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Health benefits of wheat

Health benefits of wheat

Wheat Controls obesity

Wheat has a natural ability to control weight in everyone , but this ability is more pronounced among women .

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown through research that whole wheat, rather than refined form , is a good choice for obese patients .

Women who consumed whole wheat products over long periods showed considerably more weight loss than the others subjects. Improves body metabolism: Saturated and trans fats increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases, while omega -3 fats decrease cardiovascular disease risk .

Whole grains like wheat are immensely effective on patients with metabolic disorders. Common types of metabolic syndromes include visceral obesity , also known as the “pear shaped” body , high triglycerides , low levels of protective HDL cholesterol , and high blood pressure .

It protects against all of these conditions . Research has shown that foods made from refined grains not only tend to increase weight but they also increase the hazards of insulin resistance .

Doctors recommend eating whole wheat bread and other fibre -rich foods . The majority of fibre works to help the digestive process in the body and improve the overall metabolism .

Having a whole wheat diet is probably the most effective , quick , and enjoyable way to reduce metabolic syndrome , but also to stay slim and healthy throughout your life .

Prevents type 2 diabetes:

Wheat is rich in magnesium , which is a mineral that acts as a co -factor for more than 300 enzymes . These enzymes are involved in the body ’s functional use of insulin and glucose secretion .

The FDA permits foods that contain whole grain by at least 51 per cent weight and are also low in saturated fat and cholesterol , which means a lower risk of coronary ailments and certain types of cancer.

Moreover, regular consumption of whole grain wheat promotes healthy blood sugar control . People who suffer from diabetes are able to keep their sugar levels under control by replacing rice with wheat in their diet .

Reduces chronic inflammation:

The betaine content of wheat is what aids in the prevention of chronic inflammation. Betaine is usually found in whole wheat, beets and spinach . Inflammation is a key constituent in most types of rheumatic pains and also some rheumatic diseases.

Thus , it is a good idea to eat a healthy amount of whole wheat food products that will actively reduce inflammation. Consumption of betaine affects a number of aspects in our body chemistry that assures a lower risk of chronic inflammation and other ailments like osteoporosis, heart disease , Alzheimer’ s disease , cognitive decline , and type -2 diabetes .

Prevents gallstones:

In various surveys by the American Journal of Gastroenterology , it has been proven that breads and cereals made from whole wheat help women to avoid gallstones . Since whole wheat is rich in insoluble fibre , it assures a quick and smooth intestinal transit time and lowers the secretion of bile acids. Excessive bile acids are a major cause of gallstone formation . Moreover, a high intake of wheat increases insulin sensitivity and thereby lowers triglycerides or fat in the blood .

Besides wheat , you also get insoluble fibre from the edible skins of fruits and certain vegetables like cucumbers , tomatoes and squash , berries , apples, and pears.

Beans also provide both insoluble and soluble fibre .

Protective against breast cancer:

Research at the UK Women ’s Cohort Study found that a fibr -rich diet is extremely important for women to keep breast cancer at bay . Foods from whole grains like wheat and fruits provide significant safeguards for pre -menopausal women against breast cancer .

Studies say that around 30 grammes of wheat consumed daily is enough for women to reduce the risks of breast cancer .

Reports say that pre -menopausal women who have consumed wheat had a 41 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer in comparison to others who ate other forms of fibre.

Prevents childhood asthma :

The American Lung Association says that around 20 million Americans experience some form of asthma . Studies have stated that whole grains and fish in the diet can lower the chances of childhood asthma to a great extent.

The International Study on Allergy and Asthma in Childhood proved through numerous studies that a wheat -based diet has the capacity to lower chances of developing asthma by almost 50 per cent .

During the survey , the wheat diet was increased considerably and the mothers were given special diets high in fish and whole grains; this showed an almost 66 per cent reduction in the possibility of becoming asthmatic . Organicfacts.com