Benue boy scores 354, emerges best student in JAMB-UTME

Benue boy scores 354, emerges best student in JAMB-UTME

Rose Ejembi, Makurdi

A student of New Covenant Christian College International, Makurdi, Benue State, Moses Ape, has emerged with the best result in the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Ape scored 354 in the examination to beat Ibukun Oduntan of Corona Secondary School, Agbara Ogun State who was initially celebrated on social media as the best student with a total score of 344.

Principal of New Covenant Christian College International, Mrs. Joyce Ufere, who disclosed this, at a press conference in Makurdi, yesterday, explained that the school, which was established in 2009, presented 23 students for the examination.

Of the 23 candidates presented, Ufere said six of them scored above 300 with Ape scoring the highest with 354 while the least student from the school scored 249 in the examination.

Asked how he attained the feat, the 17-year-old Ape gave the credit to God, his teachers, his seniors and his parents for encouraging him to invest his time in intensive study.

“Aside the encouragement I got from all of these people, I also made up my mind to be the best I can be by setting very high goals for myself academically knowing fully well that I can be what I want to be if I’m determined,” he said.

Source : The Sun

I went into robbery for money to start my church — Suspect

I went into robbery for money to start my church — Suspect

By Esther Onyegbula
A 41-year-old suspect, identified as Fidelis Nelson (aka MP), and leader of dare-devil robbery gang operating within Lagos and Ogun states, has revealed that he went into robbery to raise money to build his church.
According to Nelson, a father of three, who spoke with Vanguard, “I have a pastoral calling; unfortunately I don’t have money to start my church. I have had the calling for years, but no finance to make it a reality.”

Nelson, who has masterminded several robbery operations, also noted that he and members of his gang carried out three robbery operations recently.

“We actually snatched three cars last month,” he added.
Vanguard gathered that the gang met their waterloo on June 16, after the Police received information indicating that some robbers, who specialised in snatching cars in Ogun State, were bringing their loots to Lagos for sale, then laid ambush for them.

The suspects, identified as Emmanuel Ogaba aka Tablet, 45; Matthew Ogaba, 30; Fidelis Nelson aka MP, 41; Augustine Stanley, 31; Abayomi Adebisi, 42, and Emmanuel Olusegun, 37, were arrested in Lagos.

Recovered from the suspects are one Toyota Camry car, one toy gun and various SIM cards.
The gang leader, Nelson, said: “I am married with three kids. I am a professional driver. My wife doesn’t know that I am into robbery.

“Since my colleagues are denying that none of them holds the toy gun during operations, I take responsibility for everything. I am the one that held the gun and drove at the same time during operations.

“I was the one who introduced Augustine into the gang. I had plans that when I establish my church, he would head the musical department because he is a talented gospel artiste.”

According to Augustine, the other suspect who is from Abia State, “I am a gospel artiste; I perform at crusades, weddings and other social events.

“I met Nelson during a crusade programme. He told me that he loved my performance and that he would love to invest in my musical career.

“Early this month, Nelson asked me to follow him to an operation so that I can actualise my dreams. I told him that I have never done that kind of thing. He convinced me.”

Source: Vanguard

How National Assembly perfected budget fraud under Jonathan – Falana

National Assembly perfected budget fraud under Jonathan – Falana

In this interview with OLADIMEJI RAMON, human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Falana, shares his views on the controversy trailing the 2018 national budget

The 2018 budget, like the previous budgets, was passed into law last week, in the middle of the year; does this call for any concern?

Of course, it calls for concern. By virtue of Section 318 of the Constitution, the financial year means “any period of 12 months beginning on the first day of January in any year or such other date as the National Assembly may prescribe.” If the financial year is expected to commence at the beginning of the year, the Appropriation Bill ought to be passed by the National Assembly not later than December 31 of each year. But in practice, the Appropriation Bill is presented to the National Assembly by the President in October or thereabouts and it is not passed by the National Assembly until June of the following year. Although President Buhari signed the 2018 Appropriation Bill into law on June 18, 2018 to avert the collapse of the government, he has promised to forward a supplementary bill to the National Assembly and that may not be passed until the end of the year. Meanwhile, the preparation of the 2019 Appropriation Bill has not even commenced.

What we are witnessing is the height of impunity on the part of both the executive and the legislative organs of the government. The crisis has continued because the Fiscal Responsibility Act is often ignored. The law was designed to fill the so-called lacuna in Section 81 of the Constitution. Under the law, the input of the National Assembly and other agencies of the government shall be incorporated in the Medium Term Expenditure Framework, which is to reflect public expenditure and projection. The framework shall be endorsed by the Federal Executive Council before the presentation of the budget. Under the Act, there is no provision for inserting projects in the budget during its consideration by the National Assembly.

What is your reaction to the complaint by the President that the lawmakers cut a total of N347bn in the allocations to 4,700 projects in the 2018 budget and inserted 6,403 projects of their own at the cost of N578bn?

No doubt, the National Assembly has become so bold in arrogance and impunity. Otherwise, how can they insert 6,403 projects while the President proposed 4,700 projects and increased capital expenditure from N2.36bn to N2.87bn? With respect, the Buhari administration has itself to blame for the mangling or padding of the budget by the National Assembly. In 2016, Honourable Abdulmumini Jibrin, the then Chairman of House of Committee on Appropriation, blew the whistle when he petitioned the EFCC to the effect that the budget had been padded to the tune of N100 billions. The House placed him on suspension for 180 legislative days. The allegations were investigated and confirmed by the EFCC but it was settled like a “family affair” of the APC. The House spent public funds to fight the legislator from the high court to the Supreme Court and back to the high court. The legal battle lasted two years before his illegal suspension was set aside. Recently, a former Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela, disclosed in her book entitled, “Fighting Corruption is Dangerous,” that the National Assembly was bribed with N17bn by the (ex-President Goodluck) Jonathan regime to pass the 2014 budget. Was the allegation investigated? I sued the National Assembly over the rewriting of the budget by the National Assembly in 2014. The case was decided in 2016. The Presidency was not interested in the case. Even though the court struck out the case for want of locus standi to file the suit, it proceeded to hold that the National Assembly lacks the constitutional power to abandon the budget estimates and revenues of expenditure proposed by the President and substituted them with their own. Recently, Senator Shehu Sani revealed that each senator receives N13.5m as running costs and salary of N750,000 per month and then influences the award of contracts of constituency projects worth N200bn per annum. Did the anti-corruption regime investigate the monumental scandal? In the 2018 budget, the illegal payments have not been removed. In 2016, the President promised to sanction the public officers who were indicted for the criminal padding of the budget. Did the President sanction any of the criminal suspects? It is such unprecedented official impunity permitted by the President that has encouraged the National Assembly to continue the illegality of rewriting and jerking up the budget without cash or revenue to back it up.

The lawmakers have explained that the cuts became necessary to correct the lopsidedness in allocations to projects among the geopolitical zones. Do you buy this explanation?

That is arrant nonsense. By virtue of Section 59 of the Constitution, all money bills shall originate exclusively from the Executive. All other bills are to originate from either chamber of the National Assembly. Specifically, Section 81 provides that the President shall cause the estimates and revenues of expenditure to be prepared and laid before the National Assembly. For instance, the President may propose that a new federal secretariat shall cost N100bn. Before arriving at that figure the executive would have obtained quotations from prospective builders, confirmed the cost of the site and examined the bill of quantity and found out the cost of labour. Budgeting is a detailed process. It is a serious business. To avoid fraud or the inflation of the cost of the project the Minister of Housing is invited by the National Assembly to defend the cost of the project. In the course of scrutinising the project, the legislators are empowered to reduce the cost to N80bn if it had been inflated. But on no account can the National Assembly unilaterally increase the cost of the project to N150bn and then pass it. That means that the legislators rewrote the budget of the project and passed it when they have no constitutional powers to originate the additional N50bn. The point I am labouring to make is that the National Assembly has got no power to introduce money bills to correct imbalance in the budget. It is trite law that any power excised by any authority or institution under a democratic government is traced to a particular law. I challenge the National Assembly members to point to any law that empowers them to rewrite the budget and pass it in order to correct geographical imbalance.

However, let me acknowledge and commend the practice of reviewing the national budget or the Appropriation Bill by the National Assembly. In each state of the federation, the budget is always passed by the House of Assembly without any debate whatsoever. In 2016, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State presented the budget for seven minutes, grabbed the gavel and passed it himself. Have you ever heard that any of the 774 local governments in the country has ever passed any appropriation bye-law? Therefore, budgeting under the current political dispensation has been reduced to the legalisation of the underdevelopment of the country by the three tiers of the government. Apart from servicing a parasitic bureaucracy with 70 per cent of the budget, a substantial bulk of the capital vote of 30 per cent of the budget is criminally diverted and cornered by a handful of unpatriotic public officers and their contractor friends.

Unfortunately, the executive/legislative face-off has obfuscated the budget deficit of N1.9tn, debt servicing, galloping inflation, skyrocketing interest rates and the fact that the full execution of the 2018 budget within the remaining six months of the year is almost impossible.

Year in, year out, the National Assembly members insert some projects of their own in the Federal Government’s budget; is it part of the legislators’ functions to execute projects?

The executive has allowed the illegality to continue for too long. Sections 4, 5, 6 of the Constitution stipulate that the legislature will make law; the executive will execute the laws, including Appropriation laws, while the judiciary will interpret the laws. To that extent, the National Assembly cannot combine legislative duties with executive functions by introducing new projects into an appropriation law and turning round to execute certain provisions of the same appropriation law. It is an aberration under the presidential system of government. Mind you, we have been having legislative chambers since 1922. But this is the first time that legislators are rewriting the budget and executing it and enriching themselves in the process of implementing of some so-called constituency projects. The crisis does not call for the demonisation of the National Assembly but a resolve on the part of the executive to correct the distortions in the budget. I want to assume that majority of the legislators are wallowing in honest ignorance. Otherwise, they would not argue that they are rewriting the budget in a bid to correct geographical imbalance.

Not long ago, Nigerians heard that members of the National Assembly allocated jumbo running costs for themselves without the knowledge of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission; last week, the President complained that the legislators unilaterally increased the National Assembly’s budget for 2018 by N14.5bn – from N125bn to N139.5bn. Do these suggest that there is no legal mechanism for regulating the activities of the lawmakers?

Under (former) President Olusegun Obasanjo, the budget of the National Assembly was N43bn per annum. It suddenly rose to N150bn in 2010 when the budget was forged by the cabal that ruled the country. That was when the late President Umaru Yar’Adua was hospitalised in an undisclosed Saudi medical centre. The annual budgeting fraud was perfected by the National Assembly under (former) President Jonathan Goodluck. In 2016, because of recession the National Assembly decided suo motu to reduce its budget to N115bn without details. It has now been increased to N139bn without details. By accepting the figures without the provision of the details, the executive breached Section 81 which requires that the President shall lay before the National Assembly the details of the estimates of the revenues and expenditure of the next financial year. The details of the sum of N139bn have to be set out. But because of the N13.5m running costs and other illegal payments the details of the budget of the National Assembly are deliberately shrouded in secrecy. It is high time that the fraudulent practice was stopped.

The mechanisms for regulating the activities of the lawmakers are there in the anti-graft laws but the executive is not prepared to make use of them. For instance, Section 70 of the Constitution states that a member of the National Assembly shall receive such salary and allowances which shall be fixed and determined by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission. But the National Assembly members have decided to fix and pay jumbo emoluments to themselves. Not less than 21 legislators and ministers are receiving pension from the state governments where they had served as governors and huge salaries and allowances from the Federal Government. Why should the Minister of Finance authorise the release of money for payment of such illegal salary and allowances to people who are on scandalous pension for life?

At least two lawyers and a group, SERAP, have sued, asking the court to compel the senators and the Reps to return all the monthly running costs of N13.5m and N10m they have respectively collected over the years. Do you think the plaintiffs have a good case?

The lawyers and the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) have a very good case. By challenging the illegality of the payment of unauthorised salaries and allowances for legislators the plaintiffs are promoting public accountability in the overall interest of the society. But why should it be the business of SERAP or Mr. Monday Ubani to challenge the illegality of the payment of the N13.5bn running costs which legislators have illegally fixed for themselves? As usual, the executive will not take advantage of the case to resolve the lingering crisis, once and for all. But are you not surprised that all the legislators from the ruling party and the opposition are united without exception in the collection of the illegal salaries and allowances, budget padding and the execution of constituency projects?

Source: The Punch

How fake news fuels Nigeria’s herder crisis

How fake news fuels Nigeria’s herder crisis

By Yemisi Adegoke

BBC Africa, Lagos

Fake pictures circulating on social media which users are falsely claiming depict inter-communal violence are inflaming already high tensions in Nigeria.

It comes after three days of deadly clashes between mainly Muslim cattle herders and mostly Christian farmers left more than 200 people dead in the centre of the country.

A gruesome image of a woman face down in a pool of blood with a gaping shoulder wound is purported to be from the recent attacks. It has hundreds of retweets on Twitter, but it first appeared on the internet in 2011 in a story about domestic violence in Nigeria.

Another image appears to show half a dozen people that were killed in the attacks. On closer inspection it becomes clear that the picture was not taken in Nigeria, and is actually the scene of a 2015 traffic accident in the Dominican Republic.

They are both too graphic for us to display and were accompanied by highly inflammatory comments.

And it’s not just pictures.

Earlier this week, major Nigerian news outlets ran a story claiming that Danladi Circoma, a leader of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, said the attacks in Plateau were revenge for the loss of 300 cows .

“Since these cows were not found, no-one should expect peace in the areas,” Mr Circoma is reported to have said.

His comments drew widespread anger and swift condemnation, but he has denied ever making the statement.

What is fake news?
Completely false information, photos or videos purposefully created and spread to confuse or misinform
Information, photos or videos manipulated to deceive – or old photographs shared as new
Satire or parody which means no harm but can fool people
Misinformation and fake news in Nigeria is nothing new, particularly around ethnic clashes and violence.

In some cases, the lack of official information has created a vacuum which has been filled by rumours. This only serves to escalate tensions futher.

The explosion of social media – Nigeria has 26 million active Facebook users – and the rapid growth of smartphones means rumour spread quickly and easily on social media.

In January, the presidency denounced a fake Twitter account which appeared to justify herdsmen attack s in Benue state to the anger of the public.

A month later, a letter alerting the public to an apparent attack by herders on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, a major route in the country’s south-west, went viral before the police issued a statement to deny it.

As criticism of the government’s handling of the crisis grows , there are fears that fake news could result in further violence.

Last year, Information Minister Lai Mohammed spoke repeatedly about the danger of fake news, warning that it could “threaten and destroy” the country.

How to spot fake news
It is likely that more fake news stories will surface about the crisis, particularly in the run-up to next year’s presidential election. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have revealed plans to fight the global problem of fake news, but here are five ways you can stop the spread of misinformation:

Check the source : Fake social media accounts often try to appear as if they are from legitimate news sites, so check that every account you share information from is genuine. Verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a blue tick.

Look at multiple sources : Although this isn’t foolproof, it’s nonetheless worth checking multiple reputable new sources when trying to verify if what you’re seeing is real. Ask yourself: Are trusted news outlets also reporting this information?

Verification tools: There are dozens of tools online that can help determine the authenticity of a picture or a video. Google, Bing and Tin Eye all offer a reverse image search, which can tell you where images have been used before. Video verification is more tricky, but tools like InVid allow you to select video from Facebook and YouTube to see if or where these videos have been used before.

Check metadata : If you have an original video or picture, you can check the metadata which will give you a wealth of information, including where and when the image or video was taken plus the device make and model. Unfortunately, when images and videos are uploaded to social media platforms their metadata is stripped out.

Think before you post : It sounds obvious, but be careful not to add to the problem of fake news. Before you post, ask yourself if you’re sure the information you’re about to post is real.

Culled from BBC

How tramadol almost destroyed my life, undergraduate confesses

Tramadol almost ruined my life – Undergraduate

Adelani Adepegba, Abuja

A student of the Federal University, Lokoja, Saddam Saidu, has narrated how drug addiction almost ruined his life, but for the intervention of his father, Mohammed, who refused to give up on him.

The Political Science student explained that he became addicted to Tramadol and other opiates through friends who were drug abusers.

Saddam’s narration was buttressed by his father during a town hall meeting held in Abuja on Tuesday to mark the 2018 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, with the theme, ‘Listen first: Listening to children and youths is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe.’

The former addict advised parents to monitor their children and wards, adding that the future of a lot of youngsters has been ruined by drug abuse and addiction.

“I finished my secondary school about eight years ago, but I am in 200 level at the university. You can see how my addiction had affected my academic progress. The last time I saw some of my friends, they were so impressed, they kept telling me I was looking good; I want to thank my father for not giving up on me,” Saddam said.

Mohammed explained that rehabilitating Saddam cost him a lot, adding that he had to place him in an expensive rehabilitation clinic in Wuse, Abuja.

“I was running an online Masters programme with a foreign university. The programme cost me $2,250 but I had to abandon the programme to focus on the rehabilitation of my son,” Mohammed told the audience which erupted in a loud ovation.

The Chairman, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Col. Muhammad Abdallah (retd.), said beyond clamping down on offenders, his agency was enlightening the youths about drug abuse.

“It is not acceptable that parents who have the primary responsibility of listening to their wards have rather resorted to blaming teachers, pastors, Imams, law enforcement agencies and even their children’s peers for their drug indulgence,” he noted.

The National Security Adviser, Maj.-Gen. Babagana Monguno (retd.), stated that enormous volume of drugs were still produced, trafficked and consumed throughout the world despite the efforts of national and international institutions

News Headlines June 30, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines June 30, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

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Ambode Visits Tanker Explosion Scene, Lauds Emergency Responders
10 Injured in Another Accident on Otedola Bridge
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Court Dismisses Suit Seeking Removal of Kebbi Gov. Bagudu
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The Nation

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The Sun

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10 injured in another accident on Otedola Bridge
2019: Demand credible election, Wike tells Labour
Mass rape hit Enugu schools: JSS students violated in gang initiations
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Tanker Explosion: Osinbajo , Aregbesola Visit Lagos
Nigeria Targets 10% Global LNG Market Dubai’s ENOC Enters Deal To Shove Up Nigeria’s Jet Fuel Supply
Firm Rewards 29 Consumers With N3m In Promo
194 Countries Ratify Treaty Against Illicit Tobacco Trade
Stop Being Used As Political Thugs, NRM Tells Youths
Between nPDP And APC, Who Is Threatening Who?
Aftermath Of World Cup Exit: Drogba Points Way Forward For African Teams
Messi Aims To Deliver As Argentina Face France
Nigerians Want Rohr To Remain Eagles Coach
FIFA President, Infantino Inaugurates World Cup Broadcast Centre
Akiin Shuga Scores 2 Goals
Death and The Entertainer
Nigerian Creative Arts Exchange Showcases Best of Nigerian Culture In Paris
EDITORIAL: Nigeria Must Deal With Rice Smugglers Now
Of Confusion, Politics And National Security
Child Spacing: A Stitch In Time Saves Nine
Relishing A Road Trip To Accra, Ghana
The Growing Culture Of Killings
Air Peace Dismisses Prophecy Of Impending Accident
Court Arraigns Two Men Over Voters Registration Exercise
Surfe: Indispensable Activity Of Northern Woman’s Kitchen
Turkey Arrests Former Opposition Lawmaker On Terrorism Charges
Putin, Trump To Discuss Syria At July Meeting
Macron Welcomes EU Migration Deal, Acknowledges Pressures Will Continue
EFCC Docks 3 INEC Officials Over N243m Fraud


NDLEA Destroys N3.5 Billion Worth Of Tramadol, Codeine In Ogun
From My Mail Box: Infidelity And Why Women Chop And Clean Mouth
Examining The Fire-Brigade Approach In Nigerian Track And Field
‘It Was My Chance To Give Him A Sex Education!’
The Ethnic Presidency
Mikel: I Thought I Had Messi This Time
B & E Golf : Mapwanya Takes Lead After Shooting Best Round Day 2
Killings: Buhari Orders Military Operation For Zamfara, Kaduna
Ethnicity, Religion Won’t Determine The 2019 Elections — Oshiomhole
Another Crash At Otedola Bridge, Scores Injured
Russia 2018: Africa’s Worst World Cup Since Espana ’82 – Drogba
Why I Can’t Date Someone From The Music Industry — Evih
Plateau Shocker: Herdsmen Rename Communities Grabbed From Indigenes
How Foreign Media Reported Plateau Killings
Oshiomhole Charges APC Leaders To Bury Pride, Reconcile Differences Ahead 2019
Nyantakyi Sues Ana For Defamation
MTN Takes Fela And The Kalakuta Queens To Abuja
Why PDP may settle for Atiku
Govs visit Plateau, task security agents on insecurity
Spate of killings: If Miyetti Allah owns up to killings, govt and security agencies know what to do —Tanko Yakassai
The ethnic presidency
Ethnicity, religion won’t determine the 2019 elections — Oshiomhole
Buhari can also fight the abandoned property injustice
2019 and Ugwuanyi’s Enduring Legacies
Russia 2018: Africa’s worst World Cup since Espana ’82 – Drogba
Why I can’t date someone from the music industry — Evih
Joe Jackson: Inside story of his relationship with Michael Jackson
I am under pressure to outshine Simi— Dapo,X3M music new artiste
Biola Alabi returns with ‘Lara And The Beat’
NSE, T&R Energy, Simply Exponential engage industry leaders on training
Medical doctor confirms Chrisland School pupil was defiled
Illiterate teachers, half-baked students:
How foreign media reported Plateau killings
Undue reliance on digital devices makes Nigeria susceptible to Cyber attacks – Dokubo

News Headlines June 29, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines June 29, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

UN condemns Plateau killings, AI says FG encouraging murderers
Police brutality, extortion now at frightening level – CJN
NNPC underpayment: Adeosun asks Buhari, govs to act
NIRSAL, AfDB, IITA embrace technology to transform agriculture
Late budget passage erodes 13% of GDP — LCCI
Small telecom operators to enjoy special incentives, says NCC
NUT bemoans poor condition of Edo schools
Lagos introduces digitised answer sheet
For mum’s love, Babalakin sheds tears at auditorium inauguration
Bolatito wins ARTxPrize
2Flame Entertainment signs on Medley
Ufit Fly takes Tope Alabi, others to Israel
Mikel undecided over Eagles future
Caballero reveals family threats after blunder
Ebuehi, other players unhappy with Rohr
Lebanese fan stabbed to death over celebrations
Cisse accepts Senegal’s historic yellow card elimination
Rohr admits mistakes
Nine dead, 54 vehicles burnt in Lagos tanker fire
Tanker explodes on Otedola bridge, many killed, vehicles…
Gunmen kill A’bom gov aspirant in Ogun hotel
Ondo police arraign abductor of two raped teenagers
Five killed in Ibadan butchers, police clash
Police nab barber for defiling six-year-old girl
Tramadol almost ruined my life – Undergraduate
Law centre protests against police torture
Police arrest suspected bank robbers in Niger
Hoodlums invade Katsina NYSC camp, loot shops
Lagos-Ibadan rail: FG orders CCECC back to Lagos
NNPC underpayment: Adeosun asks Buhari, govs to act
World Bank approves $2.1bn loan for seven Nigerian projects
Man caught having sex with father’s wife
Lagos introduces digitised answer sheet
Mornings with Mama awakens parents to their roles
Winners emerge in the AACLE international essay competition
WHO reveals new drug capable of reducing deaths from post-childbirth bleeding
EDITORIAL: Herders’ terrorism: Buhari’s failing presidency
Buhari and vampires of terror
Fallibility of the infallible journalist
Plateau killings and Ezekwesili’s moral urgency


NNPC Has Questions to Answer over Remittances to FAAC, Says NEC
Governors to Meet Security Chiefs over Herdsmen Attacks
For Rule of Law to Thrive, Shun Corrupt Practices, CJN Tells SANs
Buhari Leaves Nigeria for Mauritania Saturday
Swiss Envoy: We Have Returned All Abacha Loot
INEC Concludes Planning of 2019 Elections, Says Yakubu
UN: How Boko Haram, Military Killed, Maimed Hundreds of Children
Fuel Truck Explosion: 9 Dead, 54 Vehicles Razed
W’Bank Approves $2.1bn Project Support Loan for Nigeria
‘Jollof Bond’ for Nigeria’s Infrastructure Financing Coming Soon, Says Mayor of…
Police Brutality, Extortion Have Reached Frightening Level, Says CJN
All-share Index Slides Further as Negative Sentiments Persist
11 Plc Rewards Loyal Customers
Banking Industry Fraud Hits N5.571bn in Three Years
Insurance Experts to Discuss Financial Inclusion
NIS Sustains Battle against Illegal Immigrants
Government Agencies, Customs Agents Trade Blame over Delays at Ports
Alleged Violation of Electoral Act: PDP Displaying Ignorance, Says APC
Ekiti Election: INEC Commissioner Accused of Holding Secret Meeting With APC’s…
Why I Ventured Into Politics
‘I Write to be a Voice to the Voiceless’
Honouring Marcel Ofomata In Idoma Kingdom
Hillix Entertainment Kicks off, Gets Kings Music on Board
Rohr Marks 65th Birthday in Russia
Last African Standing, Senegal, Bows Out of Russia 2018
Ezenwa Bags World Cup ‘Glory’ with Messi’s Jersey
International Breweries Boosts Lagos World Cup Viewing Centres
Football on Red Square with Legends, Infantino, Putin
England to Face Colombia after Loss to Belgium
65m Questions for Baru

The Nation

Rage of fire in Lagos
Salaries delay likely over FAAC deadlock, says minister
Switzerland: we’ve returned over $1b Abacha loot to Nigeria
NCC withdraws 36 million redundant lines
More outrage over killings in Plateau communities
Agbakoba, activists seek ‘people’s constitution’
Fayemi Campaign to PDP: prepare for defeat on July 14
How judiciary can help tackle insecurity, by Osinbajo
Heritage Africa, institute, UniAbuja sign MoU on programme exchange
Lagos commiserates with victims’ families
Bamidele: Oni, others won’t sabotage APC’s victory
29 consumers win N3m in ‘My Indomie My Remix’ contest
Troops neutralise six insurgents in Borno
KolaDaisi Varsity subsidises fees by N50,000
Blame June salary delay on FAAC, says Bayelsa
Non-accreditation blues for medical students
Revealed! Joshua to Face Povetkin Sept 22
Nwora releases D’Tigers final list for World Cup qualifiers
Eagles to Arrive Friday after World Cup exit
World Cup: Germany arrive home to angry supporters
England 0-1 Belgium: Januzaj shoots Red Devils top of Group G
2019 FIBA World Cup: Lagos Fans thrill Diogu
Senegal, last African team crash out of 2018 FIFA World Cup
Ekere gets boost for Akwa Ibom governorship race
NiMet predicts cloudy weather, thunderstorms for Friday
Fashola calls for investment in education, others
Miss Niger Delta Peace audition for Owerri
Why I cried at the mammoth turnout of widows – Ify Okeke
Ufouma Mcdermott, others to speak at Goge Africa programme
Kano gets TB mobile detection facility
Physicians call for collaboration
Bringing life back to war-torn Rivers community
Bayelsa writer takes ‘Mechanics of Yenagoa’ to OAU
A befitting workplace for royal fathers
Colombia win, Senegal out on fair play rule
Badagry residents stage ‘no pre-paid meter, no payment’ protest
Council to hold Business Summit
Trader ‘slashes’ landlady with blade
Pupil’s action inspires MC Oluomo to help six schools
Berger to Ajah: A story of false rape, accusation
NCC withdraws 36 million redundant lines
Heineken launches innovative bottle label
Twist in GE’s fortune as it exits Dow Jones
Hollandia Soya milk unveils 100 ml sachet packs

Daily Trust

PDP to Presidency: Stop ‎blame game, end killings
UPDATED: Scores dead, 57 vehicles burnt as tanker explodes on Lagos-Ibadan expressway
2019: Lamido visits Wadata over presidential ticket
2 killed in Police-butchers’ clash as Ajimobi shuts Bodija market
Massive fire as tanker explodes on Lagos – Ibadan expressway
Husband killing: Counsel ill health stalls Maryam Sanda trial again
Troops kill 6 Boko Haram insurgents in patrols across Borno
Insecurity: over 1,800 killed in six months-Amnesty International
Nigeria’s Kenneth Ormeruo may leave Chelsea this summer
APC challenges PDP to prove N3.6bn convention allegation
FAAC meeting deadlock may affect salaries – FG
Buhari: Lagos inferno shocking
Oil tanker explodes, kills 9, burns 54 vehicles in Lagos
What happened before Abaribe’s release
Killings: PDP playing infantile politics – Presidency
2019: N’East schemes to clinch PDP’s presidential ticket
Suspension: Imo lawmaker fights back
Belgium topple England to top Group G
Khazri scores as Tunisia end with win.
Nwora lists Diogu, Talib, 10 others for World Cup qualifiers
World Bank approves $2.1bn loans for Nigerian projects.
Reported e-banking fraud cases hit N5.6 bn – NeFF
36.6m telephone lines redundant – NCC
.FCT nurses lament manpower shortage
Flooding: FCTA begins sensitization, distribution of seedlings to farmers
Church celebrates 100th stake in West Africa
Why APC should expel nPDP faction
Congo completes surveillance of Ebola contacts.
RUSSIA: Trump-Putin summit to be held in Finland on 16 July
.Editorial: Why good journalism matters


Yoruba youths demand modernisation, reformation of traditional festivals
Government set to rebrand Kwara hotel
Ondo workers threaten showdown with Akeredolu over allegation of N10m bribe from Fayose
Osun guber poll: We’ve not declared anybody as flag bearer ―AD
Oyo lawmaker dumps APC
2019: SDP promises to restructure Nigeria if elected into office
FG intensifies efforts to complete Lagos-Ibadan rail line
Buhari records greater achievements in South-East than PDP ―Lai Mohammed
Omo-Agege: Court orders substituted service of contempt proceedings on Senate, Senate President
Police confirm arrest of 2 suspects over death of Imo monarch
Man docked over alleged N7m Schengen Visa scam
Man arraigned for allegedly injuring wife’s eye over sex denial
Makeup artist gets community service for stealing beauty products worth N15,000
At least five killed after plane crashes in busy district of Mumbai
Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin to have first summit in Helsinki in July
‘Voodoo’ nurse Josephine Iyamu guilty of sex trafficking
Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa blames Grace Mugabe faction for blast
Nigeria gets $2.1m World Bank loan for seven projects
Market indices dropping further on Dangote cement loss
CPC deliberates on regulatory policies to protect e-consumers
Capital market indices maintain downward trend
Sickle Cell Disorder: Expert advocates increased sensitisation on associated dangers
Codeine, Tramadol ban not enough, tackle drug abuse at distribution stages
Ambode’s wife visits quadruplets, says multiple gestation demands early, quality care
Kogi: Catholic Church trains 130 community leaders on improved water supply, sanitation
Does “V” become loose after normal delivery?
BA allows bumper summer baggage allowance for Nigerians
Cameroon Airlines returns to Lagos-Douala route
Deduction of 5% TCSC in line with NCARs —NCAA DG
Leaked planned terrorist attacks: FG deploys AIG to head Lagos airport command
Spices, also good for healthy hearts
Lagos stresses importance of schools debate
UNIJOS awards 165 PhDs, 33 First Class degrees
Federal, state govts asked to prioritise girl-child education
TASUED VC bags Pan-African Servant Leadership award
EDITORIAL: Ojuelegba: The menace of containers
Rape: Breaking culture of silence
Is budget a tool of underdevelopment?
Protocol delaying announcement of N50bn NIMASA floating dock —Peterside
Navy blames mariners for lack of adequate information on security
NLNG to boost domestic LPG supply with new vessel


Bearish Sentiment Persist As Dangote Cement, GTBank Led Losers
Stop Shortchanging Our Members, IPMAN Tells PPMC
Fayemi’s Team Mocks Pollster, Counsels PDP To Prepare For Defeat
Jos Justice
FG Receding Into Authoritarianism —Ohanaeze
Many Feared Dead, 67 Cars Burnt As Tanker Explodes On Lagos Otedola Bridge
We’re Not Divided Over Fayemi — Bamidele, Campaign Manager
FG’s Inaction Fuelling Killings Nationwide — Amnesty
Jos Killings: Govs Call For Prosecution Of Attackers, To Meet With Service Chiefs
AITEO Commends Super Eagles, NFF
Musa Thanks Nigerians For Show Of Support
I’m Sad Losing To Messi Again, Mikel Laments
Family Cries Out Over Release Of Murder Suspects In Imo
Police Arrest 2 IPOB Members For Allegedly Bombing Nwodo’s House
FG, AfDB, IITA Partner To Tackle $35bn Africa Food Import
POLL: Afe Babalola, Ekiti Elders Warn Politicians Against Thuggery
My Plans For TASUED By VC, Prof Arigbabu
FG’s inaction fuelling killings nationwide — Amnesty
Jos killings: Govs call for prosecution of attackers, to meet with service chiefs
Plateau massacre: Presidency releases ‘checklist’ of killings under PDP
No more Abacha’s loot in our country, says Swiss govt
Workers may not get June salaries as FAAC meeting again ends inconclusive
Breaking : Buhari to regig security
Vote of No Confidence Resolution : Senate, Saraki shun IGP’s legal action
National Insecurity: We must re-jig our security architecture – Wike
IGP Idris warns politicians against arming thugs, hate speech
Plateau massacre: Presidency releases ‘checklist’ of killings under PDP
CBN TENNIS: Imeh out, Babalola, Adegoke in semi finals
Senegal crash out as Japan advance on FIFA fair play rule
Jackson 5 patriarch Joe Jackson dead at 89
‘Fantastic Numbers’ hits cinemas June 29
Prince estate signs fresh deal to release catalog
MEG: ‘Face of Nigeria’ beauty queen with a reach-out heart
Family cries out over release of murder suspects in Imo
UNN imposes curfew on campus
…work is ongoing every minute on second Niger bridge – Lai Mohammed
StarTimes holds 8th African digital TV development seminar in Beijing
Rape: Nigerians speak on psychosocial implications, solutions
Hotel industry is human based industry — Kruger