Ekiti 2018: Fayemi picks Bisi Egbeyemi as running mate

Fayemi picks 74-year-old Egbeyemi as running mate

Kayode Fayemi. Ramadan

Kayode Fayemi, All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate of Ekiti, has picked 74-year-old Adebisi Egbeyemi, former chairman of Ado-Ekiti local government area, as his running mate.
Fayemi announced this through a communiqué signed by his campaign office on Wednesday.
“After a long search for the candidate, Egbeyemi was picked as the candidate this evening after party leaders met for long hours to consider who is best suited to pair with former governor and immediate past minister of mines an steel development, Dr Kayode Fayemi, to fly the party’s flag in the governorship contest,” the statement read.
Egbeyemi attended the then University of Ife to study law between 1977 and 1980. He was called to the Nigerian bar in 1981.
He was a youth leader of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) between 1979 and 1983, a member of the Ondo state house of assembly in 1983, and was chairman of Ado-Ekiti local government between 1991 and 1993.
He also served as the state’s commissioner for justice and attorney-general between 2002 and 2003.
Fayemi will compete against Kolapo Olusola, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the Ekiti governorship election on July 14.
Olusola is the incumbent deputy governor of the state.

Of Lawmakers and Bribe-takers

Of Lawmakers and Bribe-takers

The Verdict By Olusegun Adeniyi, Email: olusegun.adeniyi@thisdaylive.com

From the judgement of a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos which orders President Muhammadu Buhari to “urgently instruct security and anti-corruption agencies to forward to him reports of their investigations into allegations of padding and stealing of some N481 billion from the 2016 budget by some principal officers of the National Assembly” to damaging allegations by both former Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and former Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, the spotlight is now on our federal lawmakers who are being perceived as no more than cheap bribe-takers.

The situation is not helped by the widespread knowledge that the National Assembly has become the watering hole of high-maintenance ex-governors, semi-literate political contractors, wanted international criminal suspects and some yesterday’s men who are now in desperate need of economic empowerment. Yet, in a situation where lawmakers behave like gangsters, the various executive bodies like ministries and agencies will begin to see their assignments in transactional terms as oversight becomes a ritual of appeasement of the greed of committee members and the budgeting process, which ordinarily should be a serious assignment, degenerates into an annual bazaar.

The whole controversy started with Okonjo-Iweala’s latest book titled, ‘Fighting corruption is dangerous: The story behind the headlines’, where she revealed how the National Assembly was given an additional vote of N17 billion to secure the passage of the 2015 appropriation bill. “In the case of the N17 billion, the book does not talk of bribe. It indicates that lawmakers increased the budget by N17 billion and we had to accept that to move on; hence, the term ‘price to pay’. The reason for discussing what happened is that this approach needs to change” Okonjo-Iweala clarified, in response to sensational newspaper headlines that did not accurately reflect what she wrote in the book that I have also read.

While the public was still digesting that furore, Jega added fuel to the fire by accusing National Assembly members of engaging in corrupt practices in their oversight responsibility. More striking is the fact that he made the accusation in the presence of the entire leadership of the three arms of government in Nigeria: President Buhari, Senate President Bukola Saraki, House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara and Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen. Members of the National Assembly, according to Jega, “engage in bribe taking when they pursue committee works and oversight…Some chairmen of the committees in the National Assembly have become notorious on this issue of demanding bribes with impunity. I have passed through the university system. I have heard so many stories of many vice-chancellors about the horror that they go through on question of budget and so-called oversight assignments.”

Taken together, the Federal High Court decision and the revelations by both Okonjo-Iweala and Jega speak to the lack of transparency and accountability in the budgeting process. But if we point fingers only in the direction of the National Assembly members we will be missing the point and would never get any solution to a problem that has festered for years. If we must be honest, both the executive and the legislature are guilty when it comes to promoting private interests in budgets since they all insert and locate projects in their various communities or that of their spouses, friends or political benefactors.

First, let us deal with Okonjo-Iweala’s allegation. I recall that in July 2012, the then Finance Minister had a similar confrontation with the lawmakers over the budget for that year. Co-incidentally, it was Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila (then in his capacity as House Minority Leader) who also responded by accusing Okonjo-Iweala of double standards. “N6 billion was allocated for water projects. N1.3 Billion of the N6 billion was for the Finance Minister’s village, another N1.5 billion for the president’s place and N3 billion for the rest of the country. Yet she (Okonjo-Iweala) is not elected but you say those elected should not bring development through the budget to their areas” said Gbajabiamila in July 2012 while defending the National Assembly.

Indeed, the indiscriminate siting of projects based on questionable criteria is one of the biggest forms of corruption in the country aside the fact that it is responsible for the waste with which the national landscape is strewn and this is not restricted to the federal government. It is in fact worse in the states where many of the universities are located in the villages of the governors who initiated them. At the federal level, the location of projects also has more to do with where powerful politicians and civil servants hail from than the requirements of national priority and value for money. That, for instance, explains why the federal government would build a Helipad in Daura, Katsina State at huge public expense!

Meanwhile, in defending the water project in her village for which N1.3 billion was allocated in the 2012 budget, Okonjo-Iweala had argued that it was initiated in 2006 by the lawmaker representing her Federal constituency. “The project in question, a dam, was not brought to Ogwashi Uku by me but by a former colleague of the honourable members who was representing the community in the House. But it’s not right to distort facts just to make a point,” she said.

While the lawmakers have been up in arms against Okonjo-Iweala, the antics of some of them neither help their cause nor give any ‘Assurance’ that they are sensitive to public mood. When, for instance, you hear that a principal officer of the National Assembly is competing with Davido on which G Wagon is more expensive to dash a spouse/girlfriend celebrating her birthday, you can only begin to question the source of such wealth that could be spent so recklessly, especially at a period like this in the nation.

Now to Jega’s accusation: Demanding gratifications from heads of federal government agencies, for which a serving minister was once removed and tried, has for long been a recurrent allegation in the National Assembly. Yet, not a single lawmaker has been made to suffer any consequence. That actually is the problem because while the National Assembly is ever quick to suspend members who make accusations that they consider unsavoury to their collective integrity, they never punish those whose conduct also bring shame on the institution. Rather, in almost all the instances, they would do everything to protect such members. Two cases bear out this contrasting posture.

In 2005, a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Haruna Yerima, publicly accused many of his colleagues of demanding (and receiving) bribes from ministers and heads of government agencies as well as corporate bodies. “Whoever tells you there is no corruption in the House is in fact corrupt. Ministers and heads of parastatals are often asked to bring money by some honourable members so that their budgets can be passed. Most of us are contractors. Most of us come here to make money. Most of our debates are beer parlour debates. No research. We argue like ordinary people on the streets. Our debate is shallow” said Yerima.

As to be expected, Yerima was suspended despite explaining that he did not mean to impugn the integrity of the whole House but rather to expose some individuals who were giving the legislature a bad name. “I did not talk about institutional corruption but individuals and committees. I insist they are corrupt. If I am crucified over it, so be it,” said Yerima at the time. But in the usual ‘trial’ that followed on the floor of the House, the then Deputy House Speaker, Austin Opara recommended that Yerima be taken to “a psychiatric hospital for examination” before he added, “it was in the same manner he lost his job at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna as a lecturer.”

In contrast to the manner in which Yerima was dealt with by his colleagues, the April 2012 public altercation between Hon Herman Hembe, then chair of the House committee on Capital Markets and Other Institutions and Ms Arunma Oteh, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Director General at the time, provided a different outcome. This followed the decision by the House committee to hold a public hearing “to identify the manifest causes of the markets’ near collapse with a view to finding lasting solutions.”

Although the session began with members expressing genuine concerns over the manner in which private investors were being short-changed by the banks and the fact that some companies actually came on the stock exchange for a brief period, garnered considerable funds from investors and then disappeared, the hearing turned ugly when Hembe decided to attack the person of Oteh: “You stayed in a hotel for eight months and spent over N30 million. In one day you spent N85, 000 on food at the hotel. These are the things we should look at to see how you will regulate a market that is collapsing…”

Unprepared for such an attack, Oteh tried to deflect the question but when she came back the next day, she turned the table on her accuser: “Mr. Chairman, I question your credibility to preside over this probe. On 20th October last year (2011), you were given a cheque to travel to the Dominican Republic to attend a conference. Can you tell Nigerians that you returned the money when you did not travel? In asking the SEC to contribute N39 million for this public hearing, don’t you think that you are undermining your capacity to carry out your duties? You also requested that we should provide at least N5million; that was a day before this public hearing started…”

An apparently rattled Hembe tried to bully Oteh into facing what he said were the real issues but he failed miserably. “The issue of corruption or no corruption we should put it aside…I think we should concentrate on the major issue here. Let’s see how we can forge ahead with the hearing and achieve something before the end of the day. I will Chair this committee to the end of this public hearing” said Hembe who was removed from the assignment by the obviously embarrassed House leadership after that encounter. But predictably, he served no punishment.

In dealing with the Hembe issue on this page in March 2012, I wrote: “It should be clear to the National Assembly that the incestuous relationship between their committees and the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on which they have oversight responsibilities cannot continue. It is an open secret that many of our law makers are the leading contractors in some of these MDAs where they deploy their oversight powers as a weapon of blackmail and intimidation.”

For sure, there are many honest members in the National Assembly just as it is to be expected that in a gathering of such large number, there would be all sorts of characters. But we should also not gloss over the allegation by Jega. The brazen manner in which some lawmakers demand bribes from agencies of government in the course of budget defence cannot be allowed to continue unchecked. The challenge is that because there are no sanctions for bad behaviour, these notorious members (most of who are known to their colleagues) are never checked and thus continue to give the legislature a bad name.

As guest speaker at the second anniversary of the 8th National Assembly on 9th June last year, I had the privilege of sharing with the House of Representatives members my thoughts on their negative image perception against the background that the legislature is the scaffolding that supports the polity and once that structure is contaminated, democracy is endangered. Although some members were uncomfortable with my presentation, Speaker Yakubu Dogara was very gracious afterwards and I believe it would serve the National Assembly well to reflect on some of what I said on that occasion: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2017/06/09/image-perception-of-the-legislature-causes-and-possible-solutions/.

Meanwhile, I sympathise with the National Assembly because their situation is also peculiar. Their entire budget, as big as it may seem, is not even up to what a chief executive of just one agency under the federal ministry of transport controls and is but a tiny fraction of what the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) can play with in an environment where politics is dictated by patronage. Yet, their constituents expect them to build hospitals, erect schools and foot personal expenses, including the wedding ceremonies of their children. But while they deal with these existential challenges, it is also important for them to understand their critical role and why public attention is always on them.

The principle of separation of powers which defines the strength of our model of democracy demands a very strong and resourceful legislature. It also requires that legislators be above board, enlightened even, in the pursuit of their self-interest. In addition to carrying out routine oversight functions, the legislature is closer to the judiciary in that it is supposed to ensure that the executive maintains order in accordance with the laws it makes.

Given the foregoing, the various allegations of outright extortion, bribery and dubious financial racketeering by our legislators since 1999 have deepened the general negative perception of Nigeria in the eyes of the world. Even at home, the garish ostentation is not helped by the cultic secrecy around their actual emoluments. The public image of the National Assembly is therefore that of a conclave of glorified pick pockets and greedy hustlers. That then explains why there is an increasingly widespread view that what Nigeria needs is a part time legislature or a drastic reduction in the number of the lawmakers.

That is a growing vote of no confidence that should worry the National Assembly members.

Kunle Ajibade @ 60
When the news broke early in 1995 that Mr Kunle Ajibade, an editor with TheNews magazine, had been picked up by the late General Sani Abacha’s goons, no greater message was needed for all journalists in Nigeria to know that they were endangered. More a writer (and one of the finest at that) than a reporter, Ajibade was the least ‘dangerous’ in the newsroom at the time. Yet, he would go on to bag a life sentence for a story he didn’t write ‘as an accessary after the fact of treason’ along with Mr George Mbah, Senator Chris Anyanwu and Mr Ben Obi. As he therefore clocks 60, there can be no doubt that Ajibade has paid his dues both as a respected journalist and a Nigerian patriot. I wish him happy birthday.

• You can follow me on my Twitter handle, @Olusegunverdict and on http://www.olusegunadeniyi.com

News Headlines May 31, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines May 31, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

N1.64bn fraud: Ex-Taraba gov, Nyame, jailed for 14 years
Saraki to Jega: Name bribe takers
Drama as Melaye resumes, opts to sit with PDP senators
Is fresh probe into the $16bn power spending desirable?
Abiara’s biography comes in Yoruba language
Mo’cheddah weds Prince Olateru-Olagbegi
My body is my greatest asset – Undergrad model
Soulah Serenades in Love Me
My househelp frequently breastfeeds my son- Actress
Freeman’s lawyer asks CNN to retract article
N2.9bn fraud: I’ve no case to answer, says Kalu
Copyright: Court awards N5m against Clarence Peters
ICRC, police evaluate legal system on handling pre-trial detainees
Alleged forgery: Court overrules Lagos prince’s conviction
CJN’s panel member, Daudu, faults S’Court’s anti-delay judgment
Salah to be fit for World Cup
NBBF, Peak meet over deal
Senate president praises team
Drama as Melaye resumes, opts to sit with PDP senators
Mob attacks police station, burns vehicle over killed okada rider
Unpaid bill: Ambode’s wife settles account, baby goes home
Gunmen kill two policemen, injure another in Rivers
Asaba ladies settles indigent patients’ medical bills
Hit-and-run driver kills three in Ogun
Mob attacks driver who crushed pupil
Wildly intoxicated women appear in court on drunk, disorderly charges
Man sentenced to five months in jail for stealing fiancée’s money, phone
Navy hands over vessel, nine suspects to EFCC
Welcome to our great party, Murray-Bruce tells Dino Melaye
Civil servants banned from using social media at work
Stock market value falls below N14tn, investors lose N153bn
External reserves drop further, lose $99m
Ebola: FAAN detects 95% of travellers with high fever
Fayemi resigns as mines, steel minister
IMF not worried about Nigeria’s debt, says Adeosun
Ecobank aims to hit 100 million customers
Fayemi resigns as mines, steel minister
Rohr drops four players as Eagles leave for London
Buhari urges Eagles to win World Cup
How Serena advert nearly threatened Meghan
OAU appoints Omosule as new Bursar
Kim Kardashian meets President Trump to discuss prison reforms
Lagos celebrates treble at The Foot of David
Youtube removes half of violent music videos in UK
Fanning, Jolie reunite for Disney’s ‘Maleficent II’
Lawmaker gives wife G-Wagon with number plate ‘Assurance’
Discrimination against menstruating women high in Nigeria — WaterAid
NUT presents health insurance certificates to widows
Colon cancer screening should begin at 45 – American Cancer Society
Viruses to reverse aging by removing wrinkles in cells – Study
Using WhatsApp on your computer
EDITORIAL: Politicisation of judicial appointments, dodgy
Democracy Day: Let us count our blessings
Taming the fear of Arabic language
Rwanda and Arsenal FC: When the poor sponsor the rich
Plastic pollution: If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!


Court Sentences Former Taraba Gov, Jolly Nyame to 14 yrs Imprisonment
Melaye Returns to Senate with Theatrics, Fuels Rumour of Defection
Sale of Nigerian Crude Oil Threatened by Discount Pricing, US Shale Oil Boost
FG Intensifies Ebola Screening at Lagos Airport
With 8m Registered Workers, Pension Fund Assets Hit N7.9tn
Onnoghen Decries Delays in Court Cases, Says It’s Scaring Away Investors
Saraki: We Didn’t Discuss My Trial at nPDP, APC Meeting
Abaribe: ‘Vicious, Dangerous’ APC Govt Won’t Accept Poll Defeat in 2019
Mixed Reactions Greet IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Directive in South-east
Police Thwart BZF’s Plan to Take over Enugu Govt House, …
EFCC detains ex-governor Yero, ex-minister, 2 others
Senate tasks Jega to name corrupt N’Assembly members Invites OAU VC over sex for marks scandal
Naira Appreciates as CBN Sustains FX Intervention
Unity Bank Trains Students on Financial Literacy
Zimbabwe Becomes AFC’s 19th Member State
NSE Capitalisation Falls to N13.9tn as Bellwether Stocks Lose Further
Stanbic IBTC Pension Assets Hit N2.53tn
How Upperlink Changed the Face of Payment System with PayChoice
C’River North Elders Demand Second Term for Ayade
Buhari’s Speech and Reality Checks
Moment of Glory
How Religious Homes Sustain Obstetric Fistula
UNICEF: Mobilsing Political Will, Resources to End Child Violence
Menstrual Hygiene Day: 300m Women Menstruate Daily Globally, Says WaterAid
WMD: Dano to Set Guinness World Record
WHO Deploys 39 Personnel to Control Cholera Outbreak in Adamawa
Rohr Lists 25 Eagles for Clash with England
Saraki: These Eagles Are Role Models, Best-organised Ever
Installation of Enyimba Stadium Pitch Begins
S’Arabian Russia 2018 Ref Dropped for Match-fixing
Messi Stays Positive after 4-0 Win over Haiti
I Feel Like a ‘Superhero’ in My Black Catsuit, Says Serena
Of Lawmakers and Bribe-takers

The Nation

N1.64b fraud: Ex-Governor Nyame goes to jail for 28yrs
A highlight of cases involving former governors
Ladoja failed to return ‘stolen’ funds, says EFCC
Saraki: my CCT trial not part of nPDP, APC talks
Southsouth governors: pay us 13 per cent of $1billion insurgency cash
Oil prices steady after shake-out on supply worries
Osinbajo lauds Dangote’s 150 vehicles donation to Police
Multiple subscriptions: Amnesty for ‘ghost’ shareholders
Yakubu: INEC’ll address barriers faced by physically challenged voters
Fayemi bows out as Solid Minerals minister
Jega’s corruption allegation embarrassing, says Senate President
Like fighting corruption, investigative journalism is dangerous, says Osoba
Fed Govt moves to sack over 750,000 striking health workers
Ex-Kaduna Governor Yero, ex-minister, others detained by EFCC
Industrial court takes over mediation
I want to be a fashion designer, says First Class graduate
Don’t be lazy, provost advises students
Anambra Federal college gets provost
Ngozi: The legacy endures
Winners emerge in Lagos Qur’an contest
Lawmaker to students: Aluta is outdated
Corps members sensitise Agbara community on HIV/AIDS
Super Eagles get Saraki’s $50,000 gift
Okocha in FIFA Legends squad
World Cup 24-man list: Simy in, Lokosa, Agbo out
Moses Simon to undergo final scan in London
Aruna Quadri bows out of China Open
Ahmed Musa may return to CKSA Moscow
World Cup: Saraki splashes N18M on Eagles
‘APC, INEC want to rig poll’
My priority is people’s welfare, says Olusola
Buhari’s assent to ‘Not Too Young to Rule Bill’ will boost Fayemi’s chances
Simi thrills kids on Children’s Day
So much for Shina Peters at 60
TIFF seeks volunteers for 43rd edition
Amazing health benefits of maize
UI, others to offer herbal medicine
63 held as Okada men torch police van over colleague’s death
Danfo driver accuses policeman of assaulting him after crash
Apapa, Amuwo, others to experience power outage
Concert to celebrate Ambode
#NotTooYoungToRun: Joyous daybreak for the Nigerian youths
Gains, pains of school feeding programme, others
T. B. Joshua seeks enforcement of children’s rights
School begins technical exhibition today
5,000 pupils gain from under-age drinking campaign
Oil prices steady after shake-out on supply worries
Delta APC: Torn apart by congress
N10b housing estate for Abuja
Govt is committed to environmental bio-diversity, says commissioner


INEC To Dump Use Of Incident Form In 2019
Nigerian Youths Must Change The Narrative – Lilian Ogbuefi, Lagos One Day Governor, 2012
Cross River Lawmaker Slumps, Dies During Morning Exercise
Minister Laments Inadequate Capital Allocation
Nigerian Navy, 6 Others Tackle Terrorism In Gulf Of Guinea
Senate Probes OAU Sex-For-Marks Scam
IWS Moves To Strengthen Bond Between Older, Younger Women
Much Ado About ‘Democracy’
What We’ll Do To Make Ekiti Great Again — SDP Guber Candidate
Berom Urge Lalong To Act Over Renewed Attacks In Plateau
Asaba 2018: No Media Accreditation Extension
Nigeria Under Siege, Says OPC
Delta: Okowa’s Administration A Blessing To The People — Aide
Delta Farmers Seek Ban On Grains Importation
Delta APC: Jones Erue’s Inauguration Illegal —Emerhor
Practicability Of A Suspect Searching Police Officer Who Intends To Search Him
Nigeria’s Economy, Investors Await Passage Of PIGB – Experts
2019 Presidency : Emirs, generals back Tanimu, Tambuwal, Kwankwaso
Protest as Lagos APC inaugurates executives
Breaking: N1.64bn Fraud: Ex-Taraba Gov, Rev Nyame bags 14 years jail term
Sit-at-home order: Ebonyians defy IPOB, obey Umahi’s directive
Breaking: Senator Melaye resumes plenary in walking stick
Atiku, Catholic bishops, Afenifere, Ohanaeze fault Buhari’s vow to deal with killer-herdsmen
Sen. Melaye, Hon. Jagaba “join” PDP
Breaking: JOHESU agrees to suspend strike June 1
Breaking: Dino Melaye dumps APC for PDP
Breaking: IPOB’s Sit-at-home directive records complete compliance in Onitsha
What we’ll do to make Ekiti great again — SDP guber candidate
Nigerians will soon enjoy dividends of Democracy — Afe
Bashir Ahmad lists Buhari’s achievements in 3 years
Falana to Governors: Don’t expect Buhari to police your states
Benue Assembly outlaws same sex marriage
Asaba 2018: No media accreditation extension
Neymar on fast track to full fitness – Danilo
Disappointed Eze wishes Eagles well after missing Russia 2018 list
John Terry leaves Aston Villa after failed Premier League promotion bid
Super Eagles fly out for England friendly
Housewife sells husband’s house without his consent
‘Blood tests negative’ on woman who accused Luc Besson of rape
Morgan Freeman’s lawyer demands CNN retract sexual harassment claims
Group blames media for selling sex through music
Barr blames sleep aid racist tweet on muslim brotherhood & planet of apes
Nollywood star, Tonto Dikeh donates relief items to Prison inmates

The Sun

Bloody Biafra day as soldiers kill 2 IPOB members
Russia 2018: Buhari charges Eagles to play clean, fair
Drama as Melaye sits with PDP senators
Senate challenges Jega on bribery allegation
…Steps into OAU sex-for-mark scandal
Alleged fraud: We’ve no case to answer – Kalu, others
N1.64bn fraud: Ex-Taraba gov, Nyame, bags 14 years jail term
FG lauds Dangote for donating 150 patrol cars to police
8 murdered in Kaduna
Anti-party: Imo APC petitions NWC demands Okorocha’s suspension
Bloody Biafra day as soldiers kill 2 IPOB members
$1bn security fund: South-South govs demand 13% derivation
Soyinka: Corruption linked with rigging
Melaye’s return: Fayose urges others to follow suit
2019: PDP can’t return to power –Kalu, former Abia governor
Pension assets hit N8trn
…As N50bn invested on road construction
Lagos partners Balmoral Group to build W/Cup Village
Eagles’ll exceed previous records –Dalung
Reps move to check proliferation of illegal arms
263 teachers write professional exam in Anambra — TRCN Coordinator
Democracy Day: X-raying the current dispensation
The Bible, Almighty God and I (7) –Polygamy issue
Satanism in new age religious solution (12)
Etiaba’s Enugu Sports Club unites the east and honors Rangers International FC


NYSC@45: Corps members on free medical outreach
7 parties to contest in Oyo constituency by-election —INEC
2019: Tanimu Turaki declares for presidency
Fayemi resigns as minister to pursue his governorship ambition
Dino Melaye hasn’t informed the party of defection, APC spokesman says
7 dead in Ogun boat mishap
N9.7bn alleged fraud: Court adjourns trial of ex-governor Suswam, others till July 4
‎Women group lauds Buhari’s administration on youth empowerment
Delay in justice delivery scares away investors ―CJN
Based on achievements, Okowa deserves second term ―Aide
Fayemi revives low financial contribution into federation account in 2 years ―Official
Not too Young to Run bill: Nasarawa Students laud President Buhari commitment
What we paid into FG’s coffers in 5 years ―SPDC
Applicant gets 5 months imprisonment for stealing fiancée’s money, phone
Court remands man in prison for stealing wire
Saudi Arabia to criminalise sexual harassment
Search for missing jet to resume if new evidence emerges―Malaysian PM
48.3 % of Lagos residents have moderate-to-severely high blood pressure
Lagos Airport Hotel set to inaugurate 25 luxury rooms
Minister promises successful hosting of global tourism confab
ExxonMobil to cut methane emissions by 15% in 2020
Our scorecard shows we’ve not left Delta —SPDC
METKA launches EXERON to boost electricity access in Nigeria
EDITORIAL: The Ambode example
Guarding against deadly food additives

New Telegraph

PDP campaign funds: Ex-Kaduna Governor, ex-minister, 2 others detained by EFCC
Senate investigates ‘OAU Sex-For-Marks-Scandal’
Herdsman arraigned in Ekiti over alleged destruction of N4m cassava farm
Stop blackmailing us, nPDP warns APC
Junior Lokosa, Dele Ajiboye, 3 others dropped from World cup team
Dino Melaye “defects” from APC to PDP Man sentenced to five months in jail for stealing fiancée’s money, phone
Super Eagles depart for London
One killed as IPOB shuts down Aba
Sit-at-home: IPOB’s order fails in S-East, S-South
Melaye: Police attempted to poison, kill me
Recession hits beggars in Osun
Saraki: My trial not part of nPDP/Osinbajo parley
Litigations hampering our operations – Innoson Motors
Court convicts ex-Governor Nyame
Dangote donates 150 operational vehicles to police
Lagos, NGO unveil 12-hour musical concert
Man sexually exploits girl, 7, jailed four years
Cyclists burn police van over colleague’s death
Girls exchange sex for bread in Libya –Returnee
Ogbede dies at 87
Herdsmen’s killings: 33,000 displaced in Plateau –Berom groups
Nani: We’ve not received any money from Ecological Fund
Delta not in conflict with FG over rehabilitation of federal roads – Auguoye
PDP to APC: Your only legacy in Ekiti is debt
Olusola berates APC over blackmail of govt agencies
Fayemi resigns as minister, focuses on guber poll
Expanding DBN’s role for MSMEs growth
CBN, FIRS fuel N156bn loss to foreign software
Expert lauds AfDB for transforming Nigeria, others
Annual levy: NCC to clamp down on operators
Musa ponders CSKA return
Rohr bows to NFF’s pressure over Simon’s trip to London
Make Nigeria proud in Russia , Buhari tells Eagles
Mikel leads 25 Eagles to London
French Open: Halep, Djokovic move on
FIFA drops Saudi ref
EDITORIAL: Dalung must end the NBBF crisis now
INEC distributes 4,000 PVCs in Lagos – REC
Ramadan: Ambode celebrates Democracy Day with Muslims in Epe
Ajaokuta steel: Technical Audit exercise completed as Fayemi hands over
Mourning in the palace
CCWD: Stigmatisation in hospitals kills disabled women
Fasanmade: Excessive stress could trigger thyroid disorder

Daily Trust

Daily Trust

Convicted Nwobike freed after one month in jail
Ex-Chelsea star Frank Lampard named Derby manager
Chelsea plotting big-money move for Alvaro Morata's replacement
Shehu Sani reacts to Jolly Nyame's judgement
Ex-governor Nyame gets 14-year jail term
Nigerian crude struggles for buyers as rival Angola excels
N210bn power Fund: Kaduna, Yola DisCo yet to access N51bn since 2015

Ex-governor Nyame gets 14-year jail term

Tobacco-related diseases kills 146,000 African adults each year (video)
“Ti oluwa ni ile”: Kareem Adepoju clears the air on beef with Tunde Kelani

VIDEO: W/Cup: You”re carrying our emotions, Buhari tells S/Eagles

Colourful display as Sierra Leone president visits Villa
Top Stories see more
Former govs facing corruption charges
Nuruddeen M. Abdallah & Clement Oloyede
EFCC detains Kaduna former governor Yero, ex-minister, 2 others
Politicians responsible for Nigeria’s problems – Senator
EFCC vs Shema: Court adjourns to June 12
Anti-corruption: Muslim rights welcomes Jolly Nyame’s sentence
How we had rancour-free national convention – ANRP
APC suspends Gombe assembly minority leader
Manchester United ‘want £50million Marko Arnautovic’
Ebola: FAAN intensifies screenings after Congo outbreak
Ben Bruce welcomes Dino Melaye to PDP
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Ekiti 2018: Fayemi denies report on choice of Adubiaro as running mate

Fayemi refute report on running mate


The Kayode Fayemi Campaign Office has refuted a story being peddled on the social media that the All Progressives Congress (APC) flag bearer has picked Alhaja Habibat Adubiaro as his running mate.
A statement signed on Tuesday on behalf of the organisation by Mr. Wole Olujobi described the story as not only false but misleading. It urged members of the public not to believe any report or statement that does not emanate from the appropriate party organs.

The statement reads: “The attention of the JKF Campaign Office has been drawn to a story that has gone viral on the social media that the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Kayode Fayemi, has picked Hajia Habibat Adubiaro as the deputy governorship candidate of the party in the July 14 governorship election.

“This report is not only false, but misleading.”We have since discovered that the story emanated from the same source that concocted a story last week purporting that Dr Fayemi planned to create cattle colonies across the state.
“The general public is hereby notified that APC has a formal way of conducting its affairs in strict compliance with the party’s rules and regulations.”At the appropriate time the party would formally announce the deputy governorship candidate.
“We therefore urge members of the public to stop taking seriously any announcement that does not emanate from appropriate party organs.”

Source: The Nation

Fayemi resigns as Minister

Fayemi bows out as Minister

Dr Kayode Fayemi


…Lists achievements in Mines and Steel

President Muhammadu Buhari has officially accepted the resignation of Dr. Kayode Fayemi who until on Wednesday was the Minister of Mines and Steel Development.

Fayemi who stated this on Wednesday at a validetary press conference revealed that the President accepted his resignation to enable pursue other political interests.

He added that it is with a deep sense of pride about his contributions to the landmark achievements which he and his team have achieve in the sector and thus he is transitioning out with head held high.

Fayemi also said that his overall goal was to ensure the sector contributes optimally to the building of a strong and virile economy that supports human development goals.

Listing his score card to members of the media, Fayemi revealed that he began with developing a Roadmap for the ministry which was approved by the Federal Executive Council on August 31, 2016.

He added, “The ministry sought for and obtained approveal for N30bn (approx. $100m) intervention fund from the Federal Government, partly to help provide cheap loans and grants to industry participants as well as for directly investing in foundation infrastructure.

“We also secured support from the World Bank for the funding of the Mineral Sector Support for Economic Diversification (MSSED or MinDiver) program, a critical component of which is to provide technical assistance for the restructuring and operationalization of the Solid Minerals Development Fund, which would make finance available to ASM operators through micro-finance and leasing institutions.

“Similarly, we have reached an advanced stage in assembling a $600M investment fund for the sector, working with the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority, the Nigerian Stock Exchange and other financial institutions.

Read Also: Fayemi refute report on running mate
“We have facilitated payment and the release of the results of the aeromagnetic survey of the whole country carried out since 2006, but which had not been released due to non-payment.

” Our Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) has undertaken additional ground investigations nation-wide to upgrade our National Minerals Database and to further ascertain the assays of our mineral assets to the level that can easily attract financial investments and assure operators of the scope of operations required for further exploration and/or mining.

“The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) has also signed and operationalised MoUs and Technical Cooperation Agreements with the China Geological Surveys, Shandong Mineral Exploration Agency and the National Office Hydrocarbons and Mines ‘ONHYM’ of Morocco. The collaborations are intended to leverage on the expertise and state-of-the-art technologies of these organizations in assisting Nigeria generate investor friendly geoscience data.

“The Ministry has initiated engagements with SGS, a world-renowned material testing company, to strengthen the capacity NGSA Laboratory Facilities in Kaduna towards achieving ISO 17025 accreditation within the shortest possible period.

“As part of the support we received from the Natural Resources Fund, the Ministry has finalized exploration initiatives totaling N15 billion allowing successful entities help with the exploration of priority minerals like Gold, Lead, Zinc, Rare earth metals to mention a few.

” Launched a N5 billion fund (made up of N2.5 billion by SMDF & a counterpart fund of N2.5 billion by Bank of Industry) to provide single digit interest loans to Artisanal and Small & Medium scale miners.

“Secured, through the Federal Government, a $150million loan from the World Bank to commence the Mineral Diversification (MinDiver) Project aimed at funding strategic interventions in the Sector.

“We have made progress in resolving the legal issues around our legacy projects, particularly Ajaokuta. We have signed a Modified Concession Agreement (MCA) that has allowed for the commencement of the return of the entity to the Federal Government of Nigeria. We have in place a timeline of action which would see the legacy plant become operational in the near future. We are at this time concluding an audit process, further to which we would fully take over the plant. We are taking the most appropriate steps in our national interest to ensure Ajaokuta is finally put to work after several false starts in the past.

“On ALSCON, we have also made significant progress in our efforts to bring the Company back to life with the approval of the National Council on Privatisation that the company be given to UC Rusal with clear conditionalities for resuscitation.

“The Re-activation of the Mineral Resource and Environmental Management Committees (MIREMCO) in 20 states. Ten (10) States have so far been mobilised with take-off grants and operational vehicles.

“Establishing and equipping the Mines Environmental Analytical Laboratory in the Ministry to enhance a reliable data collection from mines field for compliance monitoring and maintenance of data bank.

“Procured 40 Field Vehicles for the Presidential Special Mines Surveillance Task Force to monitor illegal mining activities

“Operationalised several existing MoUs and a number of new ones between the Federal Government and other countries like the Republic of South Africa , the Peoples Republic of China, e.t.c.

“We have initiated the optimization of the Gold Value Chain with a view to Instituting a Federal Gold Reserve Scheme, in which the Central Bank of Nigeria shall be involved. This initiative would also include a National Gold Purchase Scheme that would involve cultivating partnerships with state governments towards improving their beneficial participation in the gold value chain especially as it touches on production, technics, trading, health and safety, and environmental protection.”

Source: The Nation

Court sentences former Taraba Gov, Jolly Nyame to 14 years imprisonment

Court sentences ex-Taraba governor to 28 years imprisonment

Posted By Eric Ikhilae and Somina Amachree, Abuja

A High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Gudu, Abuja has sentenced former Taraba State Governor, Reverend Jolly Nyame to a cumulative jail term of 28 years imprisonment.

In a judgment on Wednesday, Justice Adebukola Banjoko convicted the ex-governor on 27 out of the 41 counts contained in the charge filed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in July 2007.

The judge sentenced him to 14 years having found him guilty of the offence of criminal breach of trust; seven years for receiving gratification; five years for obtaining under false pretence and two years for criminal misappropriation.

The judge said the sentences would run concurrently, implying that the ex-governor may end up spending 14 years in prison.

Details later…

Cross River Assembly member slumps, dies

Cross River Assembly member slumps, dies

A member of the Cross River House of Assembly, representing Obudu State Constituency, Mr. Steven Ukpukpen, slumped and died during an early morning workout on Wednesday morning.

Our correspondent gathered that the incident happened at 7:00 a.m. along Moore Road in Calabar, while the deceased was on a routine workout.

He was confirmed dead in a private hospital in the state capital.

Cross River State governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, described as shocking and devastating the news of the lawmaker’s death.

Ayade, in statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Christian Ita, said the sudden death of Ukpukpen has left him in a state of shock and disbelief.

The governor said: “I am completely numbed and bewildered that we have lost such a vibrant intellectual who as a lawmaker was deeply committed to the effort of our administration to build enduring legacies and bequeath strong economy for our people.”

The governor lamented that Ukpukpen died at a young age, especially when the state needed his skills and expertise in the art of lawmaking.”

He commiserated with the lawmaker’s immediate family, the State House of Assembly, the people Of Obudu and the entire state over the unfortunate incident.

Governor Ayade prayed God to grant his young family the strength to cope with the “unfortunate and depressing incident.”