I want to see my estranged son, final words of the Ebola victim who died in US



‘He said he wanted to see his estranged son’: Tragic final words and unfulfilled wish of dying Ebola victim revealed at vigil in his honour

Laura Collins In Dallas, Texas For Mailonline

Pastor George Mason led prayers at Wilshire Baptist in Dallas that included community leaders and a small number of friends and family of Mr Duncan
Duncan’s quarantined fiancee Louise Troh, 54, who Duncan and mother of his 19-year-old son, Karsiah, followed the service via a livestream
Already serious questions are being asked as to the standard of care the dead man received at Texas Presbyterian Hospital

Thomas Eric Duncan’s dying wish was to see his son. That desire were the last words spoken by the first Ebola victim to die on American soil. And it was a desperate hope he did not live to fulfill.

This tragic revelation has been shared now by Wilshire Baptist Church Senior Pastor George Mason.

Mason was speaking at a prayer service on Wednesday evening – planned as a vigil of hope but transformed into one of remembrance by Mr Duncan’s passing on Wednesday.

Louise Troh, 54, the woman who Mr Duncan came to America to marry and the mother of his 19-year-old son, Karsiah, followed the service via a livestream. She remains in quarantine with her 13-year-old son and two nephews followed the service.

‘If you are with us Louise,’ Pastor Mason said simply, ‘We love you and we are praying for you.’

Pastor Mason described Mr Duncan , 42, as a man who had come to this country ‘in hope.’

He said, ‘He had dreams of a life. He had dreams for his son, Eric (Karsiah)

‘The last words that (Thomas) Eric Duncan said were said to a nurse.

‘She asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to see his son.

‘She asked him where his son was. He said he was in college, where he should be.

‘He was very proud of his son.

‘His son,’ Pastor Mason added, ‘Wanted to see his father too.’

Kasiah Eric Duncan, 19, a student at San Angelo State University, Texas, travelled to Dallas yesterday in hopes of establishing a relationship with the father he last saw when he was just three years old. That was when his mother left Liberia, and Mr Duncan, following a falling out and travelled to America.

But Mr Duncan’s condition deteriorated so severely over the weekend that his family could only view him by video link. And even that was so upsetting to them, Karsiah said yesterday, that they could not sleep after seeing him and could not bear to see him again.

‘I trust a thorough examination will take place regarding all aspects of his care’: Thomas Eric Duncan’s fiancée reveals anger following his death 18 days after bringing disease to America
Earlier on Wednesday Ms Troh issued a statement in which she told of her ‘sorrow and anger’ at Mr Duncan’s death.

Already serious questions are being asked as to the standard of care the dead man received at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

But at the prayer service Pastor Mason sought to place the focus firmly on he said, ‘One man who we did not know a few weeks ago but who has affected our lives forever.’

Over days of intense scrutiny anger has flared over Mr Duncan’s ‘eagerness’ to enter the country. The allegation that he lied on exit documents in Liberia by claiming he had not been exposed to Ebola when he had carried a pregnant woman dying from the virus the day before flying has been much rehearsed.

And he said it was his son and Ms Troh who begged Mr Duncan to travel to the States to be with them.

He said, ‘Karisah Eric Duncan and his mother called for Eric Duncan to come from Liberia.

‘They wanted to begin a new life together, to rekindle their family. He came in hope.’

Pastor Mason continued, ‘Eric and Louise built a castle of dreams in their hearts together that they never got to live in.’

According to Pastor Mason who is in daily contact with the now grief-stricken woman, Ms Troh told him, ‘Eric wanted to come to this country. He wanted to be a family. He wanted to work hard.

‘He wanted to gain all he could so he could go back to Liberia and build his country.’

Mr Troh told Pastor Mason that Mr Duncan was a ‘Christian man’ ‘respectful of his father and mother.’

Her recollection that he ‘knew how to talk to ladies’ provided a brief moment of levity as a ripple of recognition passed through those who were close to him.

Pastor Mason clarified, ‘She said he didn’t let anyone use bad language in front of women.

‘He cared for his children and wanted the best for them.’

Describing Ebola as ‘an unwelcome guest in our community,’ Pastor Mason urged the church that has provided spiritual and material support for Ms Troh and the boys who must remain in quarantine until 19 October, ‘to live by faith not fear.’

Pastor Mason said, ‘Every day we make a choice about how we are going ot live.‘Are we going to move away from each other because of fear? Or towards each other because of love?’
Earlier members of the Liberian community – some 10,000 strong – and residents of Vickery Meadows, the area in which the now notorious Ivy Apartment in which Mr Duncan briefly stayed, spoke of the discrimination they had experienced in the wake of this Ebola outbreak.

Dallas County Councillor Jennifer Staubach Gates told MailOnline that yesterday morning alone 15 men had come to her telling her that they had been turned away from their jobs.

She said, ‘They were told not to come back for 21 days unless they had a note from the health department.’

Tonight Pastor Mason said, ‘Every day we make a choice about how we are going to live.

‘Are we going to move away from each other because of fear? Or towards each other because of love?’

Ms Troh will not be able to say a final goodbye to Mr Ducan whose funeral will be held before her period of quarantine is over. Earlier Pastor Mason told reporters that his understanding was that the body would have to be cremated.

He was unsure as to whether his ashes would be buried or placed in a sealed urn.

Associate Pastor Mark Wingfield said that it was likely there would be ‘multiple memorial services,’ for the man who Pastor Mason said, ‘we did not know a few weeks ago (but who) has affected our lives forever.’

Last night the church that he would have been married in later this year instead ‘sang him to heaven.’

‘We can let him go,’ Pastor Mason said. ‘Without fear even with the loss.

‘Our hearts with hurt and his friends and loved ones will grieve but they know thay can trust him to God.’ 
Source: Mail online

French author Patrick Modiano wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Patrick Modiano, Picture credit AFP

Patrick Modiano, Picture credit AFP

French author, Patrick Modiano, wins Nobel Literature prize

French historical author Patrick Modiano has won the 2014 Nobel Prize for literature.

The Nobel Academy described the novelist, whose work has often focused on the Nazi occupation of France, as “a Marcel Proust of our time”.

The award – presented to a living writer – is worth eight million kronor (£691,000).

Previous winners include literary giants such as Rudyard Kipling, Toni Morrison, Wole Soyinka and Ernest Hemingway.

The academy said the award was “for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation”.

“This is someone who has written many books that echo off each other… that are about memory, identity and aspiration,” Peter Englund, the academy’s permanent secretary said.

Patrick Modiano, 69, was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, a suburb of Paris, to a businessman father and an actress mother.

He studied at Lycee Henri-IV in Paris, where his geometry teacher was Raymond Queneau, a writer who was to prove a major influence.

His debut novel La Place de l’Etoile was published in 1968.

His sixth novel, Missing Person (French title: Rue des boutiques obscures), won the French literary accolade the Prix Goncourt in 1978.

Other prizes include Grand prix du roman de l’Academie francaise in 1972 and the 2010 prix mondial Cino Del Duca by the Institut de France for lifetime achievement.

In 2012, he won the Austrian State Prize for European Literature.

Modiano, who lives in Paris, rarely give interviews. The Nobel Academy said it had been unable to tell Modiano the news before the announcement.

A total 111 individuals have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature between 1901 and 2014.

Last year’s winner was Canadian author Alice Munro.

Source: BBC

Sagay, Ozekhome, Civil Society Groups, Others Call For Removal of Mbu

Nigerian senior lawyers, civil society call for urgent sack of controversial AIG Mbu

Ibanga Isine

As public outrage continues over the illegal arrest and detention of African Independent Television (AIT) reporter, Amaechi Anakwe, by Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, Joseph Mbu, some senior lawyers in the country have called for the notorious police officer to be sacked.
Nigerians from all walks of life have expressed disgust over the many infractions committed by Mr. Mbu.
Among them are two legal practitioners and Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SAN, Itse Sagay and Mike Ozekhome.
In separate interviews with PREMIUM TIMES, the duo condemned Mr. Mbu’s ill treatment of Mr. Anakwe.
Similarly, a Port Harcourt-based civil society group, Doing Democracy Movement-Nigeria, DDM-N, has invited well-meaning Nigerians to join the campaign to get Mr. Mbu out of the Nigeria Police.
The DDM-N’s Convener, Anyakwe Nsirimovu, made this known while speaking with PREMIUM TIMES on the controversial arrest of the broadcast journalist.
Mr. Anakwe had described Mr. Mbu as “controversial” during an interview programme on the AIT and was subsequently arrested, detained and prosecuted on the orders of the troublesome cop.
But Mr. Sagay, a professor of law, said Mr. Mbu’s overreaching action exemplified the growing level of impunity and gross abuse of power exhibited by some public officers in Nigeria.
By using state power against innocent Nigerians, the senior legal practitioner insisted that Mr. Mbu is not fit to wear the uniform of the Nigerian Police.
“Mr. Mbu is not fit for the uniform he is wearing, therefore, he should be suspended and the Police Service Commission, PSC, should set up a disciplinary panel to try him for his offences against humanity and the constitution of this country,” he said.
“In a sane society where there is rule of law, Mr. Mbu should have been suspended for using state power to oppress law abiding citizens, abuse human rights and the constitutional rights of the people.”
Mr. Sagay explained that as a journalist, Mr. Anakwe has the right to make comments on the behavour of Mr. Mbu or any other Nigerian.
“A press man is privileged as far as making comments are concern. That is what journalists are engaged to do on behalf of society,” he said.
“If Mr. Mbu was dissatisfied, there is a law of defamation.  He should have gone to court but to use the powers meant for the arrest of criminals, to arrest an innocent professional doing his legitimate duty, clearly shows that not only is Mbu controversial, he is also unfit for the position he is occupying.”
Mr. Sagay insisted that Mr. Mbu is overdue for dismissal, saying that his conduct shows that he is more of a politician than a law enforcement officer.
The human rights activist said, “He (Mr. Mbu) is not a police officer. He is a power-drunk politician because others are not like that. He should have been removed long ago.”
On his part; Mr. Ozekhome, reeled out a litany of infractions committed by Mr. Mbu  and called on the Police Service Commission to constitute a panel to probe him.
He said it is appalling that after serving for years as a police officer and at the twilight of his career, Mr. Mbu could descend so low to the extent of taking the law into his own hands.
On his part, Mr. Ozekhome argued that Mr. Mbu should have conducted himself honourably and in a way that is acceptable not only to Nigerians but also to the Nigeria Police and the Federal Government of Nigeria.
“But his conduct so far,” he said, “has done a lot of damage to the image and credibility of the Nigeria Police and to the government of President Goodluck Joanthan,” he said.
He maintained that the antecedence of Mr. Mbu has shown that he is a police officer who is anti-people and always courting trouble.
Mr. Ozekhome revealed that it was Mr. Mbu, who, on July 10, 2003, led a team of policemen to abduct the then Governor of Anambra State, Chris Ngige, on the orders of a man he described as  a “political buccaneer” from the state.
While serving as commissioner of police in Oyo State, the legal practitioner said Mr. Mbu on February 11, 2013, deployed three armoured personnel carriers and policemen numbering over 250 and illegally sacked the Ashipa of Oyo Kingdom from his palace in Isele Oyo.
In the same year, he said the cop led the team of policemen that sacked the palace of the Olubadn of Ibadan.
Mr. Ozekhome further drew attention to Mr.  Mbu’s action while on posting to Rivers State as commissioner of police.
He maintained that Mr. Mbu’s conduct in Rivers State and his attack on unarmed campaigners of #BringBackOurGirls, are some of the most embarrassing actions of the infamous cop.
He said, “Now the straw that finally breaks Mbu’s back is the illegal, unconstitutional and mindless arrest and detention of Amaechi Anekwe, an innocent correspondent with the AIT.
“His alleged offence was that he (Mr. Anakwe) described him (Mr. Mbu) as controversial. If all the things Mbu has done are not controversial, I do not know what else would make an individual controversial.”
Also speaking, Mr. Nsirimovu noted that the action of the controversial AIG represented an abominable despotism and an agenda approved by the state to silence dissent voices as the 2015 polls approach.
“AIG Mbu,” he said, “without any shadow of doubt is testing the waters in preparation of the high-handedness that will ensue against critical voices of dissent, as we close in on the 2015 elections.”
While condemning what he described as “reprehensible barbarism in the age of improvement,” Mr. Nsirimovu said the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR, has guaranteed the freedom of speech and belief and the freedom from feat and want.
If Nigeria must achieve peace, given the precarious situation it has found itself, Mr. Nsirimovu said the government must seriously frown at any violation of the rule of law and punish people like Mr. Mbu, who engage in arbitrariness.
He drew attention to the UDHR’s preamble which states that “It is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.”
Mr. Nsirimovu argued that free speech is an indispensable tool of self-governance in a democratic society and a means of participation in the processes of decision-making that shape the polity.
He argued that, “Freedom of thought, conscience, and expression are numinous values linked to the defining characteristics of the human person.”
Mr. Nsirimovu, therefore, insisted that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace the culture of an open society and free speech, regardless of individual or group ambition.
“Political participation is an avenue of individual fulfillment, and the dignity of the individual is enlarged by recognition of the right to participate in collective self-governance, which AIG Mbu continues to seriously deface with reckless abandon.
“A government structure that retains the likes of AIG Mbu with a record of persistent gross violations of human rights of citizens cannot be said to serve the interest and social welfare of its citizens.”

Source: Premium Times

Shock: Spanish Nurse Only Learnt She Has Ebola After Reading News on Her Mobile Phone

Teresa Romero Ramos and her dog

Teresa Romero Ramos and her dog

Ebola outbreak: Spanish nurse discovered she was infected by reading news on her phone

Spanish nurse says she discovered she had contracted Ebola by reading the news on her phone, before doctors had told her the diagnosis


The Spanish nurse who became the first person to contract the deadly Ebola virus outside of West Africa said she discovered her diagnosis by reading the news on her mobile phone while in hospital.
Theresa Romero Ramos, the 40-year-old nurse, told Spanish TV station Cuatro that she read on Spanish news site El Pais that she had had two positive tests for Ebola, but that doctors had not told her she was infected.
She said: “I found out on my mobile phone.
“I felt something was up because to begin with the doctors and nurses in Alcorcon were coming in and out every hour and then they start to come in less often.
Javier Limon Romero, the husband of the Spanish nurse with Ebola, started a campaign to stop his dog from being put down
“I was listening to them behind the door and I suspected something – then the last time they came in [my room they were] in white suits.
“I asked my doctor for my result and they weren’t very clear with me, and then I really suspected it,” she told the broadcaster.
“I go my mobile and I read on El Pais that they’d said I had two positive tests for Ebola. But no one had told me.”

Spanish nurse ‘followed all protocols’ and has ‘no idea’ how she contracted

Doctors at Teresa Romero Ramos hospital only had ’10 minutes training’
Mrs Romero Ramos is understood to have contracted Ebola during her contact with Spanish missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died from the disease in September. 
She entered the missionary’s room at the Carlos III hospital while on duty twice; once to change an incontinence pad and once to clean up his room after he had died.

The nurse’s husband, Javier Limon, is also in hospital, and the couple’s dog became the centre of protests and an online petition when Mr Limon attempted to halt their pet from being put down by authorities.
Mrs Romero Ramos had previously insisted that she “hasn’t the slightest idea” how she contracted the virus, and that she followed all safety protocols while in contact with the missionary and his belongings.

But she revealed to El Pais on Wednesday that she touched her face after her first visit to the missionary’s room while still wearing her gloves, when she was in the process of removing her protective suit.
“I think the error was the removal of the suit,” she told the paper by telephone. “I can see the moment it may have happened, but I’m not sure about it,” referring to when she touched her face.
Mrs Romero Ramos went on holiday in Spain after the second of her Ebola patients died on 25 September, and she started to feel ill on 30 September.
A demonstrator blocking the road to stop the van transporting infected nurse’s dog ‘Excalibur’
Despite her trade union insisting that she had asked three times to be tested for Ebola before the infection was confirmed on Monday, El Pais claims Mrs Romero Ramos admitted to the paper that she did not tell her doctor she had been in contact with the two Ebola patients.
Two hairdressers are now reportedly being monitored for the symptoms after it was discovered that the nurse was in contact with them after seeing her doctor.

Source: The Independent

Breaking: Australian Admitted in Hospital Shows Ebola Symptoms After Returning From Sierra Leone

Ebola crisis: Woman in Australia being tested for deadly virus

Australian nurse developed a ‘low grade’ fever after returning from Sierra Leone


A woman in Australia is being tested for Ebola after developing a fever since returning home from Sierra Leone.
Health officials confirmed the 57-year-old woman developed a “low grade” fever on Thursday, and was taken to Cairns hospital to be assessed by specialists.
The woman had been working as a nurse in Sierra Leone for a month and was exposed to people with the virus. She has been identified by a colleague as Sue-Ellen Kovack, who was working with the Red Cross.
Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young said the woman returned to Australia over the weekend, and arrived at her home in Cairns on Tuesday.

“She had been in quarantine since then, following the protocol that we put in place nationally,” Dr Young said.
“This morning she rang up as part of that protocol after she had developed a low grade fever of 37.6 degrees Celsius,” she added.
The nurse arrived at the hospital’s emergency department at 1pm local time on Thursday and was assessed by infectious disease specialists. Her blood samples are currently being taken to Brisbane to be tested for Ebola, Dr Young said.
Read more: Texas sheriff’s deputy rushed to hospital amid fears of infection
Britain sending 750 soldiers and medics to Western Africa
Norwegian patient to get the ‘last available dose of Zmapp in the world’
Dr Young said the nurse has “done everything appropriately,” explaining that she was “perfectly well” when arriving in Australia, displaying no symptoms or fever, adding that she has “not been out in the community in Cairns, she has been at home testing herself”.
The nurse’s test results are expected in the coming hours.
The case in Cairns comes as Australian officials revealed that quarantine officers have tested and cleared six people suspected of having Ebola at airports.
Prime Minister Tony Abbot said on Thursday that it is “not impossible” that Ebola would travel to the country. “What we’re doing is carefully monitoring everyone who’s coming into this country who’s been to West Africa,” he said.

A total of 651 people have been interviewed at Australian airports between August and October, the Australian Health department revealed, with six were held and later cleared.
“In every state, public hospitals have been prepared to deal with Ebola cases should we get any.
“We’ve spent $80m on top of the $40m we give every year to the World Health Organisation specifically on Ebola precautions. We’re constantly monitoring and reviewing the situation to see what more can be done,” Mr Abbot told 3AW.

Source: Independent

News Headlines Oct 9. Headlines from major Nigerian newspapers

News Headlines Oct 9. Compiled by Demola Adefajo demoadefa.wordpress.com

Asari-Dokubo took part in $9.3m arms scandal –APC
FG to summon S’African envoy over seized arms funds
Adamawa: INEC stops gov election as Ngilari takes over
We may try errant soldiers in battlefield –CDS
Mark, Mu’Azu, Daniel beg Obasanjo
Amaechi faults Jonathan’s transformation agenda
Boko Haram: Abdulsalami restates need for dialogue
Ojudu denies plot to stop Fayose’s inauguration
African leaders unite against Boko Haram
Police ban protest by Ekiti workers
Confusion in Labour Party over convention
Nigeria donates $3.5m to Liberia, others
American index patient dies
Schools resume, screen pupils for virus
Agbakoba sues army over 12 soldiers’ conviction
Keshi must shun sentiments against Sudan –Temile
Court rules against Giwa faction
Eagles, Keshi still Africa’s best – Amun
Oboabona expects tough game in Khartoum
Nigerian passengers cancel US, Europe trips over Ebola
Nigerian banks’ profits to fall in 2015 – Fitch
FG to buy two locomotives for N1.1bn
‘Oil, low tourism saved Nigeria from Ebola devastation’
Buzz… social media diary
Why you should consider online advertising
Google shuts down Linda Ikeji’s blog
Nigerian youths’ long walk to freedom
2015: Why Jonathan may lose as an incumbent
Is there hope for Nigerian universities?
Ben Bruce, Owei to battle for senatorial ticket
Elumelu declares for Delta governorship in church
Delta: Scramble for PDP governorship ticket intensifies
23 LP lawmakers defect to PDP in Ondo
Gunmen attack lawmaker in Assembly quarters
Govt official demands bribe to assist Lagos community
Assailants kill graduate one month to national service
NDLEA nabs security guard, trader with drug
Capital Bancorp urges companies to prioritise risk management
NSE, ASHON laud new trading platform
Nigeria lags behind African counterparts in refining capacity
NCP yet to decide on TCN sale
Continue to pay rent or get a mortgage

Attack on Edo lawmaker: PDP, APC in war of words
Ex-Head of State, Abdulsalami, advocates dialogue with Boko Haram
2015 presidency: Lack of interest by Igbos politicians worries Okorocha
Man, 41, rapes 9-yr-old in Jigawa
N20m scandal hits Warri Carnival
Dagogo-Jack tackles Amaechi over comments on Jonathan
Lagos schools resume as students undergo Ebola sensitisation
NLC asks FG to tame Mbu
Rivers APC loyalists slam Jonathan
Remi Oyo: Family unfolds burial arrangements demoadefa.wordpress.com
I’ll never invite Ike Uche as long as I’m in charge – Keshi
Uyo stadium, gift to youth – Ebong
NFF election: Danagogo, Maigari escape court contempt
Galadima heads NFF peace committee
Ex-Rangers stars plan big for USA convention
Keshi demands chartered flight to Sudan

APC Alleges Asari-Dokubo’s Involvement in US$9.3m Arms Deal
Ebola: Don’t Rest on Your Oars, NLC Urges Health Ministry
Bombing: Okah Debriefs Keyamo, Trial Stalled
Synagogue Tragedy: Post-mortem on Corpses Completed
Chibok Girls: BBOG Calls for Global Week of Action
Ekweremadu: Insecurity, Corruption, Threat to Nation’s Democracy
Labour Party Insists on Holding Convention in Akure
Benue PDP Endorses Suswam to Take over Gemade’s Seat
Ebola: Financial Impact May Hit $32.6bn by 2015, Says World Bank
New Governor: This is the Will of God
Ngilari Sworn in as Adamawa State Governor
Court Verdict Delays PDP’s Sack In Adamawa, Says Atiku
PDP Berates APC for Sponsoring New Suit to Stop Fayose’s Inauguration
More Facts Emerge on Why Obi Left APGA
Former Governor Daniel Returns to PDP
Ebonyi South Stakeholders Adopt Chukwu as Consensus Candidate
23 Ondo Lawmakers Dump LP for PDP
Group Tells PDP, APC to Stop Politicising Issues Bordering on Human Lives
Chime: How We Arrived at Who’ll Succeed Me
Jibrin: Buhari Not Good Enough for APC Ticket
I Will Unite Kaduna People, Says Lukman
Ebola: Containment Controversy Unnecessary
Rivers 2015: Memo to Mu’azu
Minister Seeks Increased Telecoms Infrastructure to Curb Poor Service Quality
National ICT Strategic Plan Due for Review Next Year
TD Group Expands Operation, Secures N18bn Fund
NERDC Endorses Glo Mobile Tutor Software App Solution
AFFCON to Consolidate on N200 billion Annual Income
NITDA Begins Fresh Drive to Boost ICT Usage in Government
MTN Foundation Donates Security Vehicles to Rivers State
Ike Uche is Past Tense, Says Keshi
Jos Court Postpones NFF Election Case till Oct 23
NB Plc Boosts Chess Players with N2.3m Prize Money
Heat, Astro Turf No Problem against Sudan, Says Echiejile
Falcons Step up Preparations against Eagles
GLO LEAGUE: Enyimba Fight Back to Drown Sharks 5-2
Ultra-modern Uyo Stadium Gift to Youths’
Bundesliga Boss, Seifert, Raises Alarm, of Effect on Huge Fund in EPL
Abubakar Shekau, The Third

The Nation
Nyako’s deputy is governor as High Court sacks Fintiri
Adamawa: We won’t appeal court judgment, says PDP
There are fifth columnists in Armed Forces, says Defence Chief
Fayose: Ekiti courts fail to sit
$9.3m cash: Jonathan, Oritsejafor sued
I’m not involved, says ex-militant leader  
591 Nigerians to fight Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone
Gombe PDP adopts Jonathan, Dankwambo for 2015
Duncan… Man who brought Ebola to U.S. dies
West African families in New York City fear of stigmatisation over Ebola

National Mirror
Yero declares guber ambition, submits intent letter
Sacked workers task Al-Makura on unpaid salaries
Alao-Akala group flays opposition over character assassination 2015: Youth organisation roots for Jonathan
I’ll abolish tribalism, provide jobs for youths –APGA guber aspirant
Court sacks Adamawa acting gov, Fintiri
Ebola: 591 Nigerian health volunteers for Liberia, Guinea
Banks incapable of supporting global economic recovery –IMF
Fees: LASU warns part-time students
Igbo presidency: Okorocha tackles Ohanaeze

Gov Yero Declares Guber Interest For 2015
$9.3m Scandal: APC Asks FG To Explain Asari-Dokubo’s Involvement Abdulsalami Pleads With Insurgents, Seeks For Dialogue
Shell Gas Project: EFCC Refutes Bribery Allegation
JTF Confirms Arrest Of 22 Illegal Bunkering Vessels In Bayelsa
Sallah: 65 Involved In Auto Crashes In Sokoto – FRSC
Why We Want Gov Aliyu In Senate – Shehu Dabo
NHRC To Hold Public Hearing On Zaria Quds Day Killings
IITA, Syngenta Collaborate To Boost Food Production In Nigeria
Plateau Trains 510 Personnel On Ebola Response

The Sun
EMURE-EKITI: Community that uses oath-taking to fight social ills
Day Afenifere revived Abiola’s spirit with new SDP
Campaign posters war in Ibadan
Amid joy, excitement, NIM inducts new fellows
The unified examination policy in Ogun
NFF election: Amaju opens up on dollar rain
Don’t divide Eagles over Ike Uche, Keshi begs Nigerians
Galadima heads Reconciliation Committee
Maigari, Amadu escape jail
There is Ebola in our politics

Daily Independent
Ngilari sworn in as Adamawa Gov •Sues for peace  •I’ll appeal court verdict–Fintiri  •It’s a painful development, says Atiku • INEC cancels by-election
PDP begs Obasanjo to return to party – •Mu’azu welcomes Daniel, promises automatic waivers for returnees
Mark, Tinubu’s curious homage to OBJ Delta Governorship: Why ‘am in the race – Obuh
Nigerian youths must play their role in politics – Adewale
Unions, LP members gang up against Mimiko • Schedule stakeholders’ meeting for today
China overtakes US as world’s largest economy
My inclusion in Africa’s richest presidents baseless, libellous – Jonathan
There are many fifth columnists in armed forces – CDS

FG orders Adamawa Chief Judge to swear in Bala Ngilari as governor

FG orders Adamawa Chief Judge to swear in Bala Ngilari as governor

Premium Times

The Federal Government has directed the Chief Judge of Adamawa State to swear in Bala Ngilari as governor of the state in compliance with the judgment of the Federal High Court, the News Agency of Nigeria is reporting.
The government’s directive came as the state Acting Governor, Umaru Fintiri, removed by the court, said he had instructed his lawyers to appeal the  judgment, suggesting that  he was unwilling to step down.
A Federal High Court in Abuja had on Wednesday morning ordered Mr. Fintiri to vacate office and that Mr. Ngilari, the deputy governor of the ousted former governor, Murtala Nyako, be sworn in immediately to complete the tenure of Mr, Nyako.
The court said  Mr.  Ngilari, who was said to have resigned, is the rightful governor of the troubled state.
The court also directed the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to stop Saturday’s governorship bye election in the state.
The court’s judgement follows a suit instituted by Mr. Ngilari praying the court to declare him governor on the grounds that his resignation letter, which he forwarded to the speaker of the state Assembly on the eve of the impeachment of Governor Nyako, was null and void.
Mr. Ngilari’s request is based on the constitutional requirement that a deputy governor can only resign by submitting his letter of resignation to the governor.
INEC says it is awaiting formal court order to decide on the conduct of Adamawa governorship by-election scheduled for Saturday.
 Source: Premium Times