Obazee’s bloodied nose


Obazee’s bloodied nose

JIM Obazee, the sacked Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, is the latest victim of the pretentiousness and vicious vindictiveness that permeate the Nigerian political landscape. Quite honestly, I find it difficult to understand the sound and fury over a simple case in which a President exercised his power to hire and fire as he deems fit. We tend to forget that we operate in an environment in which our ‘big men’ relish seeing victims of their dangerous power games not just bruised but also battered and dehumanised.

If in doubt, ask ousted Senate Leader, Muhammed Ali Ndume, how jolted on learning about his removal whilst he stepped out to say his prayers. Of course, he was promptly replaced by the same man he betrayed to clinch the post some time ago, Senator Ahmed Lawan. Anyway, that’s an aside. It should be pointed out that the craze to wield power arbitrarily did not start with President Muhammadu Buhari; neither is it going to end with him. In the last 17 years of Nigeria’s democratic experiment, it should be clear to us that not many of our politicians care for an evolution into a sane society where treachery is not the lingo of political relevance. Even in few instances where some leaders were presumed to be benevolent, these vestiges of arrogance and demagoguery were never in doubt.

How could anyone expect that a common Obazee would be saved the ignominy of normal exit in a country where leaders shamelessly wear their epaulettes of ego with triumphal imbecility. With this feeling of self-importance and invincibility, should it surprise us that quite a number of these persons wield power with reckless abandon? When you start fiddling with a combustible opium called religion especially in a country where religiosity is placed above our Lord’s gift of common sense, you should expect to be consumed in the hot stew.

For, if we must tell ourselves the truth, not one single Nigerian leader had ever downplayed the role that religious faith played in his emergence, appointments of aides and even in dispensing favours. Some would say politics and religion are strange bedfellows. That is a lie. Even in advanced democracies, religion plays a pivotal role in the leadership process and policy formulation.

The only difference between what is obtained in advanced democracies and ours is the existence of strong institutions which make it manifestly difficult for the political leadership to exploit their faith for selfish reasons or curry political favour in the foreseeable future. And this is the point where I disagree with those who argue that Mr. Obazee’s sack has nothing to do with his decision to implement FRC’s lawful mandate to regulate the activities of religious bodies in the country. On paper, the FRC may pride itself as an independent body. But, in reality, it is nothing other than another paperweight agency under the firm control of an all-powerful Presidency.

If Obazee had come to grips with the fact that the FRC can only bite with the active support of Aso Rock, he wouldn’t be the sacrificial goat of the high-wired politics that saw him dancing alone in the open square. Religion is a tinderbox in Nigeria and the wise tries as much as possible to tread with informed trepidation when dealing with it. Obazee should have known that there are laws in this country that are formulated to be implemented in the breach. No doubt, one of such laws is the FRC’s subtle, even if bold attempt, to subject the financial activities of religious and worship places to standard accounting practice, reporting and auditing by classifying such as Non-Governmental Organisations.

In addition to this, the FRC, in its wisdom, also believes that heads of these religious bodies and civil society organisations should comply with its directive a maximum 20 years’ reign and that such should not be turned into a family business where the fortunes are handed over to close relatives like wives and children if the founder dies or retires. Personally, I do not see anything untoward in a duly established body exercising its assigned responsibilities.

The FRC, which operates under the Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investment, is saddled with responsibilities of “setting and promoting compliance with standards for accounting, financial reporting and auditing in Nigeria. It also regulates the practices of professionals involved in financial reporting and promotes good practices in financial reporting and corporate governance.”

Perhaps, the FRC wouldn’t have taken the bold step to dabble into the leadership and financial records of churches if its Governance Code 2016, which has now been suspended following the sacking of Obazee, has not listed worship places (church and mosques) as NGOs. It was for that reason that one of Nigeria’s respected clergy and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, vacated the post for someone else while announcing his headship of the fold worldwide. Ordinarily, this event would have gone unnoticed but for the insinuation that there was more to the FRC’s governance code than just a simple case of making worship places to comply with requisite accounting principles. Of course, highly influential members of the church, which boasts of millions of worshippers, did not take Adeboye’s sudden exit lying low.

In less than 48 hours after what was initially said to be in compliance with the biblical admonition of giving unto Caesar’s what belongs to Caesar, the pendulum of change turned 360 degrees backwards as Obazee was fired in addition to an immediate reconstitution of the FRC board. Obazee, the hunter, was hunted out of his seat! It was a twist of fate which the men of faith, who read the hand of God in the matter. celebrated with pomp and panache.

Some have even labelled Obazee, said to be a pastor, an angel of the devil hired to frustrate the good works God has been doing through his representatives on earth. Of course, this must include the band of mega rich pastors that dot our landscape! While I agree that matters of spirituality are deeper than what ordinary mortals like me can easily fathom, I would like to be properly educated on why most of the powerful clergymen that spoke on the issue were virulently against the FRS’s request that their books should be made available for the regulatory body to examine. This, by the way, is not an attempt to defend Obazee and the allegations of vendetta made against him. It is more about speaking the truth to the spiritual forces bestriding the churches today.

What is wrong with the churches setting examples on probity and accountability? Christians need to ask themselves salient questions about the way the affairs of the churches are being conducted. Do our leaders exemplify the simple tenets of living that Christ lived, died and rose for? Is it right for founders of some of these worship places to incorporate such organisations with their spouses and children as shareholders? How about those who invest the congregation’s offerings in different kinds of Ponzi schemes to make profits that end up in private accounts? Is pastoral calling really a family affair in which the father must hand over the headship of the church to his children or wives? Clearly, we do Christianity no good when we tar the Obazee saga with the brush of anti-Christ or the argument that some forces are bent on Islamising Nigeria through the FRC.


One nation under MMM
One nation under MMM

By Feyi Fawehinmi

Around 11pm on the 23rd of June, I decided to go to bed. I had voted ‘Remain’ in the UK European Referendum earlier in the day and the first exit polls showed Remain was ahead by 10 points. So, imagine my complete shock when my wife woke me up the next morning to tell me that ‘Leave’ had won. It’s not just that the result surprised me, what annoyed me the most was that everything I read in the media and heard from my circle of friends and colleagues told me Remain was going to win.

Having learnt the lesson that surprises can happen when you go to bed at night, on the night of the US election in November, I took no chances – I stayed up till 3am and saw North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin fall to Donald Trump, handing him the US presidency. Overall, 2016 was an interesting year across the world to put it mildly.

But it’s not only when you close your eyes at night that you are asleep. If we define being asleep as being oblivious to something big and important happening around you, then it is possible to be asleep for months and even years. In a country like Nigeria where it is hard to get hard data on anything, the possibility of dozing off for years is very high. You only wake up when it’s too late.

The country is currently sleeping on MMM – an old Russian Ponzi scheme that has been updated for Nigeria. In just one year, over 3 million Nigerians have signed up to it. By Nigerian standards, it is a phenomenal achievement to acquire more than 3 million customers in one year of operation. When I first heard of MMM earlier this year, I slept on it by dismissing it as your regular Ponzi scheme. Here we are today and the thing is going from strength to strength. The question is why? What is it about this obvious Ponzi scheme that has sustained it this far?

One thing that Brexit, Trump supporters and MMM have in common is that they were all outside the mainstream of accepted behaviour for the most part. The entire establishment and media were for remaining in the EU. People who supported Brexit were either racists or those looking for a reason to lash out at the ennui of their lives. It was not ‘normal’. So it was with Trump – given the man’s behaviour and comments while campaigning, how could any reasonable person support him over Hillary Clinton? How can any person who was expensively educated put money in an obvious Ponzi like MMM?

What makes MMM particularly dangerous is that those who are currently cleaning out from it are NOT poor people. I’ve heard staggering tales of oil company workers who are deep inside the MMM vortex. People are even taking loans or pooling funds in a co-operative to join the fun. People who put millions of naira into MMM are not poor people. They are upper middle class or rich folk. They are also plugged into the internet which is not a past time of poor Nigerians per se. This is the biggest danger about MMM that is yet to come – poor people haven’t joined in yet. It is when they join that the scheme will come crashing down and leave sorrow, tears and blood in its wake.

Simply dismissing MMM as a regular Ponzi is not going to work. The marketing is very clever. Those who participate in it are able to assuage their conscience by telling themselves they are providing ‘help’ to people in need. It is an interesting type of help given that you earn 30% in one month for providing it. The members of MMM have also lately launched a blitzkrieg of publicity to normalise the activity in the eyes of ordinary Nigerians – donating to IDPs, hospitals and the like. It’s all part of the ‘help’ they are providing. MMM itself doesn’t even collect the money. You are told who to send ‘help’ to and you follow the instructions (this explains why it is almost impossible to shut it down – the transactions are simply people sending money to themselves).

The context of Nigeria’s economy cannot be separated from the scheme. It is not just that Nigeria’s economy is in a recession. The larger problem is a sense of hopelessness. Hence the middle class are escaping to Canada while poor Nigerians are crossing to Europe via Libya by the thousands practically every day. This is all the fertiliser that MMM needs to germinate and flourish in Nigeria and it is.

MMM is a problem to be solved. However, like Brexit and Trump, it won’t be solved simply by demonising those who participate in it. Many of them actually know it is a Ponzi but want to cash in before it comes crashing down. For the most part, they are rational actors. Ordering a crackdown by sending policemen (who are probably also invested in MMM) to harass a few people is not going to solve this brewing social problem.

At the entrance to the town hall of the ancient Dutch city of Gouda is inscribed one of my favourite sayings – Audite et alterem partem- To wake up from this sleep, we must at least hear the other side.

We need to understand what is so seductive about this scheme so we can properly counter it, before the poor decide to join the party.
Source: The Guardian

Agege bomb scare: Lagos says no cause for alarm

INSECURITY: Lagos CP allays fears on Agege bomb scare
By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Lagos —The Lagos State government yesterday allayed fears of residents over suspected explosive substance which was allegedly dropped in a manhole in one of the Streets in Agege area of the State, saying that the development was nothing to worry about.

The development led to residents scampering for safety following the bomb scare, but rising from the monthly security council meeting chaired by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, the government urged the people to go about their normal businesses as the situation had been put under control.

The State’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, who briefed newsmen at the end of the meeting alongside service commanders of security formations and top government functionaries in the State, said security agencies responded swiftly to the development and found out that contrary to rumour the substance was just pieces of thrash dropped in the manhole.

He said: “Early this morning, we were alerted to a situation where some passers-by dropped something in the manholes in one of the streets at Agege which led to a bomb scare.

“The security operatives quickly responded; the bomb disposal unit also went there; those manholes were checked and it was found out that it was thrash that were thrown into those manholes.

Lagos CP, Fatai Owoseni

“We also seized the opportunity to do what is called sweeping of the environment to reassure members of the public that security operatives in the state were alive to their responsibilities, and that once we get information timely, response will be swift to ensure that nothing untoward happens in Lagos.”

While assuring the people that security outfits and the state government were more poised to ensure smooth security operations in the State, the Commissioner urged residents not to hesitate to supply necessary security information as at when due.

Speaking on the arrest of two persons in connection with the gruesome murder of a Zonal Commander of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, Surajudeen Olatunji Bakare in Apapa late last year, Owoseni said investigation into the case was still ongoing, but that those arrested would help in arresting others who were part of the mob action that led to the incident.

He said: “It is an ongoing investigation. You know there was a video recording which we have considered and it is based on it that some of the faces we saw were arrested.

“It was a mob action and we don’t want to rush to court without doing a good clinical finishing of forensic analysis of the faces to match them with what we have seen in the video and for those fellows that have been arrested to be able to say oh yes these are the others that were there.

Besides, the CP recalled the arrest of some Boko Haram suspects in Lagos recently, saying that the collaborative effort and synergy that had always existed among security agencies in the state led to the arrests.
Source: Vanguard

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Jan 17, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Jan 17, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo 

The Punch

Osinbajo in N’Delta, says region long neglected
UNILAG alumni commend Ambode on youth development
Two prisoners, 5,973 others bag NOUN degree
Grant more private varsities licences, Ali tells FG
Heritage Bank fires over 100 workers
SEC releases N30bn unclaimed dividends to investors
NAICOM faces shutdown as workers threaten strike
Medical school dropout bags 1st Class in UNILAG
30 students of Crescent University get scholarships
Bayelsa couple torture son to death over witchcraft
Ife residents, quarry operators clash over mining dangers
IMF predicts 0.8% growth for Nigeria’s economy
Reps grill Adeosun, Udoma on forex crisis, rising inflation
The problem with the buy Made-in-Nigeria campaign
Soyinka’s comment on religion unfair, unkind, say CAN, JNI
Serena fiance gets Venus seal of approval
Police arraign housemaid for stealing N700,000 with broom
Mimiko planning to sell serviceable government vehicles – APC
Stars survive scares at Australia Open
Alexis Sanchez admits €1m tax fraud
AFCON: Ivory Coast disappoint in Togo draw
EPL: Toure, Guardiola disagree over City title chances
Editorial: Separating criminality from Niger Delta agitation
Nasarawa hunts for ghost health workers
Sustaining development in a recession
The problem with the buy Made-in-Nigeria campaign
Ajimobi videos: There are three sides to every story
FRCN, corporate governance and regulatory overreach (2)
Heritage Bank fires over 100 workers
NSE community programme gains momentum
Equities gain N16bn, Diamond Bank, NAHCO, Ecobank lead
Six tricks for mastering Android’s keyboard
Voice command device
Case for a more presidential presidency
NASU, SSANU and the rumpus in FUOYE
Rotary governor regains freedom after N15m ransom
Ebonyi female principal arrested for buying babies
How Justice Ademola’s son collected N8.5m car from SAN – Witness

FG Blames Speculators for Forex Crisis, Insists N305/$ is Realistic
Explains adjustment to MTEF, FSP IMF forecasts 0.8% Growth for Nigeria in 2017
Again, Suicide Bombers Strike UNIMAID, Kill Professor, 5 Others
Jammeh Gets ECOWAS Deadline: Step Down Midnight Tomorrow or Face…
State of Development in Niger Delta Scandalous, Says Osinbajo
System Collapse Worsens Power Supply, as Electricity Generation Drops to 1,681MW
Court Grants FG’s Request to Amend Suit against Total, Chevron
‘Abuja Airport Closure Best Option for Safety’
Ex-House Member, Duru Arraigned for Alleged Theft
Two Killed as Soldiers, Armed Gang Engage in Shootout in Bayelsa
Two Herdsmen Remanded for Destruction of Farmlands in Ekiti
Police Intercept Two Trucks with 145 Children in Jos
LASG: Killers of LASTMA Commander Arrested
Gunmen Abduct Medical Worker in Sokoto
Relief as NLNG Vessel Discharges Cooking Gas in Lagos
NPC, Sahara Take Delivery of Two LPG Vessels, to Clear Supply Logjam
FC IfeanyiUbah Slammed with N9.15m Fine for Abandoning Season Opener
IMF Predicts 0.8% Growth for Nigeria in 2017
Varsity Lecturer Killed in Explosion
Hunters Kill Seven Boko Haram Insurgents in Shootout
Kidnappers Demand N1.2bn to Release Abducted NTIC Students, Staff
Presidency Threatens to Prosecute Anyone Selling SIP Forms
2017 Budget: ‘Public Trust Will Ensure Sustainability’
Etisalat Shortlists 3 for Literature Prize
‘Cutting Cash Would Be a Boon for the World’s Poor’
Wood Mackenzie: New Projects in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry to…
Dangote’s Multi-million Dollar Truck Assembly Plant to Create 3,000 Jobs
Fashola Advocates ‘Undercover Bosses’ for Power Distribution Companies
Edo ElectionTribunal: Ize-Iyamu, PDP Begin Tendering Documentary Evidence
Rivers Re-Run: Wike Asks Court to Stop FG’s Probe
Attorneys-General as Errand Boys
Corporate Governance for Churches: A Miscarriage of Regulation
UBA’s New Ambassadors
Imama Chides Rangers Players for Opening Day Flop
Olowora Hails Ambode for Embracing Marathon Culture
StarTimes, HS Media Group Formalise Partnership on Bundesliga
Togo Holds Cup Holders Cote d’Ivoire in Group C Opener
MMM, Sambisa and the Boy Died
Has NYSC Run Its Course?

The Nation
Air Force flies Ezekwesili, others to Sambisa forest
Suicide bomber kills Prof, four others in UNIMAID
Reps reject N305/dollar exchange rate for budget
Osinbajo: how to develop Niger Delta
Court rejects Jammeh’s request to stop inauguration
Fed Govt shops for N500b to recapitalise BoA
NLNG floods Lagos with 13,000 tonnes of cooking gas
IPMAN accuses NNPC of corruption
No bomb in Agege, says Lagos govt
Pen and sword in a changed landscape
Dangote eyes 3,000 jobs with truck assembly plant
Promoting entrepreneurship among youths
Much ado about minimum wage
Demystifying Fashola
Not the anti-Christ
Should govt regulate churches, mosques
Three days in Wawa country
Agonising anniversary
Storied first storey
Group hail Bello over staff verification
Be upright, Ahmed urges judicial officers
Ex-Rep, lawyer charged with stealing
Ondo motorcyclists get ultimatum
‘How lawyer bought N8.5m car for judge’s son,’ by witness
Knocks for corporate begging on Glo’s Professor Johnbull
Muslim congress warns against shielding criminals
Court to police chief: place convicted oil magnate under watch
Adeboye: Nigeria will experience pleasant surprises this year
Two herdsmen remanded in Ekiti
Nnamani, ex-Speaker to join APC
Yobe University sets medical college
College dismisses six staff for gross misconduct
Obaje heads for Turkey
Bala blames defeat on poor marksmanship
ABANDONED NPFL GAME: FC Ifeanyi Ubah suspend top official • Loses a month salary
Plateau United grab N500,000 for Remo win
Bala blames loss of concentration, poor marksmanship for defeat to MFM
Neymar knocks Messi off as the most valuable player
EDITORIAL: Agonising anniversary
• January 8 marked the 1,000 days of Chibok girls’ abduction.
IPMAN accuses NNPC of corruption
Promoting entrepreneurship among youths
Mastercard announces new payment app
Computer Society frets over govt’s move on agencies

The Guardian
No dialogue, Niger Delta problems already known, says Buhari
North Korea tells Obama to get “packing”
Iwobi on his way to becoming one of Gunners’ homegrown greats
FG gets leave to amend processes in $245 million suit against Total
Senate denies plot to impeach Ike Ekweremadu
Wike moves to stop police from investigating Rivers rerun polls
IMF reduces Nigeria’s growth to 0.8%, surging $27b reserves support forecast
Senate panel, CCB disagree on alleged N8 billion abandoned building fraud
NPA boss tasks police to fish out killers of LASTMA official
Thrills, anxiety as 2017 Australian Open serves off
Coach Ilechukwu not satisfied despite MFM’s opening day win
StarTimes, HS Media Group formalise partnership
The political economy of BDCs and black market premiums
Police microfinance bank urges arrest of loan defaulters
Nigeria loses N25b yearly to importation of foreign lottery technology
One nation under MMM
The political economy of BDCs and black market premiums
Editorial: The Lagos State anti-kidnapping law
Why Nigeria is stuck in underdevelopment
Naija exit!
The three basics
Capitalisation of kidnapping offence: Matters arising
Dealing with Nigeria’s worst enemies
These are not the best of times to be a govenor, says Seriake
Man murdered a month to retirement
Delta police raid black spots, arrest 37 suspects
Etisalat Prize for Literature shortlists 3 authors for awards
The spy who quit? Lovers keep 007 passive smoking risk up
Celebrity-in-chief Trump struggles to get A-list inauguration talent
Fake mendicants engage Professor Johnbull in new episode
Samsung succession in disarray as Lee criminal case advances
Microsoft veteran will help run Chinese search giant Baidu
Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on moon, dead at 82
Ford recalls 4,500 cars in South Africa after fires
Lagos State anti-kidnapping bill stokes controversy over death penalty provision
Appeal court fixes hearing on oil dispute case
Igbo lawyers task FG on Kanu’s rights, Onnoghen’s confirmation
Lagos to ease access to justice for indigent persons
Engineers oppose proposed closure of Abuja airport
Global joblessness worsens, to hit 5.8% in 2017
Union seeks stoppage of N309b bond to power firms
Shittu inaugurates NCC board, tasks members on quality service delivery
Why eldest child is unhealthier 

The Guardian
Why Nigeria is stuck in underdevelopment
The spy who quit? Lovers keep 007 passive smoking risk up
Delta police raid black spots, arrest 37 suspects
Protesters shut down petrochemical firm in Rivers
NPA boss tasks police to fish out killers of LASTMA official
Abuja hub of global shapers counts gains
Police arrest man for allegedly strangling wife to death
‘Political farmers’preposterous main benefactors of CBN loans, says labour
Thrills, anxiety as 2017 Australian Open serves off
Coach Ilechukwu not satisfied despite MFM’s opening day win
StarTimes, HS Media Group formalise partnership
Zaha will be a star in Gabon, Gervinho insists
29 mins ago Money
One nation under MMM
Dangote targets 3000 jobs with $100m truck assembly plant
The Amazon Project (TAP) offers N10m seed capital for 10 SMEs
Inflation is out of CBN’s control
Out with the old: Doing things differently in 2017
Editorial: Yahya Jammeh must go now!
Naija exit!
The three basics
Lawmakers tango with stakeholders over concessions, closure of Abuja airport
Foundation fetes 3,000 families in Lagos
Fayose installs new monarch in Isan-Ekiti
Celebrity-in-chief Trump struggles to get A-list inauguration talent
New language of technology, focus at 2017 Social Media Week
Exploring Nigeria’s population for national prosperity

Tears of Oke-Ogun cotton farmers •When the ‘white gold’ no longer glitters
Ngige urges industries, labour to source raw materials locally
Achieving economic growth through Budget 2017
Siting of petrol stations in residential areas is dangerous
Unclaimed dividend: Over N30b paid as SEC‎ extends e-dividend free registration
Forex scarcity: FG moves to boost agric earnings
Customs mismanaged multibillion naira seaport scanners —NCMDLCA
Forex controversy: CBN hits back at detractors
Naira exchanges for N497$, as CBN resumes dollar sales to BDCs
Panic in Agege over bomb scare
January 16, 2017
Man caught with human head in Oyo
Fish out killers of LASTMA official, NPA MD begs police
I joined fraud gang because of the way they spent money on me, says female member
Exploration remains main focus of my ministry in 2017—Fayemi
Curfew imposed as chieftaincy crisis rocks Awo-Ekiti community •Monarch flees palace
Crime Control: Ondo to enforce use of reflective jackets for okada riders
Fani-Kayode’s new counsel gets 24hrs to study case file
2019: We’re committed to building a functional electoral system- INEC boss
Protesters storm EFCC Lagos office, denounce persecution of Patience Jonathan
65-year-old woman, among 50 arrested for drug offences in Kwara
Idi-Ako community land belongs to Odunlade’s family —Appeal Court
Jubilation as lawmaker inaugurates Agbongbon-Odo Okun bridge
Group commends Ooni for mediating in OPC leadership crisis

Daily Trust
Kebbi LGs mere salary paying institutions – SSG
Air Force strikes new Boko Haram hideout
No bomb scare in Lagos – Police
APC fully in charge in Senate — Oyegun
Ekweremadu divides Enugu APC over defection
Rivers re-run: Wike asks court to stop police probe
Nigeria’s GDP: IMF projects positive growth 2017
2017: S/South, S/West gulp 52% of federal roads budget
NSIA, GuarantCo set up $200m infracredit firm
Dealing with Nigeria’s worst enemies
Power of Walga
The Second Niger Bridge to the Future
Turkish cargo jet crash kills 37
Gambians flee ahead of Barrow ‘inauguration’
Court upholds ruling halting transfer of islands to S/Arabia
Suspension of the FRC code.
Warning strike grounds UNIJOS
Hir Joseph, Jos
Unimaid bomb blast: Unilorin steps up 24–hour security on campus
Abia: Teachers refuse to resume, insist on payment of outstanding salaries
FG assures speedy completion of Kashimbilla dam
Road project: Kebbi Govt to compensate land owners in Zuru council
How individuals can help fight climate change in 2017
Court asks NNPC to reinstate sacked worker
Perm Sec, 10 directors absent as Bauchi Head Of Service pays unscheduled visit
NUPENG suspends 3-day warning strike after talks
No defense for judicial corruption – Former AG
Armourers to face trial on Wednesday
‘Al-Mustapha’s case is unique’
Kano House of Assembly may sue ex-Commissioner over N150m bribery allegation daily
Woman slumps as court mentions her case for hearing

​Professor, four others killed in University of Maiduguri suicide attack

​Professor, four others killed in University of Maiduguri suicide attack

At least two people were killed in a suspected suicide bomb attack on a university campus in northeast Nigeria, a local resident, a lecturer and emergency services told AFP on Monday.

But Borno Police Command confirmed that a professor and four other persons were killed when a male suicide bomber detonated his explosive at the senior staff quarters of the University of Maiduguri.

The blast happened at 5:25 am (0425 GMT) at a mosque in the staff quarters area of the University of Maiduguri and is thought to have been carried out by a teenage girl.

Suspicion will likely fall on the Islamist group Boko Haram, which has repeatedly used young women and girls as human bombs to target worshippers.

There were reports locally of a separate explosion but details were not immediately available.

“At exactly 5:25 am, while I was leaving the mosque in my neighbourhood, I heard two explosions,” said one local resident, who asked not to be identified.

“I rushed to the university, which is not far from my house. On entering, I saw the mosque in a mess. Three people lay dead, including a young girl, whose body was badly mutilated.

“Thirteen other worshippers were injured.”

A university lecturer who lives on site confirmed the resident’s account.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) tweeted: “A #bomb exploded at the #mosque at the University of #Maiduguri during early morning prayers. Rescue operations ongoing…”

Access to the university campus has been strictly controlled, with checkpoints and searches at the gates.

But the site, on one of the main thoroughfares leading in to and out of the city, is vast and most areas are badly lit.

At least 20,000 people have been killed in the conflict since it began in 2009 and more than 2.6 million others made homeless.

Nigeria maintains the insurgency is in its final stages.

Last month said it had flushed out Boko Haram fighters from their stronghold in the Sambisa Forest area of Borno state, of which Maiduguri is the capital.

Yet there has been no let-up in attacks both on troops and civilians. On January 8, at least five soldiers were killed when rebels targeted a base in Buni Yadi, in neighbouring Yobe state.

The following day, suicide bombers killed three in Maiduguri.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Jan 16, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​News Headlines Jan 16, 2017. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo 

The Punch

N458bn Lagos-Ibadan new rail project to begin Feb
Lagos plans Lekki, Ikoyi, VI clean-up
Firm unveils affordable housing project in Maryland
‘Automation of Ogun’s forestry activities successful’
Recession: Malls developers, tenants consider rent renegotiation
Sovereign Trust settles N1bn claims in nine months 4:02 am
Increased pension savings’ll benefit retirees — Expert
Stock market lost N331bn to naira volatility in 2016
Assailants kill UNILORIN graduate with mortar in Lagos
Kidnappers of Nigerian Turkish pupils demand N100m ransom
Lagos welder kills friend over N500 dog meat
Why Nigerians will become poorer with rising oil prices
Lagos builds road to reduce traffic
We must remain united to honour fallen heroes – Ambode
‘Don’t abandon babies over financial difficulty’
Buhari’s 2017 budget of waste and frivolity (
Edo by-election: APC aspirant rejects primary result
South-West APC leaders rule out defection from party
BREAKING: Sevilla end Real Madrid’s 40-game unbeaten run
NPFL: Police rescue female referee as Rangers, Abia Warriors clash
3SC beat Lobi Stars 2-0 in NPFL opener
AFCON 2017: Mahrez double rescues Algeria against Zimbabwe
Five things we learned in the Premier League
Leading English Premier League scorers (WK 21)
‘Hidden Figures’ soars in second week atop box office
I don’t know Gideon Okeke – Chiwetalu Agu
Robber pulled gun on me – Kim Kardashian
I don’t date older women, Sexy Steel insists
Muma Gee was not the breadwinner of our family – Prince Eke
Funke Akindele, JJC Skillz team up to launch SOP Records
Editorial: Leveraging the oil price rally
Remembering martyrs of the Nigerian Air Force
Recession: Malls developers, tenants consider rent renegotiation
Sovereign Trust settles N1bn claims in nine months
ISamsung, LG to unveil foldable smartphones this year
How to make kids like maths
Court remands robbery suspect for stealing APC registration materials
Ebonyi female principal arrested for buying babies
NSCDC warns pipeline vandals, others in Bayelsa
Church collapse: Counsel seeks compensation for Weeks
Policemen take over estate meant for Abuja natives
Helmets: Abuja tackles security personnel
Nasarawa students renounce cult membership
Niger considers air surveillance against rustling
Osinbajo visits N’Delta today, youths give condition for peace
Nigerians won’t accept fresh fuel price hike –NLC
Nigerian Army releases 257 suspected Boko Haram members

Nine Killed, 6,000 Displaced in Gbagyi, Fulani Clash in Niger
Magu’s Retention Giving Anti-corruption War Negative Perception, Group Laments
Judiciary Workers Asking Lawyers for Money to Survive
Nigeria Prisons Service in Dilemma over 1640 Criminals Sentenced to Death
Job Scam: EFCC, ICPC Investigated, Cleared Us, Says Peace Corps
Kaduna Electric Loses N40m to Vandals, Calls for Vigilance
Buhari Congratulates Bisi Akande at 78
Public Sector Not Doing Enough for Health, Says Osinbajo
Amudalat Alake Olusesi Passes On
Atiku, Governors Hail Military for Gallantry
Comply with Court Order to Release El-Zakzaky, Amnesty Int’l Tells…
against Brittania-U on Sale of Oil…
Value of Foreign Investments in Equities Fall 51% on Currency Challenges
Akala: Agriculture Has the Potential to Revitalise Nigerian Economy
AMC Launches New Blockbuster Series, Asunder on StarTimes
New AIB Chief Pledges to Improve Agency
Rosabon Emerges Middle East, Africa’s 2016 ‘Best Wealth Manager’
New Political Group, AFA Emerges ahead of Trump: IPOB Holds Solidarity Rally for Successful Swearing-in
We Don’t Want Ekweremadu in our Party, Says Enugu APC
Two Disasters Too Many
Nigeria’s Failure to Tap into Global Tourism
Premiership: Everton Routs Man City, Ibra Rescues United
Organisers Call for Volunteers for February 11 Race
AJC: Nigeria Continues Fine Form in Lome
Murray, Others in Action on Day One 


The Nation
Alleged N23b bribe: 200 INEC officials face panel
Lagos plans to boost growth with environmental bill
ECOWAS army chiefs meet over The Gambia
Buhari to troops: you have made Nigeria proud
Fed Govt rejects BBOG conditions for joining Chibok Girls’ search mission
Ex-Rep Nze Duru spends fifth day in police custody
Dangote sets up truck plant
Second Niger Bridge: Beyond politics
Sound and silence
Jammeh’s mitosis
Justified outburst
Refining roadmap
Kia Stinger gets EyesOn Design award
Ibinabo recounts pains of surgery, failed marriage
Heritage Bank to fund agric value-chain
SEC warns investors against virtual currencies
How to improve local content for optimum value creation
NNPC to fast-track repairs of vandalised pipes
Nigerite urges manufacturers to conserve forex for economy
NCRIB donates books to UNILAG, LASPOTEC
SGF, others yet to comply with Buhari’s directive to reinstate NDPHC GM
Fresh battle to save the naira’s begins
Estako by-election: Agbomhere urges APC to declare him winner
Deposed Oyo Baale hospitalised
Buhari greets Bisi Akande at 78
‘No sale of charcoal, firewood on Borno streets’
Army frees 257 Boko Haram suspects in Borno
Woman, grandkid die in fire
NIMASA ready to increase GDP, says Peterside
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Katsina Utd, ABS secure win on NPFL return
StarTimes, HS Media Group formalise partnership
Amoo relishes win against Lobi
Mixed fortunes for Oriental teams
Couple wins all-expense paid wedding
Mercy Johnson, Tonto Dikeh settle rift
Multichoice unveils Ebuka Obi-Uchendu as host of Big Brother Nigeria
GOtv subscribers join fans of Big Brother reality TV
EDITORIAL; Refining roadmap
Beyond settling marketers’ debt, what are we doing about local refineries?
RRS operatives arrest suspected fraudsters
Agency to establish sexual referral network in UNILAG
Task force arrests 67 miscreants
Remembering the Polycarps and martyrs of Nigerian Air Force

Investors’ Bullish On Financial Services Stocks
Go To China, Conte Tells Costa
FG Contract Is Strictly Between The Insurers Through Brokers
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Fast-Track Niger Delta Peace Process, Dickson Urges FG
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Serena Sets Aside Engagement For Real Action
Ex-Bankers Fight CBN, NDIC, 4 Banks Over N9.8bn
Police Quiz Deji Of Akure Over Eze Ndigbo Crisis
Who Is Ademola Lookman?
Insurance Industry Experienced Higher Claims Payment In 2016 – Efekoha
Constitution amendment: NASS to strip FG of powers to control resources
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50 firms bid for NNPC’s 2-yr boat supply term contract
We ‘ve restored Nigeria’s sanity, territorial integrity, says Buhari
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CIA chief warns Trump ‘to be very disciplined in terms of what he says publicly’
Pence defends Trump in spat with US civil rights icon
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We will provide succour to Nigerian job seekers through technology — Emplug boss
We are concerned about rising bad loans in banks – MD of NDIC

 Smear Campaign Against Me Illogical, Suswam Tells Ortom
 I Have No Ambition Of Becoming Borno Gov – Senator Ndume
 Gambia President-elect Barrow ‘To Stay In Senegal Until Inauguration’
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As We Mark January 15
 2017 Budget: Reps Meet CBN, NNPC, Customs, FIRS Over Funding
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Emir Of Lapai Hosts 7-day Fidau Prayer For Kure
Repentant Cattle Rustlers Surrender 104 Guns In Katsina
Selling Of Forms For N- Power Fraudulent, Illegal – Presidency
Sign Death Warrant, Reduce Number of Condemned Inmates, NPS Tells Governors 
Civil Servant Commits Suicide In Ekiti
EDITORIAL: As We Mark January 15

Equities investors gain N26bn in 7 days
MMM: NDIC, SEC differ on Bitcoin
One year of Ooni’s peace efforts in Yorubaland
Public servant father of 3 commits suicide in Ekiti
50 companies bid for NNPC’s boat supply term contract
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Varsity workers begin strike today
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Federal Republic of Religion
Celebrating the dead, neglecting the living
Slaying effortlessly the Michelle Obama way

The Sun
IPOB holds rally for Trump Friday
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The Sun award’ll make me work harder – Dikko, Sports Personality of the Year
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Ghana: Africa’s beacon of democracy
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In God’s Name

​Public servant father of 3 commits suicide in Ekiti

​Public servant father of 3 commits suicide in Ekiti

Sam Nwaoko – Ado Ekiti

A Principal Executive Officer (PEO) with the Ekiti State Civil Service, and a final year Law student at Ekiti State University (EKSU) identified as Mr Tope Afolayan, has committed suicide.

The incident, which had occurred at his resident in Peace Avenue in Ado Ekiti, the neighbours said, had taken the entire neighbourhood unawares as the deceased was said not to have left any suicide note.

The deceased Afolayan was said to have been attached to the Office of the Accountant-General of the state until his death.

Afolayan, from Ara-Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area of the state, was said to have been found hanging from a ceiling fan in his home on Thursday.

He was survived by a wife, said to be a teacher in a public school in Ado Ekiti, and three children.

Sources in the street said: “Although he didn’t leave any suicide note before hanging himself, he had been very moody and heartbroken for a couple of weeks before the incident happened.

“He had been complaining about the debts he owed, which he was unable to defray because of the arrears of salaries. In fact, he was among the last batch of applicants for car loan, but his name did not come out.

“We are shocked by Tope’s death because nobody thought he would go to that extent, we are still mourning his death.”

He has since been buried.

The Public Relations Officer of the state’s police command, Mr Alberto Adeyemi, who confirmed the incident, explained that the matter was reported at New Iyin Road Police Station in Ado Ekiti.
Source: Tribune