PDP’s Crisis Resurrects, Party Set For Parallel Conventions

PDP’s Crisis Resurrects, Party Set For Parallel Conventions

By Chibuzo Ukaibe, Abuja

The crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the race for national chairmanship of the party is taking a turn for the worse as threats of parallel national conventions have been muted in some quarters of the party.

Party sources told LEADERSHIP yesterday that some party stakeholders seem to be displeased with what they consider moves to impose a candidate as national chairman at the December 9 national convention.

The sources noted that the aggrieved party members are miffed over moves by some governors to force a candidate on the party, much like they did with the recently sacked national chairman of the party, Sen Ali Modu Sheriff.

Our correspondent further learnt that some serving governors who are also not comfortable with the last outing that almost crumbled the party are ready to give tacit support for the protest against the convention.

One of the party sources who did not want to be named in print said, “You must have been seeing the uproar that is building over unbridled moves to impose a candidate on the party, regardless of the protests by many stakeholders. Aspirants for chairmanship of the party have filed petitions.

“Many angry party members are waiting to see what the party leadership will do over this matter. We can’t allow persons who plunged the party into crisis barely two years ago repeat the same thing this time around”.

Another source who confided in LEADERSHIP said, “Already, some party leaders are muting the option of holding a parallel convention just like the one which forced the removal of Sheriff”.

Some members of the party had in May last year conducted a parallel national convention in Abuja in protest against moves by some governors to impose Sheriff on the party at another convention in Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile, the national leadership of the PDP yesterday said it is not aware that chairman of the National Caretaker Committee (NCC), Sen Ahmed Makarfi, has a presidential ambition in 2019.

The national caretaker committee of the party also denied taking nominations from any aspirant to serve as members in committees for ward congress as alleged by some other aspirants.

National publicity secretary of the PDP , Prince Dayo Adeyeye, while briefing the press yesterday denied that the national caretaker committee took nominations from any aspirant to serve as members in committees for ward congress.

He also opened up on why it lost the recent Anambra State governorship election, declaring that their own members who voted for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) sabotaged them.

Two chairmanship aspirants, former minister of education Prof Tunde Adeniran and former deputy national chairman of PDP, Chief Bode George, had accused the Makarfi-led PDP of bias against former acting national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus.

Similarly, the Senator representing Ogun East senatorial district, Buruji Kashamu, also accused Makarfi of being bias in the conduct of the forthcoming congress because of his 2019 presidential ambition.

Reacting to the alleged presidential ambition of Makarfi, Adeyeye said, “As for the issue of whether Senator Makarfi has presidential ambition or not, we are not aware of that. The national caretaker committee is not aware of that and we have not opened the floodgate for people to begin to aspire for position of the president. INEC has not even released timetable.

“I don’t know if they have released any timetable for the presidential election. We in the PDP are concerned now about putting in place a new leadership for the party, which we hope, will come up or emerge latest by December 9 or 10. That is our preoccupation at the national caretaker committee”.

He further denied that the membership of committees supervising the congresses in respective states were nominations from aspirants.

Noting that the committee was constituted from states and other organs of the party, he said, “We wish to remind all that it’s the state chapters that actually conduct congresses. The committees only compile the results and attend to appeals after which they file their reports to the party headquarters.

“When all reports are filed by the committees, we shall summon the states chairmen to come with their copies and reconfirm the results at a date to be fixed and all bonafide interest groups will be welcomed to witness it. This is to reassure everybody that validly elected delegates list is not tampered with.

“Commenting specifically on the issues raised by Chief Bode George through his Director-General and Prof. Tunde Adeniran, we wish to state that Chief Bode George assertions were wild and not specific”.

Adeyeye continued: “However, Prof. Adeniran’s letter specifically mentioned 5 names out of about 216 names. While assuring him that we shall pay special attention to the places they were posted to, we did not and could not interview the members to know their linings before calling on them to serve. It is most likely that some of the remaining 211 members are aligned to some other persons seeking elective offices, including himself and Chief Bode George.

“It pains us that on the one hand Chief Bode George, who is fully aware of the pains we are still going through in Lagos in order to fairly and equitably carry everybody on board to the extent that we are been accused by others as siding with him, is the same person accusing us of impunity.

“On the preparations for the convention, we have asked chairmanship aspirants to make input so that they have their eyes and ears in each committee. It was only Chief Bode George that did not attend the meeting we had with the aspirants”.

The PDP spokesman added that the party’s leadership cannot enforce the peace accord entered into by the national chairmanship aspirants.

He however expressed frustration over the party’s inability to further sanction Sen Kashamu over the recent spate of remarks he has made against the leadership of the party.

Dispelling insinuations that Kashamu is bigger than the party, Adeyeye wondered how the lawmaker secured a court injunction stopping the party from disciplining him.

He said, “Kashamu is not bigger than the party. The party will take a decision at the appropriate time on sen Kashamu. It may take long but justice will be done”.

On why they lost Anambra State, the PDP spokesman lamented: “We do agree that the Anambra issue is a self-inflicted injury which has been with the state since after the 2003 general elections.

“Irrespective of the perfections or imperfections of our party primaries and the outcome, PDP Anambrarians had developed conflicting mindsets. We did our best to bring all under one caretaker committee hoping that things will work out well.

“Here, we need to remind PDP members and Nigerians that it was Sen. Kashamu and those he was bankrolling that conducted parallel congresses in Edo and Ondo States. They did not stop there but took us up to Supreme Court and in the end openly endorsed and campaigned for our opponents. Their actions made us to lose the elections.

I Am Not Makarfi’s Candidate – Secondus

A PDP chairmanship aspirant, Prince Uche Secondus, yesterday said he is not the candidate of the chairman of the party’s national caretaker committee, Sen Ahmed Makarfi.

This comes as former Minister of Women Affairs and a contender for deputy national chairman, Hajia Inna Ciroma, warned that the party cannot afford to get it wrong at the forthcoming national convention.

She added that the North rejected PDP in 2015 because it abandoned zoning principle, noting however that the party has learnt its lesson ahead of 2019.

Secondus who spoke at the party national secretariat in Abuja, after submitting his nomination form, also stressed that at no time was the national chairmanship position micro-zoned to South West geo-political zone by stakeholders from the zone.

He noted that the position was zoned to the 17 states in the South, same way presidential ticket of the PDP for 2019 polls was zoned to the 19 states in the North, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

He further clarified that he didn’t bother to contest for national chairman at the botched national convention last year in Port Harcourt because party leaders from the South micro-zoned it to the Southwest.

Reacting to claims that he enjoys Makarfi’s support, Secondus, who was a former deputy national chairman of the party, said “Makarfi is not paving way for my emergence. There is no truth to that statement. I have been going round quietly and canvassing for votes. I have not held any meeting with Makarfi and he has not endorsed me. There was no time that the office (national chairmanship) was micro zoned.

“The office of national chairman is zoned to 17 Southern states of the federation and president zoned to 19 Northern states. Let’s not dwell on misinterpretation; aspirants know this unless they want to be mischievous,” he added.

 Source : Leadership 


Zimbabwe grants Mugabe immunity

Zimbabwe grants Mugabe immunity


Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution, sources close to the negotiations said on Thursday.

According to the source, Mugabe was assured that his safety would be protected in his home country as part of a deal that led to his resignation.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for close to four decades but stepped down on Tuesday after the army seized power and the ruling party turned against him.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice president, is set to be sworn in as president on Friday.

Zimbabwe was once one of Africa’s most promising economies but suffered decades of decline as Mugabe pursued policies that included the violent seizure of white-owned commercial farms and money-printing that led to hyperinflation.

Most of its 16 million people remain poor and face currency shortages and sky-high unemployment, something Mnangagwa promised to address.

“We want to grow our economy, we want peace in our country, we want jobs, jobs, jobs,” he told the crowd, adding: “The will of the people will always, always succeed.”

Mnangagwa’s dismissal was the trigger for the army and former political allies to move against Mugabe, feted as an independence hero when Zimbabwe broke with former colonial power Britain in 1980 but later feared as a despot.

He resigned as president on Tuesday as parliament began an impeachment process, after resisting pressure to do so for a week.

People danced in the streets following his downfall, some brandishing posters of Mnangagwa and army chief Gen. Constantino Chiwenga, who led the takeover.

Parliamentary speaker Jacob Mudenda said on Wednesday that Mnangagwa would be sworn in as president on Friday after being nominated by ZANU-PF to fill the vacancy left by Mugabe.

The demise of Mugabe leaves Zimbabwe in a different situation to a number of other African countries where veteran leaders have been toppled in popular uprisings or through elections.

The army appears to have engineered a trouble-free path to power for Mnangagwa, who was for decades a faithful lieutenant of Mugabe and member of his elite.

He was also in charge of internal security when rights groups say 20,000 civilians were killed in the 1980s.

“Mugabe has gone but I don’t see Mnangagwa doing anything different from that old man.

“This is not the change I expected but let us give him time,” said security guard Edgar Mapuranga, who sat by a bank cash machine that was out of money.

Restoring the country’s fortunes and international standing will be a challenge.

Alleged human rights abuses and flawed elections prompted many Western countries to impose sanctions in the early 2000s that further hurt the economy, even with Chinese investment to soften the blow.

Staging clean elections next year will be key to winning fresh funds.

Although Mnangagwa is almost certain to win any vote, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal representative for Africa, Guenther Nooke, said it would be a victory for Zimbabwe’s “old elites” with the help of China.

“He will manage to get elected using fear or many tricks, and then we’ll have a succession from one tyrant to the next,” Nooke told broadcaster SWR2.

China’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday it respected Mugabe’s decision to resign.

In London, Prime Minister Theresa May said Britain wanted Zimbabwe to rejoin the international community now that Mugabe has resigned.

Mnangagwa met neighbouring South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma before his return on Wednesday.

Mugabe is one of the last of a generation of African leaders who led their countries to independence and then ruled, among them Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya, Felix Houphouet-Boigny in Ivory Coast and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

The African Union said he would be remembered “as a fearless pan-Africanist liberation fighter and the father of the independent Zimbabwean nation” and that his decision to step down would enhance his legacy.

But he also stifled democracy en route to winning a series of elections. His government is accused by the opposition and human rights groups of persecuting and killing opponents.

The forced takeover of white-owned farms from around 2000 aimed to bolster his popular support but crippled foreign exchange earnings from agriculture.

Mnangagwa’s human rights record also stirs hostility in many Zimbabweans.

“The dark past is not going to disappear. They will be following him around like a piece of chewing gum on his shoe,” International Crisis Group’s southern Africa senior consultant Piers Pigou said.

“For him to really be seen to be doing the right thing, he’s going to have to introduce policies that fundamentally undermine the power structures of ZANU-PF, through a shift to genuine political pluralism and a decoupling of the party and state.”



Zimbabwe and the African Tragedy

Zimbabwe and the African Tragedy

Robert Mugabe

The Verdict By Olusegun Adeniyi, Email: olusegun.adeniyi@thisdaylive.com

There is a temptation to hail the outcome of the ‘military coup’ in Zimbabwe that eventually led to the ouster of President Robert Mugabe as a triumph of popular will. That would be a myopic reading of the situation. While the resignation came amid popular discontent fuelled largely by the military and a faction of his own political party, there is an inconvenient truth that we should not shy away from: In Africa, power still does not belong to the people!

Meanwhile, for the generation who know only Mugabe the dictator, it may be necessary to highlight the fact that he did not start that way. He was at some point in history, an African hero. At the risk of his life, Mugabe had led a bloody guerrilla war against the white colonial rulers of Rhodesia (as his country was then called) who jailed him for 10 years over a “subversive speech” he made in 1964. When he was released a decade later, Mugabe did not relent as he merely crossed into the neighbouring Mozambique to continue his struggle. With independence in 1980, he was elected the first prime minister and six years later, the president.

Mugabe’s first decade in office was marked by improvement in the lives of the Zimbabweans and he was well regarded across the world as a good leader of his people. But the moment Mugabe became consumed by an overriding ambition to stay in power in perpetuity, the problem started. He became intolerant and repressive while his land reform policy was marred in controversy.It didn’t take long before the economy collapsed and with it the value of the national currency. Corruption became endemic and by the time he left office on Tuesday, more than 80 percent of his country’s young population were unemployed.

However, the genesis of the crisis of Zimbabwe can be traced to 1979 when the Lancaster House Accords agreed to an equitable compensation in the distribution of farmlands in the country that were held by the British.Even when there were justifications for the policy, the British government refused to fulfil its part of the bargain and acting in collaboration with other western powers, used the issue to bring down the economy of Zimbabwe and ultimately, Mugabe.

I recall that a few days before the March 2002 election, the then Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Francis Sengwe (a friend of our own ‘Comrade’ Kayode Komolafe) visited THISDAY and he explained how the land issue touches on the pride and sovereignty of his country. “There are a few white people who individually own plots of farmland as big as the size of Imo and Abia states combined. Where is the justice and equity in that? Our parents suffered in the hands of these people. My parents worked in a tobacco farm owned by a white man and we had nothing; in our own country. President Mugabe is only trying to correct some of these imbalances and the British would not allow him to have any peace.”

What the foregoing suggests is that amid the global euphoria that has greeted the ouster of Mugabe from power in Zimbabwe, it is important to remember the hypocrisy of the British government on the land issue. At the end of the day, whatever may be the other sins of Mugabe, it was the mismanaged land reform, not the fact that he stayed too long in power or that he was a dictator that accounted for the challenge of his last two decades in office fuelled largely from Britain. That of course does not excuse the fact that he overstayed his welcome and became a nuisance.

As it would happen, the more the international pressure visited on Mugabe on account of the land issue, the more he became desperate about regime protection at the expense of the welfare of his country of 16 million people. Yet throughout, he was enabled by a class of other leaders especially those regarded as war veterans, who believe it is their birthright to rule Zimbabwe because they fought for independence.

To understand this power game better, we may have to go back to recent elections when a very unpopular Mugabe faced the greatest challenges of his leadership. For instance, before the 2002 general elections, all the senior military commanders in the country declared they would serve under no president except Mugabe. In turn, Mugabe signed into law an Electoral Act which gave the armed forces a legal role in national elections for the first time in Zimbabwe’s history. Section 17 of the controversial legislation allowed the heads of the “service commissions”(defined in the Act as the army, air force, police and prison service) to second personnel to serve as “constituency election officers, deputy constituency elections officers, assistant constituency elections officers and polling officers”.

Six years later, the opposition was far stronger against Mugabe. Following a presidential election held on 29 March 2008 believed to have been won by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), it took more than a month for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to announce that while Tsvangirai may have secured 47.9% of the votes against Mugabe’s 43.2%, there was no outright winner hence a run-off was needed. But shortly before that poll, slated for 27 June, Mugabe vowed that he would never accept ‘traitors’ taking over power in Zimbabwe. “It shall never happen … as long as I am alive and those who fought for the country are alive; we are prepared to fight for our country and to go to war for it.”

In pursuit of that agenda, military commanders and Mugabe’s hirelings went on the offensive against opposition politicians and due to the violence, Tsvangirai announced on 22 June 2008 that he was withdrawing from the run-off because, as he said, the lives of his supporters were in danger. The election went ahead as scheduled and even though Mugabe’s (Zanu-PF) ruling party lost its majority in the House of Assembly for the first time (as the opposition won more seats) he still went on to secure 85.5 percent of the total votes cast to continue in office.

In all the foregoing perversions of democratic will, Mugabe always had behind him the military commanders who treated him like a god. The real challenge for Mugabe, however, came when it recently became obvious that his young and ambitious wife, Grace, was remote-controlling him in a not-so-subtle bid to move from ‘The Other Room’ to the presidency of Zimbabwe. Following the removal of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, army commander Constantino Chiwenga had warned that the military would act if purges against former war liberation fighters did not cease. But Mugabe was too drunk in love to listen and he paid the ultimate political price for that.

In the tragedy of Zimbabwe was an arrogance that bordered on entitlement, almost as if the country belongs to a few men on account that they fought for independence. It was that same entitlement that fed into the coup that eventually ousted Mugabe. If ‘The Crocodile’ had not been sacked and there were no surreptitious moves by Mugabe to make his wife succeed him, there would have been no coup. At the end, the military commanders and their political collaborators, led by the man who has now inherited power, merely used the people to achieve a predetermined end.

Now that he has, by a sleight of hand, become the main man in Zimbabwe, I believe it will serveMnangagwa well to lead the cult of personalities within the ZANU-PF to outgrow their sense of entitlement.The immediate challenge facing Zimbabwe today is that of ensuring good governance, providing jobs for the restless young citizens, deepening democracy and fostering national unity.

I wish ‘The Crocodile’ the best of luck as he assumes the mantle of leadership in Zimbabwe.

The Book of Jonathan

A day to the public presentation of my book, “Against The Run of Play: How an incumbent president was defeated in Nigeria” in April this year, I got a call from the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Anyim Pius Anyim, who said someone had given him a copy and that he had read it. After the usual pleasantries, he asked, “but why did oga (President Jonathan) say that about Stella (Oduah)?”

Since I didn’t know how to respond to such question, I simply allowed Anyim to talk. He told me of how people within their circle were angry that Jonathan simply threw Oduah under the bus by using her removal as a justification for his fight against corruption.

Although I couldn’t understand the point Anyim was making considering that Oduah’s saga played out in the public glare and President Jonathan merely echoed an open secret, I can now see the bigger picture after readingBolaji Abdullahi’s very insightful book, “On a Platter of Gold: How Jonathan won and lost Nigeria”. In the book, Oduah gave a counter-narrative which presented the manner in which she left Jonathan’s cabinet as a product of negotiation between the two of them. Excerpts:

“Did Diezani ask you to sack me”, she asked the president.

“No, she did not”, a troubled Jonathan answered. “But I am confused. Tell me what I should do now.”

“Why don’t you just announce it, since we have got to this stage? But if I go now, you would not get the credit for it. May be you should just wait and announce it with the rest.”

By the account that followed, President Jonathan actually waited and added the name of Oduah among a list of other members of the federal executive council who were said to be leaving to seek other political offices. What makes Abdullahi’s book rather fascinating is that his former cabinet colleagues provided a lot of background information that enriched the narrative. But it is also a well-researched book with penetrating insights on the factors that combined both to throw up Jonathan from the obscurity of a teaching job to the pinnacle of power and to throw him down as the first incumbent president to be defeated in Nigeria.

Although Abdullahi was a minister under Jonathan for almost three years before he was removed on account of politics and he is currently the spokesman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), he has produced a most scholarly work. Reading the book, especially against the background of the ongoing political developments in Zimbabwe, one cannot but agree with Mr. Mo Ibrahim’s summation that “Africa’s history over the last 50 years has been blighted by two areas of weakness. These have been capacity – the ability to design and deliver policies; and accountability – how well a state answers to its people.”

That essentially is the thrust of the blurb to Abdullahi’s book by Wale Adebanwi, Rhodes Professor of Race Relations at Oxford University, who put the whole narrative in perspective. The “selective outrage regarding some fundamental crises which members of the elite used in propelling themselves to power”, according to Adebanwi, “emphasises how the various factions of the Nigerian political elite are gifted in the art of the capture and recapture of power but largely vacuous in the art of building and sustaining a good society”.

You can follow me on my Twitter handle, @Olusegunverdict and on http://www.olusegunadeniyi.com where I have posted a March 2002 piece I wrote on Zimbabwe as well as other old columns.
Source : ThisDay 

Pastor dies during sex with 19-year-old girl

Pastor dies during sex with 19-year-old girl

A Pentecostal pastor has reportedly died during an alleged sex romp with a 19-year-old-girl in a hotel room in Kwale, Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta.

Delta Police Command Spokesperson, DSP Andrew Aniamaka, confirmed on Wednesday in Asaba. He said the victim’s wife reported the incident to the police on November 19.

He said the hotel workers were alerted to the incident after the girl raised the alarm for help when she noticed the pastor was gasping for breath.

“The incident happened last Sunday evening. We learnt the pastor took the girl, who is said to be 19 years of age to the hotel room.

“While they were in the room after some few minutes, the girl reportedly raised alarm which attracted workers in the hotel, who rushed into the room to find the pastor dead.

“The wife of the pastor was called to the scene of the incident, where he met her husband stone dead.

“She subsequently reported the matter to the Police Division in Kwale,” Aniamaka said.

The police image maker said an autopsy would be conducted to determine the cause of death of the pastor, adding that the police had since launched an investigation into the incident.


News Headlines Nov 23, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

News Headlines Nov 23, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

Compiled by Demola Adefajo 

The Punch

Falana berate DSS for stopping Ekpeyong, Oke’s arrest
‘Pastor’ hypnotises, detains students for years in Ogun
National security structure has collapsed – Senate
Tinubu visits Afenirere leader, says no automatic ticket for Buhari
Obiano: Did the people really speak?
COP 23: Why the world must not get stuck on dialogue
NBBF crisis: Ahmedu rules out FIBA ban
Aiyegbeni retires
Russia 2018: Nigerian firm gets MATCH Hospitality role
500 kids for Minna b’ball clinic
Barca, United eye Onyekuru – Report
3SC, late Izu’s brother trade accusations over salary
NFF plans five friendlies
Club Championship lights up Ikeja Club
200 golfers CBN Governor’s Cup
Senate assures ministry of funds for 2018
FG seeks amendment to Police Act
Ex-AGF, Bayo Ojo, gets Law Digest lifetime achievement award
Pastor dies during sex with 19-year-old girl
My breasts are draining my health, 23-year-old lady with 34K
‘Pastor’ hypnotises, detains students for years in Ogun
Non-indigenes won’t succeed me, says Amosun
Unpaid pensions: Protest over retired headmaster’s suicide
Security man found dead in front of workplace
 Fire guts Warri market, consumes 500 shops
INEC gives Obiano certificate of return
Senate probes alleged EFCC, DSS, NIA feud
Reps committee to probe alleged missing $60bn petroleum profit tax
Buhari, Osinbajo, ministers honour Ekwueme
Nigerian states’ debts increase to 4% of GDP – W’Bank
NCC, NSCDC sign pact on telecom infrastructure protection
NNPC secures $3.7bn in alternative funding
Russia 2018: Nigerian firm gets MATCH Hospitality role
Nigerian dancer, Pinki Debbie set to break Guinness World Record
UK police probe second Kevin Spacey allegation
2Kay’s robbery: Burna Boy yet to report to Police, says PPRO
My breasts are draining my health, 23-year-old lady with 34K bra size laments
Osinbajo says UCH will get fund for facility upgrade
Sickle cell and pre-implantation genetic testing
Retiring nurses beg Amosun to employ more hands
Foundation boosts competition on local production of artificial limb
Skype joins list of apps on China blacklist
Editorial. Plight of soldiers in Boko Haram war, inexcusable
Nigerian women are non-citizens
When are Nigeria’s Mugabes going to resign


Citing Gaps in Management of Recovered Assets, Buhari Inaugurates Audit Panel
• Approves new measures to curb terrorism • No going back on arrest of Ekpeyong, Oke, Magu insists • Senate asks president to wade…
Tinubu: APC Has Not Endorsed Anyone for 2019 Presidential Ticket
Address Fiscal Challenges, Despite GDP Growth, World Bank Tells Nigeria
Apple Sells MekaMons Robots Built by Nigerian-British Engineer
Mnangagwa to Be Sworn in President as Mugabe Resigns
53 Killed in Militia Attack, Suicide Bomb Blast in Adamawa
Fidelity Bank Partners Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs on Youth Empowerment NNPC Secures $3.7bn Alternative Financing in Three Years
AfDB Portfolio in Nigeria over $6bn, Says Adesina
Mubi Bombing: IG Places CPs, AIGS on Red Alert
PDP Denies Makarfi’s Presidential Ambition
Police File Murder Charges against Wife for Alleged Murder of Ex-PDP Chair’s Son
Anambra Govt Plans Befitting Burial for Ekwueme
Maina: Again, Senate C’ttee Meets Malami Behind Closed Doors
UNDP, NHRC Release Report on Humanitarian Crisis in N’East
Obiano Receives Certificate of Return
Lai Mohammed: All Votes will Count in 2019
Lasun: FG Aware Oil Output in 2018 Budget Not Realisable House to meet…
Northern Youths Ask FG to Tell the Truth about Boko Haram
Court Orders FG to Reinstate Ex-NEMA Spokesperson Four Years After Retirement
Nigeria Loses $9bn to Illegal Mining in Two Years
Otti Vows to Unleash Obiano Tsunami on Abia as APGA Faithful Celebrate
Senate to Review National Security Infrastructure
Lagos General Hospitals Prepare to Manage Outbreak of Deadly Viral Infections
Tambuwal: It’s Premature to Talk About 2019, Says Politicians Distracting Governance
Senate Orders Reinstatement of Dismissed Colonel
Gridlock: Lagos Begins Evacuation of Articulated Vehicles on Apapa- Oshodi Expressway
Army Orders Personnel to Learn Three Major Nigerian Languages
Medical Personnel in UCTH Warned against Private Practice
Police Nab Fake Lawyer in Minna
Prosecution Declares Witness Hostile in N3.1bn Fraud Trial Against Suswam
Performance of APC in Anambra Poll Satisfactory, Says Oyegun
Senior Lawyer: Stopping EFCC from Arresting Oke, Ekpeyong Illegal
FG: Why National Carrier Being Delayed
Babangida Commends Governor Wike for Working to Rebuild PDP
I Cannot Disregard My State Governor, Senator Abe Tells Critics
PENGASSAN Backs NNPC to Restore Refineries, Discover Oil in New Basins
AfDB: DBN’s Role in MSMEs Sector Extremely Important to Us
ABINBEV Restates Commitment to Nigeria with $250m Investment
Farmers Laud CBN for Reducing Rice Importation
PwC: Structural Reforms, Political Risk Management Crucial to Nigeria’s Economic Growth
Again Telcos Express Concern over Multiple Taxes
Masari: Nigeria Has Several Big Men But Few Leaders
Events Have Proven Buhari’s Govt is Corrupt’
Saving Lives through Local Drug Production
Who is Afraid of Family Planning?
Bauchi Records 507 Cases of Measles Outbreak
2018 Budget: PHC Practitioners Decry Poor Allocation, Neglect of Health Sector
NNMEP: Despite Reduction in Malaria Prevalence, 30 Children Still Die Every Hour
Organ Harvesting: ‘Beam Searchlight on Your Members’, NAPTIP Urges NMA
Augustine: Legislation Will Encourage Diabetes Screening in Nigeria
Eagles’ Victory over Argentina May Be Counterproductive, Ighalo Warns
500 Youth Participating in a Basketball Clinic in Minna
Aiyegbeni Retires from Football
‘Why NCC is Splashing N23m on Tennis League’
MATCH Hospitality Appoints Integral as Russia 2018 Exclusive Sales Agent in Nigeria
Zimbabwe and the African Tragedy

The Nation

2019: Buhari will follow due process, says Tinubu
Northcentral governors, leaders urge Buhari to contest in 2019
Senate seeks new security design to end killings
Boko Haram: CDS in Northeast as governor visits victims
Buhari orders audit of recovered assets within one month
Budget won’t be ready before March’ 
No going back on arrest of Ekpeyong, Oke, says Magu
Jealous wife charged with stabbing ex-PDP chair’s son to death
PDP chair: Disagreements may be resolved at convention, says Makarfi
EFCC raises teams to quiz ex-DG DSS, former NIA boss
Senate condemns DSS, EFCC, NIA clashes
Rice importation drops to 21,000 MT from 644,131MT in two years, says Fed Govt
I want to be a farmer, says girl with First Class in Computer Science
Teenagers held for ‘kidnap’
‘Why Nigeria should be restructured’
Before Aketi forgets
Induction not a licence to teach, says TRCN
Nigeria must utilise research findings, says Oyedepo
Penalty for rioting
Social entrepreneurs clinch Hult Prize at OAU
Crime: college beefs up security
Full Time: PSG 7-1 Celtic, Basel 1-0 Man Utd & Juve 0-0 Barca
Chelsea Beats Qarabag 4-0, Reaches Champions League last 16
Sexual abuse: U.S. gymnastics team doctor pleads guilty
Maradona to reunite with Lineker at World Cup draw
ACCW: Ambassador commends Elephant Girls
Uefa hands Everton £26,000 fine for aggression
‘Buhari deserves automatic ticket’
Anambra poll: Group rates security, INEC high
Teenagers held for ‘kidnap’
NDE trains youths in agriculture
NBC to settle boundary disputes in states
Police probe electrocution of artisan
Will Obaseki fulfill promises to revamp education?
Sokoto spends N3b on scholarship
Private sector role vital in education says Lagos govt
‘Ex-UNILAG VC, man of peace’
CSR: We are committed to host community devt, says NIPCO
As AfDB invest $500m
Chevron contributes $5m to Global Fund to reduce HIV infections in Nigeria


Obiano Receives Certificate Of Return From INEC
’m A Prophet With Value At Home —Okowa
Anambra: TMG Calls For Stiff Action Against Vote Buying
2018 FIFA World Cup: Integral Appointed Exclusive Sales Agent In Nigeria
industrialist Hails Obiano, Mourns Ekwueme
Use Avengers Three-Month Ceasefire To Develop N-Delta, FG Urged
UNICEF Tasks Nigeria On Open Defecation
IFAD Empowers 4,000 Benue Youths
BOI Tasks Women Entrepreneurs To Employ More People
WWW Holds Charity Ball In Lagos
The Worst Is Over — Buhari
Luxury Firm To Empower 300 Nigerian SMEs
Edo NUT Kicks Against Bill Transferring Payment Of Teachers’ Salaries To LGs
Nwosu Resigns As Anambra PDP Nears Explosion
Delta Farmers Inaugurate Exco
PNDPC Didn’t Join PANDEF —Ayemi-Botu
We’ve Built Structures To Rehabilitate Human Trafficking Victims —Obaseki
Never again will wanton stealing be allowed in Nigeria – Buhari
Tinubu rules out automatic ticket for President Buhari in 2019
Senate to probe clash between DSS, EFCC over arrest of Ex-DSS, NIA Chiefs
Why I joined APC now- Ojukwu
I’m a crisis manager, able to lead PDP to “change the change” – Gbenga Daniel
Osinbajo to youths: Don’t expect you’ll become Nigeria’s President immediately you join politics
2019: Join political parties, effect the change you need, VP Osinbajo urges youths
PDP denies Makarfi’s Presidential ambition
2018 FIFA World Cup: Integral appointed exclusive Sales Agent in Nigeria
Chelsea beat 10-man Qarabag 4-0, qualify for last 16
Nigerians react as Yakubu Aiyegbeni retires from football
Everton fined for fan attack against Lyon
Manchester United is a possibility- Griezmann
Temple Management appoints Hadja Kobele Keita
Still on Burna Boy!
Stay off social media, Omotola advises Banky W, Adesua
New Telenovela Battleground gets stronger, celebrates 100th episode
Burna Boy wanted, still on the run, Police insist
BOI tasks women entrepreneurs to employ more people



PDP’s Crisis Resurrects, Party Set For Parallel Conventions
Nigeria Will Soon Achieve Self-sufficiency In Rice Production – Lai
Kogi Gov Gives Scholarship To 25 KSU Medical Students
Attacks: IGP Places CPs, AIGs On Red Alert
IBB Lauds Wike Over Rebuilding PDP
Court Remands First Violator Of Benue Anti Open Grazing Law
Patience Jonathan’s $15.5m: Lawyers Fight Over Representation
2019 Presidency: Govs, North Central Leaders To Compel PMB To Contest
Internal Crises Caused PDP Anambra –Makarfi
Reps C’ttee To Revoke Licences Of 18 Lottery Operators
Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa To Return As Mugabe’s Successor
Internal Crises Caused PDP Anambra –Makarfi
Nigeria Loses Over N3trn To Illegal Mining
Reps C’ttee To Revoke Licences Of 18 Lottery Operators
FG, Japan Signs N642mln Grant Aid Project On Economic End Social Development
PMB Declares ‎ICAO’s Forum Open
Customs Marine Commands And Smuggling At Creeks, Rivers
Lagos Pays N141.59bn To Bond Holders
2019 Presidency: Govs, North Central Leaders To Compel PMB To Contest
Anambra Election: How IGP’s Strategy Aided Peaceful Polls
The Immolation Of Nigeria’s Agribusiness
Champions League: Chelsea Cruise Past 10-man Qarabag To Seal Spot

The Guardian

 New regulation threatens N466b power sector loans
30 applicants lose job offers after testing positive to drugs
Virtual pipelines to solve infrastructural challenges in gas sector, says Joe-Ezigbo
No automatic ticket for Buhari in 2019, says Tinubu
Oyo police arrest 22 armed robbers, ritualists, others
Why 2018 budget may not be passed before January, by Senate
Federal Government loses N3tr to illegal gold, lead mining, others
World Bank report raises concern on states’ rising debt stock
Lawyer sues AGF, IGP, police for failure to enforce court judgment
 Loew rates Morocco higher than Nigeria
Barca, Chelsea reach last 16 as Man Utd lose
Nigeria begins sale of FIFA hospitality packages
Team Muller to meet Offikwu/Civil Defence in NCC Tennis League final
‘We’ll use Aces Solid Sports Boxing Promotion to launch our career’
More teams make Zenith/Delta Principals Cup zonal qualifiers
Facebook launches Nigeria initiative to drive innovation, growth
FG unveils one-stop shop for MSMEs development, ease of doing business
‘Our goal is to help SMEs scale-up, end cycle of poverty in Nigeria’
Osun plans cocoa festival to boost agriculture production
Five habits to stop for a healthier skin
Tackling antibiotics resistance
Editorial: Produce in Nigeria, buy in Nigeria and save Nigeria
 Tribe and tongue in Nigeria: From detribalisation to retribalisation
End of the road for Mugabe
Ekwueme: A cultured man takes a bow
Talking about smart cities
 APC needs smart politics to win Delta State, says Emerhor
PDP disowns Makarfi’s alleged presidential ambition, says peace accord not enforcible
Governors, North Central leaders urge Buhari to run in 2019
 Challenges, prospects of public policy formulation and security
Again, Ndigbo and the national question
Ailing actor Sadiq Daba set for treatment in UK
Glo’s Professor Johnbull Enters Season 5
 Local plant validated for ovarian, pancreatic cancer treatment
Why HIV, malaria, TB are ‘untreatable,’ by WHO
Half of cancer deaths driven by bad habits, researchers find
Committing to 2020 target for pharmaceutical grade corn-starch

Daily Trust

ICRC steps up “missing persons” database
Anambra: TMG wants actions against ‘vote buyers’ to secure 2019
B/Haram: Buhari creates intelligence sharing centre in Maiduguri
Reps threaten to withdraw licences of 18 lottery operators
‎FG urged to resuscitate technical schools to reduce unemployment
Obiano: I’ll work harder in my second term
Buhari: Recovered assets unaccounted for
2Kay: Police quizzes Burna Boy’s father
Olonisakin arrives Maiduguri after scores killed in Adamawa
Is Buhari desperate for a second term? Ask Nalado
Anambra: TMG wants actions against ‘vote buyers’ to secure 201
Army order officers, soldiers to learn Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa in 1 year
Funtua dry port yet to kick-off, 3 years after
NNPC gets workers’ nod on oil search in inland basins
How Arik officials diverted $26m, N2.4bn loans – AMCON MD
Skye Bank highlights consumer power in TV show
Our target is zero electronic fraud in Nigeria’s banking sector– CBN DG
Industrialists back CBN on monetary policies
Wheat farmers struggle for improved seeds as planting begins
The proper ways to farm wheat
Bumper cotton harvest in Katsina, price rises in markets
Women deeply involved in agribusiness – NCWS
FG strategizes for effective pest control measures
Inside Taeg Farm where rare crops catch Koreans attention
Farmcrowdy links farmers to sponsors through app
Festival to mark 121 years of cocoa production to hold in Osun
Cashew farmers expect early harvest, increase in production
JAMB, NCC to build 500 capacity CBT centre in COE Azare
Alumni unveils school feeding programme, website for GSS Kuru
Oyo launches ETF, sponsors best WASSCE students
Girl child education key to development – Emir Sanusi
5 Key elements that gave hope for 2018 budget
Buhari moves FEC, other activities to Aisha’s office
As Boko Haram, militia strike: 80 killed in Adamawa
Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe long rule at a glance
Senate says December target for 2018 budget unrealistic
DSS, EFCC faceoff: TMG demands Buhari’s direct intervention
2019: Buhari not stopping anyone from contesting — Tinubu
N/Central leaders okay Buhari’s 2nd term
Obiano product of Buhari’s transparency — Lai Mohammed
Chelsea maul Qarabag, zoom into Champions League last 16
NASS promises more funds for sports in 2018
NNPC gets workers’ nod on oil search in inland basins
Abaji boss donates speed boat to Magowi
Recession, state of our well-being and Economic experts
Yobe’s healthcare legacy earns Gov. Gaidam SOGON accolade

The Sun

2019: Tinubu opposes automatic ticket for Buhari
• Faults Okorocha’s position on govs’ endorsement
Obiano, deputy receive certificates of return
Gridlock: Lagos begins evacuation of articulated vehicles at Apapa
PDP must take back power in 2019 –Jonathan
IBB commends Wike for working to rebuild PDP
2019: Atiku set to dump APC for PDP
•Likely to rejoin oppostion party before December 6 national convention
No going back on Oke, Ekpeyong’s arrest –Magu
..Senate knocks DSS, EFCC, NIA
Sickle cell anaemia: Pains without end
Interswitch appoints Olisa as Chairman
Russia 2018 : German coach writes off Nigeria, tips Morocco
Don’t conduct Anambra Central election, Ekwunife, lawyer tell INEC
2019: Umahi, APC and Ebonyi politics
Ekiti: When US envoy came calling
Ndigbo and self-determination
Save Festac from more disaster
… Residents, stakeholders seek govt’s help as community marks 40th anniversary
U.S. gymnastics team doctor pleads guilty to sexual abuse
Mugabe’s VP, Mnangagwa returns from exile
UN says aid agencies to pay South Sudan’s hiked work permit fee
11 PFIs fail DBN loan eligibility criteria
Reps probe alleged missing $60bn petroleum profit tax revenue
•Knocks CBN, FIRS, DPR
AfDB grows Nigerian portfolio to $6bn
Sports to enjoy increased funding in 2018, NASS promises
Obi should congratulate Obiano on his victory –Rev Obimma
Buhari sets up commitee to audit recovered loot
JAMB postpones sale of 2018 UTME form 
EDITORIAL Don’t discriminate against female cadets

2019: No automatic ticket for Buhari- Tinubu

2019: No automatic ticket for Buhari, says Tinubu

Peter Dada, Akure

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday declared that the party would follow the normal democratic process in choosing its flagbearer in the 2019 Presidential Election.

He said the leadership of the party had not endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari as its sole candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.

His statement was against the recent endorsement of President Muhammadu as the sole candidate of the APC for the 2019 election by the APC governors.

Tinubu held a closed meeting with the leaders of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, the Afenifere, at the residence of the leader of the organisation, Pa. Reuben Fasoranti in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

Tinubu, who was at the meeting with the Governor of Ondo State, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, his deputy, Mr. Agboola Ajayi and the Acting Chairman of the APC in the state, Mr. Ade Ademehin, said Buhari was a man who believed in normal democratic process and the rule of law.

Speaking with journalists after the meeting, he said, “No governors can appropriate the power of endorsement to themselves. Buhari is a believer in the process. The Buhari, I know, believes in the rule of law. We wanted him even before the last convention and primary of the party and Akeredolu is here standing with me, he was not the governor then. He was one of the leading delegates that voted properly and Buhari was a clear winner.

He added, “We followed all the constitutional provision and an individual or group’s opinion does not really matter at this stage, Buhari will want a normal process. Buhari that, I know, who says he will lose at any convention? But if the national body, the NEC (National Executive Committee) and all of us as members endorsed him as our single candidate, we will not be violating INEC regulations, we will not be violating our party constitution.

“What you are hearing is just a campaign by other people who might like to do so. Buhari has not excluded anybody, and he has not infringed on anybody’s ambition if there is. We can not be sycophantic about it.”

Source: The Punch

Badoo killings: Police arrest 2 in Lagos

Badoo killings: Police arrest 2 in Lagos

The Commissioner of Police in Lagos, CP Imohimi Edgal, who confirmed the arrest to newsmen, said that the incident happened at Temu village in Ikosi Ejirin Local Council Development Area of the state.

Although, Edgal said two persons were killed, some residents told newsmen that a mother and her two children were killed in the incident.

The Lagos police boss said: “It is a clear case of murder. The landlady has been arrested and an okada rider has been arrested.

“One of the victims watched television throughout the night with one of the suspects in our custody.

” It has nothing to do with ritual killing as speculated.
Edgal said that investigation had commenced into the killings.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), however, learnt from residents of the community that a woman and her two children were killed by suspected “badoo” cultists at about 2am on Monday.

NAN learnt that the hoodlums scaled through the fence and killed Iyabo (mother), David (4) and Rachael (8) with stones while sleeping, a trade mark of the badoo group.

A resident, Mr Adeshina Idowu, said that the death of the family took the community by surprise.
“ The family just moved into the community six months ago; we were surprised when somebody came to me that Mama David is dead.

“When we got to the scene, the assailants had killed the woman and her two children who were with her in the apartment.

“How they entered into the victims’ compound without the guard knowing about it is a mystery to us,” he said.

Another resident, who simply gave his name as Tajudeen, said residents immediately reported the incident at Agbowa Police Division.
“ Initially we thought it was armed robbery case.

“But when we entered into their apartment and saw stone used by the assailants, then we knew that it is the hand work of Badoo cultists,” he said
NAN further learnt that policemen from Agbowa Police Division had evacuated the corpses to the mortuary.