13-year-old flees home with suspected lover

13-year-old flees home with suspected lover


The police in Lagos are battling to find a 13-year-old girl, Chikwuo Ezennia, who reportedly fled her house with a yet-to-be-identified man, suspected to be her lover.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Ezennia, who is in Basic 4, had come to Lagos from Nneni village in the Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State to spend her holiday with her relatives.

Our correspondent gathered that the girl, however, fled her relatives’ apartment on Ishola Bello Close, Iyalla Street, Alausa, Lagos, in the afternoon of Thursday, November 20, when the family had gone out.

It was gathered that when the girl’s aunt, Mrs. Ambrose Okolo, and her husband returned from work at about 6pm, Ezennia was nowhere to be found.

Our correspondent gathered that during the initial search for her, some neighbours told the Okolos that they saw the teenager walking away with a man in the afternoon.

Ezennia was said to have told the neighbours that her aunt maltreated her and had travelled away for a week. Hence, she would be staying with a friend during that period.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the family reported the matter at the Alausa Police Division the following day. It was gathered that the police invited some persons, who allegedly saw the girl, for interrogation.

Our correspondent gathered that Ezennia, who speaks only Igbo fluently, was supposed to return to her village by the end of December. It was further learnt that Ezennia had a record of fleeing home to stay with men when she was in the village in Anambra.

When PUNCH Metro visited the apartment on Tuesday, Okolo, who is a self-employed chartered accountant, said the family was anxious to know the supposed lover, who had been shielding the girl, adding that all efforts to locate her had proved unsuccessful.

She said, “Ezennia is just 13, but she looks big enough to be called a man’s wife. If you see her, you will think she is a lady. She just came from the village to spend some time with us and she is supposed to go back this December. But since that Thursday, we have yet to find her.

“The reason I suspect she may be with a lover is because of some recent developments. Just a week before that incident, I travelled to Benue for a programme, and she was alone with my children in the house. There is a phone that my children use which contains only my number and my husband’s.

“But when she fled home and we started the search, I picked up the phone and to my surprise, I saw a string of strange numbers.

“The children said Ezennia used the phone when I travelled.

“I wondered who she might have been calling since she is new in Lagos.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that calls and text messages sent to the numbers by the family since the day of the incident had not been replied to.

Efforts by our correspondent to obtain Ezennia’s photograph were unsuccessful as the teenager had yet to take any since she arrived in Lagos.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident.

He said Ezennia was still on the police’s list of missing persons.

“If seen, the public should contact Alausa Police Station,” he added.

Source: The PUNCH


The Charade Before the Ballot by Olusegun Adeniyi

The Charade Before the Ballot

by Olusegun-Adeniyi

At a campaign podium about three weeks ago, the otherwise urbane and very restrained Governor Ibrahim Shema of Katsina State made a rather dangerous statement that has attracted both local and international condemnation. Against the background that Shema is in his second and final term as governor, you wonder why he would lend his name to such campaign rhetoric that promotes violence. Unfortunately, the fact that he is an outgoing governor is precisely the point because Nigerian politicians are always more desperate when they want to install anointed successors.

For those who may still remember, President Olusegun Obasanjo’s infamous “do-or-die” refrain was not uttered while he was contesting for the first time in 1999 or when seeking re-election in 2003 but rather when he was campaigning for his anointed successor, the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2007. Yet the futility of it all is that despite such desperation to foist “loyalists” on the people, the honeymoon between the godfathers and their anointed sons hardly lasts one year! But then, our politicians will never learn.

In Enugu State, Governor Sullivan Chime has endorsed Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, an otherwise respected member of the House of Representatives and perfect gentleman yet most Nigerians can remember that in 2007, Chime had not even been sworn in before he started fighting his predecessor, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani by whose sleight of hand he got to power. Even in Abia State where Governor Theodore Orji was for more than a year subservient not only to Chief Orji Kalu but also to a powerful “Mother Excellency”, the moment he regained his Mojo, he became more ruthless than the man under whose tutelage he learnt all the tricks. And if we need a recent example of the godfather-successor misadventure, we can just find out what is happening in Anambra State where the name Peter Obi may no longer even open a kitchen door at the Awka Government House he left only a few months ago!

What the foregoing says is that whether they carry the “democratic” nomenclature or the “progressive” tag, what is going on today is a process by which some political lords are anointing and endorsing candidates that we would merely be expected to ratify in February next year. Even in Yorubaland where conventional wisdom teaches that no single man approximates to himself the power of the collective by saying “we have come”, in the only state where the incumbent is spending his second and final term, one man may have already decreed who the gubernatorial candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) would be.

The big issue here is that by closing the political space within the parties, the power of the electorate has been circumscribed with regards to choosing between credible alternatives. In practical terms, by the general election in February, the choices the people may have to make would be between rotten oranges and rotten apples. That is because the primaries of both the PDP and that of the APC are not being conducted in such a manner as to allow the candidates emerge through popular choices anchored on democratic tenets. To compound the situation, in virtually all the states, the political warlords seem to have choreographed a strategic agenda to have their sons and daughters make laws for the rest of us in either the House of Assembly or in the House of Representatives.

On Monday, a prominent man who doesn’t want his name in print sent me a mail, containing a quote from a piece I wrote last year about the absence of engagement from political office seekers: “In most advanced democracies, politicians spend at least 18 months on the campaign train, during which they sell their ideas, have their temperament tested and are scrutinized even on the way they conduct their personal affairs and how they live their lives. But here, all it takes to aspire for office is to print some glossy posters with which they deface the environment and then make some outlandish promises on the pages of newspapers.”

Of course, the writer did not stop there as he now followed that old line of mine with his own comment: “We are currently in an election season. Now is the time to carry out the temperament tests on all candidates, especially those who seek executive offices. Our country, Segun, is in very grave danger. Unfortunately, our leaders, in government and in the opposition are failing to understand the nature of the disaster that could befall us. We need our best Nigerians to rise to the challenge of responsible leadership. I hope that you will give this your utmost consideration.”

I get the drift of the man. More than at any period in our history, Nigeria is today at crossroads on several fronts. With both oil price and value of the Naira on a freefall at a time the Boko Haram insurgents have been so emboldened as to make a play for some state capital cities, we need those who seek our votes to tell us how they would tackle the myriad of challenges that confront us. But with the matter practically taken out of our hands by some political mandarins who are imposing their candidates on the parties, the future remains uncertain because our people are basically going to cast their votes in faith.

In most countries, the process of nominating candidates gives more power to party members who are allowed to make their preferences. It is therefore not for nothing that in the United States, from where we borrowed the presidential system of government, there are usually series of staggered primaries and caucuses that take several months to conclude at practically all levels before the general election in November. The essence of the marathon exercise (during which the aspirants move from one town to another) is to subject the candidates to real scrutiny by the people they intend to lead (and in the process weed out the unworthy). But here in our country, where primaries are held at all, it is usually either a bazaar for moneybags or a charade for the outgoing incumbents to anoint their successors.

Despite all its pretensions, there are only few states where the opposition APC is holding any serious primaries since some godfathers have already anointed those to run in the name of “consensus” while the jury is still out about its presidential primaries scheduled for next week. As for the ruling PDP, Senator Eyinnana Abaribe, a former Abia Deputy Governor who had been seeking the party’s gubernatorial ticket, summed up the contradictions within on Monday: “when we had a meeting with the president, he told us that he wanted us back in the Senate so as to strengthen the legislature. He said we should allow governors to handle the states.”

What that means in effect is that outgoing governors were allowed to single-handedly nominate the PDP gubernatorial candidates to succeed them but in exchange for allowing some senators to also retain their party tickets. In that deal, there was nothing about the party members who ordinarily should choose those to carry their flags and it was not about performance in office but rather about loyalty to certain individuals or brute force. However, for our democracy to grow, we definitely need to reform our electoral process to give the people more voice and power in the determination of who gets to office. Right now, they have little say in the matter. Yet the situation we have found ourselves today as a nation compel those who seek public offices, especially those who want to be governors and president, to have ideas about how to reposition our country for peace and prosperity.

While it is too late in the day to ask leaders of the two leading political parties to give room for democratic ethos in the choice of candidates, it is important to remind them of their obligations, especially in this most crucial period in the life of our nation. If there is anything that the Boko Haram insurgency has taught us, it is the fact that nobody can take anything for granted in our country again. If anyone had predicted some six years ago that we would witness a situation in which suicide bombers, including of the female variant, would be operating freely in our country, I bet many Nigerians would say it was impossible. Today, that has become our unfortunate reality as a nation.

The lesson from that is simple: even when the Nigerian people may appear so docile and may be helpless today, there is no guarantee that things would continue this way forever. For that reason, the idea of taking the people for granted, thinking there would be no consequences is sheer folly. I hope the leaders of both the PDP and the APC in their enlightened self-interest will begin to take the Nigerian people more seriously and get them involved in their nomination processes. If they don’t, they may one day learn their lesson the hard way.

It should worry those in authority that the credo of the day is “defend yourself”, a clarion call to citizens that government may no longer be able to defend them. But taking their destiny in their own hands could also lead to the awakening that the power being misused by some people is actually held in trust for them. That should be food-for-thought for those who are too wedded to power to see the inherent dangers in a system that is not people-oriented.

With the travesty going on all over the country in the name of democratic succession, there is a strong temptation to conclude that our public officials are conforming to the model of the African Chief where the leader looks intently in his magical mirror of fortune for an apparition of his successor. That perhaps explains why, with the way things stand today, Nigeria may end up with a unique innovation in modern political theory: the advancement of the end of decadent absolutism using the means and infrastructure of multi-party democracy.

Beyond the OPEC Presidency
Petroleum Minister, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, last week assumed the presidency of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) at a momentous period not only in the history of the cartel but also in her own country whose economy is still rent-dependent in a season of upheaval. While I join in congratulating her for breaking the glass ceiling at OPEC as the first female President, I am sure Mrs Alison-Madueke is also aware that Nigerians would judge her not by whatever OPEC achieves in the next one year of her presidency but rather on how she is able to manage our hydrocarbon resources at home.

While conceding that there are a couple of things that Mrs Alison-Madueke has done right as Petroleum Minister (and she deserves commendation for the Local Content Act which has brought in Nigerian operators), the problem of transparency and accountability which predates her has become far more complex to deal with today than at any other period in history. There is also the unresolved issue of the management of subsidy in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry and whether such a regime can be sustained under the current economic downturn. Of course, we should not forget that the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) remains in the doldrums despite repeated promises from the government of the day.

The foregoing are some of the issues that will task the Minister at home while responding to the declining fall in the prices of oil in the global market. How she juggles all these balls in the coming weeks and months will be important not only for our country but also for her own place in history. I wish Mrs Alison-Madueke all the best in her dual-mandate as I extend to her my congratulations on the OPEC presidency.
Source: ThisDay

Ambode Upsets other APC Gov Aspirants in Lagos As He Says Results Already known

Ambode Creates Uproar at Consultative Forum

Says result of Lagos primary election already known
By Olawale Olaleye

One of the governorship aspirants of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State and the presumed choice of the leader of the party, Bola Tinubu, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, on Wednesday at a consultative forum held by the election committee advised other aspirants to consent to going ahead with the primary election today because the result was already known.

The statement which later attracted the wrath of other candidates, including the Chairman of the committee, Rev. Peter Obadan, a former deputy governor of Edo State, was made at the Lagos Airport Hotel, where the committee had met on the election billed to hold this Thursday.

Preceding this were different arguments on the format the primary election would take and whether or not to postpone the exercise in order to tie up a few loose ends in the organisation of the governorship primary election.

For instance, while the party was worried about conducting the primary election on the basis of 57 local government areas for fear of its seeming illegality, a majority of the aspirants also warned of the implication of compressing 57 councils into 20 because it could result in excess delegates that could nullify the whole exercise.

According to sources who hinted THISDAY, the argument back and forth had become heated before Ambode made an effort to intervene, saying “Well, it is either 4,000 or 6,000 delegates. But it really does not matter because the result is already known.”

Ironically, the source said it was either that a larger chunk of the other aspirants did not notice the slip or chose to keep quiet until Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon, allegedly raised an objection and drew the attention of the gathering to the slip.

“It was GOS (Solomon) who raised the observation and asked Ambode to shed more light on the meaning of the statement. He told him that if he understood the meaning of what he said very well, then, he just wanted to know what the other aspirants are going to do at the venue tomorrow since the result was already known,” the source said.

Initially, Ambode was said to have denied the statement saying he never made any such slip since Solomon only asked him to affirm what he said or admit it was a slip.

But whilst he kept denying that he made any such slip, other aspirants were said to have also confirmed that he said it.

But when he insisted he did not say it, the chairman too allegedly came out and confirmed that he (Ambode) said it, adding that he did not only had take note of it, he was still going to ask him to elucidate on what he meant by that.

It was at this point that Ambode was said to have admitted it must have been a slip and apologised to the gathering of other governorship aspirants, who now feared that the results may have been written by now but had taken note of what happened at the meeting for references.

Meanwhile, political and community leaders from the Ikorodu division of the state have called on delegates of the APC to elect Solomon as the party’s governorship candidate in today’s primary.

The leaders, who made the plea in a communiqué issued under the umbrella of Eminent Persons of Ikorodu Division (EPID) said the delegates should support the APC consensus candidate from the Ikorodu Division as a way to compensate the area for their past support for the APC in the state.

The communiqué titled: ‘An open letter to all progressives congress delegates in Lagos State’ which was signed by the Asiwaju of Ikorodu land, Chief B.O. Bension and Chief Tele Oduloye, Chairman and Head, Secretariat team of EPID respectively, said the division had prepared well for the contest by getting other aspirants from the zone to step down so as to get Solomon to emerge as a consensus candidate of Ikorodu division.

“The group hereby calls on all delegates of APC in the state, as well as the national leadership of the party to vote for our candidate in the APC, Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon (GOS), to emerge as the APC candidate and eventually, the state governor in May 2015.

“In the same vein, Ikorodu Division also appeals passionately to all the other four divisions in the State to support this noble cause this time, remembering that one good turn deserves another,” the communiqué dated and issued yesterday, stated.
Meanwhile, an aspirant for the the state House of Assembly seat on the platform of the APC, Mr. Tunde Braimoh, has been declared the winner of a re-scheduled primary election in Kosofe constituency 2.

Announcing the result, the Electoral Officer, Mr. Kunle Ogunbela, said Braimoh polled 230 out of the 413 votes cast. As a result, the lawmaker currently occupying the seat, Dr. Bayo Adeyeye, lost his re-election bid.
Adeyeye, who is the Leader of the assembly polled 173 votes.

Another aspirant, Mr Olojo Kosoko, polled one vote while Mr Oluwole Ogunleye got three votes.

Six votes were voided.

Braimoh, a former Chairman of Ikosi/Ketu Local Government Area of the state, described the election as free and fair and thanked the party members for giving him the opportunity to serve the state.

He promised adequate and quality representation of his constituency, if successful in the general elections.

The APC House of Assembly primary election in the state was held on December 2 in 39 out of the 40 constituencies of the state.
Source: ThisDay

The election could not hold in Kosofe Constituency 2 due to some hitches

Beware: Cold Water Can Damage Your Health

Cold water can be refreshing, but unhealthy


We all agree that nothing beats the sensation you get when you down a bottle of cold water or soda when you are hot. That chilling and refreshing sensation could be akin to seeing a river in a desert.

As rewarding as cold water can be, in hot weathers like ours, experts say that it comes with serious health consequences. They warn that one may need to hands off drinking cold water regularly due to its negative impact on the heart and the digestive system.

Consultant nutritionist, Dr. Tosin Akinsanya, says though the body cannot have too much of water, it complains when it has too much of cold water. According to the food and healthy living expert, cold water is at a temperature that contradicts the overall temperature within the body system.

Akinsanya says that normal body temperature of the body is between 34 and 37oC while that of cold water is usually between zero and two degrees Celsius and this sudden change in temperature levels, which usually happens when we drink cold water, shocks the body, leading to chronic diseases in those who drink it over time.

“The body is made up of 70 per cent of warm water. Water is the most important fluid in the body because it is the medium blood uses. It is the medium which circulates nutrients around the body. If the 30 per cent we drink is against the normal temperature of the body, we see how hard it is for the body to make use of it. Cold water causes distress in the tissues and blood vessels.

“The body has to warm up the cold water you drink every time to an acceptable temperature before it can take it up for digestion, nutrient and blood circulation. That is why we advise people not, take drugs with cold water. The drugs will not digest on time; it means you won’t get the best of the drugs because the water did not dissolve on time.”

Family health physician and author of Ten Habits To Drop Right Now, Dr. Vasant Lad, adds that drinking cold water after a meal has adverse effects on the digestive system. Lad also warns against drinking cold water immediately before a meal.

For Dr. Lucia John, a major reason why we should ditch cold water for tepid or warm one is its effect on the heart. According to the healthy living expert, the heart labours more to restore blood circulation when we drink cold water that is not compatible with the body’s temperature.

She says, “When we drink cold water, juice, or any cold fluids, we create the basis for chronic heart diseases. Cold water has a clotting effect on the blood and other fluids in the body making it difficult for it to circulate.

“A body that cannot circulate its blood is like an uninviting swimming pool in which moss and bacteria grow. The blood may be thick, unable to flow properly to the extremities of the body, the hands and feet begin to feel numb and hurt, the toes begin to hurt, and the toenails lose their shine and may begin to decay. The heart labours to pump the blood throughout the body, and the lungs fight to keep up. The legs may swell and become dark, when blood cannot efficiently pump back up to the heart.

“When the blood is free from toxins and flowing freely and properly, we can then liken the blood to an inviting swimming pool, clear and clean. It generates happiness and perfect health, energy and creativity. This individual contributes maximum to the health and wellbeing of others in an innocent, natural way.”

Scientists have also solved the mystery behind the instantaneous headache brought on by a sip of an ice-cold drink.

According to the neurologists who analysed the result of a study, which involved 5,000 participants over a period of five years, cold water is not friendly to some sections of the brain.

The researchers found that sipping it causes an abrupt increase in blood flow to a major artery in the brain that is then followed by the familiar headache-like. The experts warn that over time this effect may shrink some receptors in the brain.

Knowing all this, we have a responsibility to put into our bodies, only drinks and foods that will enhance its proper functioning.

Akinsanya gives a final piece of advice on the need to take regularly water at a normal temperature.

“The brain is fairly sensitive to temperature change, that is why it freezes when you drink cold water at first. This continuous seizure is not good for it. The brain is one of the relatively important organs in the body, and it needs to be working all the time. We should avoid anything that will make it freeze,” he adds.

To know the right temperature of water to drink, Akinsanya says, “Put one finger in your mouth and close it. The temperature of what you feel is the temperature of water or food that you eat most times. That is what the body is used to and that is what you should give it.”

Source: The PUNCH.

News Headlines Dec 4. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers.

News Headlines Dec 4. Headlines from Nigeria’s major newspapers. Compiled be Demola Adefajo for demoadefa.wordpress.com

The Punch
Jonathan to senators: Focus on national issues not impeachment
Synagogue: TB Joshua’s application stalls coroner’s inquest
APC picks presidential candidate in Lagos Dec 10
NDIC recovers N25bn from liquidated bank debtors
13-year-old flees home with suspected lover
Nigeria now 39th most corrupt nation, says TI
Onabanjo’s daughter resigns from Amosun’s govt
Tukur heads for A’Court over PDP chairmanship seat
2015: Jega says elections in N’East depend on security
Anti-Wike protesters sack PDP headquarters
Suspected Fulani gunmen kill nine in fresh Nasarawa crisist
Insecurity: CSOs canvass use of fire arms in varsities
Pensioners protest non-payment of pensions
Every registered Lagosian must get PVC – Fashola
We’ll keep politicians at arm’s length – RCCG
Milo schools b’ball: Muhammed College beat Ilupeju
Neuer unlikely to win Ballon d´Or – Buffon demoadefa.wordpress.com
Appeals Committee upholds NFF elections
Villarreal form thrills Uche
Cold water can be refreshing, but unhealthy
Mental health issues in hiv/aids
Best foods to reduce cholesterol
Chemo effect on brain cells pinpointed
Winning bidder offers $252m for NITEL, M-Tel
FCMB pledges support for oil, gas sector
How domestic violence affects children development
Eco-stoves and Nigeria’s rent-seeking curse
APC nomination: Lagos govern aspirants take to social media
How to use your email signature as marketing tool
3,000 delegates to pick APC Lagos gov candidate
APC condemns violence in Lagos Assembly primary
Groups reject Jang’s candidate, restate support for zoning
Tinubu’s loyalists sweep Assembly primary in Lagos
Court restrains Mu’azu, Ogun PDP exco over results
Sad tales of PHCN workers injured on duty
Extreme weather conditions, threat to oil operations – Minister
Fuel importers under pressure from devalued Naira
Total takes HIV/AIDS campaign to Cross River
‘Pipeline blockage delaying gas supply to Calabar NIPP’
FRSC arrests 17 for violations in A’Ibom
FRCN employee slumps, dies
Navy nabs 17 suspects for hijacking oil vessel
Father of boy bitten by dogs faults Dubai plan
Avoiding barriers to business success
Spend this Christmas or save for New Year
Antacids may improve neck cancer survival
Fishing in troubled waters
A carnival devoid of colours
Ebola: Nigerian health workers take the battle to the lion’s den
National Mirror
Collapsed building: TB Joshua files application to stop coroner’s invitation
150,000 sickle cell children born yearly in Nigeria —SCHAF
NBTE decries bias in TETFUND disbursement
Aspirants reject Okorocha’s directive on consensus in Imo APC
…Gov’s wife favoured to pick party guber ticket
APGA holds House of Assembly primaries in Anambra
– …aspirants allege irregularities
Group makes case for protection of women rights
2015: EYA to partner security agencies on crime prevention
Again, pensioners storm Bayelsa govt house
JTF arrests 14 oil thieves, destroys 24 illegal refineries
FIRS clamps down on tax offenders

Nigeria Nationwide league secures N20m sponsorship deal
Kano mosque blast: Why we dared invaders to save lives — Witnesses
IMO: Suspense!
Man, 27, rapes 11-yr-old girl with Down’s Syndrome
PDP’s allegation of cultism against me unkind, evil — PETERSIDE
Synagogue: Coroner suspends inquest over TB Joshua’s application
El-Rufai and the variables in Kaduna
Tribunal: Omisore’s witness alleges false result entries
Some judges have surrendered their independence to politicians — Oditah
Senate: My plans to represent Chibok – El-Rufai and the variables in Kaduna
NFA C’tee upholds Sept. 30 board election, as decision divides members
Martins makes MLS best XI
Keshi moves to E/Guinea!
Copa Lagos: Stationery Stores to revamp fans base – Rufai
Brazil reject Nigeria, pick France
Tribunal: Omisore’s witness alleges false result entries Delta North: I’m following God – Doris Uboh, ex-Reps member demoadefa.wordpress.com
Refining capacity of Warri, P-Harcourt refineries worries NUPENG
3 Edo APC lawmakers lose nomination bid

Leadership News
FRSC Decorates MD Nanet Hotels As Special Marshal
NANS Passes Vote Of Confidence On Shekarau
APC Accuses Fayose Of Complicity In Ado Ekiti Jail Break
Mediocres Appointed As Judges In Nigeria – Babalakin
Osun Exco Holds Valedictory Session, Dissolves Boards
Ekiti PDP Releases List Of House Of Assembly Candidates
Primaries:12 APC Guber Aspirants Know Fate Today
Politician Escapes Lynching By Thugs
You Have Not Done Your Job, Fashola Tells INEC Team
TB Joshua Asks Coroner To Suspend Sitting

The Sun
Rivers guber: Group hails Amaechi’s choice of Peterside
2015: Yerima joins presidential race
Tambuwal’s constituency stalls contempt proceedings against IG
Stabilising crude oil price’ll be my priority –Alison-Madueke
FG boosts roads, bridges with N430bn contracts
Nigeria ruled by mediocrities –Babalakin
8,000 delegates for APC national convention
Ogun APC crisis: TESCOM boss resigns, alleges victimization
NFF polls: Confusion trails appeals committee verdict
Amaju’s election stands –Members Committee chairman disagrees
Coffin at PDP secretariat
 ■ Aggrieved aspirants storm Abuja with casket in protest over disqualification 

Daily Trust
INEC tasked on polling units for displaced Fulanis
No more judicial secrecy – CJN
Gunmen snatch Jigawa Govt House jeep
20 MDAs wasted N17.8bn on questionable items – Don
Conduct bureau urged to sanction contract offenders
Kidnappers get 51 years jail term in Delta
Man held over attempt to poison neighbour
‘.7m Nigerians infected with HIV/AIDS annually’
Lawmaker donates vehicles, tricycles to party, supporters
NBTE accuses FG of bias in funding varsities, polytechnics

Daily Independent
Not wise to impeach Jonathan now – Onikeku
Intense campaigns for legislative seats in Osun
Protesters shut down PDP national secretariat
– •Demand cancellation of Rivers Assembly primaries •Police arrest 18
Ambode may emerge Lagos APC candidate today
– •Eleven aspirants kick •Primary will be bloody – PDP •8,000 delegates expected at presidential exercise
Much remains to be done in Plateau – Pwajok
FEC approves N430b for construction, repairs of bridges nationwide
Fire guts Rivers new market
Impeachment: Focus on national issues, Presidency tells Senators
Security situation will decides elections in North-East – Jega
Boko Haram: FG to beef up security in varsities, colleges

Family Leaves Body of Decomposing Father in Bedroom for 6 Months, Waiting For His Ressurection

Canadian woman leaves husband’s body decomposing in bedroom for SIX MONTHS while family prays for his resurrection

By Pete D’amato for MailOnline

A Canadian woman sealed her husband’s body in the bedroom for six months after his death while the family waited and prayed for his resurrection.

Kaling Wald, 50, pleaded guilty Monday to not notifying authorities of her husband’s death, as details in court revealed she allowed his body to rot because she was expecting a truly miraculous recovery.

A sheriff had visited the property to evict the family, along with seven other adults that were living in the home, because their mortgage had fallen into foreclosure.

Kaling and five of her children, ages 11 to 22, packed up the patriarch’s shoes and bags in preparation for a move.

When Kaling opened the bedroom door to retrieve her husband, the sheriff got his first whiff that something was wrong.

Peter’s had decomposed beyond recognition and had attracted rats in the bedroom, though Kaling had sealed the door and air vents to protect her family from the smell. 

His two feet protruded from the blankets Kaling had wrapped around him and secured with duct tape, while a cap was placed on his head. 

In court, Kaling remembers the sheriff finally told her ‘OK that’s enough, close the door.’

The elder Wald suffered from diabetes and had developed an infection in his left foot, but would not go to the doctor, instead relying on God to provide the cure.

Kaling said he slipped into a coma in March, but still she slept by his side. 

When she noticed signs of stomach bloat and rigor mortis days later, she sealed him in the bedroom and the family prayed for him to rise from the dead. 

‘It’s an extremely sad case … she truly believed her husband was going to be resurrected from the dead, even after six months,’ assistant crown attorney Janet Booy said.

Kaling’s Christian devotion had ‘tainted and warped her better judgment’ according to Booy, and the family ‘prayed on a daily basis for Peter to come back to life.’

Superior Court Justice Marjoh Agro gave her a suspended sentence, ordering her to serve 18 months’ probation and seek counseling.

‘Your belief that your husband would resurrect is not an issue,’ Agro told her Monday. ‘This is not about your religious beliefs. It is about your safety, the safety of your children and the safety of the community at large.’

The CBC reports that homeowners noticed a change in the family’s behaviour around the time that Peter died.

Next-door neighbour Brian Dennis says he saw the family dancing and chanting in the back yard while wearing black robes. He also saw flies at the bedroom window and birds pecking at the screen.

When he and his wife Brenda asked about Peter’s health, Kaling would only respond ‘He’s in God’s hands now.’ 

The family’s blue van, painted with religious messages such as, ‘You must make a choice heaven or hell,’ had been parked outside the home for years, but one night neighbours saw the family painting over it with rollers.  

In spite of the odd behaviour, residents say they were sad to have missed a chance to bid a proper farewell.

‘He’d fix kids’ bikes. He’d cut people’s grass,’ Brenda said. ‘And now no one can say goodbye.’ 

Source: Mail on Line

News Headlines Dec 3. Headlines from Nigerian major newspapers.

News Headlines Dec 3. Headlines from Nigerian major newspapers. Compiled by Demola Adefajo for demoadefa.wordpress.com

The Punch

17 incumbents lose Abia PDP primaries
Court rules on Igbo deportees suit December 5
8,000 delegates to storm Lagos for APC national convention
Nigeria discourages merit, creativity –Babalakin
FIRS raids Alamieyeseigha’s hotel, others over tax evasion
FG seeks foreign loan for Abuja-Keffi expressway
It’s challenging to head OPEC now, says Alinson-Madueke
FG approves N470.5bn for 17 roads, bridges
Nigeria’s agric remains untapped – MAN
Only God’s intervention can end Boko Haram – Mark
Imoke pencils two aspirants as successor
Court to rule on Coca-Cola, MD’s objection to trial
CSOs canvass use of fire arms in higher institutions
SURE-P coordinator pledges youth development in C’ River
Anti-Wike protesters take over PDP headquarters in Abuja
CAN fixes December 7 for anti-Boko Haram prayers
Constituents ask court to halt hearing of Tambuwal’s suit
INEC expands workers’ scope, integrates ex-officers
Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe says deputy plotting to unseat him
Four die as thugs clash during APC primaries
Ekiti prison attack an inside job – Fayose
I’m most experienced to lead Nigeria – Atiku
Anti-Jonathan senators to table motion Dec 16
Jonathan worse than Nebuchadnezzar –Soyinka
We killed 50 terrorists in failed Maiduguri invasion –Military
I don’t choose PDP candidates – Patience Jonathan
DSS raids our data office again, says APC
Ekiti Speaker impeachment, rape of democracy –Ajimobi, CJN
Only transparent primaries can unite APC’
Fayose, APC disagree on Ekiti prison attack
UK seeks implementation of prisoners swap programme
PDP: Court dashes Tukur’s hope for return
APC begins screening of five presidential aspirants
Ex-militants accuse coordinator of diverting N150m amnesty funds
B’ball: Dolphins trounce USIU, CSPC in Tunisia
NFF investigating Eduok’s claim
Minister pays Keshi N14m
Keshi remains untouchable despite Eagles’ woes
Fuel scarcity looms over delayed subsidy payments
NITEL: One bidder fails technical evaluation
Banks record N21bn frauds in one year
Oil companies to cut spending amid falling prices
Sterling Bank to reward social media users
CBN intervention raises naira to N181
Coping with austerity measures and insecurity
Difficult times ahead as oil price plunges
Lagos APC governorship aspirants push for direct primary
Mimiko advocates corruption studies in varsities
D-Day beckons for APC presidential aspirants
I’ll run pro-masses government, says Obanikoro
Porsche rolls out redesigned Cayenne in Lagos
NCAA settles 55,000 customers’ complaints in two years
Etihad Airways introduces new service
Coscharis offers new package on Discovery, Freelander
Police tackle robbers in Calabar, kill one
‘I smuggled drug to give my children education’
My family bewitched me with robbery, says suspect
NDE releases N3m to 300 SMEs
Devaluation to increase industries’ reliance on institutes
Education, skills are key to job creation – Uriah
Stress affects the heart, manage it!
Management of hepatitis C virus
Eat your way to gorgeous hair
HIV losing its edge, evolving into milder form – Study
Portrait of a town beyond the rock
Fans jubilate as Elliot wins APC primary
Imasuen seeks support for Invasion 1897
I’ve never been a mammy water –Tope Alabi
Jonathan yet to activate campaign on social media
Help me! Policeman with kidney problem cries out
Fighting an epidemic with hands tied
When is your ‘Black Friday?

The Vanguard

Corruption index: ‘Nigeria’s improvement confirms Jonathan’s anti-corruption fight’
CSJ accuses Govs of squandering N23.2trn in 15 years
Fake impeachment notice to Jonathan: We’ll produce authentic copy soon – APC
Terrorism: Why court struck out Ogwuche’s case – FG
Couple killed by a drunken driver in Ondo
APC orders presidential aspirants to sign undertaking
2015: Yerima joins presidential race
Jonathan’s rating ups by 60% – Survey
Cyprus president has successful heart surgery in US
From Ekiti to Tambuwal: Nobody is speaking for our institutions – Oshun, ARG
Drive us into new era of strategic business, oh ICT! — Nigerian business leaders pray
Obanikoro assures on grassroots’ devt
Minister pays Keshi N14m
Petroleum products top NPA import cargo chart
I have no hand in Ebonyi PDP crisis, says Patience Jonathan
Oshodin formally hands over to new Uniben VC
We’ve not resigned —Ondo PDP exco
Ajimobi, others condemn Ekiti impeachment, political violence
Oil steadies below $73 after hitting five-Akwa Ibom Senate contest: How I’ll defeat Akpabio – Ini Okori
APC primaries: Desmond Elliot wins, KSB loses
U-23 team is work in progress – Siasia
Copa Lagos: Sand Eagles begin camping today
Toure to end Ivory Coast career
Enyeama congratulates Brahimi
Sokari set to join Flying Eagles
Court spells out acceptable primary for Ogun PDP
EKITI JAILBREAK: FG sets up probe panel demoadefa.wordpress.com
Delta: UPU’s threat does not bother me – Nwaoboshi
Austerity Measure: Civil servants warn FG against retrenchment

Soyinka Faults US Assistance to Nigeria over Boko Haram
Terrorism: Jonathan, Gowon Charge Military to Crush Boko Haram, Maintain Security
BoI Pledges More Investment as Vehicle Importation Dips by 20%
Ajimobi, CJN, NBA President Condemn Ekiti Impeachment, Political Violence
Omeri: Why Case against Nyanya Bomb Blast Mastermind was Bungled
Again, House Adjourns to Dec 16
Senators Disagree on Impeachment Move against Jonathan
FG Reassures UK on Prisoners Transfer Agreement
Curfew Imposed on Damaturu
Judge Withdraws from Suit Seeking Tambuwal’s Removal
Terrorism: FCTA Expresses Concern over Increasing Influx of Persons into FCT
Minister Gives Contractors Deadline to Complete Senate President, Speaker’s Residences
Ebola: Fashola Gives N50m to First Consultants Hospital
Trial of Ex-NIMASA DG: Court Reserves Judgment on No-Case Submission
Court Sacks 13 LG Chairmen in Ebonyi
Nigerian Content Act: Group Urges President Jonathan to Investigate Seplat Boss
Bill to Strengthen SON Scales Second Reading
NDLEA Seeks Amendment for Stiffer Penalties, Arrests Four with N374kg Drugs
Fashola Hands over Equipment to Fire Service
Aregbesola Asks Corps Members to Be Dedicated
These Aren’t the Odds against Buhari
APC Commences Screening of Presidential Aspirants
I Would Have Defeated Obasanjo in 2003, Says Atiku
Buhari: Nigeria is Doomed If PDP Remains in Power Beyond 2015
INEC Expresses Concern over 740,000 Displaced Persons in North-east Region
Abe Demands Apology from APC over Consensus Candidate
Mu’azu Survives as Court Dismisses Suit Seeking His Removal
Kogi-West: Ogbeha, Others Insist on Rotation, Move against Adeyemi
Obanikoro Declares for Lagos Governorship Election, Accuses APC of Elitist Governance
Court Asks PDP, INEC to Recognise Dayo-led Executive’s Primaries in Ogun
Tinubu’s Loyalists Clinch Lagos Assembly Tickets
Why I Joined Enugu-East Senatorial Race, by Nweke
APC Must Conduct Transparent Governorship Primaries, Says Wahab
Why We Want Oduah
Oil Shock: FG Moves to Shore Economy with Building, Construction Industry
Aviation Agencies to Contribute 25% of Earnings to FG
NUPENG Cautions FG against Continued Drop in Crude Oil Refining
NDIC: Banks Lose N5.76bn to Fraud in 2013
Naira Rebounds on Central Bank’s Intervention
Rand Merchant Bank Supports Creative Art Sector
Market Slides Further as Bears Consolidate Control
Kolade Tasks Companies on Corporate Governance
Drop in Oil Price May Hamper Loans Repayment in Banking Sector
SEC to Develop $3.9trn Bond Market in 30 Years
Oando’s New Growth Trajectory
Respite for the Naira?
Eroding NBC, Coca-Cola’s Confidence in Nigeria
Investing Profitably in the Nigerian Capital Market
Lafarge Group Promises More Construction Solutions for Nigeria
Berger Paints to Deliver on Nigeria Local Content
Sadiku: This is the Best Time to Invest in Nigeria
Ecobank Supports Delta State University
Keshi Earned N14m for Failing to Qualify Eagles for AFCON 2015
Keshi Earned N14m for Failing to Qualify Eagles for AFCON 2015
NPA Tennis: More Big Guns Bow out
Adeleke Clinches CBN Governor’s Cup
Siasia Hails Players in Camp for Under-23 Screening
Bafana Hoping for Favourable Draw Today
Bayern Munich on Eduok’s Mind
Enyeama Congratulates Brahimi over BBC Award
‘Arise, O Compatriots

National Mirror
50 female suicide bombers on the loose
– …targets 100,000 victims Ekiti Prison attack: Police rearrest 67 escapees
– ….rescue five abducted persons
Senators divided over Jonathan’s impeachment
Deployment of Nigerian volunteers raises hope for Liberia
Abuja court dashes Tukur’s hope to lead PDP till 2016
Kano attack: Islamic cleric knocks FG
Ondo PDP, state, LG exco to remain in office till 2016 —Court
Probe N150m amnesty scam in Bayelsa, FG told
Slain officers’ families get N34m

The Sun
Soyinka to U.S: We don’t need excuses
Forte Oil, Dangote Cement bag Pearl awards
FG’ll promote national building standardisation –Okonjo-Iweala
Cadbury Nigeria appoints new MD
Nigeria needs N59.5trn to bridge housing deficit
I’ll build better Dream Team than 2008 squad – Siasia
Messi warned!
Nations Cup miss, a bitter lesson –Ejide
NFF poll: Appeals committee may annul election
Eagles missing, as AFCON 2015 draw holds today

Daily Independent
INEC not prepared for 2015 polls – Oyedele
There’re challenges in Bauchi despite Yuguda’s effort – Pate
Ogoni in the flux of Nigerian politics
Insecurity: Internally displaced persons hits 800,000
Boko Haram loses 50 fighters to Army in Konduga attack

Fire Chief Cautions Against Use Of Fire In Unsafe Environment
FG Approves N800m For Research Centre In UNIPORT
First Lady Advocates Increased Employment Of Physically Challenged Persons
Murder: Suspected Ritualists Kill Pregnant Woman, 2 Others
DEATH: 2 Die In Auto Crash, 13 Others Injured
ROBBERY: Court Frees 2 Students
Insecurity: Army Lacks Adequate Weapons – Buhari
CULTISM: Mother, Child Killed In Clash
RESTRAINED: Court Stops IGP, Marian Alli From Arresting PDP Exco Members
C’River College of Health Technology Gets Full Accreditation