Where is the Nigerian Opposition?

Where is the Nigerian Opposition?

Less than a year to the next general elections in Nigeria, the biggest deficit in the political process leading to that moment is the absence of a robust, virile and effective opposition. The role of the opposition in a democracy is to question, criticize, challenge, and audit the governments of the day – local and national – and make them more transparent and accountable, and even if these twin-objectives may not be immediately achieved, the opposition exists nonetheless to put the people in power “on their toes” as it were in the people’s overall interest.

This is the underlying principle of a parliamentary system of government, and even in other forms of government including a Presidential system, the opposition provides checks and balances, it is a kind of alternative government, a counterweight, providing such balance that could safeguard the integrity of the political process. But of course, what is at stake is “the conquest of power”: the opposition provides the people with a choice and ultimately seeks to wrestle power from or out of the hands of the incumbent and present a different vision of social and economic progress.

In doing this, the opposition may be constructive – in this regard it could even work with the ruling party or government to promote the national interest. This was the case under Prime Minister Narasimha Rao of India who once sent opposition leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, as leader of the Indian delegation, to defend the government on its human rights record in response to allegations by Pakistan.

Rao’s party members, who felt he had no business working with the opposition criticized him as loudly as they could, but the Prime Minister felt it was more important to be bi-partisan and project a picture of national unity. It is not a strategy that has endured in India’s divisive politics. But what is known is that in other jurisdictions, members of the opposition in parliament sometimes vote on a non-partisan basis on key issues before the parliament. This may occur when the rivalry among the political parties is peaceful and there is a broad consensus that the country is far more important than the boundaries imposed by partisan politics.

For the most part however, opposition politics can be disruptive, and apropos, the strategy of the opposition is not to construct anything or offer any value but to “oppose, oppose, oppose” by any means possible to wear down and pull down the incumbent government. Physical violence, blackmail, abusive words, post-truth imagery and fake news are part of the arsenal of the disruptive opposition.

In Nigeria at the moment, we neither have in my estimation a constructive or a disruptive opposition. Whatever we have that may look remotely as any form of opposition is weak, uncoordinated, and ineffective. Our political parties are internally polarized, politics has become evil, our political leaders do not know where to draw the line, the ruling government is having an upper hand, it is committed to an unrelenting, overzealous persecution of the opposition and progressive ideas. The last time we witnessed what looked like organized opposition, even if it was disruptive, was ironically through the All Progressives Congress (APC). In 2013, a number of political parties formed a synergy with civil society groups to become the All Progressives Congress, and adopting an “oppose, oppose, oppose” strategy, they managed by 2015 to get the ruling Peoples Democratic Party out of power. It was a major turning point in Nigerian politics since the return to civilian rule in 1999.

But the PDP was not prepared for its new role as the leading opposition party, just as the new government led by the APC was equally unprepared for governance. This sudden reversal of roles caught Nigeria’s main political actors napping. The APC at the centre found it difficult to even appoint Ministers: it took six months to come up with a list. In one or two states, the Governors acted as sole administrators for up to a year. There are about 80 registered political parties in the country, but these are at best relatively unknown parties.

The main political party, the PDP has been largely in disarray since it lost power. Most of its members have defected to the new ruling party, many of its founding fathers now prefer to be known and addressed as statesmen, and the party’s strong mouthpieces have all been cowed into silence by a ruling party that is wielding power like a whip. The PDP came out of power mired in a corrosive in-fighting and blame-sharing that robbed the party of its soul. It was later “kidnapped”, and then rescued, but it is not yet in strong enough shape to stand up to the ruling party, offer alternative views or organize itself properly. Who is even the national leader of the PDP? Close to the next general elections as we are, nobody is quite sure. What exactly does the PDP want to do? It is not so clear either. Is the PDP still interested in power? If it is, it is not showing the kind of determination that the APC projected in 2014.

There are PDP members in the legislature at the Federal and State levels, but their voices have not been loud enough. Nigerian politics has not been ideology-driven for a while, that is one explanation, but it is also possible that the remaining PDP members are hedging their bets and secretly planning to join the APC. This is the case because the ruling APC is now in charge of state resources – and that is a major attraction for Nigerian politicians, besides, the APC not knowing how to govern has been functioning more as an opposition party. It has spent the last three years hounding PDP members and the Jonathan administration, and making it difficult for anyone to come up with progressive, opposition ideas.

It had to take Microsoft’s Bill Gates to criticize the Economic Recovery and Growth Programme (ERGP) of the Federal Government before the PDP realized that such a document existed. The new PDP, failing in its role as an opposition party, cedes the initiative to the APC and merely reacts through statements that do not even make much impact. In the states across the Federation, opposition members often forget what their role in the legislature is supposed to be as they join the queue of lawmakers trooping to the Government House to collect favours from imperial Governors. At the Federal level, APC Senator Dino Melaye has functioned more as an opposition leader than any PDP Senator with his persistent interrogation of Executive policies and actions. One or two PDP Senators, along with some other APC members, in comparison, have since acquired a reputation for going to the Red Chamber to sleep during plenary sessions! There is no quality debate as such in our parliaments, more or less, and so the debate about Nigeria has shifted to morning shows on radio and television, oftentimes conducted by ill-equipped analysts and the hysterical crowd.

It is the country that pays the cost when the opposition is asleep, and one political party is allowed to ride roughshod over everyone just because it is in power and office. When members of the APC claim that there is no alternative to President Muhammadu Buhari, I guess they are not saying there are no persons who are better qualified than the President; rather they are saying they cannot see any organized opposition that could pose a threat to the continued stay of the Buhari government in power beyond May 2019. And by conduct, they even make it clear that whoever challenges the APC should be prepared to face the consequences of doing so. The APC mastered bully tactics as an opposition party. It continues to rely on the same tactics as a ruling party.

The gap that has been created by the absence of an effective opposition in Nigerian politics since 2015 is gradually now being filled by thought leaders. Sometime in 2016, I wrote a piece titled “Where are the public intellectuals? in which I challenged the Nigerian intelligentsia generally to rouse from its slumber. That slumber is perhaps understandable. The Nigerian intelligentsia bought into the APC project in 2014 and 2015, and wanted the PDP out of the way by all means.

Not too long ago, confronted with the failings of the APC as a ruling party, this special class has since recanted. I dealt with that in “The season of recanting” (Jan.16) but since this other article, the political space has since become more interesting with the interventions of persons like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babangida, General TY Danjuma, Professor Wole Soyinka and the emergence of groups like the Obasanjo-led Coalition for Nigeria, the Agbakoba-led Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM), the Ezekwesili-led Red Card Movement, and the Concerned Nigerians Movement led by Charly Boy Oputa. The main battle-ground in recent times however has been the Nigerian social media where young Nigerians have been quite loud in expressing their dissatisfaction with the Buhari administration. The social media proved to be a strong weapon of mobilization in the hands of the APC before 2015, now it is its main nemesis.

Useful as these interventions, this reawakening of the civil society, may seem, the value is limited except there is a formal opposition that is specifically organized for the “conquest of power” at the polls. There is a growing consensus among these groups that both the APC and the PDP are of no use, they have not yet identified an alternative political party that can engage the ruling party but I believe the point is not lost on the actors involved that elections are won or lost not on twitter but by political parties actively organized for political action. Opposition politics involves branding, strategy, organization and pro-active action. Nigerian Opposition parties seeking to dislodge the APC can work together to form a political coalition as the APC did in 2013, and even if they do not win in 2019, the country’s political process would be better enriched by a constructive and strong engagement from the opposition that any ruling government deserves.

The current infidelity of the average Nigerian politician is the biggest obstacle that I see. Most Nigerian politicians do not necessarily go into politics because of what they can contribute, but because of what they intend to take out of it. The APC would continue to insist on its self-ascribed invincibility if the best that other political parties can offer is to apologize. The PDP Chairman recently apologized to Nigerians for whatever the PDP did while in power for 16 years. I don’t know whether that is meant to be a strategy or a confession but the meaninglessness of it has been exposed by the vicious responses from the APC and how the PDP has found itself having to struggle to put in a word. The Nigerian Opposition when eventually it awakens and seeks to engage the APC must realize that the APC has a tested opposition machinery, which found itself out of depths in the context of governance, but which in an election season could assume its emotional memory state, and with the resources now at its disposal, including power, prove to be deadly.

Opposition politics is not rocket science and nobody has to travel to India, the UK or the United States to master it. In Nigeria’s First and Second Republics, whatever may have been the problems of that era, this country had a rich culture of opposition politics. Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the Action Group and later the Unity Party of Nigeria, as an opposition leader, confronted the ruling government with hard facts and figures and an alternative vision of how Nigeria could be rescued.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Malam Aminu Kano and Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri – opposition figures at various times – also stood for something. Whoever wants to rule Nigeria or any part thereof should be prepared to tell us exactly what he or she wants to do and how and when. If we have not learnt any lesson, we should by now have realized that a politician wearing Nigerian clothes, taking fine photos, eating corn by the roadside, over-promising, pretending to respect women and children, distributing cash and food, claiming to be a democrat, dancing to impress, and sometimes projecting himself or herself as nationalistic may not be what we are made to see. Nigeria needs a different breed, new faces, new ideas, a new way of politics.

Source: ThisDay

Pastor allegedly kills lover, buries decapitated body near altar

Pastor allegedly kills lover, buries decapitated body near altar

Samuel Awoyinfa, Abeokuta

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a pastor at Holy Gathering Evangelical Church of God, Papalanto, Ewekoro Local Government Area of the state, Oluwatobiloba Ipense, for allegedly killing his lover, Raliat Sanni, for ritual purposes.

The suspect, police claimed, beheaded the victim, severed the two hands and buried the body on his uncompleted church premises.

The corpse of the deceased was buried in one of the rooms close to the church altar.

Sanni was said to be a divorcee, hairdresser and mother of five children.

Thousands of residents of Papalanto, a community bordering Lafarge Cement Company, trooped out on Tuesday when the state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, led journalists to the crime scene.

Iliyasu, who supervised the exhumation of the decapitated body of the victim, said the suspect and his accomplice, Daniel Sopeju, who claimed to be a prophet in another white garment church, were arrested on March 26, 2018.

The police boss said the command received a report of a missing person at its divisional headquarters in Ewekoro on Monday, March 26, and swung into action.

He said, “The case was reported by one Adebola Saheed that his younger sister, Raliat Sanni, left home since March 21 and had yet to return.

“On the strength of the report, our operatives at the Ewekoro division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, Oluwarotimi Jeje, swung into action and embarked on technical intelligence investigation.”

Iliyasu said the suspect was arrested following a discreetanalysis of facts surrounding the disappearance of the victim, as he was the last person that had contact with her.

According to Iliyasu, the suspect was a pastor in charge of Cherubim & Seraphim, a white garment  church, at the Elebute area of Ewekoro.

He added that in the course of interrogation, the pastor confessed to killing the victim and burying her in his church after removing her head and two hands for reasons “only known to him and God.”

He said Ipense also mentioned Pastor David Sopeju of Iyana Egbado as his accomplice.

Iliyasu described the act as “the height of wickedness” that could be meted out to a fellow human being.

He claimed that the victim was a “secret lover” of the pastor.

The police boss disclosed that forensic investigation into the case had commenced, adding that the suspects would be charged to court.

While speaking with journalists, Ipense denied the allegation that he killed the victim, saying his accomplice, Sopeju, was responsible for her death.

He claimed that Sopeju led seven members of a cult to his house with the aim of luring him to become a member.

Ipense, who claimed to be teaching Accounting and Commerce at a private secondary school at Arigbajo, said the cult had earlier asked him to submit the names of his church members from which he alleged that they eventually picked Raliat’s name.

He said, “It is not true that I killed the woman. It was one Mr. Daniel Sopeju and a woman that wanted to make me join their cult and they said that they were going to collect a ransom.

“So they collected the names of my members and picked the name of Raliat Sanni. Having mentioned her name, they asked me where she was living and I told them that she was living at Wasinmi. They later got her and brought her to my church.

“They used red cloth to cover her face and Mr Sopeju brought out a knife and beheaded the woman. After beheading her, he collected her blood and put it in seven calabashes.

“He later put her head and severed hands in a white calabash.”

He further explained that the group told him that the severed head and hands would be shared by members of the ocultic group.

When confronted with these allegations, Sopeju denied it.

He, however, admitted that they all belonged to white garment churches’ association in the area. 

Source: The Punch

News Headlines April 5, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines April 5, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Woman killed, baby abducted during outing with friend
Alumni, others tackle Covenant University for shaving students’ hair
Obaseki sacks commissioner over sweepers’ protest
N12.5bn loot: I’m not a thief, Jang tells FG
Okocha brought magic to Premier League – Ex-Hull coach
Six passengers, driver die in Lagos crashes
Okowa is a failure, says ex-speaker Ochei
Herdsmen kill man, wife, two children in Taraba
Buhari okays $1bn equipment for military
Reject ambitious critics, Presidency tells Nigerians
Dapchi: Leah’s mum to attend Abuja prayer session today
Prosecutor remanded for aiding suspects’ escape
Martins out for seven months
FG demands justice for Rep’s son killed in UK
Juve bicycle kick one of my finest goals – Ronaldo
Do Nigerians have right to record policemen doing something illegal?
Pastor defiles 12-year-old housemaid
Obaseki sacks commissioner over sweepers’ protest
UPDATED: Bio Baada wins Sierra Leone presidential election
Oyegun: Govs back Buhari, APC to meet on fresh congresses
Prosecutor remanded for aiding suspects’ escape
LASG seals firm over emissions
Flavour’s concert: Police call for victims
N12.5bn loot: I’m not a thief, Jang tells FG
INEC issues notice of 2018 Ekiti gov election
Supreme Court of living, dying and dead cases (1)
APGA chief laments poverty in Imo
MPC wants reduced allocations to FG, states, LGs
FBNH, Diamond Bank, others miss annual results deadline
OPEC March oil output dropped to 11-month low
Domestic debt servicing gulps N3.72tn in three years
Credit reporting vital to bad loan management–CBAN
Fresh port congestion looms over bridge, road closure
Downpour, protests, blunder mar C’Games opening
Why I am supporting sports – Wike
Kwara moves to rehabilitate damaged stadium
‘Black Panther’ becomes 10th highest grossing movie of all time
[VIDEO] Where are Africans? Critics ask Deola Sagoe over advert
Saudi’s first cinema to open on April 18
I almost died 24 hours to my wedding, Nollywood actor Kevin Uvo reveals
BBNNaija: My parents are proud of me, says ex-housemate, Bam Bam
For Timi, a harvest of reminiscences
WHO issues new guide on tobacco
Tracking progress in infertility treatment
Marijuana could help lower opioid addiction – Study
How blockchain can reduce business risks, increase trust
Facebook to offer clearer terms on privacy, data use
How data breach can hurt your business
Rumour: is it time for Tecno to release a refresh to the Camon smartphone range?
EDITORIAL; AfCTA: Facilitating free trade in Africa
APC and PDP’s goalless draw
Re: Why state sponsored poisoning in the UK affects us all
Interrogating the Land Use Charge
On that Oba of Benin’s invocation


APC Governors Close Ranks with Buhari, Ditch Oyegun, Exco
Party prepares for congresses, convention, NEC to meet Monday
MPC Retains MPR at 14%, Urges Savings to Guard Against Oil Price Shocks
US, UK Envoys Meet with Otedola, Discuss Investment Opportunities
Buhari Okays Release of $1bn from ECA to Fight Insecurity
More Facts Emerge on How Cambridge Analytica Used Violent Video Before Nigeria’s Election
Herdsmen Kill Four in Fresh Attack in Taraba
OPEC’s March Oil Output Sinks to 11-month Low
Ex-Tanzanian President Lists Impediments to Investing in Africa
PDP Demands Full Disclosure on Buhari’s Trip to London
Port Congestion Looms over Planned Closure of Wharf Road, Marine Bridge in Apapa,
Two Soldiers, Many Bandits Feared Killed in Zamfara Shootout
Ooni of Ife Urges Kaduna Senators to Support El-Rufai
Okowa, Uduaghan Mull Revival of Warri, Koko Seaports
Buhari, Saraki, Dogara, Others Mourn as Third Lawmaker, Bukar Dies Within a Month
Nigerian Embassy in Washington Explains Sack of 15 Staff
Nigeria to Start Electricity Trading within W’African Region in June
NDDC, Local Content Taxes Are Major Challenges of Oil Industry, Says Baru
Milan Nigeria Still under Receivership, Manager Insists
Anyaoku Mourns Winnie Mandela
Nigeria Begins Profiling of NGOs to Combat Terrorism Financing
DSS, Police Arrest Ekiti Assembly Minority Leader
Buhari Directs NEMA to Assess Damage Caused by Herdsmen-Farmers’ Clashes
Fashola, Dangote, Ajumogobia, Others to Attend UNILAG Law Faculty Lecture
Methodist Church Holds Its Annual Synod
Catholic Bishop Plans Meeting with Parents of Leah Sharibu
Bauchi Group Faults FG for Labelling Bala Mohammed Treasury Looter
Sokoto to Repeal Obsolete Laws as IGR Jumps by 98%
Edo Fertilizer Plant Begins Sales to Farmers
Benue Assembly Passes N190bn Budget for 2018
Environmental NGO Backs Litigation Against Shell in Netherlands
Oyo Sets up Taskforce on Kidnappings
Niger Communities Plead with FG to Retain Soldiers in Five LGAs
Man Sentenced to Death for Robbery in Ekiti
Man Hacks Son to Death in Enugu
Lagos Moves to Tackle Arms Proliferation, Gender-based Crimes, Others
‘Poor Infrastructure, Others May Hinder African Free Trade Deal’
Group Seeks Tax Incentive for CSR Projects
Eco-farming Can Solve Hunger, ClimateCrises, Experts say
FCMB Group Records 34% Decline in Profit, Declares 10 Kobo Dividend
Four Top Reasons Your Small Business Will Fail
Seven Discos Fail to Pay NBET in January
INEC Gives Election Notice for Ekiti Guber Poll
Adediran: We Need More Women in Politics
Tackling Threat to Food Security
Leaving an Inheritance for Your Children
Addressing Nigeria’s Low Life Expectancy
Nigeria Loses N300b Annually to Prevention, Treatment of Malaria
‘Brain Drain, Funding Greatest Threats to Health Sector’
WHARC Partners Community on Maternal, Infant Mortality
Empower 54, Promasidor Align to Fight Malnutrition in Africa
Okocha Brought Magic to EPL, Says Phil Brown
NPFL: Red Hot Lokosa Hits Goal Number 14 for Kano Pillars
Champions League: Brilliant Reds Hammer City 3-0, Barca Beats Roma
CAF Confed Cup: Enyimba Departs for Jo’burg
Obafemi Martins out Of Nigeria’s World Cup Plans
Former Chelsea’s Coach, Ray Wilkins, is Dead
Beyond The Banditry in Zamfara

The Sun

Kalu establishes N100m endowment chair in UI
Obaseki sacks commissioner, GM
Police destroy gun factory, recover 146 rifles in Ebonyi
APC govs shop for new chairman
• Agree with Buhari’s ‘no tenure elongation’ stance, settle for elective convention •NEC holds
Presidency boasts over Buhari’s achievement
US, UK envoys visit Otedola, hold talks on economy
Insecurity: Gunmen wipe out family of 4 in Taraba
SWAN makes Wike grand patron
Igbo are Jews, says Bishop Orizu
3 die in Lagos accident
Jang, Aliyu challenge FG on alleged looters’ list
Primorg, INEC collaborate on continuous voter registration in FCT
PDP demands full disclosure of Buhari’s London trip
Ekiti 2018: Suspended lawmaker arrested, flown to Abuja
Kalu establishes N100m endowment chair in UI
…Visits Olubadan, rallies support for Buhari
Lawyers tackle police over parade of suspects
•’It’s unconstitutional, violates suspects’ rights’ •No, we parade suspects to reduce
A parliament without accountability
That presidential amnesty
The politics of looters’ list
Absence of leadership with ideology in Nigeria
Idle minds: Woes of an unproductive population
Lagos holds security summit Monday
Strange illness kills 10 In Jigawa
Obasanjo attack: Buhari must sit up -Aremu
Ekiti guber: Campaign begins April 15–INEC
• Another ex-deputy gov dumps PDP
I have no fear wining Ekiti governorship election –Olowo
Imo bigger than one person –Oguegbu, PDP chieftain
Nigeria’s economy on upward trend, inspires investments –Sanchini, Bridgestone Director, Middle East/Africa
FCMB reports N170bn gross revenue
…Declares 10k dividend
Local airlines under close watch to forestall accidents –NCAA
Russia 2018: Eagles need world class psychologist –Mustapha
CAFCC: Enyimba, Akwa Utd jet out for continental duels
Rwanda closes thousands of churches, dozens of mosques
• President Kagame expresses shock over high number of worship houses
UK nerve gas attack: Russia’s bid for joint poisoning inquiry fails
Austrian govt bans headscarf for girls
Katsina senator dies at 63
• Buhari, Saraki, Ekweremadu, Masari mourn
At Tinubu’s colloquium, APC, Buhari kick off 2019 presidential campaign
EDITORIAL: Freedom for Leah Sharibu and the Chibok girls
How Ibarapa will become model in combating TB in Nigeria – Experts
Niger governor does not deserve another term -Umoru
Lawyers tackle police over parade of suspects
•’It’s unconstitutional, violates suspects’ rights’ •No, we parade suspects to reduce crime – Police
Don’t use your back as crane. It could be a ticking bomb for back pain!
Burundanga: Ladies beware!!!
Man can be nourished on myths not bones
‘Elephant Ondo’ and our caveman spirit
PDP: Needless apology

The Nation

‘Why we laid off workers at Nigeria’s embassy’
Facebook says data leak hits 87m users, widening privacy scandal
Opposition’s candidate, Julius Bio wins Sierra Leone’s presidential poll
Oyegun loses extension bid as Buhari stays firm
Three dead, six injured as concrete road sign falls on bus
MPC predicts fragile but promising growth
Buhari releases $1 billion to battle insurgency
Ekiti 2018: INEC issues election notice
Fed Govt to deregister NGOs over terrorism, money laundering
Afe Babalola to school owners: don’t go into education for profit
US, UK envoys, Otedola hold talks on economy
Obasanjo to ICAN: you’ll incur govt’s displeasure with planned index
CJN’s order: Have heads of courts complied?
Buhari: Fed Govt in aggressive pursuit of investments
Is Katsina becoming one-party state?
Medical students battles UNIBEN over eviction
Students donate blood to save child-patients
Arsenal wary of rejuvenated Musa
Okpekpe Race: expect a bigger event – Amodu
CBN JUNIOR TENNIS: Aderemi upsets No. 1 seed Ekpeyong
Expect something good, says Aruna Quadri
Abiodun leads Nigeria against Belize, Malaysia in table tennis
Flavour adds garnishing as Rangers hit Yobe 3-0
Tributes pour in as midfield maestro Wikkins dies
Ahamba: Imo governor not exclusive right of Owerri Zone
Ondo community protests against lawmaker’s purported endorsement for 2019
Fuji musician, K1 takes medical trip to Canada
BBNaija: Tobi relives story of female ‘toaster’
BBNaija’s Bisola plays alongside Zack Orji, others in ‘PayDay’
Nigeria tops Africa’s TB chat, fourth globally
‘Nigerian scientists confirm power of Jobelyn’
Lagos NUJ extends health screening
Protest aftermath: Govt to create jobs in disturbed community
Three dead, six injured as concrete road sign falls on bus
Community cries out over alleged BEDC’s illegal levies, power cut
Rivers to ban street trading
Why Obaseki sacked commissioner
Nigeria counting blessings – Garba Shehu
Apple discloses gender-pay gap at UK operations
‘How we escaped $25m debt trap’
‘How maths can help Nigeria’s tech development’
‘Support Aregbesola’s education reforms’
Visionscape promises cleaner Lagos
Buhari: Fed Govt in aggressive pursuit of investments
Procurement bureau asks surveyors to fight graft
Access Bank, PayAttitude, Unified Payments partner


Eagles’ll Do Wonders In Russia — Akinwunmi
Footwear Academy Wins ‘Made In Aba’ Hackathon Challenge
OSCE 1983 Alumni Hold Reunion
24-Year-Old Man Arrested Over His Grandmother’s Murder
Pay Your Taxes, Hold Govt Accountable —Bayelsa Deputy Gov
Credit Bureaux Have Deepened SMEs Sector In Nigeria — Operator
Understanding Restructuring
APC Presidential Primary: I‘ll Beat Buhari, Others — Garba
Why We Sacked 15 Staff — Nigerian Embassy In Washington DC
Another Crisis Brews Between Aguleri, Umueri
MOSOP Flays Actions Of FG, Shell In Ogoni
Alleged $49.8bn Unremitted Oil Funds: Why Diezani Was Not Indicted—Makarfi
Bus Driver, Music Teacher Docked Over Rape Of 8-Yr-Old Schoolgirl
France Friendly: 9 Foreign-Based Pros Arrive Falcons Camp
Winnie Mandela: Sacrificed But NEVER SILENCED
Afejuku Blames Decay In Itsekiri Communities On Poor Representation
‘Jay Jay’ Okocha Brought Magic To EPL — Phil Brown
Alleged $49.8bn unremitted oil funds: Why Diezani was not indicted—Makarfi
Insecurity: Dan-Ali assures release of Dapchi schoolgirl
Buhari, APC, Saraki, Dogara, others mourn as Senator Bukar die
24 APC govs back Buhari to end Oyegun, others’ tenure
Don’t listen to voices of critics with selfish, ulterior motives, Presidency advises Nigerians
Gunmen wipe out Taraba family of 4 despite military presence
Update: Why CBN retained Monetary Policy Rate at 14%
Jonathan managed Nigerian economy better than Buhari – PDP
Inclusion of Bala Mohammed in alleged looter’s list: Constituency members disagree with Lai Mohammed
Buhari can’t spent $1bn on arms procurement until NASS approves – Murray- Bruce
Fayose alleges Buhari’s approval of $1bn for arms meant for president’s re-election
Shakes up in Edo Civil Service
Assad will pay for sarin attack, West vows
Nigeria must avoid mind games — Semitoje
GOtv Boxing Night 14: Majesty ‘ll regret fighting me, boasts Adeosun
Lagos state youths speak …as NFC trains 115 of them in film production
ZealKeyz preaches contentment in new song, Farawe
Mo Abudu soars higher
I Go Dye @ 39: From village to voice of the voiceless
‘Ready Player One’ more-than-ready atop box office
Dasuki facilitated 1983 coup that brought Buhari to power— Jokolo
EDITORIAL: Thugs should not provide security at our airports

BREAKING: Another Nigerian Senator, Bukar Mustapha, is dead

BREAKING: Another Nigerian Senator, Bukar Mustapha, is dead

Senator Bukar Mustapha

Nasir Ayitogo
Bukar Mustapha, the senator representing Katsina North, is dead.

Mr. Mustapha was President Muhammadu Buhari’s senator as he represented the president’s senatorial district.

He died after a brief illness on Wednesday, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

The News Agency of Nigeria quotes Mr. Bukar’s elder brother, Umar Bukar, as confirming the news.

Mr. Bukar’s death is coming less than a week after the deputy majority leader of the House of Representatives, Umar Jibril, died after a protracted illness.

It also came about two weeks after another senator, Ali Wakili, passed away.

Editor’s Note: The News Agency of Nigeria has clarified that Mr. Bukar’s death was confirmed by his elder brother.

News Headlines April 4, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines April 4, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Kogi gov trips, falls off his car, injures left foot
Obasanjo not qualified to accuse anybody of corruption – Ayo Adebanjo
Pastor allegedly kills lover, buries decapitated body near altar
Tenure elongation: Buhari, APC governors’ meeting deadlocked
Banker allegedly drugs, impregnates 13-year-old orphan in Abuja
Man arrested for allegedly beheading woman in Enugu
Police uncover illegal brewery, seize adulterated alcohol
Big Baby dares Joshua to fight in America
Flavour’s concert: Nigerians lament gang rapes, demand action
Champions League: Guardiola vows to attack Liverpool
Melaye: Police arrest six persons for aiding suspects’ escape
Herdsmen/farmers’ crisis: Buhari orders assessment of damage in Benue, others
PDP, CNM back Obasanjo’s Buhari is a failure comment
‘Saint’ APC, ‘Sinner’ PDP and 2019 elections
N10,000 bribe: Imo CP detains policemen, orders trial
Flavour’s concert: Nigerians lament gang rapes, demand action
Two killed as gunmen kidnap community leader in Rivers
Two die in soldiers, robbers’ shootout in Kaduna
Half-naked man found hanging on tree in Abuja
Elections: INEC raises the alarm on budget delay, CDHR, others flay National Assembly
Taraba senator debunks governorship ambition
Lagos-East endorses senator
Gov poll: APC chief urges Ajimobi to keep zoning promise
APC govs keep mum after meeting with Buhari
Ondo Assembly dissolves 18 LG caretaker committees
Get voter cards, Okorocha tells Igbo
BMW plans new EVs, may halt i3, i8 production
Manufacturing index closed March at 56.7 points – CBN
Access Bank, FinTechs collaborate to boost digital payment
Financial inclusion: PoS innovation summit canvasses simplified solutions
NSE records N123bn drop in foreign transactions
London close: FTSE begins Q2 on back foot
11-year-old eyes Gold Coast 2018 history
Big-dollar promises for Nigeria athletes as 2018 C’Games begin
Messi, Busquets for Roma clash
‘EPL clubs spent £211m on agents’
For Timi, a harvest of reminiscences
Inspired by Nubia, Oluko steps out with Bowale
We’re praying for you, Majek Fashek assures Dino Melaye
BBNaija: Controversy greets suggestion to donate N45m for Teddy A
WHO issues new guide on tobacco
Tracking progress in infertility treatment
Marijuana could help lower opioid addiction – Study
How data breach can hurt your business
EDITORIAL: Zuma’s corruption trial: Lessons for Nigeria

The Sun

Bandits invade police station, kill 2 policemen, another in Kogi
APC govs’ fight over Oyegun
• Parley fails to agree on party’s leadership crisis
Tenure elongation: Oyegun gives panel 4 days to submit report
Looters’ list: FG has no case against us –PDP
…Momoh, HURIWA disagree
Knocks, kudos for Obasanjo over Buhari attack
Kalu slams Buhari’s critics, says president deserves another term
• Visits Alake of Egbaland
… Commiserates with Sunmonus
• Life’s vanity –Pastor Tunde Bakare Buhari begins annual leave in London April 9
Resignation: Ex-SSG betrayed me –Umahi
•Threatens legal action Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki
Herdsmen attack Enugu community
Obasanjo unfair to Buhari –APC chieftain
• APC won’t win 2019 elections, says Ebonyi chairman
Kebbi council chairman resigns
• Over alleged financial irregularities
Ondo Assembly dissolves LG caretaker committees
Wike approves committee for Rumuokoro market, park
Lawyers, senior citizens raise the alarm over Ayade’s foreign trips
• Governor not missing –Aide
Many sides of Abuja fruits, vegetable market
Ebonyi, traders on warpath
• Over 300 business owners at loggerheads with council chairman over alleged hijack of market elections
Dankwambo: 56 cannons for architect of Gombe’s transformation
When soldiers swapped guns, boots for drums, dancing shoes
The Lagos Land Use Charge controversy
Satanism in new age religious solution (4)
Asiwaju Tinubu, a great and amazing leader
‘Heavy downpour’ wrong
Mantu… is the man of the year
Accord concondiale, the continuous search for Nigeria’s elusive unity (17)
Looters list and matters arising
If we must move forward, we’re to restructure Nigeria –Orji
Labour kicks against FG’s plan to reinstate suspended SEC DG
Equities open April bearish, as banks seek more collateral for loans
Construction work begins at $450m Tomaro Industrial Park
Gold Coast 2018: Okagbare named Nigeria’s flag bearer for opening ceremony
…Only miracle’ll guarantee Nigeria medals in athletics
Victor Moses escapes sack
Winnie Mandela: South Africa declares 10-day national mourning
• Funeral with military honours to hold in Soweto • National flag to fly at half-mast
Osinbajo to launch Economic Diplomacy Initiative tomorrow
Dutch lawyer becomes first person sentenced in Trump-Russia probe


Uncertainty over Oyegun’s Future as APC Govs’ Meeting with Buhari Deadlocked• Presidency, others root for Oshiomhole to lead party • Lalong heads panel to resolve tenure extension quagmire
Nwabueze Backs Danjuma, Insists Nigerians Have Constitutional Right to Self-Defence
Ahead of CHOGM, Buhari Heads to London on Private Visit
NHIS Boss in Another Controversy, Ignores TSA, Moves to Invest N25bn in FGN Bonds
Kogi Gov in Plaster Cast After Injuring Foot
Kogi Gov in Plaster Cast After Injuring Foot
Swiss Authorities Block Bank Accounts Linked to Malabu Deal
Again, Presidency Spurns Obasanjo’s Assessment of Buhari
Jonathan Denies Raid on His Residence, Discovery of Stolen Loot
Kachikwu Harps on Transparency as Oando Inaugurates $150m Head Office
Bandits Kill Two Policemen in Kogi
Failed Unity Bank Buyout Deal Shows Perils of Investing in Nigeria
Bafarawa Tasks Tiv Community on Peace
Police: Melaye to Be Arraigned May 10
Nasarawa Deputy Gov Joins Governorship Race
Tinubu: How Adebanjo Made Me Lagos Governor
Two Women Killed in Auto Crash Involving Motorcade of Ikpeazu’s Wife
Kaduna Monarch Urges FG to Flush out Bandits from His Domain
Osinbajo to Launch Nigeria’s Economic Diplomacy Initiative Tomorrow
Obaseki Lauds Oshiomhole at 66
SaharaReporters Publisher, Sowore Declares Interest in Presidential Race
FMC Umuahia Places 30 Persons under Surveillance as Lassa Kills Doctor
Boko Haram: Stay Indoors During Exchange of Gunfire, Military Tells Maiduguri Residents
Obasanjo Can’t Speak for Nigerians, Says APC Chieftain
Lawmakers, Group Condemn Kaduna Senators for Rejecting $350m Loan
Looters’ List: You Can’t Divert Attention from Your Misrule, Says PDP
NRC Reiterates Commitment to FG’s World-class Rail Devt Plan
Lagos Police Recovers 188 Arms, 280 Ammunition
Milan Group Files Fresh Suits against Skye Bank over Illegal Charges
Ortom Restates Pledge Not to Interfere with Judiciary
APC Decimated in Rivers, Says Wike’s Aide
Ekiti PDP Lawmakers are Bench Warmers, Says APC Chieftain
Umahi Swears in New SSG, Nwokwu
Nigerian Politicians Looted N66.7tn Since 2003, Says Group
Controversy as Plateau Group Declares Dalung Persona Non Grata
Northern Clerics Raise the Alarm over Politicisation of Security Challenges
Experts Advocate Simplified Solutions for Financial Inclusion
Access Bank Partners Unified Payments on Innovative Payment Solution
Ecobank Mobile App Hits Four Million Users
TECNO Set to Unveil CAMON Smartphone in Nigeria
Rising Cyber Threats Worries Chief Executives
Q1: Investors in Stocks Count Gains as Market Rises 8.5%
Time to Prevent a Bigger Threat
Saraki Consolidates in Kwara
Bama’s Displaced Millionaires
Arike Ogunbowale Twice Hit the Shot of a Lifetime to Help Notre Dame Win
Greensprings/Kanu Football Camp is a Milestone for LSFA, Says Akinwunmi
Ronaldo Scores Incredible Overhead Kick in Real’s 3-0 Crushing of Juventus
Liverpool, Man City Set to Ignite Anfield Tonight
Messi Ready to Put Roma to the Sword at Camp Nou
Rohr Plots ‘Plan B’ to Stop Messi at Russia 2018
Providing Teachers for Liberia amidst Educational Challenges
DEEPEN Supports Low Cost Private Schools’ Innovations
Bauchi Poly Promises Free Education for Disabled Persons, Science Students
PAMO Announces Resumption with Hopes
Edo SUBEB to Train 2,000 Teachers on ICT
Danjuma: Statesmanship on Trial

The Nation

Buhari urges caution as APC governors split over Oyegun
Adebanjo: Obasanjo’s presidency a calamity
State funeral for Winnie Mandela
Melaye, accusers get May 10 court date
Police seize 188 guns,others in Lagos
Army raises panel to probe Maiduguri attack
NiMet predicts partly cloudy, sunny weather
Milan Group asks court to stop bank’s ‘illegal’ deductions
Lalong: we’ll do a good job
Rivers PDP promises fair council poll
Nigeria has moved forward under Buhari, says envoy
INEC revives committee
Monarch: my people are killed daily
Dankwambo…Architect of transformed Gombe at 56
How to prevent autism in kids, by psychiatrists
Powerlifters will deliver at Gold Coast – Coach
HFN holds national championship for youths
Heavy rainfall destroys Kwara Stadium
Ronaldo stunning bicycle kick helps Real take charge v Juve
Commonwealth Games: Hursey Not too young to win
Aguero ruled out of Man.City/ Liverpool UCL clash
Wilder Read to Fight Joshua at Wembley
LHow PDP looted Nigeria, by Mohammed
Adebanjo: I will support Buhari’s re-election, if…
Buhari greets Oshiomhole at 65
2Baba and Banky W to spearhead EiE fundraiser
Fabulous Icekid pounce with ‘Your Love’
Edo COSON to drag Efe Omorogbe before Benin Monarch
Protest aftermath: Govt to create jobs in disturbed community
Child ‘rape’ victim’s parents seek justice
How I was attacked with broken bottles, machetes at street carnival
I’m not a cultist, paraded suspect claims
‘Fake’ wine producer held
Missing woman found buried in church in Ogun
Nigeria adds to $42.6tr new market bank assets
Heritage Bank partners WATIF on sub-regional integration
CCNN to pay N1.57b dividend as net profit rises by 157%
CBN: credit to households rises on positive economic outlook

The Guardian

APC’s tenure extension talks end in deadlock
Fresh hope for economy as CBN’s policy committee resumes meeting
Rohr’s preliminary team list ready as Eagles’ camp opens May 22 in Abuja
Nigerian gangs make millions from stolen phones in UK
Adebanjo scores Obasanjo low as president
INEC inaugurates voter education, publicity committee ahead of Ekiti poll
Weed out corrupt elements in amnesty office, ex-militants advise new boss
Civil servants flay FG over plan to reinstate SEC Director-General, Mounir Gwarzo
N299b Abuja rail nears completion 11 years after
CGF welcomes Team Nigeria to Games Village ahead today’s opening ceremony
At CBN Junior Tennis, David wants to outshine Marylove Edwards
Moses survives, nine Chelsea players marked for sale
Five things we learned from the Champions League
Noel, Sefolosha banned for drug offences
Make your own history, Klopp challenges Liverpool
Investors staked N136.24 billion in equities in March
UN blacklists 27 ships, 21 firms for helping North Korea circumvent sanctions
West African nations eye Ladol for integration
‘Sector’s operators need unambiguous laws’
How do you like your financial risk?
On the African Continental Free Trade Agreement
Editorial: For a united Nigeria
Abacha loot: Matters miscellany
When individuals are stronger than state institutions
Adieu Winnie Mandela
Alternative narrative of events in Libya, Africa, Middle East slavery – Part 1
Looters’ list is APC’s bid to divert attention from misrule, says PDP
Obasanjo’s verdict on Buhari has vindicated me, says Fayose
Much ado about Mantu’s confession
X-raying vagabond exchanges between APC, PDP
Google Honours Maya Angelou With Doodle
April Fools’ Day Treats To Try
9mobile does not condone unethical practices, indolence, says Olusanya
Organisations should prepare against fifth generation cyber attacks, Voges warns
‘Nigeria must embrace ICT to build knowledge economy’
Telcos lament 38 different government taxes, levies
‘30 under surveillance over Lassa fever outbreak in Abia’


Sub-Saharan Africa Remains The Dominant Force In Mobile Money
Cars45, Simcubator, Carsbazr Launch Refurbishment Centre, Retail Point In Lagos
Bail For Accused Person And The Presumption Of Innocence: Requirement For Written Application Erroneous
Urhobo Suffering Under Buhari —Ogbobore
A-Ibom PDP Chair In Endorsement Scandal
Ogun Pastor Beheads Secret Lover, Buries Body In Church
Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Hit $12.8bn In Q4 2017 — IDC
2018 FIFA WC: Rohr May Invite New Players To Eagles, Says Agali
Champions League: Klopp Faces Injury Crisis As City Battle Liverpool At Anfield
Ogor Advocates United PDP For Isoko Devt
Herdsmen Attacks: Double Tragedy For Imo Community
ABAGUN:Defeating Stereotypes With Girl Power
42 Candidates To Miss 2018 SSCE In Bayelsa School
Banks Demanding More Collateral For Corporate Loans—CBN
2019: ANN joins Obasanjo, others to campaign against Buhari
Herdsmen attack guard in Enugu
Tenure elongation: Govs leave meeting with Buhari frowning, angry
Governor Bello falls off car, on POP
Kalu tackles OBJ, others; says Buhari deserves second term
PDP challenge: Presidency orders release of comprehensive looters’ list
Buhari, APC governors meeting deadlocked
Trump vows to deploy military to Mexican border
Obasanjo’s verdict on Buhari has vindicated me, says Fayose
Restructuring : Why Nigeria must return to true federalism – Anyaoku, Tinubu, Adebanjo
Tenure Elongation: Oyegun, others know fate on Friday
Champions League: Klopp faces injury crisis as City battle Liverpool at Anfield
Commonwealth Games: Okagbare leads Nigeria out
Our focus is to revive, develop handball – Ocheo
Sexual assault rocks Games Village
Ex-wife turns nasty
His dad took advantage of our break-up
I was unceremoniously dumped
I still have feelings for his brother
Demi Lovato causes stir with sensual concert romp
Popular musician, Runtown, in fresh mess over fake sex tape leak
Just in: Sierra Leonean artist, Nabay dies
Skyy Vodka announces DJ Big N as official ambassador
Easter Boko Haram attacks: Police confirm 29 killed, 84 injured
Dino/Police: How fleeing suspects in Kogi were re-arrested by Police

Open letter to (NCC)  and CPC On Airtel Illegal Deductions and Insensitivity to Consumer Complaints

Open letter to Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Consumer Protection Council On Airtel Illegal Deductions and Insensitivity to Consumer Complaints
I wish to report deliberate act by Airtel to deprive me of my credit without offering the service I paid for.

I’m a subscriber to Airtel with telephone number 08128433349. I have been subscribing for Blackberry service on the network.
On Monday March 19. 2018, following notification that my subscription had been exhausted I subscribed for another service and the sum of N1000 was deducted.
However, to my surprise, I didn’t have any access to the blackberry service despite the fact that I had already been charged.
I tried to lodge a complaint via the Customer Care line. It was futile as the service didn’t provide for the option of speaking with a Customer Care person. The line 111 only provides self service designed to earn more revenue for Airtel rather than attend to genuine complaints by the consumers.
Frustrated in my attempt to contact the company via 111, I decided to send messages on Twitter to which I didn’t get any immediate response until some Concerned members of the public started retweeting.
I also paid a visit to the office on Oba Akran Road where one of the members of Airtel Staff on Thursday March 22 assured me that my credit would be reversed within 24 hours!
The following day I got a response via Twitter hat the problem had been attended to and assuring me I could enjoy the service.
I tried to access the service but it was futile as it remained the same.
I complained again through the same source. My complaints have continued to elicit long silence followed by request that I should provide my number and details of the problem. This is an obvious testimony to the fact that my complaints had not been attended to.
I’m using this medium to appeal for the following reliefs:
1. Provision of the service I paid for or immediate reversal of the credit deducted.
2. Apology from Airtel for the waste of my time and resources.
3. A review of the insensitive Customer Care service of Airtel to ensure consumers interests are truly protected.
4. Immediate investigations of unauthorised deduction by Airtel for services not provided.
5. Application of appropriate sanctions to serve as deterrence.
Yours faithfully,
Ademola Adefajo

News Headlines Apr 3, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Apr 3, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Nigerians suffering under your watch, PDP Reps tell FG
Policemen threaten to frame journalists, collect N10,000 bribe
PDP loses Fayose’s ex-deputy, Raji-Rasaki, Bejide to SDP
Should Aviation Security personnel bear arms?
I want to follow in Iwobi’s footsteps –Tosin Kehinde
Wilder ready to fight Joshua in UK – Manager
FCT community resists herdsmen’s move to encroach on farmlands
Ronaldo amazes Juve coach
Woman scolds daughter over immoral affair, girl disappears
Nigeria to export 1,540MW of electricity in 2025
Soldiers beat 27-year-old man to death in Taraba
Ex-Gov Aliyu, Nwaboshi fault looters’ list, threaten court action
Couples can use pension savings for joint mortgage loans – PenCom
Smuggling, biggest challenge to local rice production —FG
Man kills brother, wife in Ogun
Obasanjo attacks Buhari again, says he’s a failure
25 die in Maiduguri Easter Sunday attack
Man poses as drink seller to rob in Lagos traffic
Man beheaded, body missing in Delta
Teenager commits suicide in Jigawa
Abia commissioner confirms Lassa fever outbreak in Umuahia
Being lazy is actually a sign of intelligence, science says
Get voter cards, Okorocha tells Igbo
Nigeria to export 1,540MW of electricity in 2025
Couples can use pension savings for joint mortgage loans – PenCom
Four power plants begin operations in two months
States fault sustainability of FG’s social investment programmes
FG makes N1.27tn from operating surpluses in 10 years
Sign African free trade agreement, ACCI urges FG
Your African record not safe, Onyali warns Okagbare
Ambrose targets good run-in for Hibernian
Udi rejects Sunshine sacking, reports club to LMC
NUC boss seeks more commitment from varsities
AYIDEF unveils new education initiative
FG releases mandatory History curriculum
HIV-positive baby dies after mum refuses treatment
Winnie Mandela: End of an adventurous life
OLX unveils new app
Stakeholders to discuss technology advancement, industrial revolution
We’ve not suspended identity card issuance – NIMC
Konga plans merger with Yudala
EDITORIAL: Danger of trucks on Lagos bridges
Why state-sponsored poisoning in the UK affects us all
Baba Adebanjo: The political iroko tree @ 90
Who’s afraid of Africa’s free trade bloc?
The falling standard of English usage in Nigeria

The Sun

Stop pitting Catholic Church against APC, Okechukwu warns Okorocha
Buhari, Anyaoku mourn ex-apartheid icon
Winnie: Apartheid struggle heroine bows out
N30m employment scandal rocks FCT agency
Again, Obasanjo rules out APC, PDP
•Insists parties lack capacity to rescue Nigeria
PDP tackles APC over 2015 election funds
• FG acted in bad faith on ‘looters’ list –SAN
FG under fire over alleged looters’ list
• Ex-Niger gov, Babangida Aliyu, threatens court action • Buhari also got money from NSA’s office
UN laments as Boko Haram kills 18, injures 83 in Borno
IPOB opposes proposed amnesty for Boko Haram insurgents
Looters’ list: Buhari, major beneficiary of Dasuki’s loot – Ex-Jonathan’s aide
•Minister: You’re free to compile your own list
Noise pollution: Edo secures 4 convictions
Education reforms: Stakeholders urge support for Aregbesola
Community leader begs Ambode over failed Badagry road
Ekiti guber: PDP aspirants, serving senator defect to SDP
Ambode commissions 21 roads, two bridges in Alimosho LGA
• Don’t disenfranchise yourself in 2019, gov tells Lagosians
Fake products flood markets
•Nigerians raise the alarm, task regulatory, security bodies to check menace
Academic fraud
• YABATECH council terminates appointment of 5 lecturers over plagiarism
How recording firm robbed me of N55m –Iyke Onka, gospel singer
Youth and leadership challenge in Nigeria
The great debate over corruption
Needed: A paradigm shift
Education reforms: Stakeholders urge support for Aregbesola
What Igbo should do in 2019 -Anyaso
Nigeria’s fertiliser production rises to 2.22MMT –NSIA
FG planning new business model for aviation sector –Sirika
CBN holds 1st MPC meeting in 2018 today
UCL: Sevilla boss vows to take Bayern out
Amokachi battles Owen for favourite World Cup goal
Russia 2018: Eagles get Innoson Motors backing
EDITORIAL: Boosting the nation’s food security
Academic fraud
• YABATECH council terminates appointment of 5 lecturers over plagiarism
Youth and leadership challenge in Nigeria
The great debate over corruption
Needed: A paradigm shift

The Nation

Presidency react to Obasanjo’s assessment of Buhari’s administration
Big row over looters list
20 killed in Borno suicide attack
$500m Abacha loot: Okonjo-Iweala to explain withdrawal
Winnie… A life of struggles, love and politics
Yobe CAN prays for Leah Sharibu
Fayose’s deputy gets campaign council
Ambode connects Ogun with 21 roads, two bridges
UNILAG convocation now May 8 – 11
2018 African Taekwondo Championships Fallout: Nigeria makes podium with two bronze medals
Commonwealth Games: D’Tigers ready for battle – Dike
Rohr combs Europe for strikers
Injury rules Okagbare out of 100m, 200m races
Nigeria is a force in table tennis, says Pitchford
Puel cries over Ndidi’s absence
Commonwealth Games: D’Tigers ready for battle – Dike
PDP’s burden of reconciliation
Tenure elongation not in APC’s interest, says chieftain
Oyo 2019 and agitation for zoning
Chika Ike: I was a victim of bullying
BBN: We regret the error, organisers apologise for wrong percentages
RMD, others for Face of Nollywood competition
Protest aftermath: Govt to create jobs in disturbed community
Child ‘rape’ victim’s parents seek justice
The man behind Buhari
End to rice import in 2020 achievable, by minister
Council chair, brother attacked at street carnival
Women endorse Ambode for second term
Ikpeazu is a man of destiny, says Fayose
Council boss seeks partners to reduce restiveness in Akwa Ibom
China can teach the West an important lesson about innovation
‘Local content’ll solve unemployment crises’
Nigeria’s foreign reserves hit $46.2b
NIMC: Card issuance ongoing
Ground handlers get N985.5m yearly from aircraft towing


PDP Seeks APC’s Proscription, Looters’ List Gets Knocks
ARISE Fashion Week Ends With a Bang, Nigerians Yearn for More
Winnie Mandela, Anti-apartheid Icon, Dies at 81
29 Killed, 83 Injured in Fresh Suicide Bomb Attacks
APC to Inaugurate Committee on Oyegun’s Tenure Extension Plan
Winnie Mandela in Dates
FG Inaugurates In-House-Committee to Investigate Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Police Re-arrest Six Jailbreakers in Kogi
Terragon Raises $5m from TLcom Capital to Scale Data Penetration in Africa
Herdsmen Invade Benue Communities, Raze Houses
FG Targets Self-sufficiency in Paddy Rice Production by 2020
PDP House Caucus Wants FG to Address Gates’ Concerns on Weak Economic Policies
Military Extend Operation in Taraba by Two Months
NERC Seeks Foreign Trainer to Tackle Regulatory Shortcoming
Court Stays Proceedings in Honeywell’s Suit against Ecobank
Soldiers Free Senator Held Hostage by Angry Youths in Gombe
Kashamu Hails FG over Ikorodu-Sagamu Road
42 Candidates to Miss SSCE over Stolen School Fees
Ambode Urges Lagos Residents to Enroll for Voters Registration
Niger Delta Youths Seek NDDC’s Assistance for Libya Returnees
Access to Immunisation Has Increased by 1,000% in Sokoto, Says Tambuwal
Ex-Deputy Gov, PDP Senator, Others Defect to SDP in Ekiti
Controversies Trailing Neighbourhood Watch Law Needless, Say Rivers Elders
Ekweremadu Commends Senate on River Basins Bill
Obaseki Congratulates Edo People, Security Agencies on peaceful Easter celebrations
First Ukrainian Trade Mission to Nigeria
Ekiti Prosecutes 400 for Gender Based Offences
Why Moneybags Don’t Become Governors in Oyo, Says APC Guber Aspirant
Ekiti 2018: APC Aspirants are not Lawbreakers, Arise Insists
Apprentice Kills Master, Wife over Unsettled Pledged Money in Ogun
Ebonyi SSG Resigns
SSGs Laud ABP, Want School Feeding Programme Reviewed
FCT-IRS Board Enmeshed in Employment Scam
Winnie Mandela in Dates
Access to Immunisation Has Increased by 1000%, Says Tambuwal
We’re Not Happy over Leah’s Continued Captivity by Boko Haram, Catholic…
NNPC’s Refineries Contributed Only 0.55% to Nigeria’s GDP in 2016, Says…
NNRC: NNPC’s Input to Economy Hampered by Operational Secrecy
Agip, Allied Energy’s Legal Dispute over OML 120 Deepens
DPR Urged to Conduct Bid Rounds Every Two Years to Stabilise…
SunTrust Bank, Others Sign Financing Agreement with ICD
Olotu: How We Got States, LGs Support for NIPPs
As Ekiti APC Contenders Square Up
Much Ado about Rivers’ Neighbourhood Watch
Re: A’Court Raises Hope against Graft
Rohr Plots ‘Plan B’ to Stop Messi at Russia 2019
Kanu Guns for Buhari’s Job
Juventus Seeks Revenge against Real Madrid Tonight
Okowa to Perform Groundbreaking of Nigeria’s 1st Sports Varsity
GOtv Boxing Night 14: Beninois Vows to Beat Baby Face to Pulp
Algeria Gives Backing to Morocco 2026 World Cup Bid
Where is the Nigerian Opposition?


FG Disburses N90m To Empower 180 Bakassi Returnees
2019 Election: Why I Want To Be President Someday—Kanu
Alternative Narrative Of Events In Libya, Africa, Middle East Slavery (1)
Collapse Building: Lagos Relaxes Property Regularisation Policy
Amnesty For Boko Haram: APC Govt Runs On Lies, Says IPOB
APC PRIMARY: We’re Not Lawbreakers, Arise Tells Fayemi
AXA Mansard, Others Unite Against Breast Cancer
Ikpeazu, Man Of Destiny —Fayose
My Senatorial Ambition Not To Share Keke Annually —Uduaghan
Nkanga, Ex-A’Ibom Gov Takes Over PANDEF Leadership
Dapchi: Osinbajo Re-Assures Of Leah Sharibu’s Safe Return
Reps Received N323m For Constituency Projects In Three Years —Ahwinahwi
Orbih Flays FG’s List Of Alleged Looters
2019: No Imposition Of Candidates, Delta PDP Assures Aspirants
Legislators In Fresh Push For Ajaokuta Steel Completion
I Was Clean With Irdc Funds —Mofe Pirah
2018 FIFA WC: Troost-Ekong Tips Ebuehi To Make Eagles Squad
Updated: Obasanjo attacks Buhari again, says government incompetent, ineffective
Maiduguri: 29 killed, 83 injured as suicide bombers sneak into fleeing crowd, detonate themselves
Loot for campaign: PDP demands proscription of APC
DELTA APGA suspends dep state chair, 4 LG chairmen
Buhari mourns Winnie Mandela, says Africa has lost courageous woman
Breaking: Ebonyi SSG resigns ahead of 2019 election
2019 Presidency: Ohanaeze youths tackle Nwodo over northern candidate
Loot for campaign: PDP demands proscription of APC
Okagbare’s 200m record won’t last, says Onyali
Egypt’s El-Hadary set to become World Cup’s oldest player
Man United’s Kehinde prefers Nigeria to England
Top gospel singers are not encouraging up and coming singers,says rising act
EDITORIAL: Has Apapa traffic chaos defied solutions?
Capital market: Stockbrokers lament impact of delay in MPC meeting