The Message from Kwara

The Message from Kwara

The Verdict By Olusegun Adeniyi, Email:

By the time I left Ilorin, capital of my beloved Kwara State on the 6pm Arik flight last Friday to vote in Abuja the next day, the sense of excitement was palpable. Men and women who hitherto believed they had no power were buoyant. ‘O to Ge’ (enough is enough), the slogan of the main opposition party in the state (ruling party at the centre) had become an anthem on every lip. I spent only 24 hours on the visit, but I left feeling that whatever happened at the polls, it would be good for our democracy that people had become conscious of the power they wield with their ballots.

A few hours after the polls closed last Saturday, results coming from across the state were almost difficult to believe. And then around midnight, I received a call. A friend of the Senate President Bukola Saraki said, “Segun, you are right; the Titanic can sink.” When I asked him to explain, he said results he was getting from Ilorin indicated that his friend was losing. He then reminded me of a conversation we had last year on the day Saraki left the All Progressives Congress (APC). I had argued that it was a miscalculation because without federal might to call upon, Saraki had left himself vulnerable and Kwara people would sense that this was their best opportunity to take him out.

At the time, the man had argued that Saraki could not lose power in Kwara State under any circumstance. In the course of the conversation, I had reminded him of one of the most instructive scenes in the ‘Titanic’ movie which explained his retort last Saturday. The captain was informing the ship owner that the Titanic had hit an iceberg. “From this moment, no matter what we do, the Titanic will founder,” he said. This elicited a sharp retort from the ship owner: “But this ship cannot sink.” The captain responded: “She is made of iron, Sir. I assure you she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.”

Because of Saraki’s strong media presence which we know can bias perceptions, there was an air of invincibility regarding his hold on Kwara politics. While even he believed the hype, it is now certain that there is a new dawn in the state. The era of Saraki is over.

This, however, is not the time to gloat and I will never join those who do because I endorsed Saraki when he first ran for governor in 2003. I can attest to the fact that he started well. But somewhere along the line, Saraki lost his way by shifting his focus to the presidency of Nigeria – an obsession requiring compromises that go with such ambitions. In a recent leaked audio tape of a meeting with his supporters, Saraki said he expended between N200 to N400 million in each of at least 30 states of the country during the 2015 general election. Most Kwarans came to the inescapable conclusion that the money could only have been sourced from the state’s treasury.

While there will be a day to take an objective look at issues surrounding Saraki’s political life (including the positives), whatever may have been his other failings, it was pride that ultimately led to his fall. He treated our people with such disdain that even some of those who were contemporaries of his father he addressed by their first name. Once you display contempt for a people, it then follows that you will feel entitled to their resources. Besides, the moment a politician believes his word is law and must dictate everything, transparency and accountability are often the first casualties. For the past 16 years, it has been a one-man-show in Kwara. Having carefully cultivated a cult of followers and enforcers who worshipped him, Saraki saw himself as an emperor as he trampled on the dignity of our people. One event which many of the elders in Ilorin still recall speaks to the hubris that eventually led to ‘O to Ge’.

At the height of his arrogant display of power as Kwara Governor in 2006, Saraki, whose oldest son, Seni, is a rapper, invited Jay Z (Shawn Carter) to Ilorin. During the visit, a street was named for the American hip-hop artiste and the Emir of Ilorin turbaned him as a chief of the Emirate. But the real story was how Saraki practically commandeered respected elders of the community to the airport to receive his American visitor. These elders, including the venerable Alhaji Alege, had waited for almost two hours when a private plane landed and out came Jay Z in khaki shorts, earrings and gold necklaces. The epitome of Bling!

Alhaji Alege was said to have turned to another elder, Alhaji Akanbi Oke, and asked in the inimitable Ilorinspeak: “Akanbi, dákun tani wọ́n ní ka wá pàdé?” (Akanbi, please who exactly are we directed to come and welcome?). Alhaji Oke responded: “Ọmọ to jáde nínú bàálù náà ni.” (It’s the young man that just alighted from the plane). Alhaji Alege then followed up with another question: “Ṣe ọmọ tó wọ ṣòkòtò pémpé, tó fi yarinni s’eti, tó kó seeni s’ọ́run?” (You mean the one in shorts, with earrings and necklace?). Following an affirmative answer, Alhaji Alege posed another question: “Iṣẹ́ kí ló ń se?” (what does he do for a living?) Obviously more informed, Alhaji Oke replied: “Alágbe ni” (he is a musician). That drew the last statement from Alhaji Alege: “Àlágbe ni Bukola ni k’áwá pàdé! Toh! Ó dáa bẹ. Akanbi, bá mi pé dẹ́rẹ́bà, èmi ń lọ ‘lè! (Incredible! So we had been directed by Bukola to come and receive a musician? Ok then. Akanbi, please call my driver, I’m going home).

Let me at this point congratulate Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe who was last Saturday elected to represent our people in Kwara Central at the Senate. I wish him well. But the focus is now on the governorship election scheduled for next week. What the people of Kwara now expect is the coronation of Alhaji AbdulRahman AbdulRazak for whom I have a word of caution. The votes last weekend should not be seen as an affirmation of what anybody or a political party represents. Ballots were cast by the people of Kwara as a rejection of Saraki’s overlordship. APC simply provided the platform for a simple slogan to awaken the consciousness of the people.

I am well aware of the many contradictions within the APC in Kwara (comprised of strange bedfellows). Apart from the fact that they provide no alternative vision beyond a common desire to rid the state of Saraki, if they don’t quickly come up with ideas on how to reposition the state, the people will kick them out in four years’ time.

That perhaps then explains why the message from Kwara should not be interpreted simply as the defeat of one man. It is about the changing character of Nigerian politics which only the discerning can see. In my column, ‘Lagos and the Godfather’s Rage’ published in October last year, I offered perspectives on what led to the defeat of the Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, at the APC gubernatorial primary. In alluding to how patronage politics has in turn empowered a few individuals to decide the fate of others during elections, I also added that every political empire has an expiry date and those who believe they can forever lord it over the people will ultimately be upended.

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Yes, Nigeria is still replete with godfathers who anoint candidates for offices and believe their position on every issue must prevail irrespective of whether outcomes reflect what the majority of the people desire or would actually benefit from. But if there is anything last Saturday’s election in Kwara has shown, it is that our people have also imbibed the role of responsible citizenship: voting intelligently and demanding accountability of those who represent them. And now they are also aware that no empire lasts forever.

Despite recurring incidences of violence in sections of the country and institutional challenges facing the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), our democracy is increasingly strengthened because people of all classes see the value in participating in the political process. Nowhere was this more eloquent than at the Victoria Garden City (VGC) in Lagos. The photograph that went viral last weekend, showed men and women who ordinarily would not vote sitting patiently (and comfortably under a canopy) while waiting to exercise their franchise. And when their ballots were eventually cast and counted, they sent a very powerful message: They voted overwhelmingly for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar – even though they share the same estate with the incumbent Vice President Yemi Osinbajo of the ruling APC who also voted there.

I am still compiling notes on what happened last Saturday at the polls. But it is instructive that Buhari supporters are already circulating messages that the president lost in both Abuja and the abode of the elites in Lagos because “many of the rich and powerful people in this country have built their personal fortunes from sources not wholly clean.” So, invariably, the over 11 million Nigerians who voted against Buhari did so because “corruption is fighting back”. It is a shame that a senior presidential aide can join in spreading such nonsense.

The lesson from last Saturday across the country should be very clear. Nigerians are desperate for leaders they can trust, at all levels. Our people are not stupid. In all the critical institutions that govern our public space, whether at the federal or at state level, they can see the destruction of ideals, enthronement of nepotism and bigotry, the ‘Iberiberism’ of forcing election officials to declare results at gun-point, and the arrogance of power by those at the helm of affairs–all to their collective detriment. And what they are saying, even when they may appear docile, is: This is not the Nigeria we want, or for that matter, deserve.

As our democracy matures and the people use their ballots to ensure ‘uncommon defeat’ for their oppressors, that message will resonate more and more in who gets what across the country, including in Abuja.


Ordinarily, campaign should end after election. However, with the rejection yesterday of the presidential election results by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, it is obvious that we are now in the second phase of this battle. The legal option taken by the defeated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate is legitimate and within his rights. But in the light of the corrosive campaign that preceded the election, especially by the foot soldiers of both Atiku and the re-elected President Muhammadu Buhari, I am adapting (and editing) a WhatsApp message for the benefit of our young men and women on social media:

Senate President Bukola Saraki was the DG of Atiku’s campaign while his sister, Gbemi worked for Buhari. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo supported Atiku while his son, Juwon campaigned for Buhari. Dr Doyin Okupe worked for Atiku while his son, Ditan mobilised for Buhari. Alhaji Buba Galadima campaigned for Atiku but his daughter, Zainab is working for Buhari. You are not a son or daughter to any of these personalities. You are just their promoter/defender on social media. When CBN job is vacant, it will not be advertised because it is for their children. It is the same with jobs in NNPC, NLNG, NPA, NIMASA, NCC, presidency etc. But when forms for recruitment into the police and civil defence are out, that will be made public and you can apply along with hundreds of thousands other Nigerians. Their children school abroad while they leave you to battle the perennial strikes of ASUU, ASUP, NASU and the likes. If you therefore think you can continue to make a nuisance of yourself on social media platforms just because you support these folks, then you need somebody to lend you brain.

Enough said!

Adieu Prof Elebute

The death last weekend of Professor Emmanuel Adeyemo Elebute (CON) at age 87 hit me badly. The last time I saw him was at the public presentation of my book, ‘Against The Run of Play’ in Lagos on 28th April 2017. There will be a day to write on one of the most accomplished medical practitioners ever produced in our country who had great affection for me and was a regular reader of my column. I pray God grants mummy (Prof Mrs Oyinade Elebute), egbon Kunle, Mrs Fola Laoye and other members of his family the fortitude a time like this demands.

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News Headlines Feb 28, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Feb 28, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
I’ve never seen our democracy so debased as it was on Saturday – Atiku
Buhari dedicates victory to God, Nigerians, unfolds agenda
Presidential result: Afenifere kicks, Ondo APC jubilates
Ninth N’Assembly to get 15 ex-govs as senators
I’ve never seen our democracy so debased as it was on Saturday – Atiku
Buhari dedicates victory to God, Nigerians, unfolds agenda
Navy arrests 130 vessels for maritime crime
Youths celebrating Buhari’s victory attack policemen in Lagos
Family mourns 16-year-old pupil’s death on election day
Beauty queen clashes with pageant organisers over prizes
Christian pilgrims board boss arraigned for stealing
Delta, Abia APC candidates seek cancellation of NASS polls
I will recover my mandate, says Akpabio
Why Buhari won by a wide margin in Kano – Ganduje
Imo PDP kicks
APC govs congratulate Buhari, say victory well deserved
ACF hails Buhari’s re-election, urges Atiku to accept defeat
Navy arrests 130 vessels for maritime crime
Beauty queen clashes with pageant organisers over prizes
Court reserves judgement on Jonathan’s ex-aide N1.6bn fraud case
Zamfara gov candidate ejects IDPs for voting Buhari
Backlash as man tweets ‘12-step guide to being a beautiful woman’
Firemen rescue man from burning house in Kano
TI commends PDP for not resorting to violence
You can’t parade govt officials on election duties, Wike tells army
African leaders congratulate Buhari on victory
INEC backs separate body to prosecute electoral offenders
Appeal Court affirms Owan-Enoh, others as APC candidates
Debts exceed statutory revenues in 32 states, says FRC
Billionaires’ list: Dangote gains $5.8bn in one day…now world’s 64th richest person, worth $16.6bn
Nigeria can earn $60bn annually from solid minerals –Expert
Power generation loses 1,108MW, drops to 3,456MW
Govt revenue drops by N42bn as FAAC allocates N610bn
Oil sector, highest contributor to illicit financial flows –Report
Davido battles Taylor Swift, others for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
Editorial: Buhari’s victory and challenges ahead
INEC, professors, and analogue elections
In defence of Mahmood Yakubu
The debt Buhari owes Nigerians

The Nation
Obasanjo keeps mum over Buhari’s reelection
APC wins two Reps, one Senate seats in Bayelsa
Buhari’s victory ends dominance of cabals, says APC chieftain
NLC to Atiku: accept defeat in good faith
Wild jubilation in Edo over Buhari’s victory
Peaceful polls victory for Nigeria, says Buhari
‘Don’t gloat over victory, humiliate opponents’
UK, African leaders congratulate Buhari
Tackle lapses in electoral process, Olawepo-Hashim urges President
Dangote is world’s 64th richest
UK, African leaders congratulate Buhari
Investors bullish despite equities’ loss
CCT: Appeal Court reserves judgments in Onnoghen’s cases
Atiku rejects Buhari’s victory, heads for court
Buhari and challenges of second term
Court reserves judgment in trial of Jonathan’s ex-aide
Ogun APC rally: Police arrest six suspects
Disquiet in PDP as Jonathan loses senatorial district to Sylva, APC
Domestic observers applaud presidential election
Buhari conducted freest election since 1951, Esogban of Benin
Haye warns Joshua on Miller fight
Ahmed Musa congratulates Buhari
Fenerbahce coach reveals why Moses was substituted
Lagos Media Marathon will boost Ambode’s road races revival, says Alli
NFF hails President on re-election
Nigeria win inspired our qualification, admits Ivorian Diabate
Fed Govt, states, local govts share N610.368b
NEITI uncovers $20b recoverable revenues
‘Mergers, acquisitions coming to downstream oil sector’
‘Real estate funds panacea for housing shortage’
Traditional rulers seek autonomy for NDDC
NSE lauds NNPC for women engineers’ support
Ohanaeze: no crisis between Igbo, Yoruba in Lagos
Army certifies 35 fit to manage business
LASU Students Union election holds today
Lab chief warns block moulders
Woman charged with defrauding cleric of N10m
Suspected cultists face theft charge
Two held for ‘public disturbance’
Three killed, policemen injured as youths clash in Lagos
Tackling insecurity in schools during elections
Lagos deputy gov urged girls on science courses
Winners emerge at Maths contest
Firm to hold spelling bee contest
Educationist hails Sanwo-Olu’s education manifesto
Firm donates textbooks to Ondo pupils
Death of a dream
As poverty grinds
FUOYE threatens students: ‘no payment no lecture’
Fce (T) Omoku hospital gutted by fire
BIU students hold Business Fair
Students laud Unizik VC on infrastructure
In case you are just joining
BBNaija concludes online audition
Oscars: Spike Lee acts funny as ‘Green Book’ clinches best picture
Sexual abuse: R. Kelly released after settling $100,000 bond
Tonto Dikeh reacts on having new boyfriend
MTN Group’s music business gets new officer
Editorial: After the victory


Twists, Turns of Kajuru Killings
My Election is Victory for Nigeria, Says Buhari
Atiku: This is the Worst Election in 30 Years
Aliko Dangote Now 64th Richest Man in the World
Election Observer Groups Score INEC 80%
Stock Market Capitalisation Down by N85bn
Tinubu, Governors Congratulate Buhari on Re-election
APC Retains Majority Seats in Senate
Buhari’s Mandate Illegitimate, CUPP Insists
Appeal Court Reserves Judgment on Onnoghen’s Case
SGF: Buhari’s Victory Triumph of Democracy
US Military to Support Offensive against ISWAP, Boko Haram
Dasuki Fails to Stop Alleged Corruption Trial
Again, Hoodlums Attack Traders in Parts of Lagos
Police arrest 37, quell uprising
Presidential Election: Imo Women Protest Military, Police Misconduct
Finally, INEC Declares Ekwunife Winner of Anambra Central Senatorial Election
Ize-Iyamu: Youth Must Be Actively Involved in Electoral Process
Gwamna Describes Buhari’s Victory Beacon for Fight Against Corruption
Atiku: I’ll Reclaim ‘My Mandate’
Atiku Rejects Election Results, Heads to Court
Photos: Buhari Celebrates Election Victory
Ehimuan-Chiazor: Nigerians Need Affordable Broadband to Access Video Ads
Dangote Cement Records N901bn Earnings, Declares N16 Dividend
MainOne, Facebook Enhance Open-access Fiber Network
Swift2pay to Introduce Online Bill Payment Service
UK Disagrees with US Decision to Ban Huawei 5G Network
New Nokia Phones Unveiled
Cyprus Cup: Falcons Beaten 4-1 by Austria
Yobo Tips Omeruo to Step into His Shoes
D’Tigers’ Coach Slams Cameroon over Match-fixing Allegation
NFF Congratulates Buhari on Re-election
Sala: Nantes Goes to FIFA to Demand First Payment from Cardiff
FA Investigating Nigerian Football Agent, Man City over Sancho’s Transfer
Lagos Media Marathon Will Enhance Ambode’s Road Races Revival, Says Alli
Football Sponsorship: The Lokosa Example in NPFL
Setting Healthcare Agenda for Nigeria (2)
Polio: Dangote Foundation Boosts Nigeria’s Certification by WHO
PROFOH, BOSKOH Reach Out to the Grassroots
IMEDReads Introduces New Vaccine Storage Device
Firm Pledges to Improve Health Status through Online Services

Daily Trust
Youth besiege Abuja, block roads celebrating Buhari’s victory
Gunmen abduct 11-year-old boy in Abaji
Expect more projects, Aduda promises FCT residents
2019 elections: Traditional ruler commends youth for peaceful conduct
Security guard arrested over theft of Lexus jeep
2019 polls: Voter turnout rises in 19 states
Don’t go to tribunal, Agbakoba advises Atiku
Buhari vows to deal with Sokoto, Kaduna killers
Nigerians want Buhari to focus on economy, jobs – Survey
Local observers urge Atiku to accept results
Buhari’s victory sign of confidence by Nigerians – Masari
Buhari promises inclusive govt, Atiku heads to court
ICPC seizes 12 properties from businessman
How INEC chair stopped Chidoka from staging ‘Orubebe’ at collation centre
Yobo tips Omeruo to step into his shoes
Fenerbahce coach explains why Moses was substituted against Istanbul
How N14.5bn diversion controversy affects Nigeria’s export project
Aliko Dangote now 64th richest man worldwide
FG’s bonds rise, market loses N85bn as Buhari wins re-election
How to judge the Hanoi Summit
The battle Osinbajo couldn’t win
2019 elections: Increasing consideration for PWDs
AMCON continues to deliver despite odds
Egypt: Deadly train crash at Cairo station
United Kingdom: Brexit: MPs debate Theresa May’s next steps
Japan: ‘Tiniest baby boy’ ever leaves Tokyo hospital
Court remands 4 for allegedly beating suspected thief to death
Police arrest six for pelting VIPs at APC rally in Ogun
Editorial: As Ghana mass deports Nigerians
Joke Silva congratulates Buhari on his re-election
How ‘Boko Haram’ grass threatens Kwara rice communities
Dealing with snails and slugs that attack your crops
You can use methyl bromide for pest control, Quarantine office overrules NAFDAC
Unizik turns innovative ideas into commercial venture
FG gave N727bn to higher institutions in 4 years
El-Amin School instills passion for learning in students
Osinbajo cuts ‘Next Level Cake’
R. Kelly bond on sexual assault charges set at $1 million, due back in court Monday
Robert Rodriguez: How We Made ‘Alita: Battle Angel’
Thousands of square meters of land degraded daily in Nigeria’
Solar energy: ICEED trains women technicians in Borno State
Ogoni Cleanup: HYPREP to provide water to affected communities
Armsgate: Court dismisses Dasuki’s application for indefinite adjournment
Army gets 4th chance to defend suit challenging senior officer’s dismissal

The Sun
Kalu urges Nigerians to accept Buhari’s victory
Appeal Court reserves judgement on Onnoghen’s multiple appeals
2 feared dead as post-election violence erupts in Lagos
African leaders congratulate Buhari
House of representatives winners
I won’t concede defeat, our mandate stolen –Atiku
Buhari, Osinbajo receive certificates of return
EFCC docks 19 over illegal diesel deal
Presidential election has divided Nigerians more along regional, religious lines – Temlong, Plateau ADP guber candidate
Atiku to Buhari: Your victory is fraudulent, cannot stand
C’River Central: APC, SDP reject senatorial poll result, go to court
Why Atiku, Saraki, Akpabio, Uduaghan lost –Niboro
Obaseki congratulates Buhari, salutes peoples’ vote for uprightness, honesty
Buhari’s victory’ll make Igbo presidency reality in 2023 –Igbo World Union
Condemnations trail Buhari’s victory in Onitsha
VAT: Manufacturing sector contributes N864bn in 6 years –NBS
Real sector expands for 23rd month as PMI rises to 57.7%
Stock market loses N85bn as investors take profit in value stocks
Capri-Sun introduces 100ml pouch size
How SMEs can tackle products counterfeiting –Agbeyo, Cornfield Group boss
Buhari: Those questioning Kano results unserious –Ganduje
Five days after, INEC fails to announce Plateau north results
Use your re-election to complete ongoing projects, NLC tells Buhari
Polls: Vote cancellations higher than 2015 –YIAGA Africa
Presidential poll: Govs, Sanwo-Olu congratulate Buhari
Accept election outcome, security expert tells Atiku
Fighting bribery and corruption in Nigeria: Mission impossible? (2)
On top of the situation?
Oto geeism: Kwara’s own home-grown democracy
Cinnamon: A delightful spice for your health and beauty!
Your large breasts and you
Pregnant with no appetite
APC breaks PDP hegemony in Bayelsa, wins 3 NASS seats
Ayade dismisses thumbprinting viral video, demands police, DSS probe
Mixed reactions trail Buhari’s re-election in Nsukka
Anambra Central: INEC declares Ekwunife winner
VAT: Manufacturing sector contributes N864bn in 6 years –NBS
Real sector expands for 23rd month as PMI rises to 57.7%
Day beggars refused alms, deserted Abuja streets
Ordeal of lady whose hand was chopped
Lifeline for 20,000 people in Enugu, Ebonyi
70 Onitsha youths get royal empowerment

The Guardian
Why I’ll challenge poll result in court, by Atiku
Presidential poll results fraught with 513,214 lapses, say CSOs
Okocha shocked over court arrest order
Ladan, 31, Adefisoye, 34, emerge heroes of #NotTooYoungToRun
Court hears Okupe’s alleged receipt of N702m windfall from Dasuki
LASUTH holds choral tribute for Bankole
Fire service rescues man from burning house in Kano
UPU congratulates Buhari, urges unity
Warri Boys Association cautions Delta people against violence at guber poll
England investigates Nigerian agent in Sancho’s deal
Okparaebo inspires girl-child with free training, equipment
Nwora dismisses Cameroon’s match-fixing allegation against Nigeria
Lokosa’s award boosts battles for goals in the NPFL
Kepa dropped by Chelsea after Wembley row with Sarri
Bale avoids punishment for celebration against Atletico
Taking it by force, fire and fury
Lalong, REC accused of stoking looming bloodshed in Plateau
‘How Rivers votes for Buhari rose astronomically’
Not a victory for democracy
Tyga Sued By Car Company
South African Pastor Denies Resurrecting Man From The Dead
Why some kids behave badly
Editorial: Now that Nigeria has decided
A Lagos polling unit conversation
Body bags and the apparition of death, sorrow and blood
High costs of conducting elections in Nigeria
A vote for Leah
‘Nigeria’s iron ore can generate $60 billion yearly’
Passenger traffic slows down after pre-election surge
Stock market lose N86 billion more as Buhari is re-elected
Dangote Cement posts N390.3 billion full year profit
Alumni give back to alma mater, seek improved funding of sector
Varsity repositions to tackle unemployment, uncompetitiveness
Stakeholders canvass e-learning to improve sector
Varsity harps on entrepreneurial, practical skills for nation’s growth
Scientists advance natural cures for cancers
Top ways to prevent Urinary Tract Infections
Classification of heart-healthy nutrients
Your beliefs can create your reality

#NigeriaDecides2019 | UK Congratulates Buhari On Re-Election
African Leaders Congratulate Buhari On Reelection
#NigeriaDecides2019 | Obasanjo Keeps Mum Over Buhari’s Reelection
#NigeriaDecides2019 | Tinubu Congratulates Buhari, Urges Nigerians To…
Buba Galadima released
N/Delta activist urges Buhari to run inclusive government, promote peace, unity
Stakeholders knock NRC over importation of wagons without locomotive engines
March 9 guber: PDP still holds ace in Enugu State
NASS elections in Ogun State, charade ― ADC
FCT minister congratulates Buhari, commends residents for orderly conduct during election
I will revisit cases of sacked workers in Oyo State ― Makinde
Emerhor hails Buhari’s re-election, thanks Deltans for voting APC
Buhari condemns Sokoto, Kaduna killings
Ambode congratulates Buhari, Osinbajo on re-election
Buhari election victory, tacit approval of APC programmes — Support Group
PDP, Senator Ohuabunwa reject results of Abia-North senatorial election
Buhari’s victory, confirmation of faith, trust in him by Nigerians ― SGF
Oshiomhole mocks Saraki for losing Senate seat
1 shot dead, DCO attacked in Lagos during Buhari’s re-election celebration
Alleged N9.7bn fraud: Court adjourns ex-Air Chief, Dikko’s trial to Feb 28
Panic in Osun community as suspected thug shoots couple
Electoral violence: Rivers APC mauls libel suit against Wike
#NigeriaDecides2019 | Buhari pays tribute to victims of electoral violence
Olawepo congratulates Buhari, tasks him to address electoral lapses
Buhari’s victory, appreciation of good governance ― Oyetola
How Okupe received N702m from Dasuki ― Witness
Ortom calls on security chiefs to call Akume to order
Giving victory to Buhari is grand theft ― Atiku
Ogun2019: APC calls for deployment of military personnel
Ondo APC celebrates Buhari’s victory
Election 2019: Domestic observers commend Bauchi INEC
I will not discriminate against anyone ― Kwara APC gov candidate
Why Saraki lost senatorial seat ― Kwara Senator-elect
Oyo can’t afford to fall into opposition’s hands, Ajimobi appeals
March 9 guber: PDP still holds ace in Enugu State
NASS elections in Ogun State, charade ― ADC
FCT minister congratulates Buhari, commends residents for orderly conduct during election
Buhari condemns Sokoto, Kaduna killings
Electoral violence: Rivers APC mauls libel suit against Wike
Suspected Cultists Appear In Court For Allegedly Displaying Dangerous Weapons
#NigeriaDecides2019 | NSE Indices Drop Further By 0.71 Per Cent
Dangote Cement maintains market dominance, exports 0.8MT of cement
#NigeriaDecides2019 | NSE capitalisation loses N85 bn in six hours
Maritime: Shippers Council, Navy collaborate to tackle insecurity on…
Seychelles’ Second President, Albert René Dies At 83
25 killed, many injured in Egypt train crash
Facebook, Instagram ban British far-right founder, Robinson
Winners, Losers And The Shape Of The Incoming Senate
Saraki, Ajimobi and the Jonathan example
Ambode assures Lagos retirees of continuous support, assistance

Unbundle INEC now, revisit Uwais Report, NGO advises FG
Buhari hosts staff of APC PCC Situation Room to `Victory Dinner’
Osinbajo cuts ‘Next Level Cake’
Three Presidents call, congratulate Buhari
Cisco Meraki Courts MSMEs With Simplified, Centralised IT Solutions
Buhari’s Victory Sparks Crisis In Lagos, Oyo, Abuja
Women And Jungle Justice: Psychological Effect, A Lifetime Ordeal — Dr. Agbonile
INEC Looking Into Petitions Against Okorocha’s Victory
Standard Financial Management For MSMEs (3)
Fanimokun Emerges As President Of Eko Club For 2nd Term
Repackaging Microfinance Banking For Impact
Presidential Poll Results Fall Within PVT Estimated Range — YIAGA AFRICA
Those Doubting 1.464m Votes For Buhari In Kano Ignorant — Ganduje
Mixed Reactions Trail Buhari’s Re-Election
How Off-Grid Devt ‘Ll Rescue Nigeria Power Sector
Kalu Urges Nigerians To Accept Buhari’s Victory
Oando Female Engineers Champion Mentorship In Celebration Of Int’l Day Of Women In Science
I Didn’t Lose, My Mandate Waiting For Me, Says Akpabio
The Judiciary: Matters Arising
How And Why Buhari Won
Women And Jungle Justice : It’s Barbaric, Lawless — Nigerians Speak
I’ll run an inclusive govt, Buhari pledges
Buhari’s victory: Nigerians made the right choice – Tinubu
Presidential Poll: State by State according to INEC
Rigging claims fly as Nigeria election results come in
How Atiku lost Kano to Buhari with overwhelming margin
Breaking: Atiku’s PDP rejects presidential election results
House of Reps Speakership: Dogara, Gbajabiamila to square up again
Tinubu lauds Nigerians on Buhari’s re-election says he will continue anti-corruption fight
Who is next Senate President as battle of wits begins?
The executive – legislative relationship
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FIFA Women World Cup Trophy tour: Abuja takes turn April 11
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Lukaku wants to link up with Ronaldo at Juve
My mistress flaunts her lovers
He’s lost his libido all of a sudden!
My husband stole from me
Wife seeks dissolution of 10-year-old marriage over frequent beatings
Maiden Eko excellence awards call for nominations
Nigerian celebrities, Joke Silva, Elliot, others congratulate President Buhari
CMETV set to revolutionise African continent
Princess Peters aims for the sky
Being perceived a sex symbol not a big deal — Ella Mensa
Businessman, 48, docked over alleged issuance of N8m dud cheque
Good foundation is key to academic success – ADIGUN
Imo community demands end to political killings
Cisco Meraki courts MSMEs with simplified, centralised IT solutions
What happens when a patient treated with radioactive drugs is cremated?

Frozen in electoral time

Frozen in electoral time

By Mahmud Jega |

The long and arduous 2019 election season came to a shattering climax this morning with the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the presidential election. The retired Army General, former military ruler and veteran opposition leader who made history in 2015 by defeating a sitting president was re-elected this time around by beating back a determined effort by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, the PDP candidate. This is the third time since 1999 that a sitting president was re-elected in Nigeria, and the second time in 20 years that a president is serving a second term in Aso Rock.

Buhari got 15.2 million votes, two hundred thousand less than the 15.4 million votes he got in 2015. This, even though the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] registered 15 million more voters since 2015. Atiku got 11.3 million votes, a million and a half less than the 12.8 million votes that President Goodluck Jonathan got in 2015. Still, Buhari led Atiku by nearly four million votes, more than the 2.5million margin he had over President Jonathan in 2015.


In other words, both APC and PDP candidates suffered a decrease in votes, APC only marginally, PDP a little more substantially. To put it another way, incumbency at the Federal level and in many states hardly benefitted APC electorally while PDP’s loss of incumbency at the Federal level and many states did not seem to affect it too much.

Votes for the two major candidates dropped even though there are 84 million registered voters in Nigeria in 2019, 15 million more than the 69 million registered voters in 2015. Voter turnout in many states suggests that there was a drop in voter enthusiasm compared to 2015. In Lagos State for example, turnout dropped by around 300,000 while in Kano State, it dropped by nearly half a million. Some states that gave PDP huge votes in 2015, such as Rivers, Delta and Akwa Ibom, fell way short this time around, while APC also recorded fewer votes in its three biggest vote banks namely Kano, Katsina and Kaduna.

President Buhari won the election in 19 states while 17 states and the Federal Capital Territory [FCT] went to Atiku. The states Buhari won are Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Osun, Kwara, Kogi, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Niger, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Yobe, Borno, Gombe and Bauchi. Atiku won in Oyo, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Plateau and FCT.

Electorally speaking, Nigeria was nearly frozen in time. In the whole country, only five states changed sides since 2015. While Ekiti State moved from PDP’s column to APC’s, Benue, Adamawa, Oyo and Ondo States moved from APC’s column to PDP’s. All other states remained where they were in 2015. Kwara and Sokoto failed to make a switch even though their APC governors defected to PDP. Ondo, which voted APC when it had a PDP governor, now voted PDP when it has an APC governor. Adamawa, which voted solidly for Buhari in 2015 when it had a PDP governor, switched over to PDP now that it has an APC governor, possibly because it is Atiku’s home state. Benue and Kogi, which voted APC in 2015 when they had PDP governors, went their separate ways this time around with Benue going PDP and Kogi going APC.

Buhari owes his victory to the overwhelming support he personally enjoys in the populous North West, North East and parts of the North Central, especially Niger State. He reaped the biggest votes in Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Borno, Bauchi and Jigawa States, much as he did in 2015. He however lost half a million votes in Kano State alone, possibly due to voter apathy but possibly also due to the Kwankwasiyya factor. While Buhari captured all the South Western states in 2015, he lost two key Yoruba states, Oyo and Ondo, this time around. Even though Buhari won in Lagos, most Lagosians stayed at home and he got only 580,000 votes in a state with 6.5million registered voters. PDP’s tally also slumped in Lagos, from 600,000 in 2015 to 450,000 in 2019.

Noticeably however, President Buhari made no electoral inroads at all in the South East and South South, the same areas that voted against him in 2015. Even APC-controlled Imo and Edo states voted for the PDP candidate, the former very heavily, the latter only marginally. Plateau, which is APC controlled, voted for the PDP presidential candidate, same way it did in 2015. Then also, PDP-controlled Gombe, Kwara and Sokoto states voted heavily for the re-elected president.

Four possible factors explain the drop in voters’ enthusiasm in this year’s presidential election, compared to 2015. The top one is the lack of regional, religious and ethnic difference between the two top contenders. Both Buhari and Atiku are Northern ethnic Fulani Muslims, which virtually eliminated inter-communal competition in the contest. Secondly, there was a noticeable paucity of money. Unlike in 2015 when the ruling PDP shoveled billions of naira in diverted state funds into the campaign, the stern and austere Buhari ensured that APC had little money to prosecute this year’s campaign. There was a marked shortage of wall posters, radio and television jingles, newspaper ads and funds for “mobilization.” PDP, on the other hand, had nowhere near the funds it had in 2015. Mega private corporations that generously donated to it in 2015 did not do so this time. Talk about Atiku’s stupendous personal wealth also did not materialize in this election.

The third likely factor was the short campaign period. Even though the parties had three months under the election time table to campaign, they did not start until mid-January, when they launched a vigorous campaign of mega rallies, two per day at times. The fourth likely factor was postponement of the poll from last week. Millions of people travelled home from the big cities before February 16 and many of them did not return home the following week to vote.

The only thing that matters now is that Buhari has won re-election. The most dramatic moment of 2015, i.e. President Jonathan’s concession phone call, might not happen this year, in which case a protracted legal battle over the results is not out of the question. The country has another very important election lined up next week, to elect state governors and members of state Houses of Assembly. Finally, President Muhammadu Buhari must unfold his second term program and style of rule. How different that will be from his first term, remains to be seen.

Credit: Daily Trust

News Headlines Feb 27, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Feb 27, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
UPDATED: Buhari wins second term
Live Updates: 2019 Presidential Election Results
I declared Ifeanyi Ubah winner to save my life – Returning officer
I have fulfilled my promise to retire Akume, says Ortom
Elite, importers conspired against Osinbajo at VGC –Ojudu
February 23 elections: The pluses and the minuses
Injured Obafemi out for rest of season
Senatorial poll: Akpabio, Akume, Uduaghan lose
Uduaghan alleges fraud, PDP protests Omo-Agege’s win
PDP rejects Borno, Yobe, Zamfara, Nasarawa election results
Obi accuses INEC of disenfranchising eight million South-East voters
2019 budget, wage bill suffer delay as NASS extends recess
Ngige, Umeh reject Anambra central senatorial election
Aina seals €10m Torino permanent deal
Victim tells court how eight UNILAG undergraduates gang-raped her
Shock as father of five hangs self in Ekiti
Court remands teacher for sexually assaulting nine pupils
Consultant bags four months in prison for N65.5m pension fraud
35 missing after bandits attack Niger communities
Fire razes Osogbo plank market
Teenager remanded for armed robbery in Lagos
Mercedes-Benz expands portfolio with new A-Class Sedan
IATA to improve aviation with diversity, inclusion awards
Protecting yourself from pinless debit card fraud
AfDB supports African projects with $11.3bn in seven years
Retailers, merchants recorded 150,777 failed PoS transactions Tuesday
NSE launches trading platform for mutual funds
10 United stars to miss Palace clash
Mourinho wants next club to have ambition
Rodgers agrees Leicester deal
‘All eyes on Eunisell Boot’
Editorial: Theft and tracking Nigeria’s crude
Remedying power sector for service delivery
Cost-reflective tariff or metering, which comes first? (2)
A word for the president-elect

The Nation
2019: INEC declares Buhari winner of presidential election
2019 Presidential Results
PDP demands stoppage of collation of presidential election results by INEC
‘Bindow reduced Atiku’s margin in Adamawa’
Senators Omo-Agege, Manager re-elected in Delta
Buhari tops with 15.19m
How they stand in the RACE FOR Senate: APC 61 PDP 33 YPP
100 houses razed, many feared killed in Kaduna
Rivers official, PDP chieftain, others paraded
100 houses razed, many feared killed in Kaduna
Rivers official, PDP chieftain, others paraded
PDP, APC disagree at Collation Centre
Stock market in mixed performance
Different strokes, different folks
Court remands UNILAG students for allegedly raping 17-year-old
30 parties demand fresh elections in Bayelsa
My victory not accidental, says senator-elect
Lagos is stronger for its diversity, says Sanwo-Olu
Basiru dedicates victory to Osun Central
Delta NDCP complains about poll irregularities
Kwara: End of a political dynasty
Aftermath of broken romance: Dele’s ex Ruby goes into hiding
Lionel Messi a special friend, rare breed, says Neymar
Aisha Buhari, NDE empower 1,250 women in FCT
Oil prices rise as OPEC rebuffs Trump’s pressure
Cisco Meraki eyes market disruption via solutions simplification
Wanted: $30b yearly for energy development
Firms adopt AI to boost manpower
$500m coming for special economic zones funding
Driver damages N26.7m G-Wagon
Church worker, 32, defiles girl, 6
Hoodlums didn’t intimidate voters, traders at Oshodi, says lawmaker
Ex-banker’s failure to get lawyer stalls trial
Teenager charged with robbery
Ambode to workers: prepare for retirement early
Three face N13m theft charge
Man steals gold wristwatch
BBNaija concludes online audition
Oscars: Spike Lee acts funny as ‘Green Book’ clinches best picture
Sexual abuse: R. Kelly released after settling $100,000 bond
Tonto Dikeh reacts on having new boyfriend
MTN Group’s music business gets new officer
Big Brother Naija has been a blessing to me – Ifu Ennada
Editorial: Agbako’s apotheosis

NBA Accuses INEC Officials of Aiding Election Rigging
Presidential Polls: Buhari Scores Highest Votes
Buhari Wins Kebbi
Live Updates: Senate & House of Reps Results as Announced by State INEC Offices
National Assembly Adjourns to March 12 for Lack of Quorum
US Calls on Nigerian Youths to Study Black History
Shippers’ Council Raises the Alarm over Attacks on Nigeria’s Waterways
Buratai Denies Asking Army Officers to Work for Buhari
Obi Accuses INEC of Disenfranchising Eight Million South-east Voters
Olanipekun to Speak on Electoral Law, Democracy at Oxford University
Court Sacks Plateau Lawmaker over Certificate Forgery
Lagos Senator Commends Constituents, INEC on Victory
Sanwo-Olu Charges Lagos Residents to Co-exist in Peace
Varsity Don Emphasises Cross-disciplinary Scholarship for National Devt
I’ll Retrieve My Mandate from Al-Makura, Adokwe Vows…
Uduaghan Seeks Cancellation of Delta South Senatorial Election
Court Reverses EFCC’s Demotion of Academy Commandant
IAAF World Rankings System Launched
A Resurgent Abia Under Ikpeazu
Bracing Up for Another Snail Speed?
Salute to His Fighting Spirit
In Imo, Ihedioha Confronts ‘Iberiberism’
PDP Asks INEC to Halt Collation of Presidential Results
Atiku Wins Plateau
CUPP Rejects Poll Results
Marriott Introduces New Travel Program
More Firms Issue CPs to Tap Short-term Funding
Emirates Woos Nigerian Travellers
ITF Trains 450,000 on Skills Acquisition
IFAD Launches Fund to Create Jobs for Rural Youths
United Capital Records N9.2bn Revenue, N5.6bn
Bribery: FIFA Bans Tanzanian Ref Life
Royal Liverpool to Host British Open Championship in 2022
UEFA Charges Ramos for Deliberate Booking

Daily Trust
BREAKING: See votes polled by all Presidential Candidates in 2019 ElectionsINEC declares President Muhammadu Buhari re-electedBuhari to deliver acceptance speech now2019 Presidential Poll: INEC declares APC’s Buhari winner
Alleged poll fraud: Army parades Wike’s commissioner, others
Sokoto PDP rejects polls results, Tambuwal calls for calm
Election result: Youths threaten to burn Plateau APC chairman’s house
Jonathan’s kinsmen allege plot to rig constituency poll result
Anambra police arrest 14 electoral offenders
Buba Galadima writes family, says he is fine
FRSC recovers N1.78m in accident victim’s car
BREAKING: See votes polled by all Presidential Candidates in 2019 Elections
INEC declares President Muhammadu Buhari re-elected
Buhari to deliver acceptance speech now
2019 Presidential Election: How Buhari trumped Atiku
Loute blames chilly weather for Rangers’ defeat in Sousse
FIFA Women World Cup trophy hits Abuja in April 11
Udoh enjoying competition for Eunisell Golden Boot Award
Forex: CBN boosts market with $210m
Abuja Airport receives more passengers after poll
NIPC grants 9 coys Pioneer Status Incentive in Q4, 2018
INEC declares Okigwe Senate, Rep seats inconclusive
Akume loses Benue North West senatorial seat to Orker-Jev
PDP clears National Assembly seats in FCT
Class and cluster in Nigerian politics
No true winners
Closing the gap for Buhari in Plateau
Presidential elections: Now the longest wait
Fat rat saved from manhole by German animal rescue
Pakistan vows to respond after Indian ‘air strikes’
‘Fake Kenyan president’ arrested
Housewife kills husband over suspected girlfriend
How I was gang-raped by 8 students, Unilag student tells court
Female teacher accused of sexually assaulting 4-yr-old pupil
Editorial: Killing of NDLEA officers
Buhari leads Atiku with 1,004, 011 votes from 18 states
Comparison of 2015 vs 2019 Presidential election Results
Twitter Trend: How Nigerians react to #BuhariIsWinning
Forgery: Court sacks Plateau lawmaker
How 15-year-old chieftaincy dispute was resolved at Supreme Court
Illegal sack: National Industrial Court gives Energy Commission till Apr 9

The Sun
PDP rejects Kano presidential election result
…Party demands INEC stop results collation in Abuja
Kwara Central: I was rigged out –Saraki
Army parades electoral offenders
Kalu visits FMC Umuahia for medical check-up, begs FG to upgrade facility
Election result: Senate winners cont’d
Presidential election result: Buhari comes tops
Dasukigate: How I got N400m from ex-President Jonathan – Metuh
Anambra: Police arrest 14 suspects for ballot box snatching, thuggery
Bandits kill 16 in Sokoto
Unpaid entitlements: NLC plans operation occupy Ogun Friday
Obaseki thanks Edo people for acceptance of APC
Abia North: Stop raving, APC tells Ohuabunwa
Ekiti: Aftermath of election tribunal verdict
Kaduna: Why APC can’t return- PDP
PDP no threat to us –APC
Glo seals pact with Africa CEOs on economic growth
Actionaid urges Nigerians to boost tax revenue
GPPSL bags FIN Pipeline Service Company of the year
Monarch pledges support for Ocean & Cargo Terminal
Obaseki attributes migration, human trafficking to economic hardship
CUPP, LP demand cancellation of polls in Bayelsa
Omo-Agege returns to Senate, Uduaghan fails
APC, PDP share National Assembly seats in Edo
Cross River: Ayade tasks residents on guber, Assembly polls
Anambra Central: Why we can’t declare winner – RO
Court sacks Plateau lawmaker for forgery, orders payment of N30m damages
France 2019: Ballon d’Or winner out of Falcons World Cup clash
Nigeria Pitch Awards organisers set for 6th edition
‘Surgeon’ Joshua vows to reconstruct Miller’s face in New York
Nigerian music industry scores high with Star brand
‘Fire outbreak’ incorrect
Veterans remember Achuzia one year after
The place of divorce in both old and new testaments (2)
2019 Poll: Nurudeen Dasali’s idiotic reaction
Buhari’s skewed view of the Igbo race
Revolution in Nigeria’s payroll software package
Lifeline for 20,000 people in Enugu, Ebonyi
70 Onitsha youths get royal empowerment
Onitsha Port: Waiting for succour
Imo community floats unity projects
My life as a lawyer, SAN –Ofodile
My journey from banking to recycling –

News Headlines Feb 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Feb 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Buhari wins seven states, Atiku four, PDP rejects results
I declared Okorocha winner under duress – Returning officer
Live Updates: 2019 Presidential Election Results
INEC probes 157,591 cancelled votes in Nasarawa
Atiku narrowly defeats Buhari in Edo
Buhari wins Kano with 1.4m votes
Ngige threatens to sue INEC over Buhari’s defeat in Anambra
APC, PDP agents disagree over Rivers result
Rivers killings: Monarch denies brother killed on soldiers
Panic as thugs set Imo INEC office ablaze
Saraki denies congratulating opponent
Hoodlums beat up traders, destroy shops in Lagos market
Father allegedly rapes three daughters, attacks wife
Political violence: Court grants senator, nine others bail
FG alleges plan to disrupt electoral process
Herdsman arraigned for killing Katsina farmer
Murder: Alleged killer lawyer urges court to reject statements
Two arrested for robbery in Niger
Police arrest five suspects over attack on officers
Observer group wants elections cancelled in Benue North West
Group alleges foreign interference in Nigeria’s electoral process
Ogun ADC demands electoral officer’s arrest over alleged malpractice
N464bn Treasury, OMO bills to mature this week
How to calculate interest on your savings
Starting an online retail store
Town planners knock states over poor master plan
NIMASA seeks greater involvement of women in shipping sector
Exports of Nigeria crude oil grades set to rise
Saraki’s defeat: PDP agent refuses to sign election results sheets. –
2019 election: After eight years, Folarin returns to Senate
‘Sala’s pilot didn’t have a licence’
Joshua vows to ‘strip Miller of his soul’
EPL: Balogun ruled out of Leicester clash
Simeone faces UEFA investigation
Kepa sorry for bust-up with Sarri
FA charges Pochettino for improper conduct
I have cast my vote or I have casted my vote?
Mixed reactions greet unbundling of Mass Communication in varsities
Cross-disciplinary scholarships essential for national development – Don
Don advocates better funding for education
ACE to partner artisans on skills acquisition
De-emphasise social media, administrator tells students
Kaspersky warns of ATM-cash out malware
Ericsson, Airtel to build AI use cases
‘App-based ultrasound ’ll increase access to health care’
Artificial intelligence’ll be best business enabler — Experts
Editorial: 2019 polls: Stemming the tide of violence
2019 elections: Watered by blood of Nigerians
For better presidential election
Cost-reflective tariff or metering, which comes first? (1)
2023 and battle for the soul of Nigeria

The Nation
Atiku wins in Akwa Ibom
Results being announced by INEC incorrect, unacceptable -Secondus
Buhari beats Atiku in Kaduna State
2019 Presidential Results
Buhari leads in 19 Kebbi LGAs
Buhari set for victory as INEC announces results from 12 states, FCT
APC to dominate Senate
Observers score polls high
U.S. cautions against illegal announcement of results
Tinubu to constituents: thank you
Buhari, Atiku show strength as results trickle in from states
AbdulRazaq: Saturday’s victory has moved Kwara from Egypt
I don’t believe in rumour, I’ll wait for INEC result, says Buhari
Ajimobi’s legacy of service
‘PDP can’t bounce back in Ekiti
APC wins Takai-Sumaila Reps Seats, Others
2019: PDP wins all nine National Assembly seats in Ebonyi
INEC declares APC’s Sabo senator for Jigawa South West
Okorocha warns against rigging of Imo guber election
Tony Pulis banking on Mikel,Besic partnership for better outing
REVEALED! Sala’s pilot not authorised to fly paying passenger
Poland 2019: Flying Eagles get $3,000 qualification bonus
Oil prices dip to $65
MainOne, Facebook partner fiber network
Peterside seeks greater role for African women in Maritime
Resolving gridlock on Lagos roads
NAMA to operators: no going back on cashless payment
Operations picking up at Lagos ports
Oshodi market shut as thugs harass traders
Teenager steals students’ phones, laptops
Ikale community backs Sanwo-Olu
My hubby raped our three daughters, says mum
Unemployed face N1.6m theft charge
Editorial: One illegality too many


Live Updates: Senate & House of Reps Results as Announced by State INEC Offices
PDP Candidate Wins Egor/Ikpoba Fed Constituency seat in Edo
Live Update: Nigeria Decide 2019
Why Rangers Lost to Etoil du Sahel, By Ogunbote
Claiming Democracy Under Threat, PDP Rejects Results as Atiku Trails Buhari
•APC: Your position is premature •Buhari wins seven states, Atiku picks four others, FCT •President…
More Heavyweights Fall in Senatorial Race
•23 senators fail re-election bid, 21 others victorious
CSOs Situation Room Knocks INEC, Security Agencies over Polls
•Puts death toll at 39 •International observers seek quicker release of results •Bemoan electoral violence…
Nigerian Equities Market Rebounds after Presidential Election
Nigeria’s D’Tigers Berth in China as Africa’s Number 1
TCN Upgrades Alaoji Transmission Substation
Adekuoroye Strikes Gold in German Wrestling Grand Prix
IFAD, Egypt Commits $81m to Environment
Moody’s: Rising Foreign-currency Deposits will Ease Pressure on Banks
How FG Missed Power Supply Target
StanChart Introduces More Digitally-led Retail Banks
Samsung Celebrates 10yrs of Innovation
Integrating West Africa as One Tourist Destination
OPEC Warns of Rising Geopolitical Tensions
Mixed Bag: Big Wins, Surprising Losses
Atiku Wins Plateau with 548,665 Votes
Buhari Wins Ogun
INEC: Why we Cancelled Presidential Poll Result in A’Ibom Senatorial District
Kalu Wins Abia North Central
Atiku Floors Buhari in Akwa Ibom
Group Approves Genetically Modified Cowpea
Sarri Still Commands Players’ Respect after Kepa Drama, Says Luiz
iSON to Groom Next Set of Nigerian Female Football Stars
LMC Postpone NPFL Match-day 11 Midweek Fixtures

Daily Trust
My husband raped my 3 daughters, one underage, trader tells court
Man, 28, docked for allegedly breaking into office, stealing N1.6m
Court remands 11-year-old for allegedly throwing toddler into well
Police dock 2 teenagers over burglary
Inside ‘Burkini island’ where Muslim girls learn to swim
#NigeriaDecides: Atiku defeats Buhari in Edo
NYSC commends corps members for election duties
EFCC writes AGF over Diezani’s extradition
PDP says Shettima behind Atiku’s defeat in Borno
Atiku trumps Buhari in Ebonyi state
An election’s ups and downs
EU, AU, others say peaceful polls broadened democratic space
FG accuses PDP of planning constitutional crisis
Elijah thumbs up LMC after NPFL Matchday 11 postponement
Senate: ‘Saraki hasn’t conceded defeat’
D’Tigers berth in 2019 FIBA World Cup
Every team needs a Mikel – QPR manager
Team Nigeria qualify for 2019 U21 Beach Volleyball
Post elections: Business activities pick up slowly in Kaduna
Oil sinks after Trump tells OPEC prices are too high
First Bank rewards customers with cardless financial transactions
APC clinches 1 Senate seat, 7 Reps in Kogi
Bala Na’Allah wins Kebbi South Senatorial poll
Ex-Abia governor, Theodore Orji emerges Senator-elect
The Judiciary: Matters arising
The rise and fall of the Saraki dynasty
INEC: Doing the right thing wrongly
A Lagos Polling Unit conversation
Shooting in S. Africa leaves 3 dead, 5 critically injured
Man, 28, docked for allegedly breaking into office, stealing N1.6m
Editorial: Major General David Ejoor [1932 – 2019]

The Sun
PDP mulls legal challenge of presidential results
I won’t talk until INEC declares result –Buhari
EFCC arrests Iwu, ex-INEC chair
Nnamani, Amosun, Melaye win Senate seats
Presidential Election: PDP rejects results
Buhari wins 2.8m votes, Atiku 2.4m in 10 states, FCT
Abia: APC queries presidential election result
IGP orders arrest of DCP’s attackers
Oshodi boils as hoodlums go on rampage
Alleged bribery: EFCC writes AGF, seeks Diezani’s extradition
Ekiti obaship crisis: Ex-regent denies document creating new dynasty
60-year-old man hangs self in Ekiti
Kalu’s tortuous journey to Senate
Environment ministry no longer low profile, low budget –Jubril
Ondo: How election was won and lost
Presidential election: APC demands cancellation of Idemili North, South LGs results
Oru leaders hold fund raising dinner for Uzodimma
Top female banker, 8 others jostle for Emefiele’s job
Personal finance management: Tips to hold party on low budget
MfBs shrink by 11% to 898 in February
BDCs secure CBN, EFCC nod on campaign against fake currency
Ecobank boss urges business owners to embrace Omni Lite
Ohanaeze warns against manipulation of poll results
Presidential poll: PDP groans as INEC cancels 92,00 votes in Plateau
Don’t claim victory before final results by INEC –US
INEC officials narrate how soldiers snatched Rivers election results
How God saved Delta from embarrassing bomb blast – CP
Kaduna: Presiding officer absconds with polls results
Muhammed bounces back for Super Eagles with HNK Gorica
Arsenal fans praise Iwobi
Leicester boss Stowell targets top seven finish in the Premier League
Sala plane crash investigation focuses on pilot
Awoniyi strikes again, scores 5th goal in six appearances
German police arrest man over assault on City
France 2019: World Cup trophy arrives Abuja April 11
Agu: Determination, good preparation’ll give Eagles victory
Uzoho: I now want to concentrate on football
Simon: Levante’ll bounce back
Fresh concern over Leon Balogun’s injury
2019 FIBA World Cup: D’ Tigers berth in China as Africa’s number 1
What did you vote for?
Presidential election: Victory without honour
Politics Nigeriana: So poor, so rich
Now that we have voted
My journey from banking to recycling – Okwuosa
WAEC impounds 93 certificates over examination malpractice
Use cultural diversity to promote national unity, principal tells govt
UNICHRIS to introduce 2 new courses, 13 for accreditation
St Charles old boys shop for 40million to renovate school

The Guardian
PDP rejects INEC’s poll results as Buhari leads
How delayed announcement of poll results aids rigging, transactions
Maduro says US wants to ‘fabricate’ Venezuela crisis to start war
2 hours ago World
Government alleges plot against democracy
Ohanaeze lauds Igbo’s turnout, Agbaje deplores election violence
PDP lost 300,000 votes to card readers’ malfunctioning in Ebonyi, Umahi claims
Collation officer blames sight problem for alteration in Rivers poll result
Army officers disrupted results collation in Rivers, INEC officials allege
Sani, Balarabe fault Kaduna poll result, call for cancellation
Chelsea’s Kepa fined, apologises for League Cup final mutiny
Red house wins Grandmates schools inter-house competition
Barca, Real Madrid set for El Clasico
Don’t be scared of any team, Shorunmu charges Flying Eagles
I’ll ‘reconstruct your face and body’, Anthony Joshua tells Miller
‘Careless mistakes killed Enugu Rangers in Tunisia’
Politics of violence, surprise outcomes in a chequered electoral showdown
Concerns over violent polls, delayed outcome
Gradualism and Nigeria’s Democracy
Collation officers caught napping in Kogi, Plateau apologise
Film About Menstruation “Period. End of Sentence” Wins Oscars Best Documentary Short
Gradualism and Nigeria’s Democracy
Editorial: Strange giant broom at Abuja city gate
Redeeming Abia from the backwater
Income concepts for financial reporting
Forgotten victims of herders’ violence – Part 2
A case for prudent regulation of the tobacco industry
Experts renew call for alternative capital formation
African, European carriers rank top in global safety performance
Index rises 0.6% in post-election trading
Goldman Sachs projects rise in oil prices
Where a claim for solicitor’s fees does not form part of claimant’s cause of action, same cannot be granted
‘Buhari is saving judiciary with prosecution of suspended CJN’ – Prof. Itse Sagay
Law and fake news in Nigeria
Selling of Lekki property polarizes family


Presidential Poll: PMB Coasts To Victory As PDP Rejects Results
EFCC Writes AGF, Seeks Diezani’s Extradition
Operators Foresee Mixed Performance As Equity Investors Await Polls Results Bauchi INEC Faults Announcement Of Results
#NigeriaDecides2019: INEC Declares Buhari Winner In Kaduna
#NigeriaDecides2019: A’Ibom Movement Slams Senator Akpabio
#NigeriaDecides2019: APC Wins In 6 Additional LGAs In Kano
#NigeriaDecides2019: PDP Wins Kaduna South Senatorial Election
Mourinho Backs Hazard’s Move To Real Madrid
LMC Postpones NPFL Matchday 11 Fixtures Indefinitely
Balogun Out Of Brighton’s Trip To Leicester
FIBA W/Cup: D’Tigers Berth In China As Africa’s No 1
Macky Sall Wins Senegal Presidential Election
Presidential Poll: No Candidate Will Get Over 55% Votes –YIAGA Africa
IGP Adamu Decries Attacks On Police Officers
Kajuru: ‘We’ll Return Home If Our Security Is Guaranteed’
Tension In Bayelsa As PDP Candidates, Supporters Protest
CSOs Want NABDA To Drive Nigeria’s Economic Diversification
Measuring Impacts Of OPEC Oil Production Cut On Nigeria
Engineer Seeks More Private Sector Participation In Housing
Partnerships To Boost Nigeria Zero Hunger Forum
Scientists Evolve Tool To Boost Cassava Production
INEC Declares Kogi East Senatorial Poll Inconclusive
Tinubu To Consolidate, Work For Better Nigeria
Observers Commend INEC, Nigerians Over Polls
‘Kachikwu Not Pro-Atiku’
Nigeria’s Omosexy Eyes 2020 Oscars EDITORIAL: Foreign Observers And 2019 Polls
CSOs Want NABDA To Drive Nigeria’s Economic Diversification
Jubilation Trails Moro’s Victory In Benue
S’East Govs Didn’t Influence Presidential Poll Results – Umahi
Entrepreneurship Key To Nigeria’s Economic Growth – Experts
Transforming El-Amin Schools Into Varsity In Maryam Babangida’s Honour
BOC Gases Joins Linde Group
Shell Inducts 30 Graduates For Internship
Samsung Wins $774.9m Contract For LNG Carriers

Corps members couldn’t operate card readers during elections’

‘Corps members couldn’t operate card readers during elections’

Adelani Adepegba, Lokoja

The Local Government Collation Officer in charge of Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, Dr. Joseph Folorunso, has said some members of the National Youth Service Corps serving as ad hoc staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission couldn’t operate the card readers during Saturday’s poll in the state.

He stated that they messed up the elections in some polling units as some of them couldn’t operate the smart card reader despite the intensive training the commission organised for them.

Speaking during the declaration of election results at the Kogi INEC office in Lokoja on Sunday, Folorunso, who is a lecturer at the Kogi State University, said card readers were not used in many polling units because the corps members couldn’t operate them.

The collation officer said if he had his way, he would prevent such corps members from serving as electoral officers in future elections.

He stated that some of the corps members were lackadaisical during the training, hence their inability to operate the card readers.

The lecturer advised INEC to engage only diligent and competent corps members as ad hoc staff in future elections to avoid problems.

He said, “Some of them messed up the elections because they could not operate the card readers. A senior officer approached one of them and said ‘upon all I taught you, show me how to operate this card reader.’

“You would be shocked that a corps member who claimed she attended the training could not operate the card reader. Under that disguise, they didn’t use the card readers.”

Folorunso said it was disheartening that a graduate trained on the use of a card reader was unable to use the device which was critical to the electoral process.

He noted, “It was very disheartening for some of us possibly because we work in the academic environment. These are people who make it look like our graduates are unemployable, but it is not so. It’s just that when they were training them, some of them were lackadaisical, pressing their phones, talking to their boyfriends or girlfriends as if anyhow they must recruit them.’’

Source: The Punch

News Headlines Feb 25, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Feb 25, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Saraki loses, Buhari, Atiku in tight race
Four corps members missing in Akwa Ibom, 14 freed
PDP plotting to release fake results — APC campaign council
Live Updates: 2019 Presidential Election Results
We don’t meddle in contractors’ affairs, Chevron tells MWUN
36.8 million bank accounts linked to BVN
Ethiopian airlines plans all female flight to Oslo
Bad loans: Banks urged to de-risk asset portfolios
PDP alleges plot to alter results in nine states
Senate: APC defeats Accord Party in Buhari’s LGA
Ambode delivers LG as APC wins Lagos East Senatorial District
NRM to boycott governorship election in Zamfara
APC lauds INEC, security agents over Zamfara poll
IDF kicks against violence in Ijesaland
EFCC officials storm Ogun INEC office
Senatorial poll: APC’s Bamidele, Adeyeye, Adetumbi win, Olujimi loses
Falana wants INEC to take over electoral offenders’ prosecution
Ballot papers, card readers burnt, hoodlums attack Osun INEC office
Party agent, others shot dead in Taraba
Police debunk Jos highway attack
Five persons killed by gunmen in Taraba —Police
Nine killed in Rivers as army, police confirm soldier’s death
‘Corps members couldn’t operate card readers during elections’
Atiku leads in Akwa Ibom as Akpabio set to lose Senate
Ortom, Mark, Akume hold meeting with Benue REC
JUST IN: Atiku wants to scuttle announcement of election results, says APC
Group inaugurates cooperative housing fund
Over eight million workers have pension accounts — PenCom
Musa happy to be back in action
Leicester sack Puel after Palace defeat
EPL: Liverpool return to top after United draw
Bencic beats Kvitova to win Dubai title
Arsenal climb to top four
Three things we learned from the League Cup final
Editorial: FIRS vacillation over wealthy tax evaders
Will PDP or APC rescue the economy?
Now that we have voted
Shooting ballot box snatchers and the Nuremberg Defence

The Nation
Buhari leads in Sokoto North LG
APC’s Basiru wins Osun central senatorial seat
Breaking: Saraki loses senatorial seat
Kalu delivers LG to Buhari
PDP demands release of Buba Galadima
Battle for Senate: Saraki, Sani, Olujimi, others fall
128 arrested for electoral offences
Collation of presidential results begins in Abuja today
Falana to INEC: take over trial of poll offenders
APC criticises PDP for asking INEC to declare Atiku winner of presidential election
Elections well-executed, say observer groups
Returning, new Reps emerge
Why Fed Govt launched new digital identity ecosystem
‘PDP will bounce back in Imo’
Polls: Drama and surprises
‘Amuwo Odofin constituency ‘ll benefit from my stewardship’
INEC warns against fake results
Atiku mourns victims of election violence
Shot Bayelsa Govt House Photographer not dead
Breaking: Poland 2019: Nigeria draw USA, Qatar, Ukraine
Liverpool go top of EPL with draw at Manchester United
NAICOM to focus on capital requirement, risk based supervision, others in 2019
BOC Gases joins Linde Group
NAICOM: insurance penetration in Nigeria, others abysmal
Settlement banks get CBN’s order on N15b collateral
AfDB review mechanism for third assessment
Apex bank injects $268.4m, CNY 46.3m into Retail SMIS
Salesman faces N7.6m theft charge
Two in court for alleged phone theft
Two break into police officer’s home
Man remanded in prison for attempted burglary
LUTH discharges stoned thug
Anambra to shut down uncertified morgues
No student was stoned to death, says Onitsha school
Fire guts N1m grains in Jigawa
The prize
Editorial: Unacceptable
Finally, the services of Father Time brought to the fray

Live Updates: Senate & House of Reps Results as Announced by State INEC Offices
Melaye Defeats Adeyemi in Kogi West
Live Update: Nigeria Decide 2019
Afenifere Condemns Attacks on Igbos During Election
APC Spokesman, NDDC Boss Deny Possessing Arms, Snatching Ballot Boxes
IG Advocates Technology as Key Driver to Improve Community Policing
PDP Leading in Ondo Presidential Poll
Buhari in Early Lead as Katsina APC Wins House Seat
Again, Boroffice Wins Senate Seat
APC Wins House Seat in Niger
INEC Sacks Plateau Returning Officer
Abe Mourns Mowan Etete, Others
Dickson Calls for Protests over ‘Rigged’ Bayelsa Polls
INEC reschedules elections in 39 units
Atiku Leads in Five Oyo LGAs
Buhari Defeats Atiku in 10 Kano LGAs
Obiano Loses Own LGA to PDP
Buhari Leads in Five Lagos LGAs
Atiku Wins 10 LGAs, APC Picks Two House Seats in Abia
Orji Uzo Kalu wins senate seat
‘APC is Brazen, Lacks Shame’
‘PDP Wants The Presidency so Badly’
Newrest ASL Nigeria Opts for Voluntary Delisting from NSE
AfDB Begins Electricity Cooperative Feasibility Studies in Nigeria, Ethiopia
Chioke: There is Need for Stronger Institutions in Nigeria
Stock Market Declines on Profit-taking, Elections Delay
Promoting Financial Inclusion
VIMN Africa Hosts Industry Experts
Flying Eagles Draw USA, Ukraine, Qatar
FIFA U-20 WORLD CUP *S’Africa paired with Argentina, Portugal, S’ Korea in ‘Group of Death’
LET: Oboh Finishes 27th in SA Masters, Heads to Australia
Man City Beats Chelsea on Penalties to Win Carabao Cup
Iheanacho, Ndidi to Get New Coach as Leicester Fires Puel
Liverpool Grabs a Draw at Old Trafford to Move to the Top
Arsenal Regains Top Four Spot
Bolton Owner Agrees Deal to Sell Club
Anthony Joshua Queries Why Wilder Chose to Fight Fury

Daily Trust
Electoral officials fair, show no government interference – Observers
APC’s Barkiya wins Katsina Senatorial seat
Osun: APC wins Ila federal constituency
Police arrest 128 over electoral offences
Polls: Business activities resume in border towns
APC wins House of Reps, Senate in Badagry
Ondo: 35-Year-Old SDP candidate wins House of Representative seat
APC clears Kwara Central, kicks Saraki out of Senate
Orji Uzor Kalu wins Abia North Senate seat
Atiku leads Buhari with over 75 percent votes in Ebonyi
Polls: Business activities resume in border towns
Presidential election: PDP in early lead in Oyo
PDP, APC clash over presidential polls
Liverpool go top after Old Trafford draw
Emery provides update on Iwobi injury
Raja still winless in Confed Cup
Activities pick up at Lagos Airport, Abuja after Saturday’s polls
Forex: CBN injects $268.4m, CNY46.3m into retail SMIS
Seamless trade: Customs seals private trailer park at Seme
Elections: Disenfranchised residents say they are tired of violence
Polls: Food, water vendors make brisk business at voting points
Suleja residents happy with peaceful elections
What is ‘delivering polling unit’?
What Sambo Dasuki symbolises
Mr. President Sir!
Adieu to ‘True Activism’
Emefiele: Analysing CBN’s Command-Room guru
SENEGAL: Macky Sall faces 4 challengers in polls
SAUDI ARABIA: Princess Bandar al-Saud becomes kingdom’s first woman envoy
UNITED KINGDOM: Brexit must not be frustrated, May vows
Editorial: Scarcity of anti-snake venom
Tempting Galaxy S10 Unveiled
Five simple ways to protect your online transactions
Cisco predicts 5G domination by 2022
‘Why pensioners picketed First Bank offices’
FG restates commitment to promotion of healthy working condition for Nigerian workers
Decent work key to development – Guy Ryder
Sex-for-mark scandal: ASUU Benin zone condemns Dr. Igbafen’s suspension
INEC officer in detention for allegedly altering election result

The Sun
Bayelsa under siege –Dickson
Election: IPOB spits fire over attack on Igbo voters in Lagos
Opposition plans to cause violence, change S’East, South South results –APC
Rivers election killings: Rivers govt to seek justice for victims – Wike
Buhari leads in eight Sokoto LGAs
Tension as PDP, APC allege poll fraud plot
Some INEC staff failed in duty, Yakubu admits
Polio: Aliko Dangote Foundation boosts Nigeria’s certification by WHO
Dubai receives 15.92m tourists in 2018
Presidential election results from Benue State
Killings: US Consul-General calls for end to violence in Rivers
Niger: Bello flags off re-election bid on shaky note
How Supreme Court judgment restored sanity in IPMAN -Ajulo
Why I want to be first Kano female lawmaker –Zainab
Voter apathy likely in future elections – WANEP
UAE’s ADNOC seals $4bn pipeline infrastructure deal with KKR, BlackRock
BoI begins second round of Tradermoni disbursements as beneficiaries repay loans
Nigeria offering MET services to Liberia, S’Leone
Trump says trade talk with China ‘very productive’
Red star upgrades ISO certification
APC clears Senate, Reps seats in Ekiti
Mimiko loses to PDP
Polls: Afenifere condemns attack on Igbo voters
APC kicks as INEC announces results in Ebonyi
..INEC reschedules elections in 2 Bayelsa LGAs
Presidential polls: Buhari leads in Katsina
Ighalo helps Shanghai Shenhua win on debut
Poland 2019: Nigeria draws USA, Qatar, Ukraine
Uzoho wins match ban appeal
Dybala scores as unbeaten Juve defeats Bologna
Federer hints at Clay Court return
EPL: Injury – hit Man United holds Liverpool
Bordeaux coach faults Kalu’s Egales position
I rejected Canada, Panama offer for Nigeria -Next Kanu
Ndidi, Iheanacho’s coach sacked
Musa relishes come-back for Al Nassr
Iwobi assists as Arsenal returns to top four
Beach Volleyball: Team Nigeria lands in Cape Verde
Politics Nigeriana: So poor, so rich
Now that we have voted
This presidential election is a sham
Nigerian elections and right to life
Bola Tinubu defect to PDP? Never! (2)
Should in-laws be enemies?
Kim heads for summit with Trump
President Sall tipped to win as Senegal holds election
Pope declares ‘all-out-battle’ against sexual abuse
Bursting Chinese smuggling network in Africa