Mobile phone sends 15-year-old to untimely grave … He was using his phone while charging the device, mum says  

Mobile phone sends 15-year-old to untimely grave


… He was using his phone while charging the device, mum says

 Tears are still flowing in Okesa area of Ado-Ekiti, as the people continue to mourn the death of a 15-year-old boy, Junior Abia, in Okesa area of the Ekiti State capital. Junior was the second born of the Abias. His parents are popularly known as Papa and Mama Chibuzor Daily Sun learnt that tragedy struck in the home of the Abias on Friday, August 8, at about 2pm. On that day, Junior suddenly shouted for help, jolting his elder brother, Chibuzor, into action. Junior had an electric shock while listening to music on his mobile phone through the earpiece, as the handset was plugged into the wall socket, charging.After raising the alarm, Junior’s elder brother was said to have looked for a long stick with which he could remove the earpiece from Junior’s ears. It was gathered that when he could not have the earpiece removed, Chibuzor also raised the alarm and that alerted other people, who promptly swung into action to rescue Junior.The mobile phone was eventually removed from the power socket and Junior was rushed to a nearby hospital in the area, in a frantic effort to save his life. Unfortunately, the boy passed on just before the rescue team stepped into the hospital.
Narrating the ugly incident to the reporter at their two-room apartment in the area, Mama Chibuzor, who could not control her emotions, said: “Junior had assisted me in cooking some rice for sale in my stand at Okesa market before I left home. But it was hardly two hours after I left that someone came running to me that Junior had been electrocuted. I immediately rushed to the scene and met people making frantic efforts to rescue him.

“We eventually removed the earpiece from his ears, unplugged the handset from the power socket and rushed him to the hospital. But he died just as we were about stepping into the hospital.

“I was told that Junior plucked the handset, which he also connected to the earpiece, into the power socket so as to charge the phone. He was also using the earpiece connected to the phone to listen to some music on the phone.

“Some people said he slept off while listening to the music on the phone and charging the phone at the same time. They said it was while doing that he suddenly shouted for help, and when people rushed to him, he was already gasping for air.”

Mama Chibuzor further said his son would have lived had he got help on time. She said: “If there had been elderly people around, apart from his elder brother who wasn’t clever enough to devise a better means of saving Junior, my son might have survived the electrocution.”

She said she couldn’t say if Junior had been in the habit of listening to music on the cell phone while charging it. “I only know that he was an obedient boy who didn’t get into trouble with anyone. He was also very dutiful; he never got tired of running errands in the house at anytime. Only God understands why this happened to him,” she lamented.

Junior was buried three days after his death. According to his mum, all his clothes, pictures, shoes and other things that could bring back some emotional memories had been removed by the family.

The Sun

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Adadevoh was just doing her Job- Simon Kolawole

Adadevoh Was Just Doing Her Job

SIMON KOLAWOLE LIVE! By Simon Kolawole; Email:, sms: 0805 500 1961

Sometime in 2004, or thereabouts, I told the then Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Professor Dora Akunyili, that in spite of the successes recorded by her agency, fake drugs were still coming to Nigeria. She sighed, and with one look of frustration creating a dent on her face, she told me: “We at NAFDAC are doing our job honestly and diligently. If only the other agencies of government at entry points are also doing their job, not a tablet of fake or substandard drug will enter Nigeria. That is the whole truth.”

Akunyili, who died in May and will be buried next week, lamented that other agencies at the points of entry were frustrating the work of NAFDAC. She told me, quite sadly but instructively: “They think since they have collected money from the importers, the rest does not matter. But they are missing the point. Can you imagine someone bringing in fake insulin? The same Customs officer who collected bribe to allow it into the country could end up the victim. He or his relation could be diabetic and could end up buying the fake insulin at the chemist. Once the drug enters the country, anybody could be the victim.”

As we mourn the passing of Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, the consultant physician who caught the Ebola virus while treating Mr. Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought the deadly disease to Nigeria, Dora’s words came tumbling into my mind again. Adadevoh simply did her job. There were various options in front of her when she discovered Sawyer had Ebola: one, quietly say “e no concern me” and discharge him quickly to avoid contaminating the hospital; two, refer him to LUTH, not minding the bigger consequences for the rest of Nigeria; three, act responsibly in line with the ethics of the medical profession and “detain” him because of the peculiarity of the disease.

Adadevoh did the right thing. She confined Sawyer to the bed and alerted the appropriate authorities. That she unfortunately caught the virus was, essentially, an occupational hazard. She didn’t catch Ebola deliberately, to save Nigeria. It was not part of the script. So we should not define her heroism in the sense that she was infected to save millions of Nigerians. Rather, her heroism lies in the fact that she saw a grave danger, a potential national calamity –  and acted professionally, patriotically, courageously. Dead or alive, she will be celebrated as a hero, someone who instinctively acted in the interest of the larger society.

Some other doctors would not even have the presence of mind to remember other Nigerians. Some doctors would quickly discharge suspected Ebola patients to save their hospitals from the stigmatisation and the economic loss from a temporary shut-down for decontamination. That is why First Consultants Hospital also deserves commendation and compensation. We need to encourage those who are still doing the right thing in Nigeria despite the risks involved.  In a country where not many people care about the rest, this particular case can renew our faith in the possibility of a new Nigeria. If only other Nigerians will do their job!

Let’s take this further. If the Customs officer does his job –  like Adadevoh –  not a single illegal arm will enter the country. However, because the importer has “paid” him, all the officer cares about is his pocket. He clears the goods. The gun gets into the country. And, like Akunyili said, the same officer could be a victim of armed robbery with the same illegal weapon deployed. If the officer, on discovering the arms, detains the cargo and quickly informs the appropriate quarters –  like Adadevoh did –  illegal weapons will not get into the country. The larger society will be saved the trouble. But the officer is only thinking of his “fees”. The rest of Nigeria can burn, for all he cares.

If the Immigrations officer had done his job –  like Adadevoh –  we probably wouldn’t be discussing Boko Haram with trepidation today. The illegal immigrants that are being used as foot soldiers by the insurgents would have been denied entry or arrested at the borders. The arms that Boko Haram use today came through the border. What does it take to drive a lorry full of guns and bullets past the immigration point? A few wads. Maybe N10,000 –  or even less. The truck is passed. When the militants get hold of the arms, they could end up killing the same officer or his relatives. If he had done his job –  like Adadevoh –  and detained the truck, the country would have been saved.

I can go on and on to illustrate how we are destroying Nigeria by failing to do our jobs. We think more of what will come to our pockets than how the larger society can be saved from a certain calamity. Nigeria is like this because we only think of our personal benefits. If we care about the consequences of our actions for the whole nation, how great would this country be! We have been battling with basic power supply for ages because most of those involved are only thinking of their benefits from the billion-naira contracts; the road in front of your house or office is in bad state because some government officials only think about their stomachs.

There are more lessons we should take on board. In this age of globalisation, whatever affects one country affects the other. Terrorism, infectious diseases, money-laundering –  everything is globalised. That should put our authorities on alert. When Ebola broke out in Guinea, then spread to Sierra Leone and Liberia, our port health authorities should have been on the alert. That is a lesson. I guess medical personnel will also start taking personal protection more seriously in all situations –  in line with best practices. I suppose our people are so alert to Ebola now that if it were to come through some other means in some remote areas, authorities will quickly pick up the signal. And maybe this outbreak is going to help all of us improve our personal hygiene as well.

But Nigeria is a country where we don’t learn lessons. Containers fall off the back of trucks and kill people and we move onto the next one. People get electrocuted now and then and we move onto the next one. Policeman shoots a bus driver for refusing to “drop” N20 and we move onto the next one. A truck loaded with illegal arms is arrested somewhere in Lokoja and we move onto the next one. Simply because somebody is not doing his job. Thankfully, Adadevoh did her job. She did it well. She ran the race. She finished her course. She kept the faith. She deserves a crown of glory.


The era of “bloody civilians” is back as the military has virtually taken control of the country. The brigandage in Lagos that saw soldiers burn BRT buses, the killing of el Zak Zaky sons and the harassment of newspaper houses should worry us. Last Friday, troops invaded the office of Daily Trust in Maiduguri. They quizzed two managers over a story published by the newspaper. All these remind me too much of the days of military rule, and they don’t bring me good memories at all. By the way, does President Goodluck Jonathan know the full implications of these unchecked military excesses? Scary.

I was a bit embarrassed when the ministry of health issued a statement on Thursday to counter claims by the Lagos State government that there were five new suspected cases of Ebola. I know there are political differences between federal government and Lagos, but for Pete’s sake, they have managed to work together and should continue to do so. What we’re faced with is a potential national calamity. This is not the time for politics. We also don’t need to ridicule ourselves before the whole world at this crucial time. Commonsense.

You need to look away now: hundreds of Nigerians have died from cholera  – that absolutely preventable disease  – in 14 states this year. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said from January to March, Bauchi recorded 6,910 cases and Kano 1,270, among the tens of thousands recorded in other states including Kaduna, Ebonyi and Lagos. While no deaths were recorded in Kogi and Lagos, 48 died in Bauchi, 19 in Kaduna and 16 in Kano. Cholera is mainly transmitted through contaminated water. By the time these figures are updated, things promise to be more horrible. Cholera in the year 2014! Shameful.

One ridiculous reason given by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the re-introduction of ATM charge is to curtail cash withdrawals in line with the “cashless” policy. Poor thinking. There is already a daily limit on withdrawals, and those who withdraw large amounts can’t be deterred by a N65 charge. It is low-income earners that use ATM the most. I can’t remember the last time I met Alhaji Aliko Dangote at an ATM point. It gets more ridiculous that banks have now introduced a 1% “anniversary fee” on loans. Borrowers will pay the fee on every anniversary of their loans. Sadistic.

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Jonathan Returns From Germany, Ending Speculation over His Health

Jonathan Returns From Germany, Ending Speculation over His Health

Jaiyeola Andrews in Abuja

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday arrived Abuja after a four-day private visit to Germany looking hale and hearty.
His aircraft touched down at  the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport by 4.25p.m.
The president  was received by top government officials.

His private visit to Germany had fuelled speculations that he might have fallen ill, necessitating the trip overseas.
Clad in a navy blue suit, a white shirt and his trademark hat, Jonathan was received by his Chief of Staff, Brig-Gen. Jones Arogbofa (rtd); Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Muhammed and the acting Inspector-General of Police (IG), Suleiman Abba, among others.

The president, on arrival at the Presidential Villa, immediately retired into his official residence where he was also received by family members and some close aides. 

The president is expected to lead the federal government’s delegation to a service of songs organised in honour of the late former Minister of Information, Prof. Dora Akunyili,  at the Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Garki, Abuja today.

This Day!

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Man commits suicide after losing money to ex-lover

Man commits suicide after losing money to ex-lover

By Daud Olatunji
ABEOKUTA— A middle-aged man, Samsideen Akinwunmi, has reportedly committed suicide in Abeokuta after being duped by his concubine.
Akinwunmi, a carpenter, was said to have been found dead after allegedly hanging himself on a  ceiling fan in his room located at Aboaba Street, Itori-Odo, Abeokuta.
A source told Vanguard that the incident occurred on Saturday.
The source further said that he saw Akinwunmi at about 2:45 pm on Saturday when he sent all his children on errand before killing himself.
According to the source, the deceased  left a suicide note  which  explained why he killed himself.
“He indicated that his estranged lover had duped him of millions of Naira and that he had to kill himself.
Reacting to the incident, a community leader and Alapinni of Egbaland, Chief Omolaso Ojedele, saidit was a tragedy.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state,  Muyiwa Adejobi, could not be reached for reaction. It was, however, gathered that the Police had taken the corpse away.


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Height of Wickedness! Woman sits 14-year-old girl on hotplate for bed-wetting

Woman sits 14-year-old girl on hotplate for bed-wetting


The Dutsen Alhaji Police Division of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Abuja, has arrested a woman, Mrs. Roseline Uzoamaka, for allegedly brutalising her 14-year-old relative, identified simply as Sarah, because she was bed-wetting.

Our correspondent learnt that Uzoamaka allegedly forced the teenager to sit on a burning electric cooker until the girl sustained severe burns in her private parts as a punishment for urinating on the bed.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the incident occurred last Saturday, August 23, at the family’s residence in Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Sarah, it was gathered, was Uzoamaka’s sister-in-law, being a younger sister to her husband.

Our correspondent learnt that on the morning, the woman had scolded the girl for continuously bedwetting, and asked her to sit on the burning stove until her genitals were cooked by the heat.

It was gathered that Uzoamaka confessed in her statement to the police that she did this because some friends had advised her that the way to make her bedwetting sister-in-law recover from the problem was to make her sit on a hot stove.

After the girl’s privates were affected by the heat, she was said to have been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment the same day. The girl, our correspondent learnt, was still recuperating in the hospital.

The Abuja Police Command Public Relations Officer, Altine Daniel, confirmed the arrest to our correspondent on the telephone.

She added that because of its severity, the case had been transferred to the FCT Criminal Investigation Department.

She said, “Yes, the woman has been arrested. She told the police that the reason she did that was because the girl was bedwetting.

“She said it was some of her friends who advised her to try that as a solution. The girl is related to her husband. She is not her housemaid.

“The case has been transferred from the division to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.”

Courtesy Punch

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Ebola: Wema Bank Bars Customers with High Fever

Ebola: WEMA bank to bar customers with high fever
Tobore Ovuorie

Wema Bank has introduced self-dispensing hand sanitisers, and body temperature scanners at all its branches in the country in a move aimed at curtailing the spread of Ebola.
The bank is also introducing protective gears for members of its staffs especially those who deal directly with customers.
In a notice to customers released Monday, the bank said henceforth all customers and visitors to any branch of the bank would be required to use the hand sanitisers and be scanned for symptoms of fever before being admitted into their banking halls.
“In the wake of the recent Ebola Virus Disease outbreak across West Africa, we are compelled to introduce the following preventive health and safety initiatives at all our business locations in order to ensure a safe banking environment for all customers and staff,” the bank stated.
“All customers and visitors are required to use the hand sanitisers and also undergo a quick non-invasive body temperature scan before being allowed into our banking halls and business locations.
“In addition, some of our staff at the more sensitive desks will also be required to wear some protective gears while interacting with customers and other visitors during this period” the document added.
The bank did not say what provisions will be made for customers who are denied access due to their body temperature or other health concerns. The bank did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ inquiry Monday.
The federal Ministry of Health said it was not informed of the move, considered by some as discriminatory.
A health campaign organization, Projekthope, said the new policy is discriminatory.
“We should all learn to do things right. The presence of Ebola symptoms does not necessarily mean transmission will take place,” said Steve Aborisade, who heads Ibadan-based Projekthope. “And even if we want to be hyper proactive it should be sensitive in ways that will not be discriminatory and which actually stops transmission which is our first purpose.”
However, a medical expert said the bank should go beyond screening and make adequate referral arrangements for customers who may be turned away due to their health.
“I don’t think we should see it in the light of a discriminatory policy, I think they are just trying to act on the side of caution,” said Osahon Enabulele, the immediate past president of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA.
“The end point should be to aid the referral of such an individual to the nearest health facility for appropriate treatment. And of course, I expect that they should have a medical unit in the bank to quickly evaluate clients that may have suspicious features to properly evaluate them and not just to turn them away,” Mr. Enabulele said

Courtesy Premium Times

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Newspapers Headlines for August 26

Newspapers Headlines for August 26. Compiled by Demola Adefajo @demoadefa

Maigari resigns as NFF President, Keshi contract talks resumes
Nasarawa: 17 killed in Eggon, Fulani clash
Why I dropped presidential ambition –Ribadu
Court restrains FG from sacking 16,000 doctors
B’Haram: 480 Nigerian soldiers flee to Cameroon
Ebola: Japan offers drug, Nigerian patient to be discharged
French president accepts PM’s resignation
47 dead in Iraq bombings
Japan ready to offer flu drug for Ebola
Syria will help US fight terrorism – Foreign Minister
Funeral held for Ferguson teenager
Ukraine crisis: President calls snap vote amid fighting
Man Utd agree £59.7m Di Maria fee
Nasarawa Assembly denies receiving panel report on Al-Makura
Doctors resume in Abuja, patients turnout huge
We’re in golden era of Nigerian athletics –Ogba
Keshi leads Eagles, Congo demand new venue
Jonathan to host Falconets for clinching silver
Falconets better than Germans –Mbachu
FG owes power firms N95bn in subsidy
Elumelu becomes UBA chairman, promises greater returns
Aviation workers panic over job loss
‘19 firms issued N225.38bn bonds in eight years’
Naira falls on dollar shortage
The plight of Citizen Balogun
Before all our children become musicians
PDP’ll pick the best candidate in Oyo –Alao-Akala
2015: Lagos PDP seeks to break 16-year jinx
Politicians exploiting gaps in electoral law —INEC
Address PVC, registration problems, Lanlehin tells INEC
Jonathan’ll lose S’East without us – APGA
Catfish has bad fats, try mackerel
Detoxification and sexual health
Nigerians celebrate fallen soldiers online
Pulling Internet traffic with inbound marketing
Navy nabs seven with N28m stolen diesel
Police arrest Beninoise with human parts in Lagos
Woman sits 14-year-old girl on hotplate for bed-wetting
Man forges appointment letter, risks 21 years
For the love of his confused continent
We need more memoirs in Nigeria – Imasuen
Morning after dog bit two residents to death

This Day
Confusion as 480 Soldiers are Found in Cameroun
APC Presidential Ticket: Buhari, Kwankwaso, Others Meet on Emergence of Northern Candidate
UBA Group Appoints Elumelu Chairman
Five-Year-Old Girl Demands Gun to Shoot Man Who Raped Her
Active Ebola Cases Revised Downwards
Jonathan Returns from Germany, Ending Speculation over His Health
Eminent Nigerians Pay Tribute to Akunyili
House Wants NMA to Apologise to Nigerians for Strike
Court Restrains FG, CMDs from Sacking Resident Doctors
LASU Protests: NANS Seeks Release of Detained Students
UN Envoy Says Flight Bans Hindering ‘War’ on Ebola
Immigration CG Requests Recruitment of 25,000 Personnel in 5yrs
Man Sends Petition against Senate President’s Aide over Unlawful Detention
World Igbo Congress President Asked to Resign over Fraud
Nasarawa: Clash between Eggon Youths, Fulani Herdsmen Claims Several Lives
Suntai’s Commissioners to Umar: We Refuse to Betray Our Boss
Ebola Cases in Nigeria Reduced to 13, Says FG
FG Cautions Foreign Missions against Demand for Ebola Free Certificate
DHQ: Tagging Nigerian Soldiers Found in Cameroun as Defectors, Misleading
Boko Haram Extends Territorial Grab in Adamawa, Captures Madagali Town
Marwa, Ribadu, Gundiri’s Fate in the Balance as PDP Decides on Waivers Wednesday
Adamawa By-election: APC Expresses Confidence in INEC
Oshiomhole: No Apology to APC Decampees
INEC Rejects Extension of Voters’ Registration, Says Its Logistically Impossiblel
Impeachment: Enugu Investigative Panel Submits Report to Assembly
Gusau Chides Northern Elders, Says Ultimatum to Jonathan Ridiculous
Adamawa Guber: Tension as Hong, Tukur, Modibbo Submit Forms
Adamawa Poll: Stop Using President’s Name to Intimidate Other Aspirants, Says Sabo
PPA Sacks Oyo, Adamawa, Anambra Executives, Begins Membership Registration
Jonathan Directs CBN to Set Aside N50bn Agric Mechanisation Fund
Stock Market Resumes Trading on Negative Note
CBN Tasks Sokoto Residents on MSMED Fund
Access Bank’s Q2 Interest Income Up 30%
Total Builds $900m Pipeline to Supply Gas to Alaoji Power Station
NERC: No Commercial Excuses in New Gas-to-Power Regime
Nigeria Requires $40bn to Transform its Power Sector
Investment in Africa’s Oil, Gas ?to Increase Through 2016, Says Baker Hughes
Lagos Tasks Residents on Use of Cooking Gas
Techno Oil Partners PPMC on Use of LPG
Nwapa: $350m Nigerian Content Fund is Not a Grant
Stemming the Tide of Influx of Substandard Lubricants in Nigeria
Time to Put Gas-to-Power on Track
NERC: No Commercial Excuses in New Gas-to-Power Regime
FG Justifies Renewed Attention on Renewable Energy
The Private Sector as Main Driver of Economic Growth
Nigerian Engineers Join Forces with IITA to Halt Devastation by Weed
Ebola: Ochekpe Takes Personal Hygiene Campaign to Market, Others
FG Receives $1bn Foreign Aids for Water Development
Training: ITF Targets Rural Youths on Specialised Skills

Man commits suicide after losing money to ex-lover
Honour for Dr. Adadevoh, others
No apology to APC decampees – Oshiomhole
The sad story of a nation: Gridlocks: Rail-to-tank farms near completion – NRC
NFF fire report ready next week – Fire Service boss
Benue Police arrest man with AK-47, ammunition
Poor petroleum contributions may threaten general election
Elumelu back as UBA chairman
Nigeria not ready for bilateral trade in electricity — MAN
Court stops FG from sacking resident doctors
‘Falconets lost to tactical indiscipline’
‘Keshi has no choice than to answer to Mr President’s appeal’
NFA election: No room for Ogunjobi, Uchegulam, others, Biambo insists
Benue Police arrest man with AK-47, ammunition
Court stops FG from sacking resident doctors
LASU: We’re being victimised —students
Impeachment: Enugu Dep Gov faces removal as panel submits report
Presbyterian Church institutes Fund on Chibok girls
Adamawa 2014: Ribadu and the many conspiracies
Bariga, Somolu residents indict council bosses, police over activities of cultists
EBOLA: Controversy over health status of Adadevoh’s sister
Court remands hotel guard over murder

The Nation
Court restrains Fed Govt from sacking doctors
Boko Haram: Row over ‘desertion’ of 480 soldiers
Jonathan, Tambuwal disagree on polls’ credibility
Insurgents asked us to ignore curfew, say residents
Reps to NMA: Apologise to Nigerians
Ebola Virus …Win some, lose some
PDP raises panel on Mimiko’s defection
Lamido’s presidential posters flood Kano
No part of Nigeria shall be ceded, says Obanikoro
Syria warns U.S.: No unilateral airstrikes

The Tribune
Confab report capable of ushering in a new Nigeria —Gani Adams
2015 elections: When stakeholders fine tuned Electoral Act
Adamawa poll: As PDP zeroes in on ex-opposition chieftains
Beheaded US journalist: Britain uses killer’s vein to track him
Strike: Apologise to Nigerians, Reps tell doctors
No extension of voters’ registration —INEC
Adamawa: Fintiri, Ribadu, Modibbo, others warm up for primaries •12 PDP gov aspirants submit nomination forms
Defection of 486 soldiers: Nigeria disagrees with Cameroon •Nigerian troops, Boko Haram in fierce battle for Gamboru Ngala •Gwoza: Police rescue 7, 28 still missing
J.F. Ade-Ajayi: A tribute
Impeachment: Panel submits report to Nasarawa Assembly through court

National Mirror
I’ll contest on my pedigree and not my father’s –Auwal Tukur
Why APC will participate in by-election despite Nyako’s impeachment –Bakari
I’m in the race to rescue Adamawa –Moddibo
INEC, DSS nearly mar Osun guber poll –NATA
Credible NASS membership, tonic for growth, stability –Ex NBA scribe
2015: Group flays Northern Elders over call on Jonathan
Community health insurance takes off in Akwa-Ibom
South East PDP rejects INEC allocation of polling booths
Multiple taxation forces businesses to relocate —NICOBPA
PDP alleges plot to disrupt bye-election

Boko Haram Captures Gamboru-Ngala In Borno
Rising Number Of Displaced Nigerians
Nigeria Can Eradicate Ebola By September – NCDC
Adamawa Guber: I’m Not Rattled By Waiver Delay –Ribadu
Anambra Govt Demolishes Kidnapper’s Den
I Want To Lead Liverpool To Champions League Glory – Balotelli
NFF Fire: Report Ready This Week – Fire Service
Danagogo Convinces Keshi To Stay With Eagles
Transformation Lies For Sale
No Apology To APC Defectors – Oshiomhole

The Sun:
Military, Boko Haram battle for border town
Cameroon confirms disarming Nigerian soldiers
No part of Nigeria’ll be used as experimental terror state –FG
Ebola : FG says 1 primary contact ready for discharge
Court stops doctors’ sack
Jonathan returns from Germany, attends Akunyili’s service of songs today
Imo leaders reject APC
Guber by-election: No vacancy in Adamawa,  Ag gov tells Ribadu, Marwa, others
Adamawa 2014: Nyako pledges support for APC candidate

Daily Independent
Minister tasks citizenship centre on excellence
Applauds Community Health Insurance Scheme
Boko Haram sacks Army barracks in Borno •Nigerian troops flee to Cameroon •We’re on top of situation – FG
Doctors yet to resume nationwide
– •Patients disappointed  •Court stops sack of Resident Doctors
Why Northern delegates rejected 2014 draft constitution – Shinkafi
2015: Contenders for Anambra Central Senatorial seat
How Oron will get into power in Akwa Ibom – Awak
UN accuses `Islamic State’ of crimes against humanity in Iraq
Students plan to build N100m hostel in Unilorin
Apologise to Nigerians, Reps tell NMA

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