, UK Now To Enrol For NIN ― NIMC
Senator Wamakko, APC Candidate Did Not Call Me ― Tambuwal
No One Was Trapped In Collapsed Lagos Building ― LASEMA
Segun Awolowo demands feedback from SMEs on past intervention programmes
Fayose hails Court’s nullification of APC primaries in Zamfara
Tafawa Balewa results: INEC begins regeneration, collation of results
Ibadan NSE boss laments spate of building collapse
I was going to run away during collation of Oyo election results ― REC
Buhari mourns literary icon, Okara
Success’ videotape: Lady to receive N500, 000, car gift
‘Nigeria’ll continue to seek aid from developed countries except…’
NURTW tussle: Oyo Artisans appeal to Auxiliary, Ejiogbe to eschew violence
Appeal court verdict: Zamfara govt urges party members to remain calm
How Our Father Defiled, Raped Us, 2 Sisters Tell Court
20-year-old applicant docked for allegedly stealing native attire
Man, 28, docked for allegedly stealing motorcycle
2 sisters docked for allegedly inflicting injuries on tenant
NBMA Fully Backed By National Assembly ― Chidoka
ACAI, GIZ/SEDIN organise training for 35 lead farmers to boost cassava…
Tax reform, digitisation key to financing development ― ECA
3,050 entrepreneurs win 2019 TEF entrepreneurship grants
How Buhari’s Popularity Won Election For APC In Jigawa
Emergence Of Graduate Artisans
Why Nigeria is still grappling with providing water for all
Crans Montana Forum: Morocco creating pathway for Africa’s future —…
What do you think could be done to correct the ills of 2019 elections?


NASS LEADERSHIP: APC Settles For Gbajabiamila As Govs, Senators-elect Meet PMB
Yari, Others To Lose Seats As A’Court Voids Zamfara APC Primaries
Trump Declares Exoneration After Muller’s Report
France, Germany Hold Joint Parliamentary Session
2 Russian Military Planes Land Near Caracas, Venezuela
My Government Has No Cabal – Tambuwal
PASAN Kicks Over Delay In Appointment Of New NASS Commission
‘APC Was Robbed Of Victory In Imo’
Stanbic IBTC Promises Gender-balanced Workforce
GE Partners YTF To Boost Nigerian Tech Start-ups
AFICTF Unveils 2-year Development Plan For Digital Inclusion
ZIFA Confirms Fan’s Death At AFCON Match
Djokovic, Isner Through To Miami Open 4th Round
Musa Splashes Cash On U-23 After Libya Thumping
Success’ Videotape: Lady To Receive N500, 000, Car Gift
Singer, Waje Set To Quit Music, Nigerians React
Nigerian Elections And The Military: Between Facts And Fiction
For A Stable 9th House Of Reps
As Al-Bashir Moves To Reunite Sudan
Nigeria’s Healthcare System Struggles Amidst Dearth Of Doctors
LASUTH To Partner NGOs On Free Surgery For People Suffering Heart Diseases
EDITORIAL: VAT Increase Now Will Be Counterproductive
We Should Prune Number Of Political Parties Before 2023 – Moghalu
Return Of Spoken Word
The Utility Of Legislature’s Ranking Rule

The Guardian
Zamfara governor seat may be vacant as court nullifies APC primaries
‘Once result is announced, only tribunal, not INEC, has legal right to cancel it’
Confusion in Rivers AAC, APC as Yeeh defects to PDP
El-Zakzaky, wife’s trial suffers setback as court adjourns case indefinitely
Buhari gets minimum wage panel report, promises prompt action
We’ve sustained Akunyili’s legacy by wiping out fake drugs, says NAFDAC
Shettima raises panel over child prostitution, abortion in Maiduguri prison
Health minister, experts decry rising cases of Tuberculosis in Nigeria
Two injured in another collapse Lagos building
‘Nigerians will see a different Super Eagles against Pharaohs’
Ronaldo injured as Portugal held by Serbia
Amuneke is a good risk taker, says Adepoju
Sterling calls for stadium bans as racist abuse overshadows 5-star England
Infantino, African football presidents confirmed for NFF awards
France cruise past Iceland in Euro qualifying
Conspiracy, betrayal bane of Southwest PDP in 2019 elections
How 2019 polls dim prospects of a better electoral process
APC chieftain faults Emerhor for claiming Omo-Agege’s poll victory
The low turnout problem
Building a long lasting business
Editorial: The presidency, CBN and productive economic reforms
Reversing a mismanaged economy
Making Nigeria business-friendly
The Success Adegor story
‘Tax reforms hold $72b in extra revenue for Nigeria, others’
Nigeria Customs Service rakes in N1.4 billion at Seme border
Boeing tests new software for embattled B737Max planes, meets customers
PWC canvasses simpler tax process for enhanced compliance
Court decides veracity of accused confessional statement April 11
Passage of 2018 CAM bill in sight as reforms boost friendly business environment
Once it cannot be said who signed a process, it is incurably bad, can’t be remedied by rules of court
Synagogue Church foundation passed soil test, witness says
Civil service struggles amid innovation
Dangote Refinery inaugurates skills acquisition programme
Basin authority empowers 1,000 youths in Ogun State

A-Court sacks Gov-elect, all APC candidates in Zamfara
Military abused our electoral process – Ola Makinde
Appeal Court ruling on Zamfara: We’re studying judgement- PDP
EU EOM commend INEC
Ita Faji Collapse: Architects’ Council, Others Call For Urban Renewal Scheme In Lagos Island
We Need Extra N142bn For New Terminals, FG Tells Senate
Lawyer Alleges Detention Torture Of Female Police Officer
NCDMB, NLNG Sign Train 7 Nigerian Content Plan, To Create 10,000 Jobs
Ondo Killer-Boyfriend Of HND Student To Die By Hanging
Accountability Lab Holds 2019 Challenge In Partnership With Canada, Oando
Senate Presidency: Buhari Meets APC Senators-Elect, Govs
Nigeria Loses N302bn To Gas Flaring In One Year
Shell, UBA Sign $200m Contractor Support Fund
Ugwuanyi Embarks On Pre-Contract Inspection
BNC Issues 14-Day Ultimatum To NIFOR Over Headship, Petitions IG, Others
NASS Leadership As APC’s Sword Of Damocles
Dealers Association Moves Against Motorcycles’ Theft In Ika
HEI Presents Welfare Items To Kirikiri Medium Prison Inmates
Group Faults Suspension Of Airhiavbere
Conquer Poverty By Planting Bamboo, Ayade, Monarch Tell C’River Villagers
Research: Sc & Technology Ministry Presents N20m Grants To 4 Academies
Court sentences killer boyfriend of an HND student to death by hanging
Senate Presidency: Ndume writes APC leadership, declares interest
Kano Supplementary polls, scandalous – Obi
Three-storey building collapses in Lagos
The internal conspiracies that destroyed Delta APC – AVM Ajobena
Adeleke: How tribunal judgment upset emotions in Osun
This election has embarrassed Nigeria — Sen. Okon
Nigeria vs Egypt friendly: Balogun, Onuachu to face Pharaohs
Ighalo is AFCON 2019 qualifiers’ top hit man
NIGERIA VS EGYPT: Akpeyi, Ezenwa to keep for Eagles
U-23 AFCON Qualifiers: Osimhen scores hat-trick, as Nigeria beat Libya 4-0
Qatar’s Barshim, Nigeria’s Edward motivate me, says 2018 NSF high jump bronze medallist
Reckless sex? You might as well put your teenage girl on the pill!
The nightmare of coping with a teenage girl who’s tasted the forbidden fruit!
When it’s the wife who always throws punch!
Intrigues of paternity issues
DJ Cuppy dazzles fans again with newly acquired N75m Ferrari Portofino
Kano re-run: Kannywood celebrates Ganduje’s victory
Nigerians react to Waje’s video on moves to quit music
NCDMB, NLNG sign Train 7 Nigerian Content Plan, to create 10,000 jobs
2 sisters docked for allegedly inflicting injuries on tenant with razor blades
Ministry doles out N20m to 4 academies
Conquer poverty by planting bamboo, Ayade, monarch tell C’River villagers
Muslim group sues internet giants over NZ massacre video
HEI presents welfare items to Kirikiri Medium Prison inmates

We can make people disappear without trace, WAEC Official threatens Prof Akintola, others

We can make people disappear without trace, WAEC Official threatens Prof Akintola, others

In a tone reminiscent of the dark days of military era in Nigeria, an official of the West African Examinations Council, Dr. Henry S.A. Osidehinde, has threatened that the government can make anybody disappear without trace.
Answering a question from participants at a seminar on Teachers’ Development in an ICT Driven world in Lagos, Osidehinde who is a Deputy Registrar in charge of School Examinations Department at the Lagos office specifically warned the Coordinator of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Professor Akintola, against protesting on schedule of WAEC examination during Friday prayer time.
“Somebody like Professor Ishaq Akintola would go to a school and disrupt the school because of prayer time. You don’t threaten an institution like government. The government can take anybody out and they will not see that person again. And nothing will happen. Nothing”, he declared emphatically.
It would be recalled that a number of Nigerians disappeared without trace during the military era. Notable among them was a journalist, Bagauda Kaltho who was declared missing during the military era of General Sani Abacha. It was only after the fall of the regime that Nigerians got to know that he was bombed by operatives of the junta.

Delivering the paper for the Seminar, Dr Babajide Bakare implored teachers to embrace the use of information and communication technology to be able to reach out to their students in the 21st century.
He said teaching has moved away from the era where teachers merely regurgitated what had been learnt over the years.
He said students need to be stimulated to retain their attention.
He therefore charged teachers to invest in technology and research.