​Health benefits of African cherry

​Health benefits of African cherry

It is that time of the year when African cherry – the fruit popularly known as agbalumo among the Yoruba and udara to the Igbo – floods the market . Botanically called Chrysophyllum albidum , African cherry or white star apple , belongs to the Sapotaceae family .

Found throughout tropical Africa, the fruit has many health benefits. Below are some of them.

Source of Vitamins

According to research , the fleshy pulp of the African cherry that is especially eaten as snack has been found to have higher contents of ascorbic acid than oranges and guava . The fruit itself is reported to be an excellent source of vitamins , irons and flavours . Hence , the fruit adds to the balanced diet of an individual .

Reduces cramps

African cherry also serves as a good source of calcium that offers strength to the human body . The calcium embedded in the fruit can lessen symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as cramping and abdominal bloating .

According to Nurse Rita , eating a serving of star apple contributes 3 g of fibre to the recommended daily intake of 25 to 38 g . These fibres provide bulk to your diet, a factor that can make your stomach feel fuller for longer . This can keep you from eating too much , and it may help you lose weight. This nutrient can also help protect you from diabetes and some forms of cancer .

Treats diseases

A study by researchers at the Department of Biological Sciences , College of Science and Technology , Covenant University , Ogun State in Nigeria showed that the African cherry can be used in treating various diseases . “ The bark is used for the treatment of yellow fever and malaria , while the leaf is used as an emollient and for the treatment of skin eruption , stomach ache and diarrhoea . The cotyledons from the seeds of Chrysophyllum albidum are also used as ointments in the treatment of vaginal and dermatological infections in Western Nigeria , ” the research suggests


Watch that cough, it could be cancer

​HEALTH Watch that cough, it could be cancer
Rotimi Adesanya

A medical staff once asked a doctor for a prescription for a persistent cough , which she had developed .

The doctor who had prescribed drugs for her severally without examining her became worried .

He sent her to the laboratory do a chest x – ray . Although he had suspected an abnormality , he was however , not prepared for the result of the test .

The test revealed that his staff , who had now become his patient , had features of cancer metastasis on her lungs . Further examination of the lady showed that her breast had a gangrenous wound , another feature that suggested that the breast cancer had metastasised (spread ) to the lungs .

In simple terms , the staff had developed a secondary lung cancer that occurred from untreated and undiagnosed cancer of the breast .

Adults who develop cough should take their time to get diagnosed and treated . During my postgraduate training in Family Medicine , my teacher told me that there was nothing like an ‘ ordinary’ cough which many patients often claim they have .

He said when doctors attend to adults with persistent cough , they should have their chests examined and probably get x – rays of their chests done .

Most cancers in the body metastasise to the lungs . As a result, cancers are often associated with cough . Patients and care givers need to watch the progress of cough and its associated symptoms .

Symptoms of cough associated with cancers

The changes explained below are highly suspicious of cough due to lung cancer .

Cough that won ’t subside : Coughing is usually associated with a cold or respiratory infection. These illnesses usually go away within a week or two . A persistent cough that won’ t go away may be a sign of lung cancer , especially if the cough continues to get worse .

Coughing up blood : This is also called haemoptysis, It is associated with lung cancer . Coughing up blood may also be a sign of pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Changes in cough : This is when you cough more often or produce more mucus than usual and your cough feels deeper or has a hoarse sound, Hoarseness can be caused by a cold, but if this symptom is persistent , it can be related to lung cancer

Breathing difficulty : If lung cancer blocks or narrows an airway, or if fluid from a lung tumour begins to build up in the chest, you ’ ll experience shortness of breath .

Chest pain : Lung cancer can lead to pain in the chest, shoulders or back which may be sharp , consistent , dull and off- and – on . It can be indicative of many health problems , including lung cancer .

Wheezing : When airways become blocked , restricted or inflamed, a wheezing or whistling sound when breathing may be heard. Wheezing can also be a sign of asthma or allergies .

Unexplained weight loss : Most of us gain and lose here and there, but an unexplained weight loss of more than five kilogrammes or more may be associated with health problems, including lung cancer . Cancer cells can use up energy in the body and even shift the way the body uses food for energy .

Bone pain : Lung cancer may not present many symptoms until it has spread . Cancer that has spread to the bones may produce pain in the back or in other areas of the body . It may also worsen at night . Lung cancer is also associated with shoulder, arm or neck pain.

Diagnostic tests

Chest x – ray is usually the first test done to try to find out what is causing symptoms like a cough and shortness of breath . Doctors use chest x – ray to look for any lung tumours .

Computed tomography scan of the chest is a common test used to check for lung metastases . It provides more detailed images of lung tumours than a chest x – ray .


Treatment isn ’ t always necessary for mild , short- term coughs because it may be a viral infection that will resolve on its own within one week but for persistent cough discussed above , the underlying causes like cancer needs to be treated .

Generally , home treatment can be by by resting , drinking plenty of fluids and taking painkillers in some instances . Over – the – counter medicines to suppress cough or stop the flow of phlegm are not usually recommended . A homemade remedy containing honey and lemon is likely to be just as useful and safer to take. In smokers, quitting smoking is likely to help improve cough. 
Source: The Punch.

​I will be President of Nigeria, Fayose boasts as he accuses EFCC of freezing his accounts again 

​EFCC has frozen my accounts again – Fayose



Ekiti State Governor , Ayodele Fayose , on Saturday said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had again frozen his personal accounts with Zenith Bank.

The governor said the bank refused to honour his cheque based on a directive from the EFCC when he went there on Friday .

This came three days after a Federal High Court , Ado Ekiti , dismissed a motion for stay of execution of the judgment unfreezing the accounts for lacking in merit .

Justice Taiwo Taiwo while ruling on the motion filed by the EFCC against his judgment unfreezing the accounts and delivered on December 13 said that “ once a judgment is being executed, you cannot stay the execution again . ”

Fayose said , “ This is the impunity we are condemning . The bank and the EFCC got all the judgments of the court , but the agency still harassed the bank to act against the law . If I sent somebody with a cheque , they could give excuse but I was there myself ; acts of impunity such as this cannot continue. We will challenge them. ”

He added that he had received revelations that he would be “ number one ” in the country.

“ Have you noticed that every attempt to impeach me has failed ? How I will get there don ’ t ask me. ”

On his recent election as the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party ’ s Governors ’ Forum , Fayose said , “ By the grace of God , we are going to reposition our party . The PDP is only a sleeping giant and when it wakes up , those mocking us now will quake . Charlatans who are one leg in , one leg out and causing confusion in the party would have to decide where to belong . ”

In a related development , the governor has called on the Federal Government to review corps members ’ monthly allowance from N19 , 500 to N 50 , 000 .

According to him , the current allowance can no longer sustain them as Nigeria continues to grapple with recession .

Fayose also decried the deplorable state of the Ekiti National Youth Service Corps ’ orientation camp in Ise/Emure , pledging an immediate release of N20 m for its renovation .
Source: The Punch

TuFace makes u-turn, cancels planned protest

TuFace makes u-turn, cancels planned protest
Hip-hop artist, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as TuFace has announced the cancellation of his One Voice planned protest against the situation in the country scheduled for Monday.

In an video announcement early Sunday morning, TuFace said the protest is under threat of hijack by other interest groups.

Full text of his announcement follows:

” Dear Nigerians, after due consultations, it has become clear that the one voice protest scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja on Monday, February 6 is under serious threat of hijack by interests not aligned with our ideals.

” The point I am intent on making is not worth the life of any Nigerian. It is motivated by the need to negotiate a better deal for the ordinary Nigerian.

” I therefore announce the cancellation of the planned protest.

“We would share further information in due course. We appreciate the massive support .

“I am convinced our voices have been heard.

May God bless you all, may God bless Nigeria.”

On Saturday TuFace had said astronomical increment of goods and services as major reasons for the nationwide protest slated for tomorrow.

In a Facebook post, the musician listed prices of 22 basic items that have increased by over 100 percent since President Muhammadu Buhari took over.

The post had been shared by over 2,000 Facebook users as at 9:45pm yesterday with many of them expressing support for the exercise.

He insisted the anti-Buhari protest on despite warnings by police authorities.

Some of the items include rice, cement, gas, fuel, flour, sugar, milk and guinea corn, among others.

The protest under the One Voice Nigeria initiative, according to him, will draw attention to the sufferings of Nigerians with a view to forcing government to ameliorate them.

Tu Face urged protesters to wear clothes with colour green and troop out in their thousands on the streets nationwide for the march.

Source: The Nation

​Coping with internally displaced politicians

​Coping with internally displaced politicians

By Alabi Williams

Apart from the victims of insurgency in the Northeast, who have been displaced from their communities, and are now quartered, in camps, there is another set of displaced Nigerians, who need urgent accommodation. They are the Internally Displaced Politicians, also using the same IDPs acronym. While the real IDPs are displaced for no fault of theirs, with their homes degraded by Boko Haram and their sources of incomes destroyed, the second set comprises political parasites that cannot afford to stay away from power for just four years. They are leeches that want to perpetually suck and drain the federation account.

But they have the backing of the Constitution to roam like herdsmen, even as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is unable to charge them for loitering and constituting political nuisance. INEC is constitutionally empowered to license political parties and regulate their activities, but INEC has been too overwhelmed with managing elections to take on the added job of monitoring delinquent adults. The judiciary is also unable to intervene, because as politicians prepare to move from one party to the other, they first make a waste of the former, so that they have a perfect alibi in court for defecting. Once a party is factionalised, the constitution in Section 68 (1) (g) has established a basis for members to migrate to other parties that are yet to disintegrate. That is in addition to the provision that persons have the right to belong to associations, provided they are not secret societies.

The party system, since 1999 has been fluid and permanently in a state of construction and reconstruction. That affects the integrity of the entire political system, because parties that have no serious governance rules have equally produced governments that are useless to the people. The politicians are only looking for avenues to present themselves for elections. They are after the offices and the budgets attached to them, while the political system is not allowed to grow beyond electioneering.

It appears that if there are no deliberate controls to enforce political discipline among the political class, the party system cannot experience growth beyond the ritual of presenting candidates for periodic elections, and then sharing offices and allocating budgets. That could have grave consequences for the polity. We are going towards mid-term and the season is agog with transfers and defections. Those who are leaving the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress (APC) are doing so with reckless abandon. As far as they are concerned, they are through with PDP, after it gave them the platform and prominence. The APC is the new bride in town and all roads lead there.

Now, I am more concerned for the APC, because it does not have the capacity to house everybody. When the legacy partners toiled to build the APC, they did that in the belief that a political party can serve other purposes beyond elections. The APC manifesto promised a development plan for the country, in the manner of progressive parties of yore. In the 16 years that the PDP managed the affairs of the country, there was no decisive step to put the country on the road to progress and greatness. It was all about winning elections, which made the PDP to annex the other parties – Alliance for Democracy (AD) and the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

The APC now appears set to travel that same road, which brought PDP to perdition and ruin. If the PDP had concentrated its energy on delivering good governance to Nigerians, without aiming to become Africa’s largest, yet empty party, there probably wouldn’t have been room and need for the coalition that birthed APC. My advice to the APC is not to allow itself be misled by defectors from the PDP or from the other idle parties to measure its greatness in quantitative terms; that is, from a gargantuan size. The APC is already big and should not be misled by a few political merchants into zones and states, where it does not have connection with the people. As the party concentrates on its programmes, connection with the people would come naturally, if it must.

In the Southeast, the gale of defection is deafening and embarrassing, too. Those who benefitted hugely from the PDP government of 16 years are now enlisting into APC. Those who used their mouths to curse the day APC was formed are now eating their words. And they come with all sorts of baggage, which the APC should not accommodate. If you give them one inch, they will demand a yard of space to ply their subversive trade.

While former president Obasanjo, in his sagely wisdom and gift of clairvoyance has made allowance for a president of Southeast extraction, come 2019, these self-serving politicians from the zone have rejected the prediction. They have become the first zone to earnestly yearn for president Buhari’s second term in 2019. They have now shifted their quest for Igbo president to 2023, after Buhari would have completed two terms of eight years. In their greed and defective calculation, it does not occur to them to ponder whether Buhari will be interested and capable to embark on the rigours of another four years after this hectic one.

In their mercantilist machination, which is devoid of common sense, they want to disrupt the relative peace in the Southeast. They want to force APC on the people and uproot the only political party that is native to the political zone. They are bent on routing the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), which is doing well in Anambra, which brought Rochas Okoracha into office as Imo governor in 2011, before he jumped ship. Now they want to suffocate Willie Obiano, one of Nigeria’s best in terms of governance. The man is focused and with a rich background in the private sector, just like his predecessor, Peter Obi. I wouldn’t know the details of how he misapplied the political fortune bequeathed to him in APGA that has made it so convenient for political opportunists to now crowd him, threatening his second term. But as far as delivery is concerned, I think Obiano should be encouraged to consolidate. But the APC scavengers in the zone will hear none of that. They want to capture Southeast by force for their new party, so that they will be ‘in the political mainstream of Nigeria.’ But I pray Anambra voters will prove them wrong.

Governors of the zone, who were elected on the ticket of the PDP are now confused, especially because they were originally chicken-hearted. They, too, want to join the APC, so that their second term may be guaranteed, instead of working hard to gain voters’ confidence. If INEC is up and doing and the security agencies do their work without bias, you do not need to belong to APC to win election at the state level.

In the Second republic, it was the same gimmick the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN) used to infiltrate states that were securely under the Nigeria Peoples Party (NPP), ably led by the late Owelle, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The NPN used the presidential pardon granted former Biafran leader, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu to break into the zone.

Given the failed federal structure and the poor administration of the presidential system, there is no better time than now for regions to grow their own parties. If there are genuine needs to coalesce and go mega, such parties can then realign. The Southwest must have seen the folly in surrendering everything for a mega national party, seeing the way the APC has turned out. However, it must be noted that those who joined the APC from the Southwest did not do so because they wanted immediate food on their tables. They volunteered to lead from the front because the PDP did not give Nigeria something good to hope for. They invested heavily in the APC as founders, not as latter day opportunistic joiners.

Therefore, the APC must not be greedy to see these wreckages of the former party as real assets. They are actually troublemakers of no fixed address. They will bring trouble to the party. And when they wreck APC, God forbids, they will anchor somewhere else. Flotsam is their real name!
Culled from The Guardian

Ibori: EFCC to reopen 170-count charges against former gov

​Ibori returns, meets DSS, to face 170 EFCC charges


Niyi Odebode , Olusola Fabiyi , Okechukwu Nnodim , Eniola Akinkuotu ,

Bayo Akinloye, Alexander Okere and Ovie Okpare

A former Governor of Delta State , James Ibori , still has 170 charges against him pending before a Federal High Court .

SUNDAY PUNCH gathered on Saturday that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission would soon arraign him on charges bordering on corruption .

Ibori arrived Nigeria through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport , Abuja .

According to eyewitnesses, the former governor came into Abuja using a British Airways flight that touched down at the airport around 5 . 30 am .

Family members and well – wishers were at the NAIA to receive the former governor, as airport security officials and some staff of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria exchanged pleasantries with him .

It was learnt that the governor arrived with a British Airways Boeing 777 aircraft with registration G – VIID .

He travelled to Oghara , his hometown , through the Benin airport while his family , friends and associates waited in vain for him at the Osubi airport , near Effurun in Delta State , where he was expected to land directly from Abuja .

A source , who confided in one of our correspondents , said the former governor would still answer questions from the EFCC and that the commission would soon invite him .

Following his conviction in the United Kingdom , there were criticisms against the Nigerian justice system , especially an Asaba High Court which had struck out 170 charges which the EFCC had brought against Ibori .

However , the EFCC took the matter to the Appeal Court where a three- man panel of justices on May 15 , 2014 , at the Benin Division of the Court of Appeal , ruled that the ex – governor, who is currently serving a 13 – year jail term in a London prison, has a case to answer .

The Appellate Court panel led by Justice Ibrahim Saulawa ordered that the case be reassigned to another judge of the Federal High Court for continuation of trial .

The EFCC subsequently said in a statement in 2014 that the ex -governor would be rearrested upon the completion of his prison sentence .

The EFCC statement read , “With this judgment , the coast is clear for Ibori to face trial in Nigeria upon the completion of his jail term in London . ”

Attempts to speak with the EFCC spokesman , Mr . Wilson Uwujaren , on Saturday proved abortive .

However , a source within the commission said , “ Ibori still has 170 charges pending against him . Also , the Appeal Court has given us the go -ahead to prosecute him and this ruling has not been upturned by the Supreme Court .

“ As things stand, the EFCC has the right to arrest him at anytime . Ibori , among other allegations , was accused of embezzling N 40 bn which belonged to the state. Also , a former Chairman of the EFCC , Nuhu Ribadu , alleged that the former governor attempted to bribe him with $ 15 m cash. ”

We will meet Ibori again — DSS DG

The Department of State Services on Saturday said it would soon meet with Ibori again to discuss issues of national interest.

The Director- General of the DSS , Mr . Lawal Daura , who disclosed this to some journalists on Saturday, confirmed that the service had a brief meeting with Ibori on arrival from the UK.

Daura stated, “He met me for a short debriefing session and the way forward . Also , to welcome him back to his fatherland . We are also meeting soon to discuss issues of interest affecting the nation. ”

The DSS boss did not explain the issues of national interest.

The ex- governor was picked up by the DSS for what a security source described as a ‘ routine check . ’

It was gathered that his friends , family and associates were astonished when they learnt that the ex – convict had arrived in the country unheralded .

They were said to have been planning to give him a heroic welcome devoid of his status as an ex – convict .

Our correspondent gathered that Daura instructed that Ibori be brought to his office at Aso Drive , Abuja for questioning.

Ibori was said to have been accompanied to the DSS headquarters , which is also known as Yellow House, with a few associates .

Among them was the immediate past Governor of Delta State , Dr . Emmanuel Uduaghan .

At the DSS office , he was said to have been interrogated on his sojourn in the United Kingdom .

A source said the interrogation lasted a few hours and that Ibori was warned against what was described as “ excessive celebration. ”

The source , who was privy to the meeting with the DSS , specifically said that Ibori should avoid the Warri airport , where his admirers , associates and friends had gathered to give him a heroic reception .

The source said , “ It was not an arrest as being speculated .

“ The fact of the matter is that , being a high – profile ex – convict , the security agency said he needed to be debriefed and also cautioned about his utterances.

“ He was warned not to do any celebration at any airport , including Warri .

“ That was why Ibori had to fly to Benin before heading to his village.

“ The DSS warned him also to be careful of his utterances and not to complicate the security problem in the South – South region . ”

He added that the security operatives asked the former governor not to cause any problem either in his state or the country through his utterances.

It was also gathered that Ibori was told that he could be summoned to appear at the DSS office at anytime for further interrogation .

The former governor, it was learnt , promised not to jeopardise the fragile peace in his region .

He was also said to have stated that he was ready to honour any invitation “ at anytime . ”

PDP not excited about Ibori ’ s return

Meanwhile , the opposition Peoples Democratic Party was said to be weary of associating with the former governor.

A highly placed member of the party , who spoke on condition of anonymity , said it would be wrong of the party to start celebrating Ibori ’ s arrival .

He recalled that the PDP was unable to recover from the bashing it received when it named a former Governor of Edo State , Chief Lucky Igbinedion , as a member of the PDP governorship campaign committee in the state .

“ There should be morality in politics , no matter how small . We celebrated Igbinedion and the late former Governor of Bayelsa State , Chief DSP Alamieseigha , who was also an ex -convict . They are all members of our party , ” the source added .

He said that the party needed to re -examine its position on many issues if it was serious about regaining power in 2019 .

Why we let Ibori go — UK

The United Kingdom authorities have explained why it allowed Ibori to return to Nigeria .

Responding to an inquiry by SUNDAY PUNCH , the spokesman for the British High Commission in Abuja , Mr . Joseph Abuku , stated that the ex – convict ’ s return to Nigeria would not prevent UK prosecutors from pursuing confiscation proceedings against him .

Abuku said , “ Having been jailed for his crimes in the UK and served his sentence , Mr . Ibori has now returned to Nigeria . The UK will continue to pursue , vigorously , the legal process to confiscate, and return to Nigeria , Ibori ’ s criminal assets .

“ The UK is determined to lead the way in a coordinated global effort to bring the corrupt to justice. ”

He stated further that Ibori ’ s conviction and eventual return to Nigeria was a clear message that anyone who wants to make UK a safe haven for money laundering would be prosecuted .

“ That is why it was vital we sent a clear message to the world that James Ibori , a man who stole millions from the Nigerian Government and laundered those proceeds in the UK , has been held to account .

“ Mr . Ibori ’ s return will not prevent prosecutors from pursuing confiscation proceedings against him , ” Abuku noted .

Markets, shops shut

The oil- rich Delta State on Saturday came to a standstill as the people of the state shut markets, shops and offices to witness the homecoming of the erstwhile governor of the state .

Ibori ’ s homecoming was sort of a carnival as politicians from across all political divides within and outside stormed Oghara , the country home of the Delta politician , to give him a rousing welcome.

Politicians , traders , market women and civil servants , who had laid siege at the Osubi airstrip in Okpe Local Government Area , where Ibori was expected to arrive from Abuja , were however left heartbroken when news broke that the former governor had landed in Benin , the Edo State capital , and was already on his way to Oghara .

Markets , shops and offices in Oghara were completely shut while partial activities were recorded in Sapele , Effurun , Okpe, Warri and surrounding cities over Ibori ’ s arrival .

Supporters and sympathisers of the former governor started trooping onto the Osubi airstrip as early as 7 : 30 am on Saturday, while Oghara and other surrounding towns were besieged ahead of his coming .

Ibori , whose flight was scheduled to land at the airport at 11 :30 am , however , did not arrive until 2 : 25 pm when a chartered plane , IZYAIR , with registration number India Zulu Yanky ( 5 NIZY ) conveying him accompanied by prominent politicians and members of his immediate family including his daughter, Erhiatake Ibori , landed at the Benin airport .

A huge crowd of enthusiasts, including politicians and traditional rulers , who had mounted a wait for him at Osubi since about 7 :30 am , upon hearing that the former governor was no longer landing on the airstrip , hurriedly made their way to Oghara .

Our correspondent , who was at the Osubi airstrip , near Effurun , saw politicians including the serving Secretary to the State Government, Mr . Festus Ovie Ages ; Chief Andy Osawota ; Chief Patrick Five; Chief Dennis Emonemu ; and Olorogun Paul Abu .

Others were the Udu Council Chairman , Mr . Solomon Kpomah ; his Sapele , Okpe and Ethiope West counterparts, Mr . Ejiafe Odebala, Mr . Godwin Edjiyere and Mr . Solomon Golley .

The Managing Director of the Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission , Mr . William Makinde; Mr . Vincent Uduaghan; and Mr . John Nani were also there.

Others were Pius Ovbije, a commissioner on the board of DESOPADEC ; Mr . Emmanuel Ighomena , a Senior Special Assistant to the governor; Mr . Emmanuel Ganiga , National President of the UK branch of UPU ; Chairman of DSIEC , Mr . Moses Ogbe ; and a member of the Delta State House of Assembly representing Okpe constituency, Sheriff Oborevwori.

At Oghara , a carnival of sorts awaiting the former governor made movement impossible . Ibori was shielded into his home by some of his close associates and security men clothed in camouflage when his flight landed Oghara at about 3 :45 pm .

Hundreds of people who had been keeping vigil defied all forms of protocol to catch a glimpse of the ex -governor, who is popularly referred to as the political oracle of Niger Delta , where he held sway before being jailed by a British Court .

Ibori ’ s strongman and close confidant , Senator Ighoyota Amori, who spoke with journalists in front of Ibori ’ s mansion in Oghar , said , “We are happy that Ibori is back , people are jubilating , the crowd you see here and the enthusiasm that has been displayed today showed that we really missed him . ”

Olorogun Paul Abu also said , “We ’ re excited our brother is back hale and hearty. Today is a remarkable day and a day of joy .

“ Whether you accept it or not , Ibori is a phenomenon and an institution in Nigeria ’ s political landscape. Our people need his contributions towards their advancement . Politics in Urhoboland will surely wear a new look. ”

Ibori was not , however , allowed to speak to journalists who had been waiting to have a chat with him as he was ushered into the waiting hands of senior politicians and Urhobo leaders who had been waiting for a closed -door session inside one the open rooms in his compound .

Journalists were not given access to the apartment either .

I have no comment on Ibori — Clark

A former Federal Commissioner of Information , Chief Edwin Clark, has said he has no comment to make on the return of Ibori to Nigeria .

Clark, who was one of the antagonists of the former governor, said he would not make any comment on Ibori ’ s release .

The elder statesman and other elders from the state had written a petition to the EFCC on alleged looting of resources of the state when the former governor was at the helm of affairs in the state .

But when confronted to make a comment on the release of his former governor at his residence in Abuja on Saturday, Clark merely said , “ No comment . I say no comment. ”
Culled from The Punch

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Feb 5, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Feb 5, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo 

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Bloody Land Dispute: Police Took Over Ekiti Towns
Group Berate Senator Dino Maleye Over Comments on Kogi Governor
Don Canvases Improved Attention for Literary Works of Northern Women
‘Nigeria’s Recession Caused by Massive Corruption’
Navy Takes Delivery of $1.2m Medical Equipment from US
Jumia Report: Nigeria Earns More Tourism Revenue from Domestic Travel
Stock Market Sheds 4% from January to Date
Steadily Growing Crude Oil Production
Implementing Trade Facilitation Agreement for Economic Recovery
As Airlines, Other Stakeholders Brace up for Closure of Abuja Airport…
Repositioning Amidst Stiff Competition
How Interception of Arms on Lagos Highway Exposed Corruption…
INEC’s Diaspora Voting Plan
Prison Inmates’ Reformation and Security
Kogi APC’s Unremitting Internal Crisis
LIFE & STYLE Oba Rilwan Akiolu and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar
Kema Chikwe at 70…Ex-Aviation and Transport Minister Celebrates Mileage
The Glamour and Class of Siju Iluyomade
‘How I Cheated Death’
Chelsea crush Arsenal, Liverpool lose
Mark: My Passion for Sports Irresistible
Will Egypt be Third Time Lucky against Cameroun?
Buhari: As He Was in 1984…
EDITORIAL: On CJN, President Buhari Must Act Now!
IUS Justice Department Appeals Court ’s Stoppage of Travel Ban
NDDC MD: Despite $ 40 bn Expenditure , Commission Failed to Realise 15 -Year Master Plan
Multilateral Funding for Transmission Projects Averages $ 1 . 3 bn Won ’ t Materialise, APC Tells PDP
Another Female Youth Corps Member Dies in Bayelsa
ndomitable Lions, Pharaohs Battle for African Title
 Burkina Faso Beat Ghana, Win Bronze

The Nation
Ibori: No going back on seizure of assets – UK
Tinubu is our leader, says Kogi Gov Bello
SANs divided over Acting CJN Onnoghen’s appointment
EFCC seizes ex-Bauchi Gov Yuguda’s house
UPDATE: TuFace cancels protest rally
US jails Nigerian 27 years for $1.7m internet scam
On the Bust of Winston Churchill
Uproar in Southeast over Igbo presidential ambition
Bye, Bye, Barack (Part II)
Obaseki to partner religious leaders on social development
CAN holds thanksgiving service
Recession babies : How economic downturn is forcing teenage girls out of school and into unwanted pregnancies and early marriage.
‘Ondo mega schools, ahead Awo’s legacy’
FG to begin skills acquisition training in 18 states
Fulani herdsmen worse than Boko Haram, says PFN
2019: Ogun communities demand House of Reps slot
TCN blames DisCos for power crisis
Navy destroys N3bn illegal refineries
US jails Nigerian 27 years for $1.7m internet scam
Obaseki to partner religious leaders on social development
Navy destroys N3bn illegal refineries
Jonathan adapts Buhari’s catchphrase
NAWOJ seeks death penalty for rapists
Ogun introduces flexible payment plan for pilgrims
Bad leadership: Adeboye blames family breakdown
* Feared he might get missing in Spain * Plus the clip that won over Luis Enrique
OLUMIDE OYEDEJI Why i loveto make people happy
Shooting Stars welcomes Rivers United today
Can Pharaohs cage Lions in Gabon?
Bolt show class in Nitro Athletics event
Moses plays for 88 minutes as Chelsea down Arsenal
‘Bukas and Joints’ enters third season
CHaRLy bOY ‘Biafra is a state of mind’
Tunde and Wunmi Obe to host lovers to Valentine event
Ajumogobia, others for annual Aret Adams lecture
‘Confidence building required to revamp ailing economy’
NIPOST to improve services
Recession: Where to invest in 2017
Businessman unveils new lounge on mainland
Smuggled poultry: Where is Operation Hawk Descend?
Konga.com empowers franchisees, merchants

 Breaking: 2face Backs Out, Cancels Planned Protest 24hrs To Buhari’s Resumption
 AFCON 2017 Final: Pharaohs Are Battle Weary, Cuper Cries Out
 AFCON 2017: Rohr Roars For Indomitable Lions
 2018 WC Qualifiers: Rohr Confident Eagles Will Maintain Form
 When Powers Of An Acting President Are Neither Executive Nor Absolute
 Adeboye’s Lecture: Atoyebi, Others Extol His Virtues…advocates Separate Office For A-G
 TOSIN ADEBOWALE: Activist Who Shares Stories Of Abused, Raped, Physically Assaulted Women
 Nigeria’s Businessmen Are Celebrated Traders, Not Investors — Prof. Iledare
 PERSECUTION: Defend Yourselves, Catholic Bishops Urge Adherents
 Nigeria’s Survival: Archbishop Akubeze Got It Right
 National Defence College, Strategic Leadership And Asiwaju Tinubu
 Diouf Mocks Absentee Matip, Others
 Running Advertising Without APCON Chair Is Like A Plane Flying Without Control Tower – Babaeko
 How The DSS Got Buhari Insulted By Senators And Nigerians
 Masaba Died Leaving Behind 130 Wives, 203 Children
 Nigeria’s Value System Does Not Favour Implementation Of Community Policing- Dr Audu
 We Can’t Trace Our Families – Nigerians Deported From United Kingdom
When Powers Of An Acting President Are Neither Executive Nor Absolute
AGATU MASSACRES: We Can Forgive But Won’t Forget How Fulani Herdsmen Killed 6,000 Of Our Kinsmen — Locals
How Container Bearing 661 Rifles Evaded Scanning At Lagos Port – Customs Controller
Buhari’s Vacation Ends Sunday, Resumes Work Tomorrow
Ibori Returns, Treats Himself To Starch, Banga Delicacy
DSS VS APOSTLE SULEMAN: Lessons From An Encounter
‘Those Wishing Buhari Dead Are Wasting Their Time’- Igwe Alex Nwokedi
Alleged N15m Fraud: My Story, High-wire Politics, By Speaker Akindele
Breaking: 2baba Cancels Planned Protest In New Video 111
Searching For A Partner?
Why Middle-class Wives Beat Up Their Husbands!
Other Artistes’ Connection
Actress, Georgina Onuoha, Threatens To Beat Up, Arrest Kemi Olunloyo
2Face Idibia And The Great Uprising
Nigerian Soul/Pop Singer, Myoa, To Perform At American Super Bowl
Economy: Nothing Like Recession, Nigeria Has Been Going Through Hell Forever – Yinka Davies
Gov Obaseki Will Boost Edo IGR Without Harassing The People Or Imposing Multiple Tax — Idahosa
N25B FUND: Why I Am Empowering MSME Operators – Gov Ambode
AFCON 2017 Final: Pharaohs Are Battle Weary, Cuper Cries Out
AFCON 2017: Rohr Roars For Indomitable Lions
2018 WC Qualifiers: Rohr Confident Eagles Will Maintain Form
Diouf Mocks Absentee Matip, Others
Cameroon Versus Egypt

The Guardian
Ibori arrives, treated to heroic welcome in Delta
Police warn Tuface, groups against anti-government protest
Buhari’s arrival shrouded in secrecy
10 feared dead as militants, kidnappers clash in Cross River
Marketers blame NNPC for high kerosine price, scarcity
Navy destroys illegal refineries, petroleum products worth N3bn
‘Committee on rising food prices not to discourage farmers’
Kaduna relaxes curfew in Zangon-Kataf
Boundary crisis: Taraba, Benue governors sue for peace
Gabon 2017: Traore snatches third place for Burkina Faso
Egypt’s goalkeeper, El Hadary eyes fifth cup title
Wenger fumes over Alonso’s goal
Gabon 2017: Zambian Sikazwe to officiate final
Sufficency in cassava bread will take some time – Lagos master bakers
Gold shines in 2016 on keen investment demand
Editorial: Chief Justice of Nigeria: Matters arising
The return of Ibori
Enough! The blood-letting is enough
Coping with internally displaced politicians
The ambivalence of Ndigbo
After Northern leaders meeting, still a long walk to peace
2019 General Elections: Need to support INEC
One year after artists’ village’s demolition, ruins remain fresh, hearts still bleed
Azagidi… mulling betrayed love, leadership deficit
Ambode, Mohammed lift arts sector at exhibition in honour of Rasheed Gbadamosi
‘I wanted a platform that can be part of the ‘Online Revolution’ in Nigeria’
Biotechnology solution to food insecurity
Russians among ‘hundreds’ trying to hack Dutch government
Concerns mount over compensation for victims of Abule Egba Demolition
Lagos still grappling with Okada menace

The Sun

Common things that trigger heart attack
South-East As APC’s New Bride
North ready for Nigeria’s breakup –Prof. Ango Abdullahi, Northern Elders’ spokesman
IBORI: Return of the Sheikh
Brides for sale
Super polygamist, Bello Masaba left 203 children, 103 widows
Close shave with death
We are ready for TUFACE protest –Nigerians
…You’re a hypocrite, APC group blasts 2face
US reverses travel ban as Trump fumes
21 Biafra agitators detained for 10 years
…Group petitions AGF, demands investigation
CJN: Fayose urges Osinbajo to send Justice Onnoghen’s name to Senate
FG to raise bonds to settle billions of naira owed states on federal roads
• As Ugwuanyi seeks refund of over N25bn Anambra 2017: What APC must not do
Most Boko Haram fighters are foreigners –Lt Gen Buratai
How government can promote manufacturing, employment –Leke Ojikutu, CEO, CMS Naija
Niger seeks N2.5b loan from CBN to purchase grains
EPL: Arsenal fans want Wenger out
… Say enough is enough
Traore hands Burkina third spot
2017 AFCON final: Cameroon evokes 2008 memories, vows to beat Egypt
CJN: Fayose urges Osinbajo to send Justice Onnoghen’s name to Senate
How government can promote manufacturing, employment –Leke Ojikutu, CEO, CMS Naija
Most Boko Haram fighters are foreigners –Lt Gen Buratai
21 Biafra agitators detained for 10 years
…Group petitions AGF, demands investigation
EDITORIAL: The DSS and Apostle Suleiman
Being single mum my biggest challenge –Lolo 1, OAP
Rykardo Agbor: My first embarrassment as actor was almost tragic
Confirmed: Helping others prolongs your life
‘I’ve lost touch with my fiance’
Ladies, you shouldn’t do these things for love
“Sudanization” of Nigeria
Envying the dead
Watch out, your wife might be bisexual!
Some lessons to learn from Trump
Between daydreaming and phoning

New Telegraph

Security operatives Are Fleecing Us –Motorists On Seme Border Routes
That’s not true -Police, Customs
I’d Been Arrested, Tried, Acquitted –Kashamu
ADP: Awaiting The Registration Of ‘Mega Party’
Nigeria’s Business Environment Risky – Bloomberg
Our Budget For Three Years Less Than $20m –SMEDAN DG
MTN Global Appoints Omnicom Group
TCN May Deploy Drones To Protect Electricity Equipment
Global Oil Output Falls By 1.07m Bpd In January
AfDB Introduces Model To Hasten Loan Disbursement
Where Is President Buhari?
World Highest Paid Football Managers
AFCON Grand Finale: Rohr Wants Cameroon To Win
Mark: Sports A Tool For Nigeria’s Unity
I Didn’t Divert Goods Meant For IDPs- Emir
2018 CHAN: Nigeria To Face Togo Or Benin In Qualifiers
Gabon 2017: Alain Traore Hands Burkina Third-place Finish
Reviving The Education System In Nigeria
The Mind Of An Entrepreneur
Give Fatherly Love, Not Sparing The Rod
Will Senate Rescind Its Position On Lawal And Magu?
Commanding The Supernatural With Tongue
Pages Of Your Sins Are Torn Off
Editorial: Governors Must Change

We are praying for Buhari’s quick recovery —C&S Church
Christians must dedicate their talents to service —Bishop
As TuBaba strays into the political arena
Ajimobi and the storm in a tea cup
Navy destroys N3bn illegal refineries in special operation
FG to raise bonds to refund states on projects —Fashola
Buratai lays foundation stone for southern Kaduna military formations
Saraki: Senate working to reposition transport sector
Borno gov wants accomplices of Boko Haram to face the law
Food prices: Ogbeh explains role of task force
Southern Kaduna: Govt relaxes curfew in Zango-Kataf
WHO develops guide to early cancer diagnosis
Fayose kicks as EFCC, bank defy court order on frozen accounts
Southern Kaduna: We are there to restore peace —Buratai

Ponzi Incorporated! How fraudsters dupe Nigerians of millions of naira via WhatsApp groups
PDP’s dwindling fortunes in the South-East
Our borders are porous, 60 per cent of insurgents are not Nigerians —Buratai
GEJ’ll be making a mistake if he thinks OBJ’ll forget what divided them —Babatope
Will proposed APC convention mend breakages in the broom?
There is no crisis in APC —Abdullahi
CJN: Will Onnoghen break this jinx? As lawyers differ on delayed confirmation
Inordinate ambition to be speaker, deputy behind Ondo Assembly crisis —Embattled Speaker, Akindele
Onnaghen: Clarifying the issues