A Brighter Future is Possible for Nigeria

A Brighter Future is Possible for Nigeria


Kunle Ajibade is lucky to be alive today because he had engaged in many risky ventures in the struggle for a better Nigeria. When Professor Wole Soyinka said 34years ago that his was a wasted generation Ajibade never believed that his own generation would also be wasted.

But since Ajibade is still alive and active we urge him to team up with other patriots to arrest the imminent collapse of our country.

Through its highly reliable sources, The News magazine had confirmed in 1995 that the maximum ruler, General Sani Abacha wanted to be crowned as a civilian president. For exposing the plot to rope some retired and serving military officers into a phantom coup in a bid to eliminate any form of opposition the brutal dictator ordered the arrest of the editors of the magazine. Even though he did not write the story that provoked the dictator, Ajibade was the only editor in the office when the security forces invaded the premises of the magazine. He was arrested, detained, tried with three other colleagues, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. But he and others regained their freedom when the dictator died three and a half years later.

As we are celebrate Ajibade at 60 today because he survived the dehumanising prison conditions which claimed the precious lives of many other convicts, a question becomes pertinent: is a brighter future possible for Nigeria?
In spite of repeated assurances of the federal government to ensure the security of life and property of every person living in Nigeria it has been confirmed that not fewer than 1,400 unarmed civilians have been killed in Benue State by armed herdsmen and armed gangs between January and May, 2018. The figures of casualties in Nasarawa and Zamfara states are said to be higher. Although the satanic Boko Haram sect is said to have been substantially defeated it has continued to massacre scores of people through bomb attacks in schools, markets and mosques in the northeast region. In the same vein, armed bandits have embarked on mass killing of people in some local governments in Kaduna and Zamfara states in the northwest region. Armed robbery and kidnapping are regular occurrences in all the 36 states of the federation and the federal capital territory.

Contrary to the misleading impression being created by the advocates of state police in the country the Nigeria Police Force is not an agency of the President or the federal government. What has been established by Section 214 of the Constitution is the Nigeria Police Force. It is a police force, which shall be organized and administered by the Nigeria Police Council. It is pertinent to note that the Nigeria Police Council is constituted by the President who shall be the Chairman, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission and the Inspector-General of Police as well as the 36 state governors. But for reasons best known to state governors, the President has always been allowed to hijack Police Council. As a matter of urgency the members of the Council should meet to agree on the funding, organization and supervision of the Nigeria Police Force in conformity with Paragraph L, Part 1 of the Third Schedule to the Constitution.

However, it is indisputable that the killings have continued unabated in the aforementioned states due to official negligence and impunity. Hence, the hundreds of murder suspects arrested by the police and the army have not been prosecuted by any of the state governments. I am sure that the criminal elements who murdered some citizens during the just concluded congresses of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will also be treated like sacred cows. Even my recent call on the leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association to mount pressure on the Attorneys-General in all the states of the federation to arraign the murder suspects in state high courts was ignored. Ours has been reduced to a banana republic where kidnappers, murderers, robbers and rapists are conferred with impunity and licensed to continue their criminal enterprise.

Since the Government has lost monopoly of violence to criminal gangs and life has become totally cheap and unsafe in the country it is time that the National Assembly enacted a law to provide for compulsory military training or military service for citizens of Nigeria without any delay. And pending the enactment of the law the governments of Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and Zamfara states should request the President to maintain adequate facilities in some institutions for giving military training to citizens whose lives have become endangered. This call is in line with the provisions of Section 220 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended.

With respect to the killing by herdsmen the federal government knows the solution but has refused to embrace it. As far back as 2016, about 55,000 hectares of land were acquired in about 11 states for ranching. But instead of implementing the policy the federal government has been toying with the backward idea of “cattle colony.” Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army which has a ranch at Giri in the federal capital territory has offered to establish more ranches in other parts of the country. The offer of the Army has been ignored. The Kano State government which has ranches and grazing zones has also offered to accommodate all herdsmen who have been displaced in Benue and Taraba states. The offer has equally been treated with disdain without any justification. However, to put an end to the violent clashes between farmers and herdsmen all relevant stakeholders should liaise with the Kano State government with a view to establishing a number of ranches.

However, it is only possible if the members of the political class are compelled to abandon politics of money and the manipulation of ethnicity and religion. Nigerian journalists such as Kunle Ajibade and his colleagues should force all political aspirants to address serious issues during the forthcoming political campaign. In particular, they must extract commitment from the political class to implement the fundamental objectives enshrined in Chapter II of the Constitution. Section 14 thereof provides that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. To actualize that political objective it is stated in section 16 that the economy shall be planned and managed by the government to promote national prosperity and happiness.

Furthermore, it is stated that the government shall control the commanding height of the economy and ensure that the wealth of the nation shall not be concentrated in the hands of a few people or a group. It is illegal and unjust to lease oil blocks to a few people who are turned to multi billionaires after subleasing them to foreign investors. Some of them have been honest to disclose publicly that they do not know what to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars made from the sublease of the oil blocks. Thus, by allowing a few people to collect rents from our national assets the government has continued to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few people. Since it is illegal and unjust to enrich a few people at the expense of the Nigerian people we hereby call on the federal government to stop awarding oil blocks to local and foreign investors. They should be leased to the federal and state governments in order to have money for development.

The Constitution has provided that the socio-economic rights of the people to education, health, housing, living minimum wage, pension, unemployment benefits are guaranteed while the government shall provide for the aged and physically challenged citizens. Apart from the legal obligation imposed on political parties to comply with the fundamental objectives, it shall be the duty of all organs of government and of all authorities and persons exercising legislative, executive and judicial powers to conform to, observe and apply the provisions of the fundamental objectives. The socioeconomic rights of the Nigerian people have also been enshrined in the Africa Charter on Human and People’s Rights Act. Therefore, the justiciability of the fundamental objectives is no longer in doubt.

Indeed, through the struggle of the oppressed people in Nigeria the National Assembly has been compelled to enact welfare laws, which shall be funded by the Government. For instance, the Compulsory, Free and Basic Education Act and the Child’s Rights Act have made education free and compulsory from primary to junior secondary school. Parents and guardians who refuse to allow their children and wards to acquire education are liable to be prosecuted. To fund the programme the federal government shall contribute 2% of its Consolidated Revenue Fund while state governments shall provide counterpart fund. But due to the refusal of state government to access the fund not less than N67 billion is lying fallow at the Central Bank while Nigeria has about 11.5 million children of school age who are roaming the streets. Other welfare laws on housing, health insurance, pension, minimum wage etc. are being breached with impunity. Yet if we insist and ensure that the welfare laws are enforced by the governments there will be little or no money left to be stolen by unpatriotic public officers.

Since the 2019 general elections are a few months away it is not enough to urge Nigerian voters to register and collect their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs). They must be encouraged to know what to do with the PVCs. When politicians come around to ask for votes every PVC owner must ask questions on the jumbo emoluments of public officers, unemployment, poverty, infrastructural decay, corruption and abuse of office, human rights violations etc. The harassment of law-abiding citizens by the police and other security agencies should be discussed with political aspirants. The answers to the questions should be noted so that the elected ones can be confronted with all promises made by them.

To assist voters to hold politicians accountable the media must provide relevant information on public affairs.

Source: ThisDay


Five lies they tell you about phone, laptop batteries

Five lies they tell you about phone, laptop batteries

Edited by Prince Osuagwu

*Don’t leave your phone plugged in overnight.

That’s a lie. It is not the end of the world if you don’t unplug your phone the second that it is charged. The modern charger is smarter than we think. As a matter of fact, leaving your phone on the charger all night or all day is even far better for your battery than running it down and charging it up.

Hear the expert: “All batteries work by having two electrodes—an anode and a cathode—with a bunch of a material called electrolyte between. When you plug a battery into a completed circuit, a chemical reaction starts taking place at the anode and electrons start building up over there. Those electrons want to travel to the cathode, where it’s less crowded, but the electrolyte between these two parts keeps the electrons from taking the short way there. The only way through is the circuit that the battery is crammed into, and those electrons power your device in the process.”

*Run down before charge, charge fully before use

Crap! Lithium-ion batteries don’t even respond well to being charged all the way up and then run all the way down. They take much better to little bits of charge here and there.

*Unplug your laptop when fully charged

Your gadgets don’t get overcharged and so is your laptop. Most laptops are smart enough to cut the battery out of the charging equation entirely once it’s full. The battery just sits there patiently until you need it or until it needs another little shock to top it off.

*Don’t remove your laptop battery while working

Apart from running the risk of a shutdown in the case of a power outage or clumsiness with the power adapter, the healthier way for the laptop battery is to remove it while working in a stuffy environment. Heat is what affects the battery and not overcharge.

The lithium-ion batteries in the modern-day gadgets, from iPhones to laptops to Bluetooth headphones to tablets, are different from NiMH and other rechargeable batteries that came before.

Li-ions can pack a lot of power into a small size and they don’t lose too much of that energy to leakage when they’re not in use. It’s a combination of these factors that make them great for your portable gadgets.

Culled from Vanguard

You lied, Ghana disowns Jonathan over comment on Nigeria

Ghana disowns Jonathan over comment on Nigeria

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Posted By Yusuf ALLI, Managing Editor Northern Operation and Jide Babalola, Assistant Editor,

Ghanaian authorities are angry with former President Goodluck Jonathan over his recent comment alleging that the President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo-Addo, mocked Nigeria.

They dismissed as untrue claims by Jonathan in Ado-Ekiti penultimate Friday that Akuffo-Addo recently mocked the poor state of security in Nigeria and the weak status of the country’s currency.

Speaking at the inauguration of a flyover in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State capital, the former president had said that things had deteriorated so much in Nigeria that it had lost its respect in Africa.

But responding to the statement yesterday, Ghana’s High Commissioner in Nigeria, Mr. Rashid Bawa, said Jonathan “took the words of President Akufo-Addo completely out of context.”

He said: “Indeed, in the speech delivered by President Akufo-Addo at the Oxford African Conference, one of the instances used by former President Goodluck Jonathan, these were the exact words of President Akufo-Addo: ‘For most of you in the audience today, it is probably before your time. But in the late 1970s up to the mid-1980s, as a result of the discovery of considerable petroleum deposits, Nigeria was booming. It was the place to be.

‘We Ghanaians, who were going through very difficult times then, would arrive at Heathrow Airport, and be herded into a cage to be subjected to the full third degree by Immigration , and we would look on as our Nigerian cousins would be waved through, with a ‘welcome sir’ and a ‘welcome madam’ .

‘The newspaper headlines in this country were full of Nigerians leaving or forgetting bundles of money in taxis and telephone booths. Nigerians were the preferred tenants for those who had apartments to let. You could stop by any Thomas Cook shop on any High Street in this country and buy or sell Naira, the Nigerian currency, and you could do the same in New York, and I suspect in many other Western country cities.

‘I do not need to spell out today’s reality to anyone in this audience. I cite this just to make the point that the “the outside world” is well able to tell that there are separate sovereign nations on the African continent. But when the news is not good, then Africa is treated as one entity.’

Bawa also took exception to Jonathan’s reference to Akufo-Addo’s purported disposition towards cattle-rearing.

His words: “The other alleged remark that ‘Ghana is not Nigeria where cattle can roam about anyhow’ has never been made by President Akufo-Addo. That is not his way of speaking.

“President Akufo-Addo, in many of the speeches he has made in Nigeria and elsewhere since becoming the President of Ghana, has described Nigeria as ‘a country I describe as my second home in the world’, and will never use Nigeria to make negative examples as the former President Goodluck Jonathan sought to portray.

“President Akufo-Addo enjoys a very good relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari , as he has with many other Nigerian leaders.

“Ghana and Nigeria are like siblings, and it would be most inappropriate, because of politics, for anyone, regardless of his or her status in society, to try to sow seeds of discord amongst the leadership and peoples of our two countries.”

Source; The Nation

News Headlines June 2, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines June 2, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Defending me, my govt, a tough job – Buhari
Killings: Appointment of security chiefs needs review, says Osinbajo
My ex-boyfriend raped me two weeks after I gave birth –Insurance officer
Djokovic enters French Open last 16
My wedding Night… With… Vans Kere
Before Stardom With… MC Tom
England v Nigeria: Don’t nurse injury fears, ex-World Cup stars tell Eagles
It’s painful we were only given handshakes after Commonwealth triumph – Ezuruike
Fans queue in London as Nike release Eagles’ new kit
Oliseh said I was too soft for Eagles – Troost-Ekong
Sports Ministry settles supporters club crisis
Lagos to build World Cup village at Eko Atlantic
Delay in minimum wage implementation provocative, insensitive –NLC
Don seeks improved security in tertiary institutions
$1bn ECA deduction: S’South governors may sue FG
N481bn budget padding: We align with court judgment, says Presidency
Presidency flaunts Buhari’s achievements in 41-page document
Reckless driver bribes policemen with sex
Man stabs couple’s only child to death over N200
Rivers: Navy hands over 10 suspected oil thieves to EFCC
Five local government workers arrested for diversion of mosquito nets
Cult members kill father of two in Lagos
Con artist specialised in swindling litigants on court premises arrested
A’Ibom: Gunmen kidnap three university students, shoot one
Kwara Chief of Staff arrested for SME funds management
Man allegedly hacks into Customs website, imports vehicles with forged documents
Gambler arrested for playing N600,000 bets on credit
Oyegun withdraws from APC chairmanship race
Obasanjo: From Buhari’s ally to critic
I won’t sell even my slippers to fund any election campaign – Adegoke, Osun governorship aspirant
Declare Senate’s insistence on my appearance illegal, IGP tells court
Bamidele hails Egbeyemi as Fayemi’s running mate
5,000 debtors have gone into hiding – AMCON
Impact of $40bn spent on N’Delta minimal– Kachikwu
‘Nigeria’s financial data prone to attack’
MAN backs FG on non-signing of AfCFTA
Vessel traffic at Calabar Port increases by 40%
Facebook to swap ‘trending’ topics for breaking news
Al-Qaeda warns Saudi crown prince over ‘sin’
Impossibility is not in my dictionary –Amputee Nollywood actress
Buhari has saints around him who can freely commit their own looting – Prof. Odinkalu, former NHRC Chairman
I would never reveal my age –Jigan, Sho mo age mi originator
Adebanjo, Ige, other AD leaders were manipulated by military – Ofeimun, private secretary to the late Chief Awolowo
I never gave up on love and marriage –Abiara’s new wife who got married at 56
Djokovic enters French Open last 16
England v Nigeria: Don’t nurse injury fears, ex-World Cup stars tell Eagles
It’s painful we were only given handshakes after Commonwealth triumph – Ezuruike
Fans queue in London as Nike release Eagles’ new kit
Sports Ministry settles supporters club crisis
Not getting any prize in secondary school challenged me to become the best in the university –Ogunwale, ACU first-class graduate
400 million girls will be excluded from employment by 2030, UN warns
Hassan offers solution to examination malpractice
OHS alumni urge Akeredolu to rehabilitate Ondo schools
Emmanuel inaugurates Navy Military School in Akwa Ibom
Total hands over school hall to Rivers community
Gay, lesbian producers ruling Nollywood, Paul Obazele reveals
I am not broke; neither did I quit music for hairdressing –African China
Professor Johnbull frowns on arranged marriages
No competition between Wizkid and me –YQ
Simi thrills kids on Children’s Day
Please, save my son –Mother of eight-year-old boy given five months to live begs Nigerians
Conception is a miracle
Smoking harmful to entire human body, not just lungs, says expert
Cigarette smoking may be responsible for your infertility (2)
Health benefits of fasting
1.1 billion people smoke globally, WHO says
Divorcees reveal why they relish their ‘freedom’
Toshiba completes $21bn sale of chip unit
Maintaining your smartphone
Anti-corruption: Are servants of God relevant?
Wale Aboderin, a chairman like no other
Will 2019 reverse the crisis of underperformance?
Creating safe spaces for children
Who makes a better boss, man or woman?
How men can increase sperm count and boost fertility


Opeyemi Bamidele, One Other Shot by Police at Fayemi’s Campaign Rally
US Congress Expresses Concern over Killings by Herdsmen, Urges Buhari to Speak Out
NNPC Gets Presidential Approval to Review PSC Agreements
Our Economy Has Recorded Significant Growth in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Says Osinbajo
Stop Labeling Opposition Members Criminals, PDP Tells FG
Don’t Panic over Capital Market Decline, FG Urges Investors
Maserati Alfieri: 0-60 MPH in 2s, Active Aero, Full Torque Vectoring
Toyota Inspires Children With Fun of Driving
Mid-Engine Alfa Romeo 8C Supercar, Giulia GTV Coupe Confirmed
Hyundai Handover 530 Hyundai Vehicles for FIFA World CUP Russia
Uber Plans 50,000 Direct Economic Opportunities in Nigeria
10 Vehicle Safety Features for Children
Buhari’s Three Years of Blood and Blubbering
Issele-Uku Monarch, US Diplomats Discuss Community Devt
Lagos Partners Balmoral to Build World Cup Village at Eko Atlantic
GTBank-Lagos Principals Cup Season 9 Begins June 6
Can Akin Aiyegbusi Spring Another Surprise in Ekiti?
Another Opportunity Beckons for PDP
Prof Yemi Osinbajo: Let’s Go Home
Adeolu Adefarasin: Shop Talk Aims to Diagnose, find Solutions to National Problems
Elishama Ideh: I Want to Be President of Nigeria in 2019
I’ll Be Honoured to Perform at ‘The Experience’ – Teen Gospel Singer, Iseoluwa
Spartan Life of a Super Cop
‘Why I Chose My Wife as Business Partner’
Understanding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
French Open Djokovic Battles through to Last 16
Moses Simon: World Cup Dream Shattered?
Zverev Survives as Dimitrov Crashes Out
Wembley Showdown! Super Eagles in Real Test against Three Lions
Crespo, Siasia Thrilled Fans at Heineken’s UCL Final

The Nation

Confusion as cop shoots ex-Rep, 5 others at Fayemi’s rally
APC, PDP in verbal war over Not-too-young-to-run law
Driver relives late Punch chairman’s last moments
N17bn budget controversy: No underhand dealings in 2015 budget, says Rep
N17bn budget controversy: What FG, Okonjo-Iwela must do, by SANs
Ghana disowns Jonathan over comment on Nigeria
Jonathan, Ambode, Ajimobi, Amosun commiserate with Aboderin family
OBASANJO: Ex-president in the eye of storm
Enugu sets peace pace with new forum for farmer’s herdsmen
APC convention: Oyegun breaks silence, says I won’t seek re-election
5,000 AMCON debtors go into hiding
Southern\Cameroon’s chilling tale
Video: These gorillas are not ‘bush meat’….they’re cash cows
Our military has been following rules of engagement to the letter Govt
How I used my wife to abduct children of rich people’
Ikeme devastated
Kane tips Alli to stun Eagles
England, Czech ties: Rohr wary of injuries
England will fall, Ighalo declares
NTTF mourns Ajetunmobi
Glory FC emerge Ubong King Cup champions
Eagles on a table-turning mission at Wembley
Breaking: I will not seek second term – Oyegun
Ex-rep Bamidele, three others shot at Fayemi’s rally
PDP alleges media trial of opposition members
The real secrets behind Olamide, 9ice’s success–MUSIC PRODUCER ID CABASA
Children’s Day: Swell time with Maltina in Lagos, Ibadan
Democracy Day: Comedian wants Nigerians to eschew corruption
Robbers snatch N9m LG workers’ salary in Kebbi
Yellow fever gets WHO’s, partners’ attention
‘Thyroid disorders need govt’s attention’
Time to throw the hat into the ring, says Elishama Ideh
Rivers development: Phenomenal progress in three years
Remembering Orubebe
How I escaped sex slavery in Europe – Diete-Spiff’s wife
22-yr-old to hang for armed robbery in Ekiti
NGO settles bills of Taraba children, woman held by hospital after birth
Are you serving your child poison?
#NotTooYoungToRun: Joyous daybreak for the Nigerian youths
UNILAG to investigate sexual allegation against lecturer
Gains, pains of school feeding programme, others
T. B. Joshua seeks enforcement of children’s rights
School begins technical exhibition today
FCMB unveils Education Advisory Services
Oil output dips on Nigeria’s, Venezuela’s outages
NPA: $40m equipment coming to Calabar Port
Union Bank gets BCMS certification


Mikel, Iheanacho: We Know England Too Well
Tosan Jemide’s New Moves
Kayode Ajulo’s Giant Strides
FIFA World Cup: Kwesé Inks Deal With BON
My Interest Was In Music, But Acting Took The Shine —Dayo Amusa
Jaáfar Ahmed: Lifting The Veil On Jailbreaks, Humanising Prison Services
African Film Makers Gear Up For TAFF 2018 In Dallas
Genital Checks: Good Move By The RCCG
Taking The Bull By The Horns
Of Speeches And Reality
Nigeria, China Favoured By FOCAC Beijing Summit
MATTERS ARISING: RE: Aviation Minister Again In Uncharted Flight Path
Lingard To Start For England Against Nigeria
APC Convention: Oyegun Speaks, Explains Reasons For Not Contesting Against Oshiomhole
Nigeria’s Credit Management Icon, Prof. Chris Onalo, Is 61
9mobile Launches Vehicle Tracking Solution
Gunmen shot Opeyemi Bamidele during Fayemi’s rally in Ekiti
It’s not easy to defend my administration, Buhari declares
Lagos bizman remanded in prison for allegedly raping Facebook friend
Why insecurity heightens in Nigeria —NSA Monguno
Why Melaye asked Buhari to apologise to NASS over statement
Breaking: Trump confirms June 12 meeting with Kim in Singapore
PDP alleges media trial of opposition members
Group faults Nyame’s 14 years imprisonment, laments political undertone
Mikel, Iheanacho: We know England too well
MRS Football Championship: Right, Phoenix Football Academies are champions
CAS rules in favour of Kalkaba, overturns ANOCA Presidential election result
African film makers gear up for TAFF 2018 in Dallas
Enugu Police arrests man who swindles litigants in court premises
UNILAG vows to uncover sexual allegation levelled against its Lecturer
When reforms, projects speak volumes of ‘wake and see governor’
Heartbreaker? Smoking causing millions of heart attacks, strokes: WHO


It’s Not Easy To Defend My Administration – PMB
Why I Won’t Re-contest Apc Chair – Oyegun
Fayemi Escapes Stray Bullets, Ex-Rep, 3 Others Shot
Summit: North Korean President, Kim Writes Trump
I Dread Not Meeting Client’s Standard – Hadiza
2019: All That Matters To Me Is My People -Ortom’s Aide
Nyako’s ‘Not Too Young To Run’ Bill Will Rescue Nigerian Youths
PCN Closes Down 280 Illegal Patent Stores In Zamfara
JOHESU: Work Resumes In Lagos After 6 Weeks Strike
86,000 PVCS Yet To Be Collected In Bauchi – INEC
54th SWAN Full Council Seeks Sports Panacea For Nation Building
FG Settles Supporters’ Club Crisis
Pre-world Cup Exhibition: Eagles Square-up With England In Wembley
Italy’s Conte Sworn In As PM Of Anti-establishment Govt
Professor Johnbull: KOK In Arranged Marriage Drama In New Episode
Pope To Address Oil Majors In Vatican Climate Conference
EDITORIAL: End Gas Flaring In Nigeria
Nigerian Youths Are Free To Contest Presidency In 2019, PDP Tells Buhari
Nigeria Was On The Precipice When PMB Came To Office – Fayemi
March To Restructuring And Northern Demands
Djokovic Battling As He Edges Past Bautista Agut
Lingard to start for England in Nigeria friendly
Prince’s Vacation Retreat In Turks & Caicos Up For Sale Challenges, Solutions Of Nigeria’s Patient Safety Aircraft Insurance In Nigeria: The Unnecessary Hiccups
Nyame’s Kinsmen Kick Against His 14-year Jail Term
Lagos Trader, Tochukwu, Killed Wife Over Suspected Infidelity – Police
Police Arrest Kogi Nurse Over Missing Baby
Prison Beds Infested With Bugs To Punish Us – Inmates
My Husband Jailed My Mom, Wife Tells Court
Police Nab 39 Suspected Cult Members In Lagos


NiRA nominates Nigerian Tribune for ‘Best Online Media Website’ Award
Oyegun backs down on APC chairmanship re-election
We must never be afraid of speaking truthfully and forcefully on issues ―Osinbajo
Osinbajo defends FG’s handling of herdsmen killings, loans, Leah Shuaibu rescue efforts
Defending me a herculean task ―Buhari
APC group seeks reconciliation in Kaduna
LG poll: N101m salary increase for political office holders in Nasarawa
Jonathan urges investment in education as FLP honours first class graduates
Varsity appoints ex-Edo governor Igbinedion as deputy chancellor
Confusion as gunshots disrupt APC rally
PDP decries media trial of opposition members
How I escaped being trafficked into sex trade in Europe ―Queen of Brass
PDP youths hail Buhari over “Not Too Young to Run” bill
UNWTO/CAF: Lai Mohammed inspects facilities, says 180 foreign delegates expected
2 travel agents docked over alleged N3.42m fraud
Giuseppe Conte sworn in as head of populist Italian government
Saudi princess Vogue cover sparks anger over jailed activists
Trump awaits Kim’s letter as North Korea summit edges nearer
Agencies not complying to FG’s directive at ports ―NPA
CBN resisted pressure to float Naira – Spokesman
After three years of bumpy ride, Buhari still undeterred

Ekiti 2018: Fayemi escapes gun attack, Opeyemi Bamidele shot

BREAKING: Fayemi escapes gun attack; ex-Rep shot — APC

The gunman

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Ekiti State governorship election, Kayode Fayemi, on Friday, narrowly escaped being killed by an unknown gunman, his party has said.

The former governor was being received by party men at the APC secretariat in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.

Mr Fayemi had arrived at the Akure airport in the afternoon and was driven to Ado Ekiti in company of the Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, and other top leaders of the party in the state.

The party organised a reception for him following his resignation from the federal cabinet and in readiness for the governorship campaigns ahead of the July 14election.

A spokesperson for the APC in the state, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said that on getting to the party secretariat, a gunman raised his weapon, aimed at Mr Fayemi, and pulled the trigger, but missed him.

A former member of the House of Representatives and governorship aspirant, Opeyemi Bamidele and another leader of the party were not so lucky, as they were hit by bullets.

Mr Akeredolu was also said to have escaped death too as he was beside the governorship candidate.

“The gunman was standing in front of JKF (Fayemi) and shot at him, but he missed him, but shot other persons standing near the APC candidate,” spokesman for the party in the state, Mr Olatunbosun, disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES.

“MOB (Bamidele) is currently in the intensive care unit of a hospital right now, and another member of the party. They are receiving treatment from the bullet wounds.”

Details later…

Source; Premium Times

News Headlines June 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines June 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Melaye tackles Buhari as Saraki faults politicking by Customs boss
2019: EFCC asks banks for corrupt customers’ list
Buhari to youths: Don’t contest presidency till after 2019
Moses sets Eagles London camp alight
Rio Ferdinand reveals plans to marry Kate
Bamidele hails Egbeyemi as Fayemi’s running mate
Anti-corruption: Are servants of God relevant?
Florentina Perez left stunned as Zidane quits
Dangote gives N130m to vulnerable women in Nasarawa
‘Solution to Osun problem not automatic’
Wale Aboderin, a chairman like no other
Declare Senate’s insistence on my appearance illegal, IGP tells court
Sports family pay tributes to Aboderin
Court recognises Ladiran as late Akintola’s son
Buhari, Saraki, govs, others mourn Wale Aboderin
Melaye tackles Buhari as Saraki faults politicking by Customs boss
2019: EFCC asks banks for corrupt customers’ list
Buhari to youths: Don’t contest presidency till after 2019
Army intercepts three truckloads of ammunition
Youths burn customs vehicle over death of motorcyclist, others
‘My wife denies me sex, sleeps with other men’
Court orders police to pay N10m for killing driver
Policeman guarding Lagos hotel kills UNIZIK graduate
Battered wife stabs husband to death
Eight feared killed in renewed Bayelsa cult war
Robbers steal Kebbi LG workers’ N9m April salary
Pregnant cow bags death sentence for illegal border crossing
‘Solution to Osun problem not automatic’
Declare Senate’s insistence on my appearance illegal, IGP tells court
Assembly bye election: Ajimobi, others rally support for APC
Nigerians cheer, jeer at Buhari’s assent to #NotTooYoungToRun bill
South-South Governors Forum restate demand for restructuring,13% derivation
Dangote gives N130m to vulnerable women in Nasarawa
Nigeria won’t force African peers to adjust AfCFTA – Osinbajo
Nigeria’s economic outlook positive, says Udoma
How to keep personal and business accounts separate
NPA deploys N1bn equipment in Calabar Port
Job opportunities for freelance content creators
Florentina Perez left stunned as Zidane quits
Sports family pay tributes to Aboderin
Navy beat police in volleyball tourney
Abramovich becomes Israel’s wealthiest citizen
Hassan offers solution to examination malpractice
OHS alumni urge Akeredolu to rehabilitate Ondo schools
400 million girls will be excluded from employment by 2030, UN warns
Emmanuel inaugurates Navy Military School in Akwa Ibom
Total hands over school hall to Rivers community
National Library to promote reading culture
I wrote 300 songs in prison –Sauce Kid
Osinbajo lauds Hi-impact over new TV station
Wizkid speaks on ‘Made In Lagos’
MTV Shuga to change narration on sexual abuse
Cigarette smoking may be responsible for your infertility (2)
Health benefits of fasting
1.1 billion people smoke globally, WHO says
Resident doctors say they can’t guarantee industrial harmony after June 2
Maintaining your smartphone
Using WhatsApp on your computer
EDITORIAL: Budget delay is irresponsible
Anti-corruption: Are servants of God relevant?
Wale Aboderin, a chairman like no other
Will 2019 reverse the crisis of underperformance?
Creating safe spaces for children


Boko Haram Kills Five Soldiers in Borno
Zidane Quits Real Madrid
Bandits Abduct Many Travellers on Birnin Gwari-Funtua Road
JOHESU Suspends Nationwide Strike
Army Intercepts 300,000 Live Cartridges Smuggled into Nigeria from Benin Republic
Bandits Abduct Many Travellers on Birnin Gwari-Funtua Road
Army Intercepts 300,000 Live Cartridges Smuggled into Nigeria from Benin Republic
Buhari Signs Not Too Young to Run Bill
Ex-Gov Yero, 3 Others Remanded in Prison
Grip on Igbo Masses, say IPOB, CSOs
Insecurity: NSA Briefs Senate Behind Close-doors
Presidency: All Genuine Contracts, Projects Initiated by Previous Administration Will Be…
Buhari Advocates for Regional Collaboration in Tackling Maritime Crimes in Gulf…
Global Standard in Banking Education Introduced
Finally, Equities Market Slides into Negative Territory after 11-day Bear Run
AXA Mansard Bags Quality Management Certification
Presidency: All Genuine Contracts, Projects Initiated by Previous Administration Will Be…
Saraki Hails Signing of Not Too Young to Run Bill into…
Global Standard in Banking Education Introduced
Sterling Bank Partners TATA Group
Osinbajo, Enelamah, Others for RMB Nigeria Business Conference
Customs Moves to Bar Retired Officers from Direct Clearing of Cargoes
As Buhari Struggles to Win Back His Base
Amuneke Teams up with Parreira, Van Basten, Bora for Russia 2018 TSG
Eagles, Three Lions in Wembley
Nigeria’s Basketball Family Mourns Wale Aboderin
William Troost-Ekong: The Other Half of Eagles’ Oyibo Wall
Olukokun Dashes Alimi’s Hopes of VAT Wonder Goal Double
A Brighter Future is Possible for Nigeria

The Nation

Buhari to youths: resume your campaign after 2019
Nigeria’s export grows by 60 per cent
Alleged N700m fraud: Ex-Governor Yero, others charged
PUNCH Chairman Aboderin dies after heart surgery
Egbeyemi is Fayemi’s running mate
Adelabu resigns as CBN deputy governor
Champion Zidane bids Madrid shocking farewell
Minister decries opposition’s ‘disdainful of truth’
Ijaw, Itsekiri youths pledge to protect Escravos-Warri dredging
Jaiz fetes monarchs, Imams, others in Ondo
Businessman in court for ‘raping Facebook girlfriend’
LASU landlords now to pay N1.2m to reacquire property
Court remands six over Catholic priests’ killings
Yobe blames doctor’s strike on communication gap
APC throws open race for chairman
England practice set-pieces for Eagles friendly
Everton appoints Silva as manager
Nigeria Basketball mourns Aboderin
Germany’s Neuer will be first-choice if he makes World Cup – Bierhoff
Odegbami sends Goodwill Message
Super Eagles get Saraki’s $50,000 gift
Okocha in FIFA Legends squad
PDP to Buhari: Not too young to run is our initiative
Nigeria has no viable option except restructuring, says Ubani
Children’s Day: Swell time with Maltina in Lagos, Ibadan
Democracy Day: Comedian wants Nigerians to eschew corruption
Ebenezer Obey, Momodu, royal fathers honour SSP at 60
Yellow fever gets WHO’s, partners’ attention
‘Thyroid disorders need govt’s attention’
Experts to parents: Ensure children’s oral health


Okorocha In Imo: Survival Moves
Five Lies They Tell You About Phone, Laptop Batteries
S’East Town Unions Charge Buhari On Corruption, Insecurity
FG Urged To Review Fees At Nigerian Law School
2019: As PMB, Amaechi Prospect For Encore
Stock Market: Bearish Sentiment Pushes Returns To Negative
INSECURITY: Bring Killer-Herdsmen To Book, Bishop Ajakaye Tells Buhari
Reps Move To Probe Implementation Of $22bn Brass LNG Project
Panic As Gunmen Storm Rivers Community Disrupt Market, PDP Programme
Asaba 2018: Stephen Keshi Stadium For Test-Run July 18
2019: APGA Yet To Decide On Presidential Candidate —Oye
Okorocha Absent As APC S’East Excos Meet
Rivers, Bayelsa Indigenes Task FG On N-Delta Devt
ECA, Igbo Youths Commend Ndigbo Over IPOB’s Sit-At-Home
Tension Mounts At Lagos International Trade Fair
CBN Board: Senate Rejects 1 Nominee, Confirms 4
Anglican Church Decries Alarming Rate Of Unemployment
Buhari, NPO, Saraki, others mourn Aboderin, PUNCH chairman
Not Too Young To Run Act: Democratic victory for Nigerian youths – PDP
Breaking: Okorocha kicks as S’East APC endorses Izunaso, other NWC members
2019: Drop your Presidential ambition for now, Buhari begs youths
Buhari mourns death of Punch Chairman, Gbadebowale Aboderin
N1.64bn fraud: Taraba residents urge Nyame to appeal 14-year jail term
EFCC abusing court process in case with GTB—Innoson
Accolades as Dangote donates 150 cars to Police
Nigeria’s economy, investors await passage of PIGB – Experts
2019 Presidency : Emirs, generals back Tanimu, Tambuwal, Kwankwaso
Egbeyemi emerges as Fayemi’s running mate
Breaking: JOHESU agrees to suspend strike June 1
Fighting Corruption: Buhari administration scorecard and Way Forward (II)
Akwa Ibom 2019: How Emmanuel silenced critics — Udoh, Information Commissioner
Asaba 2018: Stephen Keshi Stadium for test-run July 18
Onyekuru blames Anderlecht for missed World Cup opportunity
Edo Cycling Tour gets date
‘Serena came out’: Williams fights back as Nadal, Sharapova cruise
Lewandowski with Euro 2016 point to prove at World Cup
Onyeka Onwenu, Bright Chimezie, Phyno, others set to shutdown Enugu
MultiChoice unveils new talent academy to boost creative industry
Nnenna & Friends : 10 years after, I didn’t know I will still have passion for children —Olayinka Ademo
Nigerian-British actor Chiwetel joins Angelina Jolie in `Maleficent II’
‘Blood tests negative’ on woman who accused Luc Besson of rape
Stock market: Bearish sentiment pushes returns to negative
Army intercepts three trucks loaded with over 300,000 pump action cartridges
UNILAG vows to uncover sexual allegation levelled against its Lecturer
When reforms, projects speak volumes of ‘wake and see governor’
Veteran journalist, Abdullahi No-Sweat, is dead
FG, oil firms to pump N1.7trn in N-Delta


Wait until 2023 to contest, Buhari tells youth
Bro Iginla splashes N60m gifts on widows, orphans, the poor to mark birthday
FG dispatches monitoring teams to innovation institutions
JOHESU strike: Private medical practitioners urge FG to permanently fix situation
$1bn Excess crude account: Buhari should not use it for 2019 politics ―Ahmed
I’ve fulfilled my campaign promises ―Ahmed
Bayelsa recieves N21bn for community development from SPDC
BREAKING: Buhari signs #NotTooYoungToRun bill
Dano to set new Guinness World Record ahead of World Milk Day
State High Court nullifies APC congress in Rivers
Court remands ex-governor Yero, 3 others in prison
Trump Planning Tariffs on European Steel, Aluminum
Uganda imposes WhatsApp, Facebook tax ‘to stop gossip’
African migrants can foster national economic growth ― UN report
Denmark bans wearing of face veils in public
CBN resisted pressure to float Naira – Spokesman
Men’s fertility starts to decline from 44 years —Study
Surgeon charges Nigerians to create environment for innovative discovery
World No Tobacco Day: WHO urges countries to raise taxes on tobacco products
NANTA makes history June 26, as Osinbajo launches industry ID for members
South African Airways embarks on turnaround strategies •Visits Nigeria to parley trade partners10.5m out-of-school: UNICEF urges states to sustain cash transfer initiative
At UI CETel, we ensure standard teaching with state-of-the-art tools —Director
FG should give FUOYE special status —VC
Lagos harps on school safety, standards
A Republic led away from Democracy by its elite
Towards attaining success through goal setting
APC’s chances at guber poll still high in Osun —Oyebode

New Telegraph

Buhari signs `Not Too Young To Run’ bill
Apologise to NASS over demeaning comment, Dino Melaye tells Buhari
One killed as IPOB shuts down Aba
Girls exchange sex for bread in Libya –Returnee
Nike ‘incensed’ over fake Eagles’ jerseys
Reps begins probe of $22bn NNPC’s Brass Liquefied Natural Gas project
Don’t take credit ‘Not Too Young To Run Act‎’, PDP tells Buhari
Protest as Obaseki sacks over 400 staff of Edo owned College of Agriculture
Top photographers open creative hub
Osun election: Oyetola bought us our first party bus in Osun AD – APC chieftain
Court sentences man to 6 years in prison for stabbing brother to death
2019 election: Group cautions APC on continued stay of nPDP in its fold
Codeine Addiction: Schools hold debate on ban
2019: INEC to eliminate manual collation of results
Investigations over sale of Oyo govt shares ongoing- EFCC
Man, 40, bags 2 years in prison for raping 4-year-old
Labourer bags 7 months imprisonment for assaulting police officer on duty
Top photographers open creative hub
Why APC will get a second term – Kalu
I am committed to rebranding Niger – Gov. Sani bello
Killings: Monguno briefs Senate in a closed session
PUNCH Chairman, Gbadebowale Aboderin, is dead
Anti-corruption: Muslim rights welcomes Jolly Nyame’s sentence
Resident doctors mull nationwide strike ovrr sacked members
`We can’t guarantee industrial harmony after June 2’ – Doctors
NCDC: Cholera spreads to nine states

Ekiti 2018: Fayemi picks Bisi Egbeyemi as running mate

Fayemi picks 74-year-old Egbeyemi as running mate

Kayode Fayemi. Ramadan

Kayode Fayemi, All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate of Ekiti, has picked 74-year-old Adebisi Egbeyemi, former chairman of Ado-Ekiti local government area, as his running mate.
Fayemi announced this through a communiqué signed by his campaign office on Wednesday.
“After a long search for the candidate, Egbeyemi was picked as the candidate this evening after party leaders met for long hours to consider who is best suited to pair with former governor and immediate past minister of mines an steel development, Dr Kayode Fayemi, to fly the party’s flag in the governorship contest,” the statement read.
Egbeyemi attended the then University of Ife to study law between 1977 and 1980. He was called to the Nigerian bar in 1981.
He was a youth leader of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) between 1979 and 1983, a member of the Ondo state house of assembly in 1983, and was chairman of Ado-Ekiti local government between 1991 and 1993.
He also served as the state’s commissioner for justice and attorney-general between 2002 and 2003.
Fayemi will compete against Kolapo Olusola, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the Ekiti governorship election on July 14.
Olusola is the incumbent deputy governor of the state.