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PDP chairmanship: South West leaders should blame themselves, Ogunlewe



All Progressives Congress(APC), has been advised to forget the idea of returning to power in 2019.

Giving the advice in an interview with TUNDE THOMAS, former Minister for Works, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe described the last two years of APC’s administration as a nightmare for Nigerians.

The former minister also spoke on other national issues including the recent national convention of his party(PDP). What is your reaction to the emergence of Prince Uche Secondus as the new PDP National Chairman in view of the fact that the expectation in some quarters was that the South West geo-political zone was expected to produce a candidate for the post? The election has been won and lost and Prince Uche Secondus has emerged the new party chairman. It is a welcome development. In any election, a winner and loser must emerge.

The most important thing is that we politicians must imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship. We should not see or view elections as a do-or-die affair.

Secondus has emerged the winner, my appeal is that everybody should rally round him in the interest of the party, PDP. People should stop crying over spilt milk – let’s forget about the acrimony during the build-up to the election. Now that Secondus has won, we should forget the past and be forward looking. We should all cooperate with Secondus and other members of the new PDP national exco.

There were some PDP members especially from the South West geo-political zone who were and are still insisting that Secondus election or emergence as the new PDP national chairman is an act of betrayal, that South West PDP had been betrayed – their argument was that the party had earlier zoned the national chairmanship position to the Southwest; what’s your take on this?

Nobody should shed tears for Southwest. PDP Southwest PDP leaders deserved what they got. They were the architects of their own downfall.

What do you expect from a divided house? The Yoruba are too arrogant. We are too full of ourselves. We don’t have respect for leaders. Everybody believes that he is a leader in his own little corner, and it is this arrogance and attitude that cost the Yoruba the PDP national chairmanship position.

They should stop blaming Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike or PDP state governors for scheming the Yoruba out of the PDP national chairmanship race. It is Yorubas that schemed themselves out. Wike should not bother to offer apology to anybody.

In politics, you talk about interests. Politics is a serious business. It is not a tea party. Why should Southwest PDP leaders be blaming Wike or any other person for the fate that befell the Yoruba?

The Yoruba themselves should be blamed. Imagine the Yoruba bringing up seven aspirants for the post of national chairman, while the other geo-political zone had two. Some of us made several appeals that Southwest aspirants were too many, and that we should hold a meeting to pick a consensus candidate, but nobody listened to us. In fact, one of the aspirants, Chief Olabode George called for a meeting of the PDP aspirants from the Southwest on several occasions, but he was snubbed. Other aspirants snubbed him. They didn’t honour his invitations.

All the aspirants believed and were insisting that each of them was qualified to lead the party and that they don’t buy the idea of consensus. What a sheer arrogance. Some of these aspirants know very well that they were going nowhere. They were just boasting and making noise. Empty barrels.

But I strongly believe that some of these PDP national chairmanship aspirants from the Southwest were sponsored by some elements to jeopardize and work against the emergence of a Yoruba man as PDP national chairman. So, they were just there making noise, boasting and gallivanting all over the place when they actually knew that they were being used as spoilers.

We should stop blaming others for Southwest woes, rather we should blame ourselves. Simply put, we didn’t put our house in order before the Abuja Convention.

Aspirants from the South West for the post of national chairman were too many, and nobody was ready to step down for another. We were not disciplined at all. Why would or why should Uche Secondus not emerge as the new PDP national chairman? His zone, the South-south zone was more disciplined and organized than the Southwest.

Wike and Secondus should not beg anybody in the South West – they owed nobody any apology. We were the cause of our own downfall at the convention.

Secondus and Wike can make appeals and embark on reconciliation tours which should not be only limited to a particular geo-political zone, but they should visit all parts of the country especially in states where PDP is having one crisis or the other.

While we were touring different parts of the country when I was on the team that campaigned for Bode George to emerge as the new national chairman of PDP, what they were telling us everywhere we visited all over the country that Yoruba aspirants were too many, and that we should go and put our house in order, and this was one of the reasons Bode George called several meetings but which were boycotted by the other aspirants.

Rather than asking Wike to apologise to us in the Southwest over certain remarks credited to him, it is we in the Southwest that we should cover our faces in shame. Too much education is affecting us. We were not ready to listen to words and advice of elders, and we are now paying a price for it. What happened to the Southwest geo-political zone at that convention was a self-inflicted defeat.

When the reality of their arrogance dawned on these aspirants, they now started withdrawing from the election on the day the poll was scheduled to take place, but then the damage had already been done.

Look at the case of one of the PDP national chairmanship aspirants who hailed from Ekiti State – the post of PDP national treasurer had already been zoned to Ekiti State, and the state governor was backing that candidate. With this development, should anybody from Ekiti State have come out again as national chairmanship aspirant when it is not only Ekiti State that is there to be allocated all the positions?

I’m talking of Professor Tunde Adeniran. He should have withdrawn from the race before the day of the convention having known that his state governor, Ayodele Fayose who also happen to be the chairman of PDP State Governors Forum was supporting and backing a particular candidate from Ekiti State for the post of PDP National Treasurer.

Why did Gbenga Daniel, Rasheed Ladoja, Taoheed Adedoja and others step down on the day of the convention when all along they had stubbornly refused to listen to advice. It was only when they realized that failure was staring them in the face and knocking at their doorsteps that they beat a retreat. But it was already too late – their arrogance had already hurt Southwest political interests.

But like I said earlier, the election had been won and lost. Prince Uche Secondus is now our new national chairman, we must all be ready to cooperate and work with him.

Some people have expressed concern that with the way things played out at the convention, that the Southwest had been marginalised, and that this may affect the fortunes of PDP in the geo-political zone in 2019 or even in states where gubernatorial elections are coming up next year, what’s your take on this?

No. I don’t think so. Southwest has not been marginalised at all. Southwest is responsible for its own failure at the convention. It is sheer arrogance and selfishness that cost us the post of PDP national chairman. We should not blame anybody for our own failure.

The outcome of PDP convention and emergence of Secondus as the new national chairman is welcome, and I don’t think ordinary PDP members in the Southwest have any grouse against him or any other member of the new exco. They all emerged through an election.

Then contrary to what some people think or believe, four factors determine who wins an election, and these are popularity of candidates, the political party that present the candidate, the candidates/party’s manifesto and money.

Do you say money?

Yes. Without money you can’t win any election in this country. Money is the key to everything. You may have the best of ideas, and very good manifesto, but without money you can’t get anywhere. Just forget it. Politics and money can’t be divorced especially in Nigeria.

PDP governors are being accused of trying to hijack the party; some PDP members have even accused them of manipulating series of events that eventually culminated in the emergence of Prince Uche Secondus as the new national chairman of PDP, what do you have to say to that?

I wouldn’t know whether that assertion is correct or not, but what I will like to say is that politics is about interests.

Politics is all about how to protect your vested interests. That was why I said earlier that politics is not a tea affair. It is a serious business, and 24 hours of the day you are thinking about how to protect your vested interests.

So if the governors are doing what some people are accusing them of doing, they are only protecting their interests, and in politics, there is nothing wrong with that. It is acceptable in politics. It is the norm.

When you are protecting your interests, you have to look for somebody or some groups to do that on your behalf and that’s what the governors are doing probably.

For the South West, all hope is not yet lost. The zone has not lost out entirely in the whole political calculations. Positions that are still yet to be shared and zoned by the party include that of the Vice-President, Senate President, Secretary to the Government (SSG) and Speaker, House of Representatives.

The Southwest PDP must have learnt its lessons now. We must now learn how to put our house in order.

In Yorubaland, everybody is a boss. We are too arrogant. But I believe that all those elements that caused us this palaver would have come back to their senses.

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose has been criticised for reportedly openly saying at the convention that all elderly and old Yoruba leaders in PDP especially Southwest should go and rest, and give way to younger elements to play leading role in the party affairs, what is your reaction to that?

I don’t want to join issues with anybody. But my question is this, should all elders go and die or should they kill all elders or drive them out of politics because of old age? I say a big No.

What we shouldn’t forget is that there is a role for everybody in the society. Can wisdom of elders be bought? It is not possible.

This is Africa, and in Africa, we reverence our elders. In Africa, we respect age. Even when you are young and very rich, when you see elders, you must prostrate and give them their due respect.

There is nothing you can compare with age and wisdom. As the saying goes, words of elders are words of wisdom – You neglect or shun elders to your own peril.

How can anybody ask elders to stay away or step aside from politics? It is not possible. Did late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, late Mallam Aminu Kano and late Chief Obafemi Awolowo not play politics till old age when they died, and look at the good names and legacy that these people left behind. You don’t toy or joke with elders. Elders have their own roles to play in the society just like the youths have theirs also. Both the youth and elders complement one another.

Some PDP members have expressed fears and concern that aggrieved people who might not be happy with the outcome of the recent party’s convention may cause problem or not be willing to work for the party’s interests, what’s your position on that?

My take is that anybody that is not ready to work with Prince Uche Secondus as our new national chairman should depart PDP. They should leave the party or take a walk from PDP. There can’t be two captains in a ship. Secondus is the new national chairman of PDP and that has become a reality and for those who don’t want to accept the reality, instead of creating problems for us, they should rather leave PDP.

It is lazy politicians that always complain. If you are a good politician, if you lose any election, you go back to the drawing board, to restrategise and plan on how to win the next election. People should stop complaining for serious elements in PDP, this is not time for any complain. We don’t need, and we don’t want any distraction. Our focus should be on 2019, our focus should be on how to defeat APC and get power back in 2019. I only have a piece of advise for Secondus. He should not allow himself to be distracted by anybody or group.

However he should run an open door policy. He should be conciliatory and magnanimous to all. He should immediately embark on state tours, especially to those PDP states that are embroiled in crisis. Some of these states include Ogun, Taraba, Osun, Oyo and a host of others. He should try to ensure that crises rocking the party in those states are resolved as quickly as possible.

Some people especially PDP leaders and elders in the Southwest believe and are still insisting that Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike should apologise to the Yoruba over some alleged disparaging remarks the governor made about Southwest contributions to the fortunes or otherwise of PDP, what’s your own position on that?

They should leave Wike alone. I have not seen Wike committing any offence. PDP leaders in the Southwest should also do some soul searching.

What has been the position of PDP in the Southwest? How many states is PDP controlling in the Southwest? PDP leaders in the Southwest should try and deliver their own geo-political zone to PDP first. If PDP has a strong foothold in the Southwest, nobody no matter how highly placed can talk to Southwest leaders of the party anyhow. If you don’t deliver your area to the party, then some people can talk, and if they talk they have justification for doing so. I’m not saying that Wike should insult or have a right to insult the Yoruba, no I’m not saying that. What Wike is saying to the best of my knowledge have to do with politics and the need for Southwest PDP leaders to also win their zone for PDP. If everybody fails to deliver their zone to the party, then the party will die. There will be no PDP anymore.

Wike has been delivering in his zone, and that is a fact. This is what we in the Southwest should also strive to do.

Where do you see PDP in the next two years, especially in 2019?

I see PDP back in power. APC has no change against PDP in 2019. Forget all these hype about Buhari. Nigerians’ eyes have become open, and Buhari is no longer invincible. Buhari was invincible in the period leading to 2015, and also in 2015 and that was why he won the election. Don’t also forget that in 2015, zone and religion played a part in the election and these two factors helped Buhari to win. Being a northerner, and also a Muslim, these helped Buhari in 2015. But the situation in the country today is different. Barely two years after APC took over power, Nigerians are tired already. Hunger and poverty have become companions of millions of Nigerians.

PDP this time around has also decided to field a northerner and a Muslim as its presidential candidate, so you can say that Buhari’s days in office are numbered. APC has been a monumental failure. Buhari’s name can’t work any magic in 2019. APC has come to the end of the road.

APC has failed Nigerians. Things are getting tough and rough daily for Nigerians and that’s why you see young men and women running away from Nigeria to Libya, and also taking the risk of crossing the Mediterranean Ocean, all because APC has failed Nigerians.

We’ve never had it so bad. Evil is now on the increase. Kidnappers and ritualists have taken over all over the country, and Nigeria is gradually being turned into Hobesian state under Buhari’s watch. We cannot continue like this and that’s why, come 2019, it is bye-bye to APC. Nigerians are eager and ready to vote out APC, and when APC is voted out, there will be no sympathy for the party and its leaders by Nigerians. It will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

Source:  The Sun


Nigerian Law School And The Need For Change

Nigerian Law School And The Need For Change

By Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
A law graduate or lawyer that cannot defend his or her own basic rights as contained in the constitution does not deserve to be called a legal practitioner. Why because, such person is not fit to defend the right of others. You can’t defend the right of others if you can’t defend your own rights.

This is why I have always maintained that there are very few lawyers in Nigeria who deserve to be called legal practitioners, what we have are businessmen and women who trade in the legal profession. If not, the abusive system in the Nigerian Law School could not have been tolerated for this long without much resistance. It appeared lawyers are now trained to be docile, so they could not defend human rights, but to wear wigs and collect certificates.

For the Nigerian law school, which has become notorious in flagrant violation of basic rights of many Nigerians, including female Muslim students who have been consistently denied their right to decent dressing as prescribed by their constitutionally guaranteed right to religion, the time for change is now.

To change an unjust system, there must be at least one disobedient person who is very much aware of the unjust system and purposefully decides to disobey it, with the intention of causing change and permanent restructuring. This is exactly what has happened during the recently conducted call to bar by the Nigerian Law School.

A Muslim lady, Amasa A Firdaus who graduated from University of Ilorin and Nigerian Law School, Abuja campus was barred from entering the International Conference Center (ICC) for the call to the bar program because she refused to remove her decently worn hijab in defiance to the repugnant tradition of the law school, which bans the use of hijabs by female Muslim students.

Firdaus is not the only victim of this violation of basic rights, thousands of female Muslims have continued to suffer similar abuse over the years.

Few days before the unfortunate incident at the call to bar event in Abuja, some young people had taken to the social media to launch a campaign to call for change in the law school discriminatory practice against female Muslims. It appeared Firdaus, a female law graduate, who was the Ameera of Muslim Students Society (MSS) at University of Ilorin resolved to take up the challenge to fight for all victims, as she also presides as the Ameera of Nigerian female Muslim lawyers at the law school.

While I understand that rule 36 (a) of the Rules of Professional Conduct in the Legal Profession Revised (2007) expressly decries the “wearing of apparel and ornament” that draws attention to a legal practitioner appearing before a judge, the hijab doesn’t fall into such apparel ornament that can be decried upon, because it is a constitutional right that no bye-law can suppress on a permanent basis.

It has been established that the constitution is a ground norm and by section 1(1) & (3) thereof, it is Supreme and binding on all authorities and persons in Nigeria and as well above the ordinary laws of the land. Since the constitution recognises ones right to manifest one’s religion and belief in practice and observance, a female Muslim, being a Nigerian too, has the right to wear her veil anywhere, anytime.

“The Constitution of Nigeria is the basic norm from which all the other laws of the society derive their validity. Any other law that is in conflict with the provision of the Constitution must give way or abate.” This is the position of the law court in the case of PDP V CPC (2011) 17 NWLR (pt 1277) 485 at 511.

Besides the above, there are numerous court judgments from the Appeal Court and even Supreme Court that has maintained that the use of the hijab by female Muslims is a right that cannot be denied because the veil is part and parcel of religious practice of a female Muslim if she chooses to wear it.

The Court of Appeal Ilorin Division in the case of *PROVOST, KWARA STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, ILORIN & 2 ORS VS BASHIRAT SALIU & 2 ORS

Appeal No CA/IL/49/2006, delivered on the 18th day of June 2009 held that:“The use of veil by the respondents, therefore, qualifies as a fundamental right under Section 38 (1) of the Constitution.”

In another court of Appeal judgment in Massoud Abdul Rahman Oredola, JCA, it was held that; “The right of the Respondents to wear their hijab, veil within the school campus and INDEED ANYWHERE else is adequately protected under our laws.

I therefore hold the views that, the only reason why such archaic rule still existed in the Nigerian law school is because nobody has been courageous enough to challenge it like Firdaus has now done and all well-meaning Nigerians must rise up to defend our law and not their personal sentiments.

It is important to note that, if the law school can make rules to deny people their right under the guise of the profession, then to what use is the constitution? That means every profession can then proceed to make unjust laws and claim it is to protect a professional ethics. We must not allow this to continue.

I am also aware that religious right is not absolute. The right is subject to section 45 of the constitution which gives the government the right to disregard citizen’s right to religion in the interest of defense, public safety, public order, public morality or public health; or for the purpose of protecting the rights and freedom of other persons. But the practice in the Nigerian law school doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

While some people might want to argue that it falls into the public order category, but they have to explain how exercising a right to wear hijab impedes public order. And even if it is for public order for the purpose of defense, such ban cannot be permanent; it can only last for some time.

The Supreme Court decision in M.D.P.D.T. v. Okonkwo (2001) 6 NWLR (Pt.710), explained that, for the purpose of public interest, such right would be held in abeyance.

In view of the above, the Nigerian Law School must begin the process of changing all of its rules that are inconsistent with the Nigerian constitution. This is the only way to guarantee peace and teach law.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat is a Human Rights Ambassador and Executive Director of Foundation for Peace Professionals. He can be reached at

Culled from SaharaReporter

Twenty years after, Yinka Ayefele recalls how auto accident led him to music fame

Interview: How deadly auto accident led me to music — Yinka Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele

Jayne Augoye

On December 12, 1997, Nigerian musician, Yinka Ayefele, was involved in an automobile accident, which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to the wheelchair.
The tragedy later became a watershed that transformed his life. In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, theGospel “Tungba” crooner speaks about that turning point in his career as well as adjusting to life as a physically challenged singer.
PT: Exactly 20 years ago you were involved in an accident thatliterally turned your life around. What is your reflection these passing years?
AYEFELE: First and foremost, I give God the glory for sparing my life. What I usually recall whenever I remember that accident that almost took my life is that the spinal cord means a lot to every human being. Also, the accident has further helped me realise how important our spinal cord is; each time I remember the pains I am going through, I reflect on the importance of the spinal cord at all times.
PT: As you laid on the hospital bed two weeks after the accident, what thoughts occupied your mind?
AYEFELE: I thought I would be discharged soon but when I realised I had a spinal cord injury; I was a bit confused because I did not really know much about the spinal cord and its value in human lives. So when I was told that I might be confined to a wheel chair for life, I thought I was going to die. I eventually I made up my mind and told God that I want to live and I will still walk again. On the day the accident occurred, over 40 of us were rushed to the Neurological Department of the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, at that same time. Virtually all of them died, I was the only survivor. I thought it was going to be the end for me but God is indeed awesome.
PT: How will you describe the experience of being able to walk on your feet before and now being confined to a wheelchair for 20 years?
AYEFELE: I can tell you authoritatively that being able to stand on your feet is far better than being confined to a wheelchair because you are not restricted. The pains and the restriction alone are cumbersome. When you want to get something done you cannot do it if there is no assistance. But if you are on your feet despite being cash-strapped, you can still run around and get things done.
I am also in terrible pains 24 hours in a day because I have five broken ribs and I still have that persistent pain. I have learnt to live with it every day. If I decide to take pills, it might cause damage to my kidney, liver or lungs so I have decided to live by it everyday. Medically, I am very fit including every other thing. I am very agile despite the pains but I try not be restricted by the pain. I don’t have any other health issues other than ‘Yinka cannot stand up.’

PT: Do you think you have been favoured because you are a physically-challenged artiste?
AYEFELE: I don’t think so. When I released my first album, Bitter Experience, a lot of people said I was patronised because of my condition. Then I released my second album and it was widely accepted. I have dropped over five albums ever since. Will you also say that those records were bought based on sympathy? No it only takes the favour of God.
There is nothing special about me; I only see the favour of God. Yes there are so many musicians that cut across all genres and they are making it yet they are not on wheelchair; you can see that they are also favoured. The irony of life is that fact that there are some people who don’t like the Ayefele brand and when you ask them why, they say ‘ Yinka did not offend but I just don’t like him’.
PT: Do you have moments when you forget about the pains and just feel like standing up?
AYEFELE: Several times, I will want to jump out of the wheel chair; especially whenever I am on stage. Every minute, I wish I could stand up because most times I make moves that require me to stand up and move my legs. Most times, I want to show a lot of people that I am still very fit and whenever I see people dancing to my music, I feel like joining them to dance.
PT: Some people regard you more as secular artiste and not a gospel artiste. How do you personally classify your genre of music?
AYEFELE: First of all, Tungba is my own kind of music and it is the sound of my talking drum. It is my own way of preaching the gospel and if you like believe it or not. I am the only Nigerian gospel artiste with lots of Muslim fans in Nigeria. I have performed in virtually all other churches.
PT: How do you feel seeing that Muslims and Christians alike have embraced your music?
AYEFELE: I feel so happy because it’s a legacy; I am not bragging but truth remains that I changed the face of gospel music in Nigeria. Also if you listen to Juju music of today, you will realise that they play Yinka Ayefele’s Tungba. My Muslim brother, Ere Asalatu plays like me. The statement, ‘Like Ayefele’ is my pride.
PT: As a one-time chorister and instrumentalist of the likes of Wale Thompson, Micho Ade and others, how did the experiences garnered at the time prepare you for your own musical career?

AYEFELE: I wouldn’t say it actually prepared me to set up my own band rather; I was just doing my thing then. I loved music from the onset and I can play all musical instruments. I only became a musician by happenstance. If the accident hadn’t occurred I wouldn’t even think along the music line. Although the talent has always been inherent in me, I have all it takes to be a musician.
PT: What was your dream profession as a young man?
AYEFELE: When I was young, I loved music but I never knew it was going to become my profession. My dad wanted me to become a banker; I worked towards it but it did not materialise. My brothers tried to secure a job for me at many cooperative banks but it did not work out. I think there was an event I attended at the FRCN Ibadan: the Father Christmas. There and then, they discovered that I have a studio voice and right there they gave me a couple of programmes to handle.
PT: Can you tell us more about your time as a broadcaster?
AYEFELE: I personally honed my music and presentation skills at the FRCN Ibadan. It wasn’t actually an easy task, but thank God that a little opportunity given to me by Babatunde Olaniyi (Ti o Common) eventually turned out to be a career path. I wasn’t actually working for the money; I was working for the fame and passion because I believe after the fame comes money. I presented some programmes on FRCN back then and also, co-presented some. I was producing jingles and at a time I was the leading jingle producer in the country and this exposed me to so many presenters. Most times, I produced the jingles for free so that my voice could be heard. To God be the glory, the rest is history.
PT: …and your foray into music?
AYEFELE: The first two songs I produced were recorded in a cassette, which was in my custody before I had the accident. After I was involved in the accident, two of my mentors advised that I add more songs and release it. That way it could to be launched at a fundraiser for my treatment abroad. My first album turned me into a musician because I still wanted to remain a broadcaster. The acceptance of my Bitter Experience and Sweet Experience albums encouraged doing music more.
PT: Your radio station, Fresh FM, is one of the biggest radio stations in Ibadan. At what point did you conceive the idea of floating a radio station?
AYEFELE: I think it was when I was shooting the video of first album ‘Bitter Experience’, I just flashed back and saw the assistance I received from the electronic media during those trying moments. It was then I thought about owning a radio station and I began the s the process about 19 years ago.
I never thought my dream of owning a radio station would materialise not until about nine years ago when a friend introduced me to Internet radio. I kicked off my radio station using my Facebook page. My facebook fans began encouraging me because I was the presenter and I started uploading music. I obtained a form from NBC and started the process immediately. After several investigations by the DSS, we kicked-off about two years ago.
PT: With all you have achieved, will you say the accident was a blessing in disguise?
AYEFELE: I can’t say so because God has a purpose for everyone. It will be funny to hear that some of my friends say that if they can achieve what I have; they don’t mind having an accident too. I am the only one who understands what I am passing through; all they see is Yinka Ayefele on wheelchair making it. I can’t pray to have accident before I make it; it is never possible.
PT: What is your relationship like with other upcoming gospel singers?

AYEFELE: I encourage them. I want to be a part of a lot of people’s success stories.
PT: We have seen you perform at several top politicians event; is politics on the cards for you?
AYEFELE: I am invited to perform at events just like every other musician. That does not make me a politician in any form. All politicians are my friends, we support each other, be it APC, PDP or APGA. Just for clarification, I don’t belong to any party. Mrs. Titi Atiku has done a lot for me. I have performed at virtually all the Atiku’s events.

Culled from Premium Times

News Headlines Dec 16, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

News Headlines Dec 16, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

The Punch

PDP, Fayose, LP hit Buhari over $1bn ECA withdrawal
Obasanjo bags PhD in Christian Theology
Army sentences soldier to death, jails others for killing civilians
South-West will get juicy positions in PDP govt –Secondus, party’s national chairman
How Eagles can succeed in Russia – Taribo
Odi massacre: Anyone with tribal marks on their chest was slaughtered, corpses littered everywhere –Bolou, former Bayelsa commissioner
My husband did chores, some neighbours thought I charmed him – Lagos State Acting Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture
Flamingoes target victory over Ethiopia
Pay us from FAAC, Abia pensioners tell govt
Court remands board member in prison for allegedly defiling minor
Police arrest 67 in A’Ibom for armed robbery, cultism
2019: INEC introduces election risk management tool
Don’t free me, prison inmate begs court
Woman mobbed for stealing
Rivers community threatens to sue APC for ‘insulting’ Ateke Tom
Six wrestlers stranded in Nigeria, miss C’wealth tourney
I don’t run family govt, says Okorocha
FG confirms Effedua MAN’s rector, declares IMC illegal
What I know for sure
What I did to enlarge my bum –Seyi Shay
6,000 ISIS fighters may join forces with B’Haram…
Army sentences soldier to death, jails others for killing…
Thugs attack, injure Ondo monarch with machetes
Soldiers rescue expatriates from kidnappers, arrest suspect in Ondo
Security guard takes over gang whose leader he helped convict
Fashion designer acquitted after four years in jail over attempted robbery
Ogun Customs intercept 500 smuggled used cars in 11 months
NAWOJ housing scandal: Subscribers petition EFCC, calls for probe of Omowole
2019: Concerns over surge in political parties
Double registration: Kogi PDP, Faleke ask Bello to resign
PDP convention: Reconciliation efforts positive in South-West, says Dickson
Ekweremadu advocates six-year single tenure for elective officers
Osun assembly revokes arrest warrant for Ige’s son 
INEC sacks three for registering Kogi gov twice
External reserves rise to $36.8bn
NEPC plans to develop C’River cocoa for export
Oando says audit appeal not meant to undermine SEC
Govt to purchase patrol vessels to protect waterways
Import duties frustrate car imports, fuels smuggling – NPA
Emirates returns to Abuja route after My major movie earning came after over 40 years of acting –Aderupoko
Despite fame, I’ve no money, car –Papalolo
South-West will get juicy positions in PDP govt –Secondus, party’s national chairman
How Eagles can succeed in Russia – Taribo
Flamingoes target victory over Ethiopia
Six wrestlers stranded in Nigeria, miss C’wealth tourney
Kanu, Diouf in charity match for Boko Haram victims
NBA, Solektra seal lighting deal
Morata cannot be compared to Drogba – Conte
I lost a lot spending 12 years for six years programme –Bara, best graduating student, UNIABUJA College of Medicine
We did not increase tuition – LASU
FG to spend N5bn on security for 104 unity schools
Omotola, Ali Nuhu, Imasuen, to get special BON awards
I have forgiven Burnaboy, says Mr. 2kay
Burna Boy reports to police, to be arraigned Monday
Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh are my brothers –Olamide
Daily cup of tea can save your eyes from glaucoma –Experts
Infidelity: Wives, mistresses’ fights get messier, spill to social media
My confidence intimidates a lot of men –Patrick-Ogbogu, Executive Director, Disability Rights Advocacy Centre
United by agric Yoruba, Fulani dairy farmers break ethnic barriers in Oyo communities
25 sexual things to know before Christmas (III)
Girls, stop looking for trouble (2)
Five tips to stay healthy in dry season
What advice would you give your best friend who’s about to marry your ex?


Lagos Police Finally Arrest Burna Boy
Has Mourinho Lost Battle with Guardiola?
Klitschko Backs Joshua to Unify Heavyweight Division
Osun Govt Adopts Modulated Salary Structure to Clear Arrears, Says Commissioner
Fayose: Decision to Withdraw $1bn from ECA to Fund Buhari’s Re-election,…
GE Marks One Year of Skills Building, Raises Hope for Talents
Peak Milk Launches New Campaign
NGO Rewards Humanitarian Acts, Seeks Societal Growth
Coca-Cola Releases New Products
CIBN Endorses Union Bank Academy
Still on Abacha Loot
Command Secondary School Alumni – The Duke Emerges
Ayo Lijadu: Stardom Has Led Many Artistes to Self-destruction
Teen Star, Iseoluwa, to Headline Concert December 17
Ish’aq Modibo Kawu: We Have to Communicate More on Digital Broadcasting Switch-Over
Pass it through a filter
Can Spurs Halt City’s Premier League Run?
Hewitt Comes Out of Retirement, to Play Doubles at Australian Open
Baby Face Vows to Inflict Pain on ‘Painless’ Ngige
Port Harcourt Polo Club Plans Big for 2018

The Nation

Why ex-Senate President Mark was arrested, quizzed
Hearing stalled in Diezani’s $4.760m property forfeiture case
Obasanjo bags PhD in Christian Theology after 163 minutes with panelists
PENGASSAN begins strike Monday as peace parley ends in stalemate
Robbery saga: Burna Boy submits self to Police
NNPC document forces shift of FAAC meeting till today
Army sentences soldier to death for killing five civilians
‘Diversification, key to maintaining balanced portfolio’
Emergency Preparedness: Waste management
Business tool for a successful start-up (Part 1)
As K1 mourns daughter
12-year-old needs help over chest cancer
How to stop Nigerian youths from flocking to LIBYA
Fred Igbinedion, Dunni Bisiriyu’s marriage end in anti-climax
Akeredolu tasks youths on patriotism
Lack of fund stops 6 wrestlers from C/wealth tourney
Club World Cup final: Madrid eye landmark win
Pogba shows off new burning’ haircut
Madrid to Ronaldo: Pay £177m and go or sit tight
W/Cup: How a stitch in time saved Nigeria
How Opayinka promotes tourism in Equatorial Guinea with golf
Kanu Laments Neglect Of Internally Displaced Persons
Ex-Ecobank chair Odeyemi bags title
Experts suggest ways to reduce heart failure
Okorocha: ‘I don’t run family government ‘
Popular London cleric urges government to embrace agriculture
Court Marshal sentences soldier to death over murder
NIM Starts Curriculum Review as New President Emerged
Court stops El-Rufai from sacking Kaduna teachers
Finance Minister: only 40 million Nigerians pay tax
Striking varsity non-academic unions demand N30b
‘Diversification, key to maintaining balanced portfolio’
Business tool for a successful start-up (Part 1)
CIN to provide compliance jobs platform for inductees
LBS launchs digital financial services


Politics, Technology Marketing, In One Planet Summit
Would You Move In With A Partner You Are Not Married To?
Adesua Wellington Flaunts Newly Wedded Look
Sunset At Noon: Tribute To The Late Olomu Of Omu-Aran
Mountain Of Yesterday
Challenges Before CJN Onnoghen
Tension Brews Between Binis And Ijaws
After This December Convention
Obasanjo Bags PhD In Christian Theology After 163 Minutes Drill By Panelists
Flood Prevention: Stakeholder Convene To Discuss Practicable Solutions
Alleged Robbery: Burna Boy Submits Self To Police
Boko Haram: PDP Battles Buhari Over Govs’ Approval Of $1bn
Tunde Ednut Goes Hard On Bobrisky Again
Alleged Corruption: Court Frees Enugu Heart Surgeon
IPOB Faults Nwodo On Equation Of Biafra Agitation To War
Restructuring: Only Means Of Fighting Corruption, Youth Unemployment — Ekweremadu
Royal Fathers Meet In Rivers, Insist On Devolution Of Power
E-West road: FG releases N3bn to contactors – Usani
Murder of Ex-PDP Chairman’s Son: Family of ‘killer wife’ tried to hide evidence — Police
Osinbajo, Gowon, Dogara, Adebayo attend Christmas Carol at Villa
Wike’s like one of my sons – Amaechi
Mayweather-McGregor fight second richest ever
Breaking: FIFA threatens to boot Spain out of World Cup
Swedish midfielder Kim Kallstrom retires
Sevilla’s Berizzo returns after cancer operation
Neymar ready to face Rennes says Emery
Would you move in with a partner you are not married to?
Adesua Wellington flaunts newly wedded look
EDITORIAL: Nigeria’s escape from World Cup disaster
Amaechi spearheads national policy on Blue Economy – Peterside
‘Intellectual not bloody revolution will save Nigeria’ – Group

The Guardian

 Bolanle Olukanni:‘I realised I’m in a place of opportunity and privilege.
Not all blacks in Libya are Nigerians, Buhari tells AU, ECOWAS commission
Nigerians face bleak Christmas amidst economic hardship
Delta lawmaker challenges contractor on compromising video, alleges threat to life
NDA refutes report of cadets keeping uniform with herdsmen
Low-income women seek government’s intervention on maternal mortality 
GIGM redefines road travel with mobile App
Police arrest top Boko Haram commander in Borno
Double registration saga: Kogi stakeholders urge Bello to resign
 Kidsport charity cup holds today at campos stadium
Ibet’s aim is grassroots sports development, says Elegbeleye
Basketball and football – in the woods
We are playing with season’s best, says Spur’s Pochettino
Guardiola, Salah win premier league monthly laurels
I let the Crystal Palace team down, says Benteke
The year of living dangerously in the moment
Uber hosts female driver-partners, female entrepreneurs in Lagos
When naija seems like heaven…
Healing from heartache during the holidays
 Five ways to avoid holiday weight gain
 What you drive is not as important as what is driving you
Kemi Adetiba, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, for one life live them campaign
‘To fix youth unemployment, we must rethink learning’
Nigeria Breweries Plc, back first innovators fair in Enugu with one million naira
 Tambuwal, In Asaba, strategies with Ibori, Okowa, Wike
Anambra central: Jan 13 election date is sacrosanct, says Umeh
Symphony of the nativity at Oke-Aro District
DStv rewards premium subscribers with ‘Showmax’ this Yuletide
2Jay: My music will illuminate the world

The Sun

•Accuses Jonathan’s man, Okurounmu of blackmail
Buhari’ll not disappoint Nigerians –Kalu
2019: Hurdles before Buhari
Afro beat legend’s wives open up on…
Biafra: Ohanaeze leaders are cowards –IPOB
…It can’t be wished away, Ikedife, Achuzia, Uko reply Nwodo
Fayose, PDP knock FG over $1bn anti-terror fund
• Say money to fund Buhari’s re-election
2019: It’ll be suicidal for PDP to underestimate APC –Babatope
Ex-Rivers lawmakers endorse Wike for 2nd term
The Sun honoured for child protection reporting
Southern Kaduna reiterates demand for seperate state
2019: Hurdles before Buhari
Fame deprived me of early marriage –Ibiwari Etuk, actress
Confession of 25-year-old ex-cultist:
Exigencies of public policy formulation in Nigeria
Muoka brings down God’s glory in South Africa
•Miracles, signs and wonders trail cleric’s recent outing in Jo’burg 
Game killers in bed
Prodigal husbands don’t deserve second chance
Maybe, the opposition is here at last
Mercy Saves (I)
God gave me an early Xmas gift—twin grandsons, says Mrs. Ngozi Ekeoma
Reps and NGO Regulatory Bill
Cholera kills 462 in South Sudan
Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to marry on May 19
Buhari meets heads of ECOWAS, AU Commission
itel Mobile launches latest selfie Smartphone
…Equipped with dual selfie camera, fingerprint scanner
EPL: Guardiola set to ride on Tottenham
Flamingoes go for victory against Ethiopia
Russia 2018 World Cup: Players’ determination, hunger for success’ll be Eagles biggest asset —Ekeji
Nike Art Gallery
…Where art breathes
EDITORIAL: High failure rate of medical products

Daily Trust

Abuse: Osinbajo, Aisha Buhari want perpetrators sanctioned
Sultan decries controversy over Hijab
Nigeria poorly ranked for quality livelihood of the aged
Bid for ECOWAS membership: Morocco knows faith today
NYSC director buried in Anambra amidst tears, encomiums
Nigerian Army sets up enquiry over checkpoint killing by personnel
PDP wants NASS to investigate release of $1bn to fight insurgency
Enugu State approves N100m to establish new fire stations
Troops captured 220 Boko Haram insurgents in North-East
News Flash: Abuja Arts and Craft village on fire
How we’ll stop illegal arms importation – Hassan Bello
Abuse: Osinbajo, Aisha Buhari want perpetrators sanctioned
Troops captured 220 Boko Haram insurgents in North-East
Abuse: Osinbajo, Aisha Buhari want perpetrators sanctioned
Bid for ECOWAS membership: Morocco knows fate today
Yuletide: FCT NEMA, other stakeholders strategize on casualties handling
Nigerian Army sets up enquiry over checkpoint killing by personnel
PDP wants NASS to investigate release of $1bn to fight insurgency
Enugu State approves N100m to establish new fire stations
36 state governors, FG sued over Paris Club refund payment
Police arrest pop musician “Burna Boy” for robbery in Lagos
Troops captured 220 Boko Haram insurgents in North-East
‘How I became North’s first female deputy clerk’
Will these ‘new’ faces save the PDP?
Widows of COE Akwanga retirees cry: ‘Our husbands died, and we might be next‘
How we’ll stop illegal arms importation – Hassan Bello
How, why we created SARS – Ex-IGP Mike Okiro
Buhari to Guinea Bissau: We need our troops back home
How dawn fire claimed family of 5
APC’s $1b for fight against Boko Haram questionable – PDP
The curious case of Iheanacho, Musa at Leicester
Musa Muhammed: I’m enjoying the Bulgarian experience
Man City seek to extend lead against Tottenham
How we’ll stop illegal arms importation – Hassan Bello
FG to recruit more police officers
Truck Transit Parks to end carnage on Nigerian roads
Gunmen kidnap APC ward chairman in Gwagwalada
Corps members’ FRSC club builds bus stop in Gwagwalada
Group decries human rights abuse of drug users
Africa’s must-do decade
Nigeria and the imperative of happiness
Redoubling effort in anti-insurgency battle
752 evacuated from Libya in 48 hours

New Telegraph

YINKA AYEFELE: I ran to Synagogue for miracle, got N5,000 ‘t-fare’ back home
Double registration: Faleke, Melaye, PDP ask Bello to resign
Reporter’s Diary: SARS operatives and their luxurious lifestyle
I want to remain in prison, freed juvenile begs judge
Military sentences soldier to death for killing 5 civilians, jails 3 others
BREAKING: Burna Boy arrested, Detained over Robbery allegations
 (PHOTOS)Why NNPC didn’t remit N50 billion to TSA – GMD
Many killed as Ille miners clash in Taraba
1,317 Nigerians return from Libya in 10 days – NEMA
Nigerian govt withdrawing $1 billion Excess Crude money to fund Buhari’s reelection– Fayose
BREAKING: Soldiers fighting Boko Haram sentenced to death, life imprisonment
Buhari leading Nigerians to the Promised Land, says Kalu
Many Nigerians dying because they can’t afford treatment –Abiola Ayeni
I was known as ‘Da Bull’ bec ause Westerhof said I bullied defenders –Amokachi
Monarch escapes death as assailants attack community
2019: Atiku is PDP’s biggest bet –Benedict
NNPC, security agencies intercept 144 petroleum products trucks in Kano
Buhari pushes for accountability in ECOWAS
Ex-Rivers Assembly lawmakers endorse Wike for second term
Christmas: Obiano inaugurates ‘Operation Udoka’ to reduce crime
Senate tasks PCNI over North-East humanitarian crisis
Akwa United to unleash young duo on other clubs
Ex-Delta Soap queen, Princess Oghene: Though I’m married, men still make passes at me
2019: Akala, Folarin, others won’t affect Oyo PDP, says Ladoja
Fans taunt Tiwa Savage to fury
GOtv Boxing Night 13: Fijabi, Joe Boy vow to win ABU titles for Nigeria
Why couples lie about inability to have children– Psychologists, clerics
N700m cash: Court stops EFCC from inviting, detaining Ahamba
Buhari’s cattle fare better than Nigerians, says Akwa Ibom governor’s aide
#NotAllMenAreRapists: Nigerian lady praises worthy man after ‘wasted’ episode
IGR: Ugwuanyi bans manual collection of revenues
Thousands attend exhibition of Kaduna 100 years celebration
…APC has something to hide –PDP
Again, fuel scarcity hits Anambra
Police smash kidnapping syndicate, rescue two victims in Kebbi
NIGERIA NATIONAL PARKS: Federal Govt double speak stirs death signal
Osinbajo: Nigeria’s fishing production turnover hits 1m tonnes
Best of Nollywood awards hold tonight
Gov Ayade inaugurates 2017 carnival village
I was never invited by Osun Assembly –Ige
NFF and its many gaffes
Sunshine will be ready, says Adedipe

Ajibulu: A strong voice for youth inclusion in governanc
The issue of marriage counsellors (part 1)
Culture, ceremony as Oba Sonuga celebrates 10th coronation anniversary
Ringing in the ears aka tinnitus
DStv Premium subscribers to get more with Showmax
Moji Olaiya, Evans, Adesua Etomi, others top Google Nigeria 2017 search list
German-Nigerian Society of Arts inaugurate
NPFL Super Six: Bewarang laments goals drought
Kogites and their double-edged swords
NFF/Zenith Bank Future Eagles Tourney: S’ West, N’ Central through to U-13 final
Eschew greed, Esther Ajayi tells politicians
CHEF ESTHER NUVUE ALEXANDER: Banga soup and starch
LEKKI PROPERTY DISPUTE: Estate managers break into premises
Random thoughts and that close shave with World Cup expulsion!
CSOs leaders demand better medical for women
Insecurity: Bello distributes 90 hilux vans to security agencies
Police commission 767 Cadets as ASPs
Amosun canvasses role for old students, alumni in revamping education


Katagum Gets New Emir
Army Sentences Soldier To Death Over Murder Of 5 Civilians
Yuletide Sparks Off Mass Importation Of Banned Products
50,00 Orphans In IDP Camps – Sultan
Davido, Flavor, Patoranking, Others To Storm Carnival Calabar Festival
Raped Cripple Gets Justice 3 Years After
INTELS Wins Shippers’ Council CSR Award
Price Hike: DPR Seals 10 Filling Stations In Zamfara
Pirates Kill 56 Nigerian Mariners In Gulf Of Guinea In 2017– Report
FG Reaffirms Plans To Decongest Prisons
Olu Of Ibogun: The Culture, The Glamour Of Oba’s Coronation
Insurgency: PDP Faults FG’s $1bn Approval
Convention: South-west Leaders United Behind PDP For 2019 – Dickson
Price Hike: DPR Seals 10 Filling Stations In Zamfara
Pirates Kill 56 Nigerian Mariners In Gulf Of Guinea In 2017– Report
FG Reaffirms Plans To Decongest Prisons
Petrol Hoarding; Security, NNPC Team Discover 144 Trucks
I’m In NASS To Make Name, Not Money – Lam Adesina

The name ‘State of Osun’ is illegal, court declares

The name ‘State of Osun’ is illegal, court declares

Governor Rauf Aregbesola

Femi Makinde, Osogbo

An Osun State High Court sitting in Ilesa has said the changing of ‘Osun State’ to ‘State of Osun’ by the administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola is illegal.

Justice Yinka Afolabi, while delivering the judgment on Thursday in a case instituted by Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Ilesa branch, Mr. Kanmi Ajibola, challenging the legality of the “State of Osun Land Use Charge Law,” held that the law and its makers were unknown to the 1999 Constitution.

Aregbesola had changed the name of the state from ‘Osun State’ to ‘State of Osun’ in 2011; but the NBA chairman, who is a human rights activist, approached the court in 2016 and asked the court to declare as null and void all transactions done by the state with the name ‘State of Osun.’

Afolabi also declared that the makers of the law, who are currently serving as members of the State House of Assembly, were not sworn in as members of the ‘State of Osun House of Assembly,’ but as members of ‘Osun State House of Assembly,’ going by the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution.

He said, “The executive governor of the state changed the name in 2011. The renaming of a state goes further and deeper for anyone to single-handedly do.

“To re-order the name of Osun State as “State of Osun” is hereby declared as illegal, null and void.

“On the oath of allegiance, I state that the Seventh Schedule is part of the law. It is not a mere draft or a mere oath. It does not give room for any alteration.

“After deposing to an oath of office, you cannot turn around to do otherwise,” Justice Afolabi stated.

The plaintiff had sought an order setting aside the “State of Osun Land Use Charge Law, 2016,” having been enacted by the legislative body that is not known to the Constitution and for the state not known to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). It is not enforceable in Osun State.

Among other reliefs sought, the plaintiff also prayed for “a declaration that Osun State Government, having been delegated with the power to collect Land use charge revenue by the provisions of sections 2(2) and (3) of the “State of Osun Land use charge Law, 2016,” sections 4(1), 8(2), 10(1) & (5), 16(c)(i) & (ii), 17, 18, 21(3) and 22 of the “State of Osun Land use charge Law, 2016,” are not operable without appointing the Commissioner of Finance in Osun State.

Justice Afolabi threw out all the arguments by the State Attorney-General, Dr. Basiru Ajibola, who was the counsel for the governor and the state government and that of the Director of Legal Services, Mrs. Rachel Ojinni, as he granted all the seven prayers of the plaintiff.

Ajibola said the state government would appeal the verdict at the Court of Appeal.
Source :

Man abducts stepdaughter, fathers her nine children while holding her hostage for 19 years 

Man ‘kidnapped stepdaughter and fathered her nine children while holding her hostage for 19 years’

Henry Michelle Piette

Victim Rosalynn McGinnis claims Henri Michelle Piette, 63, repeatedly raped, stabbed, and beat her with baseball bats while she was held captive during a horrific campaign of abuse

ByJamie Bullen

A man is accused of fathering nine children by his stepdaughter after he kidnapped her and held her hostage for 19 years.

Victim Rosalynn McGinnis claims Henri Michelle Piette, 63, repeatedly raped, stabbed, and beat her with baseball bats while she was held captive during a horrific campaign of abuse.

US media reports state, Piette, who was in a relationship with the victim’s mum, is said to have snatched McGinnis from her home in Wagoner, Oklahoma in 1997 when she was 12.

Court papers allege Piette first raped McGinnis on a bottom bunk bed and then “married” her in the back of a van before abducting her.

Rosalynn McGinnis claimed she fled after 19 years in captivity (

The 63-year-old is accused of raping his stepdaughter several times a day and fathering her nine children.

On Wednesday, Piette was indicted with kidnapping and travelling with intent to engage in a sexual act with a juvenile by the Eastern District of Oklahoma branch of the US Attorney’s Office following an FBI investigation.

Piette is accused of abducting a girl, whose name is not revealed in the indictment, in or about January 1997, and taking her across state lines and out of the US.

McGinnis claimed she managed to flee a remote village in Mexico in June last year with eight of her nine children before she raised the alarm at a US embassy.

A ninth child, a boy, had previously run away but has since been reunited with his mother.

McGinnis, now 33, told how she was living in an undisclosed location in the US Midwest with her children, aged between two and 17, and says they are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder following years of abuse.

She told People magazine: “I want the world to know.

“I want him to be stopped and I want justice to be served.”

Piette used the following aliases: Henri Billy, Dan Reed, Billy Ira Sloop Jr., Michael Wayne Mansfield, and Christopher Allen McAnear, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

If convicted, Piette faces life in prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000.

The Muskogee Daily Pheonix reports Piette also faces charges in Wagoner County District Court of two counts of lewd molestation, first-degree rape of a victim under age 14 and child abuse by injury.

He is due to return to that court on January 4.

Culled from Daily Mirror 

Sexual harassment — as defined by the United Nations

Sexual harassment — as defined by the United Nations

2017 will go down in history as a turning point for those who felt they were exempted from the injurious consequences of their action, especially when sex is at the centre of it all.

From the story of Harvey Weinstein, the prominent film producer and executive accused of engaging in sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape; to that of the American lawmaker, Dan Johnson, who committed suicide after report emerged that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl, 2017 has it all.

In general, sexual harassment has been variously defined as, “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.”

We do agree that these definitions are rather generalised and may be subject to incorrect interpretations.

Therefore, for avoidance of doubt, the following constitutes sexual harassment that is capable of putting the careless mind behind the bars for a long time to come — according to the United Nations…

• Actual or attempted rape or sexual assault.
• Unwanted pressure for sexual favors.
• Unwanted deliberate touching, leaning over, cornering, or pinching.
• Unwanted sexual looks or gestures.
• Unwanted letters, telephone calls, or materials of a sexual nature.
• Unwanted pressure for dates.
• Unwanted sexual teasing, jokes, remarks, or questions.
• Referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey.
• Whistling at someone.
• Cat calls.
• Sexual comments.
• Turning work discussions to sexual topics.
• Sexual innuendos or stories.
• Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences, or history.
• Personal questions about social or sexual life.
• Sexual comments about a person’s clothing, anatomy, or looks.
• Kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lips.
• Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person’s personal sex life.
• Neck massage.
• Touching an employee’s clothing, hair, or body.
• Giving personal gifts.
• Hanging around a person.
• Hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking.
• Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person.
• Standing close or brushing up against a person.
• Looking a person up and down (elevator eyes).
• Staring at someone.
• Sexually suggestive signals.
• Facial expressions, winking, throwing kisses, or licking lips.
• Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements.
• Referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey.
• Whistling at someone, cat calls.
• Making sexual comments about a person’s body.
• Making sexual comments or innuendos.
• Turning work discussions to sexual topics.
• Telling sexual jokes or stories.
• Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences, or history.
• Asking personal questions about social or sexual life.
• Making kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lips.
• Making sexual comments about a person’s clothing, anatomy, or looks.
• Repeatedly asking out a person who is not interested.
• Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person’s personal sex life.
• Looking a person up and down (Elevator eyes).
• Staring at someone.
• Blocking a person’s path.
• Following the person.
• Giving personal gifts.
• Displaying sexually suggestive visuals.
• Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements.
• Making facial expressions such as winking, throwing kisses, or licking lips.
• Giving a massage around the neck or shoulders.
• Touching the person’s clothing, hair, or body.
• Hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking.
• Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person.
• Standing close or brushing up against another person.

Culled from The Punch