Joshua Knocks Out Klitschko, Remains Undefeated Heavyweight Champ

Joshua Knocks Out Klitschko, Remains Undefeated Heavyweight Champ
Demola Ojo

British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua, knocked out former unified champion Wladimir Klitschko in the eleventh round of saturday’s title fight in London to retain the IBF World Heavyweight belt and also claim the vacant WBA Heavyweight belt.

Joshua produced the performance of his career to stop his Ukrainian counterpart with an enthralling knockout in front of a record 90,000 audience at the Wembley Stadium. It was the culmination of a close contest that saw Joshua dropping Klitschko in the fifth round, before being put down – for the first time in his 19-fight career – in the sixth.

Both men looked in danger of being stopped over two rounds which will live long in the memory, before Joshua delivered the clinical blows in the 11th. The Briton landed a brutal uppercut which gave him the platform to send Klitschko down with an immediate flurry.

Klitschko stood, but was again dropped by a left hook moments later, and then stood again, only for referee David Fields to save the challenger when pinned against the ropes.

Joshua threw his arms into the air as roars rolled down the Wembley tiers. He had come through his stiffest test to date, while Klitschko had answered questions of his own, showing he remains competitive at world level, even at 41.

The Ukrainian known as Dr Steelhammer will regret not finishing the job when he floored Joshua and appeared close to reclaiming two of the titles he lost in his last fight against Tyson Fury in 2015.

“What can I say? 19-0, three and a half years in the game,” said Joshua. “I’m not perfect but I’m trying, and if you don’t take part, you’re going to fail. As boxing states, you leave your ego at the door and you respect your opponent. So a massive shout-out to Wladimir Klitschko.”Analysis – ‘Those punche

In the process of claiming the biggest win of his career, Joshua showed amazing resilience, and this was, by far, his most impressive performance. He took the best punches from Klitschko (64-5), and survived to knock out a future Hall of Famer.

After the fight, Klitschko wouldn’t confirm that he would take a rematch — neither, for that matter, would promoter Eddie Hearn — but he was complimentary of his opponent.

“The best man won tonight, and it’s an amazing event for boxing,” Klitschko told Sky Sports after the fight. It’s really sad I didn’t make it tonight. I was planning to do it. It didn’t work.”

A rematch would be great for Joshua, now that he knows he can beat Klitschko. He also showed he could take massive punches from one of the best heavyweights in history, and even if after falling to the canvas, got up to win.

“It’s boxing. I’m only going to improve,” Joshua told Sky Sports. “Sometimes you can be a phenomenal boxer, but boxing is about character. When you go to the trenches, that’s when you find out who you really are.”

It is not yet clear if the option of a rematch as stipulated in the contract of the fight will be taken. However, lying in wait as future opponents are former champion, Tyson Fury and the holder of the WBC heavyweight belt Deontay Wilder.

Manchester United to wear black armbands to mourn victims of Calabar viewing centre tragedy

Manchester United reveal tribute to fans electrocuted in Nigeria tragedy

Man Utd fixtures includes a poignant gesture ahead of the Reds’ game vs Swansea on Sunday.


Manchester United’s players will wear black armbands against Swansea on Sunday in memory of the seven fans killed in the Calabar tragedy in Nigeria.

More than 80 football fans were watching the Reds’ 2-1 win over Anderlecht in a viewing centre last week when a high-tension electricity cable fell on top of it.

Nigerian police have confirmed that seven people were killed and 10 more were seriously injured following the mass electrocution before half-time.

The #MUFC players will wear black armbands on Sunday in memory of the seven fans who lost their lives recently in Calabar, Nigeria.

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) April 28, 2017
Initial reports had suggested that 30 fans had died in the centre, which is said to have been constructed mostly with corrugated zinc.

United issued a statement on Twitter in the aftermath of the tragedy last week.

“Our thoughts go out to the United fans, their friends and families affected by the tragedy in Calabar, Nigeria, yesterday,” it read.

Shocking revelation! How suspended NIA DG disbursed Jonathan’s election campaign funds

NIA DG diverted most of Jonathan’s campaign funds –Adeyanju

The former Director, New Media , Peoples Democratic Party , Deji Adeyanju , tells ADELANI ADEPEGBA about how campaign funds were shared and diverted during the 2015 presidential elections

W hat is your relationship with the suspended Director General , National Intelligence Agency , Ayodele Oke?

I met him a couple of times during the 2015 presidential campaign . That was all. We don ’ t have any personal relationship . We only met during the run – up to the election , in the course of the campaign .

So after then , you didn’ t meet him again?

No , we didn ’ t have any dealing with him until after the election when Femi Fani – Kayode called me that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was investigating him . So he called me to his house ; he was supposed to meet a former chief of staff to the president , Brig . – Gen. Jones Arogbofa (retd . ) , and when I and Fani – Kayode got to his house ( Arogbofa ’ s residence) , we met the DG, NIA there and he gave FFK information about how the EFCC was probing him , Nenadi Usman and others. That was the first time I saw him after the election. We met at the same house again where the DG offered FFK $ 1 m , that he should secretly return the money to the EFCC Chairman , Ibrahim Magu and that Magu would not proceed with his investigation . He said Magu would forget about the case and FFK may not be charged to court . FFK, I and the former COS were all there . FFK didn ’ t collect the money .

Why would Oke offer FFK money to bribe Magu?

The incident occurred few weeks before FFK was arrested . I can ’ t remember the date precisely , but it happened two weeks or so before FFK was arrested . Oke got wind of the fact that the EFCC was investigating FFK, so he alerted him about it. But FFK knew before then that he was being investigated . I think he offered the money because he was involved at the various levels of campaign funding. He was involved in the disbursement of campaign funds , this I know because I was tactically involved in the campaign . There are some things I won ’ t want to disclose now for strategic reasons .

Do you think the over $ 43 m that was recovered in Lagos was part of the campaign funds ?

It may or may not be , but investigations would reveal whether it was part of the funds . But I know that the NIA DG had campaign funds .

How much was given to him ?

I wouldn ’ t know the exact amount, but I know he was given campaign funds because I was involved in the campaign .

Were other security chiefs given campaign funds ?

Many people were given campaign funds , though I wouldn ’ t know about other security chiefs, but I am sure about the DG , NIA. I know one or two instances when he disbursed money.

Who did he disburse money to ?

I won ’ t want to go into that . I am so sure that campaign funds were given to him . I don ’ t believe in the stories in the dailies that the money was meant for a particular covert operation , I don ’ t believe it. Oke had a reasonable amount of campaign funds in his custody.

Do you think he utilised the money for election or he diverted it ?

He diverted it. He diverted most of the money . I do not know the source of the money that was discovered in Ikoyi because I was not there when he was hiding it. I obviously can ’ t know from where he took the money or when he hid it. But I know that he had access to campaign funds and he was very close to Adamu Mu ’ azu , the former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party , and the apartment where the money was found used to belong to him .

Former President Goodluck Jonathan alleged in a new book, ‘Against the Run of Play’ by Olusegun Adeniyi, that Mu ’ azu worked against him . Do you believe this ?

I used to work with Mu ’ azu . I would say I believe it partially in the sense that maybe he did not do enough to make Jonathan win . But he delivered his local government for Jonathan despite the fact that Buhari won and Jonathan lost the election in Bauchi State . When people are saying Mu ’ azu worked against the former president , I do not have enough facts to support that , but I am of the opinion that he did not do enough to ensure Jonathan ’ s re – election .

Do you know anything about Folashade Oke , wife of DG , NIA ?

No , I have never met her , I don ’ t know her .

There were reports that PDP campaign materials were found in the apartment , does this suggest that the seized money was part of campaign funds ?

Like I told you earlier , it is possible that the money was part of campaign funds . I knew because I was part of the campaign and I know that many people diverted money meant for campaign . That ’ s one of the reasons we lost the election. So many people betrayed the former president . Jonathan also confirmed it in the Segun Adeniyi book. I believe that people would understand some of these issues. Some people diverted money that was raised for the campaign and squandered it. This was money raised for the campaign . The one we solicited from other sources were also diverted .

Can you identify some of the people who did this ?

Many people alleged that the former chairman diverted campaign funds that were given to him and other monies raised by the party . Many states complained that they never got money . Even the Ekiti State chapter of the party complained that they never got any money for campaign . Those are some of the reasons why the PDP lost the election and Jonathan was defeated . If we must do a re -appraisal , we must speak the truth and put the record straight. So many people have said he diverted funds , so people who should have received funds said they did not get it, which means maybe he actually worked against the interest of the party . You never can tell sometimes ; political interest changes . Those who wanted Jonathan out had their reasons and they had many friends in and out of government who gave out documents from the Presidential Villa to them. The only person who can betray you is your friend .

Did state governors also divert funds ?

I am not sure , I don ’ t have any information on them.

Do you have record of those that leaked classified documents?

Those are things I cannot delve into for certain reasons.

But you know them ?

I know some of them, but I cannot delve into it at the moment . They were in the Villa; they were the people Jonathan trusted with his life . They were the ones who were leaking documents to the opposition . At a time , they even recorded the former president ’ s meetings and gave it out to the opposition . It was that bad . Jonathan was betrayed by the people he trusted .

Are you saying the leakage helped the All Progressives Party to win ?

Yes , it did . Imagine President Buhari doing something in the Villa and the opposition knows.

How was APC able to infiltrate Jonathan ’s inner circle ?

I think the former president trusted people too much. Unlike President Buhari who has surrounded himself with only northerners , and his family members , as caucus inside caucus , kitchen cabinet inside the kitchen cabinet , so where would the betrayer come from ? Jonathan was surrounded by people from different ethnic groups . He was not that secretive; he did not enjoy tribal loyalty and all that . He easily trusted people and was very accommodating . He tried to be as truly Nigerian as he could be . Maybe that was why he suffered so much at the hands of betrayers . He has started talking and I believe people would get to understand some of the things we are talking about , they would know that the people he trusted actually betrayed him .

Do you think the United States and the United Kingdom contributed to his defeat ?

Jonathan has said that , he must have information at his own level that could prove what he said . As for me , I think what contributed more to his defeat was the perception about the war on Boko Haram . The North didn ’ t want him to be re – elected and the issue of the missing girls wasn ’ t managed well . All that America did was just to put a little pressure to make sure the election held.

What ’ s your assessment of Buhari ’s anti -graft campaign ?

It is one – sided, selective and targeted mainly at the opposition . That is not saying Magu has not done well as head of the EFCC , I must commend him . But he must stop the media trial and be mature . He must stop being excited over nothing . Discovering cash is not the same thing as securing conviction for the corrupt people . He must be focused . The EFCC spends more money on car purchase than on legal services. So you can see why they would lose cases in court . He must realise that he is not there to play to the gallery . He is there to ensure a strong viral anti – corruption agency . He is there to do justice at all times to all manner of people and he should refuse the temptation to be used against the opposition just like what happened under former president Obasanjo who used the EFCC to fight perceived opponents and that is what is happening now.

When Obasanjo was in power , anybody that criticised his government would definitely not go scot- free at the hands of the EFCC . That is not what the EFCC should be about . Magu, by my assessment , has done reasonably well, if not for the political issues he is dabbling into . He has no business investigating campaign funds and arresting people like the Chairman of DAAR Communications Plc , Chief Raymond Dokpesi, who didn ’ t know the source of the money he was paid for media services. Things like this would definitely rubbish the anti – corruption war . Arresting people like the former PDP spokesman , Olisa Metuh , and Fani – Kayode was also wrong because they didn ’ t ask that money should be paid to them. They were given money to do media campaign projects .

Are you saying EFCC should have gone after Jonathan ?

The person ( Jonathan ) that ordered the money to be paid was not arrested , so why should people like Dokpesi and FFK be arrested and prosecuted ? If I go to the market to buy oranges with stolen money , is it me that should be arrested or the orange seller ? That is why I said EFCC is messing up the anti – corruption war . However , if EFCC had not gone after those who used campaign funds to do media projects , I would have said that the corruption war is on course . If a government official diverts money meant for a project , that is corruption , you can arrest and prosecute him . But when you arrest those who don ’ t know anything about the money , how does that qualify as a fight against corruption ? If they found him ( Jonathan ) culpable , they should have gone after him . If they knew the former president was involved in corruption , why didn ’ t they go after him ? Why are they going after the errand boys? If somebody pays you for adverts and services were rendered , how is that corruption? Like I have said , Magu has tried , but he needs to be more focused and stop playing to the gallery . This is not a reality television show.

But Jonathan said the EFCC was after his family ?

He may have proof that I don ’ t have . I read that his wife was in court over a forfeiture issue. Maybe that ’ s what he was referring to or maybe there are some other issues. There is no need to personalise the war on corruption , the government should strengthen the EFCC to be able to fight those in government , those who stole money . If the present administration feels that there was corruption under the past government , let them investigate. If investigations are concluded , let them charge those who are culpable to court . We are just opposed to selective anti – corruption war . A situation where Jafaru Isa collected money, his company collected money from the former National Security Adviser, Dasuki , but they are prosecuting only three persons . How can that be described as anti – corruption fight ?

Are you saying it was not right to prosecute Dasuki?

The government is right because Dasuki was appointed, but what we are condemning is his continued detention . Dasuki should be allowed to leave the jail on bail and face proper prosecution . The government that disobeyed all court orders , including the ECOWAS court , is not a democratic government . It is a tyrannical government because those are the signs of tyranny. Many of us have never said the government should not try Dasuki , we want him tried in an open court .

What ’ s your involvement with Nnamdi Kanu ?

The attempt to try him in secret is something we condemn because if you try him in secret , they would also try people like us in secret . Somebody can be arrested and they would present masked Department of State Services operatives to say that they are Igbo traders from Enugu and use their testimony to convict him . This cannot be defined as democracy in whatever form . Encourage dialogue with members of Indigenous People of Biafra , instead of killing them. In the advanced world, debate is what democracy is all about ; dialogue , negotiation , persuasion , non – violent approach . If some people say they don ’ t feel like being part of the country, engage them in dialogue or call a referendum like BREXIT , don ’ t kill them. Over 150 members of IPOB have been killed , that is not how a country should be run . Our approach is that , we want justice for those who were killed and we want the killers to be tried. We want investigations done . I am supporting Kanu because I want to show him that there are more benefits in a united Nigeria than in a divided Nigeria . So , I am standing with him to show him the other side that he is not seeing. That’ s basically the reason .

You have also involved yourself in the campaign for the release of Shiite leader , El – Zakzaky .

The greatest way for somebody to protect his freedom is to fight for the freedom of others. The greatest way to fight oppression is to defend the rights of the oppressed . If the peace in Borno State is threatened , and you are in Abuja and you feel you are safe , and so you do nothing and say nothing, gradually , Abuja will become unsafe. There is no moral or ethical justification for detaining El – Zakzaky for over 500 days . No matter his offence or crime , the man should have had his day in court by now. The government had already said in open court that El – Zakzaky did not do anything wrong , that were just keeping him in protective custody. A situation where the government just likes disobeying court orders is not right . People cannot continue to remain silent when things are not right . Basically , the reason why my organisation , the Concerned Nigerians , is showing solidarity with the Shiite leader is because the government said they are a violent group and killed over a thousand of them. These guys have not retaliated to date , they are very peaceful . They have detained their leader for over 500 days, that is unjust and unlawful . The government has continued to disobey orders and this is the reason why I am standing with the group .

Do you believe the APC government is using security agencies to bully the people ?

Any government that can detain someone for over 500 days without trial is a bully . They are now suppressing the power to protest and freedom of speech , which is what brought them to power . It’ s a complete paradox.

But the government said its critics are those against the anti – graft campaign .

The greatest fight against corruption is within this government . Those in the government are those against the anti – corruption war . You can see the revelations that are coming out . The issue involving the Secretary to Government of the Federation and others, which some people are trying to cover up , is unfortunate . The powerful people in government are the real enemies of the anti -corruption war .
Culled from The Punch

Married mother of eight dies after aborting boyfriend’s pregnancy

Mother of eight dies after abortion in Ogun

By Daud Olatunji, Abeokuta

Tragedy struck in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital when a mother of eight, identified as Sukurat Adedoyin, reportedly died following complications from abortion of pregnancy.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that the 33-year-old deceased, who was alleged to have been impregnated by her boyfriend, Alabi Kamilu, 30, sought the help of an auxiliary nurse, Bello Abosede, 34, to terminate the pregnancy.

The Investigating Police Officer, Asake Morowuntonu, said the victim was a married woman and had had eight children.

Morowuntonu stated that Kamilu, the alleged boyfriend, forced the deceased to terminate the pregnancy.
Source: Vanguard

Shocking discovery! 400 ghost workers found on payroll of Ondo football agency

​400 ghost workers discovered in Ondo football agency

About 400 ghost workers have been discovered on the payroll of the Ondo State Football Agency .

The discovery was made by a three-man Interim Management Committee set up by the state government to look into the administration of the agency and find a solution to its unimpressive performance of the state- owned football team.

The ODSFA is in charge of Sunshine Stars Football Club and the Sunshine Queen Football, Akure .

Speaking in Akure , the state capital , the chairman of the committee , Gbenga Elegbeleye , said 620 names were on the payroll of the agency .

He said , “ On assumption of office , we asked for a list of all the staff in the agency in the employ of the ODSFA and what we saw was surprising . A list of over 600 persons was submitted but when we did a headcount of the staff few days later , we discovered that the agency had over 200 workers .

“ The most annoying thing is that , there are no criteria to determine who earns more or less . We noticed that some (secondary ) school certificate holders were earning more than BSc holders . ”

According to him , corrupt practices going on in the agency is responsible for the inability of the ODSFA to pay salaries of players and officials of the Sunshine Stars .
Source: The Punch

Suspended NIA boss did not brief Buhari, NSA about N15bn Ikoyi cash — Presidency

Suspended NIA boss did not brief Buhari, NSA about N15bn Ikoyi cash — Presidency
By Isiaka Wakili

 The Presidency has debunked the claim by the suspended Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, Ayo Oke, that the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, was aware of the N43.4m stashed away at a private apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos.

A government official told journalists on Saturday that in the first instance,  “Oke did not brief the NSA at all about the existence of such funds-$289M- or the projects they were meant for when the Buhari administration took office in May 2015, even though the money had been released in March the same year.

The official stated: ‘The NSA office only got its first knowledge of the existence of such funds during the work of the presidential committee that audited the Defense Equipment Procurement in the Armed Forces. The Committee had observed certain payments from the CBN to the NIA and raised questions drawing the attention of the NSA.

‘When the suspended DG of the NIA discovered that that Committee was raising questions and to forestall the NSA from “blowing the cover,” he then gave his first report to the NSA on the existence of such funds and warned that the Committee’s job does not cover the activities or the spending of the NIA.

“The Presidential Committee on Audit of Defense Equipment Procurement, in the course of its assignment came across information that the NIA received a huge sum of money in early 2015 from the former President. Based on this the NSA carried out a preliminary investigation during which the NIA claimed the money was released for some projects aimed at commencing the Agency’s 30th anniversary.This was in January 2017.”

‘Subsequently, a team was constituted” to ascertain the situation. The first suspicion of a potential abuse was noticed at this stage, according to sources, especially considering the amount of money involved and the purposes stated.

“This was how the NSA and the Presidency learnt of the existence of such funds. We were not told by anyone in NIA until the Committee saw something, and raised a red flag. However, when the embattled NIA top spy was now compelled to explain what was happening, “he still did not inform anyone in the Federal Government or presidency that he kept $43m of the said funds in cash at a private apartment anywhere in Lagos or any part of the country.”

“This is the issue: the NSA was not told that NIA had this lump cash stashed away in the place it was eventually discovered by EFCC. In any case, extant rules are clear that such monies ought only to be placed in the NIA headquarters or in CBN vaults.

‘There are also instances where CBN actually paid out some of the funds directly to some NIA contractors, raising questions why the suspended NIA needed to put aside such huge cash in a private apartment.

‘The projects for which the former President approved the funds totalling $289m included two in Lagos whose cost were put at about $28m, which is way less than the $43m cash found in the Ikoyi apartment. Sources explained further that as at January this year, funds for the Lagos projects had actually been released to the tune of $18m, meaning only about $10m was left to be paid four months ago, before $43m was found in the Lagos apartment recently.

“So let us even assume that the NIA DG wanted to keep funds in Lagos for the Lagos based projects, he did not need that much for the total of the Lagos projects at all. And apart from that it is completely untenable to stash away agency money in a private apartment instead of keeping it with the CBN or inside the NIA head office where the money would be well-secured and its disbursement well protected. “

Source: Daily Trust

Buhari and the enemy within

Buhari and the enemy within

By Simon Kolawole

​President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is seriously challenged. That is the truth and nothing but the truth. We can choose to play the Ostrich and sink our heads deep in the sand but then our nakedness is obvious from the back. The impression I am getting is that the factionalisation, or is it the fractionalisation, of Aso Rock has become so deep that except something drastic is done now, the damage may last even beyond the life of this administration. In my young life, I have never seen a Nigerian government so openly divided against itself as this one. This is ironic because Buhari is assumed to be a strong leader, at least as a man with military background.

I will ignore the miscommunication that often comes out of the mouths of the various government spokespersons because, even though it is dangerous, I am able to admit that these things happen in life. The mismanagement of information on the health of the president is so chaotic I would be tempted to classify it as a national security threat but I will still resist any such temptation for now. We have been through this before, specifically in 2009 when President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua fell terminally ill and the nation went into a meltdown before commonsense prevailed. The president’s illness has been better managed this time around, but it still leaves much to be desired.

My prayer for Buhari is that God will quicken his recovery so that he can be back on his feet again. But even before he fell ill, his government was already in disarray before his very eyes. My focus today will be on his security team. It is an open secret that his men are fighting each other and trying to outdo each other, but the most shocking thing, I would say, is that Buhari has not called them to order. Calling them to order is not just about telling them off at a meeting — it could mean sending some of his appointees packing. We are talking about state security here, not personal security or even State House security.

We were recently treated to the spectacle of the Department of State Services (DSS) opposing the nomination of Magu as the EFCC chairman. Magu was nominated by the president. The DSS, which reports to the president, wrote to the National Assembly asking that Magu should not be confirmed because of integrity issues. I could not imagine President Goodluck Jonathan nominating Mallam Ibrahim Lamorde as EFCC chairman and Mr. Ita Ekpeyong, his DSS DG, asking the senate not to confirm him. Or President Olusegun Obasanjo’s nomination of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu being opposed by Col. Kayode Are, his DSS DG. Something has fallen apart in this government.

If anyone is still in doubt that Buhari’s government is internally challenged, the recent raid on a “safe house” of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) should provide the biggest evidence so far. From what we have heard so far, the NIA director-general, Ambassador Ayo Oke, rushed to the office of the EFCC chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, asking him to abort the operation on the Ikoyi apartment. He was said to have told Magu the circumstances surrounding the “safe house” but his entreaties failed. We are still waiting to be told how much Buhari knew about the warehoused funds and the “clandestine” projects.

It is no secret in government circles that Mr. Lawan Daura, the DSS DG, and Maj. Gen. Babagana Monguno (rtd), the national security adviser, barely see eye-to-eye. There are essentially two factions, and those who don’t belong to either camp are often caught in the crossfire. Monguno and Magu are aligned. It is understood that it was Monguno that recommended Magu to be EFCC chairman. The second divide is of Lawan and the army chief, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai. In the Lawan corner, it is believed that all negative media reports about the chief of staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, Buratai, and Lawan himself are orchestrated from the Monguno-Magu axis.

The irony of ironies, though, is that Monguno, Magu, Kyari and Buratai are all from Borno state. Can you believe it? They are all Muslims. They also speak Hausa as lingua franca. Going by the way we normally analyse issues of ethnicity and religion in Nigeria, these men should ordinarily be the tightest of friends and colleagues. They should naturally have a sense of unity. When they are in the same room, they should be able to talk some sense to each other. Buhari, who is half Fulani and half Kanuri and would be considered their kith and kin, should also be able to get these grown men to bury their egos and work together. Yet this sore has been festering for so long.

The ordinary Nigerian may not know the implications of this in-fighting. How can the heads of security agencies not be on speaking terms? Someone said there is also rivalry between CIA and FBI in America, and there is nothing strange about what is happening in Nigeria. This is a mistake. The CIA/FBI case is an institutional rivalry, often over areas of jurisdiction. What we are witnessing in Nigeria is a clash of egos. It has nothing to do with jurisdiction or national security. We just have top officials in Buhari’s team who despise each other so much they cannot bring themselves to be under the same roof. And the tragedy is that all this is happening with Buhari doing nothing.

The NIA issue perfectly illustrates the consequences of this discord in Buhari’s security team. Monguno, as national security adviser, is the chief co-ordinator of all security agencies. Security reports should go through him to the president. In truth, that is not the situation on ground. Also, before any major raid or search is conducted by a security agency, the NSA should be in the know. From what we were told, Oke briefed Monguno (in writing) on the “clandestine” projects NIA is undertaking in various parts of the country. Oke also reportedly briefed Monguno on the amount of cash in its possession for the completion of these projects.

If the information is accurate, did the EFCC conduct a raid on NIA’s property without pre-informing the NSA? If Magu indeed pre-informed Monguno, did he still give Magu the go-ahead to raid the “safe house” despite being aware that it is NIA’s? Would he do that? On the other hand, could it be that there is suspicion that the NIA funds, which were released by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, were really meant for the elections and the Ikoyi recoveries were the leftovers? There is a precedent after all — didn’t some of the funds meant for Boko Haram operations end up in the PDP presidential campaign? Is that why the apartment was raided? Questions gallore!

The Osinbajo panel must tell Nigerians the truth and the whole truth about the Ikoyi affair. There are too many questions and insinuations that cannot be swept under the carpet. I understand that the sensitive nature of intelligence operations may make things a bit difficult for us. There are several details that cannot be made public in order not to compromise what is supposed to be a covert operation. However, we deserve to know the non-sensitive bits. I am particularly interested in how much of this fiasco was caused by the in-fighting in Buhari’s security department. This may be doing a grievous damage to Nigeria’s security architecture.

Again, I pray for Buhari’s speedy recovery. But shaking up his security team — and even his cabinet — should be his priority when he resumes work. Nigeria is a country of 180 million people and he cannot allow our security and welfare to be toyed with because some big egos are clashing. This has gone on for too long. It is either Buhari calls them to order by reading them the Riot Act or he overhauls his team in favour of those who are ready to put the lives of Nigerians above every other consideration. As for the Ikoyi billions, I eagerly await how the government will come out of this self-inflicted embarrassment. Dicey.



Olusegun Adeniyi, chairman of THISDAY editorial board and former presidential spokesman, has demonstrated again why he is clearly the master storyteller of Nigerian journalism with his latest book, Against the Run of Play. His post-mortem on the 2015 presidential election is delivered in a very simple style, with the voices of key actors enriching the narrative. The book refreshes the memory on the remote and immediate reasons for the ouster of President Goodluck Jonathan — and, for me, the hard lessons every politician must learn from the misadventure. And now, Jonathan is disputing some of what the politicians said in the book. Interesting.


It was heart-warming to hear that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), has finally regained his freedom after spending 18 months in detention amid a barrage of legal fireworks. In trying to prove that it would protect the “territorial integrity” of Nigeria against secession agitations, the Buhari government has been exerting too much force, killing many peaceful pro-Biafra protesters in Onitsha. Nothing in this world can justify the shedding of innocent blood. Hopefully, the government will now obey court orders and release Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky, the Shiite leader, and Col. Sambo Dasuki, the former NSA. Imperative.


And so, Punch reports on the state of health of the president and its State House correspondent gets humiliated and kicked out by the chief security officer. The dark days of military regimes in Nigeria are being replayed — in a supposed democratic setting. I recall, with sadness, how soldiers, under President Jonathan, attacked the distribution vans of newspapers. I recall how a Deutsche Welle reporter was expelled from the State House. Under President Buhari, the independent press has continued to suffer indignity and attacks, starting with the barring of “opposition” AIT from covering Buhari’s activities in 2015 even before he was sworn in. Troubling.


Thanks for your congratulatory messages as TheCable, the online newspaper I founded in 2014, clocked three yesterday. Our key promise is to deliver news and features with “speed and simplicity”. But as we have found out, the workload can kill! Luckily, we are blessed with a team of resourceful, energetic and extremely committed youngsters who work day and night to put TheCable ahead in newsbreak. Many think I write the stories in TheCable and I always joke with the team not to get jealous because I also get all the insults on social media! We know we are yet to fulfil all our promises, but we will get there someday. Appreciation.
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