Relief For Kaduna Teachers As Court Stops Govt from Effecting Sack

Relief For Kaduna Teachers As Court Halts Sack


The National Industrial Court of Nigeria in the Kaduna judicial division, yesterday, granted an order of interlocutory injunction restraining Kaduna State governor , Nasiru el-Rufai, from the planned sack of 21,780 primary school teachers who reportedly failed a competency test meant for primary four pupils.

Dakun Rindi Esq and Augustina Joshua (Miss) Esq had, on October 30, 2017, filed a motion of notice brought pursuant to order 17 rule 1(1)to (9) and order 22 rule 1 and 2 of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (civil procedure) rules, 2017 and the inherent powers and sanctions of the honourable court as conferred by section 6(6)a 1999 constitution (as amended) in a suit number NICN/KD/53/2017 on behalf of the Nigeria Union of Teachers and Comrade Audu Titus Amba (suing on behalf of primary school teachers in the public schools of Kaduna State) against the Governor of Kaduna State, Attorney general of Kaduna State and Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.

The suit sought an order of interlocutory injunction restraining the governor of Kaduna State and the Attorney general of the state whether acting by themselves, their officers, servants, agents and privies whosoever and howsoever otherwise from dismissing, terminating or in any manner whatsoever disengaging any primary teacher in the public schools of Kaduna State from his employment on the grounds of having failed a competency test conducted at the instance of the Kaduna State government pending the hearing and determination of the substantive originating summons.

Justice Lawal Mani granted the application pending the determination of the substantive suit and adjourned to February 6, 2018.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the adjournment, counsel who stood in for the teachers Sunday Atum Esq commended the court for granting the order
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Prohibition of the use of Hijab/veil in some public institutions: The position of the law



             _O. G. CHUKKOL._
One of the challenges Muslim females are facing is the wearing of hijab. Hijab is a veil they use in covering their body. These challenges are found even in public institutions. The proscription of the use of veils is normally done through rules made in those institutions. For example there has been complaint that hijab is not allowed in Nigerian Law School, it happened also in Kwara, Lagos, Osun State etc where students were not allowed to wear hijab to schools.

This article seeks to establish that prohibiting Muslim females from wearing veils in public institutions is unconstitutional. Whether the position is the same in private institutions or not is outside the scope of this article.
To clear a preliminary point, I am a Christian and shall by the grace of God die a Christian. This work is based on my little understanding of the law and love for rule of law. The work is also informed by my agreement with the words of *Martin Luther King Jr.* who once said:
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
In other words, it is Muslim female facing it today, tomorrow it may be Christians. So, I feel spade should be called a spade.
Let us first examine the basis of the use of hijab by Muslim women. *Chapter 24 verse 30-31 of the Glorious Holy Quran* says:
“… Enjoin believing women to COVER THEIR GAZE and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that THEY SHOULD DRAW THEIR VEILS OVER THEIR BOSOMS AND NOT DISPLAY THEIR BEAUTY except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s father, their sons, their husband’s Sons, their brothers or their brother’s Sons or their sisters’ sons or other women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, …”
It follows from the verse above that wearing of hijab by Muslim women is a Quranic injunction so a Muslim female is bound to obey it without question. 
The next point is whether a Muslim female can capitalize on the provision of Glorious Qur’an to insist that she is entitled to wear Hijab everywhere. The answer is obviously in the affirmative.

*Subsection (1) of section 38 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (2011 as amended)*, it provides as follows:
“Every person shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion…and IN PUBLIC or IN PRIVATE) to MANIFEST AND PROPAGATE his RELIGION or BELIEF in worship, teaching, PRACTICE and 


(emphasis mine)
The constitution is a grundnorm and by section 1(1)&(3) thereof, it is Supreme and binding on all authorities and persons in Nigeria and as well above the ordinary laws of the land. Since the constitution recognizes ones right to manifest ones religion and belief in practice and observance, a Muslim female, being a Nigerian too, has the right to wear her hijab anywhere.
In the case of *PDP V CPC (2011) 17 NWLR (pt 1277) 485 at 511* ​it was held;
_“The Constitution of Nigeria is the grundnorm, otherwise known as the basic norm from which all the other laws of the society derive their validity. Each legal norm of the Society derives its validity from basic norm. Any other law that is in conflict with the provision of the Constitution must give way or abate”._
Courts have consistently held that, having regards to chapter 24:30-31 of the Holy Quran, a Muslim female has the unfettered right to wear her hijab anywhere.
The Court of Appeal Ilorin Division in the Unreported case of *THE PROVOST, KWARA STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, ILORIN & 2 ORS VS BASHIRAT SALIU & 2 ORS Appeal No CA/IL/49/2006,*

*delivered on the 18th day of June, 2009*, per Hussein Mukhtar, JCA,held at page 15 – 16 of the lead judgement thus:
“The foregoing verses of the Glorious Qur’an and Hadiths have left no room for doubt on the Islamic Injunction on women’s mode of dress, which is clearly in conformity with not only the Respondent’s veiled dress but also the controversial article J of the 3rd Applicants’ dress code. The use of veil by the respondents, therefore qualifies as

a fundamental right under Section 38 (1) of the Constitution”.

The Court of Appeal further held *per Massoud AbdulRahman Oredola, JCA at page 2* of the concurrent judgement;
“The right of the Respondents to wear their Hijab, veil within the School campus and INDEED ANYWHERE else is adequately protected under our laws. Human rights recognizes and protects religious rights. Section 38 of the

1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guaranteed freedom of religion to all and sundry. Thus things that lawfully constitute OPEN MANIFESTATION, PROPAGATION, WORSHIP, TEACHING, PRACTICE AND OBSERVANCE of

the said religion are equally and by extension similarly guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. Indeed the Hijab, Niqab or Burqa, being part and parcel of Islamic code of dressing and by whatever standard a dignified

or vividly decent one cannot be taken away by any other law other than the Constitution”
Just last year, 2016, Justice Falola of the Osun State High Court restated the law as pronounced in the Court of Appeal decision above while delivering judgement in the case of *Sheikh Oyinwola & Ors V The Governor of Osun state & Ors SUIT NO. HOS/M.17/2013* *delivered on the 3rd of June, 2016*. Bound by the time honoured principle of Judicial Precedent, the court held that the use of Islamically prescribed headcover called

Hijab by the Muslim Female Students in all Primary and Secondary

Schools in Osun State forms part of their fundamental rights to

freedom of religion, conscience and thought as contained in Section

38 of 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) and also declared that Article 8.2(v) of the “Guidelines on Administration

and Discipline in Osun State Public Schools“ issued by the Ministry

of Education prohibiting Muslim females from wearing hijab in public schools is not only discriminatory against Muslim female students but also uncalled for, inconsistent with Section 38 of 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a clear violation of the fundamental rights of Muslim female

students in Public Schools in Osun State to freedom of religion and therefore null, void and of no effect whatsoever.
A month after, A specially constituted panel of the Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos on *Thursday, July 21, 2016* unanimously reaffirmed its decision delivered in 2009 at Ilorin, Kwara state Division. It reversed the *judgment of a Lagos State High Court in Ikeja which on October 17, 2014* banned the use of hijab in Lagos State public primary and secondary schools.

The appellate declared in a unanimous judgment on Thursday that the ban was discriminatory against Muslim pupils in the state.

It accordingly reinstated the use of hijab in Lagos schools.

This writer is not unaware that section 38 of the constitution (right to religion) is not absolute. The right is subject to section 45 of the constitution which gives government the right to disregard citizen’s right to religion in the interest of defence, public safety, 

public order, public morality or public health; or for the purpose of protecting the rights and freedom of other persons. For instance during the Bokoharam insurgency in the North East, government was right when it temporarily banned the use hijab because then some suicide bombers hid bombs therein.
Another example is the fact that every person has the right on religious ground (say Jehovah Witness sect refusal of blood transfusion) not to submit to treatment recommended by a doctor even if the refusal of treatment can lead to the death of the patient. However for the purpose of public interest, and relying on the authority of the Supreme Court decision in *M.D.P.D.T. v. Okonkwo (2001) 6 NWLR (Pt.710)*, such right would be held in abeyance if the disease, like Ebola and the like, is contagious.
In the light of what has so far been stated and in the absence of any exceptional circumstance as the ones mentioned above, every Muslim female has the unfettered right to wear her hijab anywhere. Prohibition of wearing of hijab in some public institutions is unconstitutional. The institutions concerned are hereby advised to reverse those rules.
*O. G. Chukkol is a student, Faculty of Law, ABU, Zaria.*

Nigerians Score Buhari 52% on Governance

Nigerians Score Buhari 52% on Governance

Bayelsa, Abia, Kogi, others get low performance ratings
Police is least trusted security outfit
Ndubuisi Francis and Udora Orizu in Abuja

Nigerians have given President Muhammadu Buhari a job performance rating of 52 per cent on governance in the 2017 national poll conducted by NOIPOLLS.

The survey was for the months of April and May 2017.
The national poll is the flagship offering of NOIPolls, the premier public opinion polling institution, which conducts extensive polls reflecting the opinions and attitudes of Nigerians on various sectors, topics and social, economic and political issues.

Unveiling the report at a press conference in Abuja thursday, the chief executive of NOIPOLLS, Dr. Bell Ihua, said the survey showed that Nigerians rated the job performance of Buhari at 52 per cent on governance.

Unsurprisingly, the highest approval rating of 75 per cent was polled from the president’s geopolitical zone–the North-west while his lowest approval of 19 per cent came from the South-east geopolitical zone.

“These regional variations arguably reflect not only the voting patterns during the 2015 presidential election, but also speak to the pattern of agitations and counter-agitations since President Buhari came to power,” the survey noted.

The poll also rated the president on specific sectors on a four-point scale, where 1 stood for poor and 4 stood for excellent.

From the results, the highest average score of 2.3 points each were obtained for the president’s performance on security and agriculture while the worst ratings of 1.8 points each were for his performance on the economy and poverty alleviation & job creation.

Sixty per cent of those polled said they were dissatisfied with the president’s handling of the economy.

The poll also sought the opinion of Nigerians regarding Buhari’s anti-corruption war.
The results showed that while 91 per cent of Nigerians believe corruption is still a major issue in the country, 58 per cent were of the opinion that the president’s anti-corruption war was working, with 42 per cent responding to the contrary.

The job performance of state governors was also assessed by Nigerians.
From the results, as rated by citizens resident in each of the states, the top performing states were Katsina (86 per cent), Sokoto and Kano (with 83 per cent each), Adamawa (82 per cent), Zamfara and Jigawa (80 per cent each), Kebbi (79 per cent), Niger (73 per cent), Yobe (71 per cent) and Anambra (66 per cent).

On the other hand, the ten least performing states were identified as: Bayelsa (12 per cent), Abia (15 per cent), Delta (18 per cent), Imo (19 per cent), Borno (24 per cent), Kaduna (28 per cent), Kogi (30 per cent), Benue (34 per cent), Bauchi (35 per cent) and Kwara (38 per cent).
In terms of institutional effectiveness, Nigerians had the opportunity to assess the performance of 17 public institutions with a regular interface with the populace.

The results revealed that the top five institutions considered effective by Nigerians were the military (72 per cent), Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC 65 per cent), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC 63 per cent), National Agency for Food and Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC 61 per cent), and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC 59 per cent).

On security, the poll reported that while 65 per cent of Nigerians feel safe in their localities, 35 per cent do not feel secure.

In line with this perception, about a third of the population (33 per cent) said they were aware of a robbery incident, and 13 per cent said they knew of a kidnapping within their locality in the last 12 months.

On the rating of government’s response to threats of violence in the country, 48 per cent expressed their satisfaction with the response. On the contrary, 50 per cent of Nigerians expressed dissatisfaction with government’s response to threats of insecurity, particularly amongst residents of the South-east (83 per cent) and South-south (79 per cent) geopolitical regions.

Nigerians were also asked to rate their level of trust for organisations involved in providing security.

The results revealed that the military topped the list of such organisations with 77 per cent, followed by vigilante groups and community security (64 per cent). On the other hand, the Nigeria Police were identified as the security institution with the least level of trust with only 35 per cent.

Source: ThisDay

How driving instructor lured, raped, murdered youth corp member

How driving instructor lured, raped, murder edyouth corp member

Samuel Awoyinfa, Abeokuta

A driving instructor, Festus Udoh, has narrated how he lured a 23-year-old National Youth Service Corps member, Miss Modupe Kawose, into a bush at Mawuko, in the Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State.

He said he raped and strangled her in the bush.

Kawose had registered in a driving school, Lizzy Driving School, while the suspect worked with the outfit.

The suspect was paraded at the scene of the crime on Thursday by the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Iliyasu Ahmed.

Udoh said the victim called her on Saturday, demanding her learner’s permit, and he told her to join him at Lafenwa in Abeokuta.

The suspect said when the victim arrived, he told her that he had resigned from Lizzy Driving School, and that she should follow him to the place where the learner’s permit would be processed.

He said, “We boarded a vehicle and later took a motorcycle to Iberokodo. We alighted at a junction near the bush.

“She was surprised and she asked, ‘is this where you live?’

“I said yes, and as we entered the bush, I told her that I wanted to have sex with her, she said no.

“I dragged her into the bush and raped her. Afterwards, she told me that she would report me to her family. It was at this stage that I tore her clothes and used them to strangle her.”

The state police boss said the command’s operatives commenced investigation when it received a ‘missing person’ letter from the state coordinator of the NYSC, Mr John Okoh.

He said, “At the end, we nabbed Udoh.”

He said the victim’s relations had been contacted.
Source: The Punch

Wasiu Ayinde mourns deceased daughter

Wasiu Ayinde mourns deceased daughter

Wasiu Ayinde

Popular fuji musician, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, has paid tribute to her daughter, Wasilat Olaronke Ashabi Ayinde, who passed on in Canada on Tuesday.

Wasilat was said to have died after an undisclosed illness.

Many people have since been expressing condolences to the musician otherwise called K1 de Ultimate over the incident.

Ayinde, however, broke his silence on Thursday in a tribute he wrote to the daughter, describing her as a gift from God.

The musician wrote, “My Olaronke Ashabi: 17th, July, 1983 to 12th, December 2017.These are two dates in  history that shall never be forgotten ever in my life. The first, a date you came to this world,  and the latter, the day you departed. I give glory and thanks to God Almighty who gave you to me for a purpose.   I have seen that several times, that I am privileged to have been your father and also for you to the kind of a child that also doubled as my friend.

“About your sickness, all our efforts, through medical means  available to us to make you better failed us, neither was your prayer and that of mine and everybody that loves you heeded by God. Rather, it is a direct word from God Almighty that Allah Subhanalahi Watahala, that He wants you around Him in His paradise and I totally submit to that and never question God for doing that. You embraced God and his commandments. Your  knowledge of the Holy Quran is enough testimony to the fact that you truly served your God whom you knew too well inside and outside. If you are able to look back right now this minute , you will see how people across the world are all trying to comfort me and soften my heart with many beautiful words and verses from both The Quran and The Bible, the books that guide us to our Creator,  then you will agree with me your death is well celebrated as one already in Aljanata.”

The fuji star also expressed appreciation to people who have commiserated with him

Source: The Punch

INEC confirms double registration by Kogi governor, sacks three members of staff

INEC Confirms Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, Registered Twice

Yahaya Bello

Dismisses staff guilty of double registration, registers 21 political parties
To act on court ruling on Anambra Senate seat
Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has confirmed that the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, engaged in double registration during the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise in his state, effectively violating the Electoral Act.

In a statement issued Thursday night by the commission’s National Commissioner & Member, Information and Voter Education Committee, Mrs. May Agbamuche-Mbu, INEC also said that 21 associations have fulfilled the constitutional requirements for registration as political parties.

With the new development, the total number of registered political parties in Nigeria is now 67.
The commission said following reports of alleged double registration by the governor of Kogi State in the on-going CVR exercise, the commission had set up a panel of investigation into the involvement of staff in the matter.

It explained that the initial report submitted by the panel was referred to the Appointment, Promotion and Disciplinary Committee, which made recommendations to the commission.

However, the commission said that it was constrained from acting on Bello’s culpability because he currently enjoys “immunity from prosecution”, but had ordered the dismissal of two of its personnel involved in the matter for gross misconduct.

It also ordered the compulsory retirement of an electoral officer involved in the illegal act for gross misconduct.

The statement read: “Following reports of the alleged double registration by the governor of Kogi State in the on-going Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise, the commission set up a panel of investigation into the involvement of staff in the matter.

“The initial report submitted by the panel was referred to the Appointment, Promotion and Disciplinary Committee, which made recommendations to the commission.

“While the governor of Kogi State currently enjoys immunity from prosecution, the commission took the following decisions in respect of its own staff: Summary dismissal of two staff for acts of gross misconduct, immediate and compulsory retirement of an electoral officer for acts of gross misconduct.”

The commission also stated that it had registered 21 new associations that had fulfilled the constitutional requirements for registration as political parties.

The names of the new political parties are, All Blending Party (ABP), All Grassroots Alliance (AGA), Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Coalition for Change (C4C), Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN), Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN), Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA), Modern Democratic Party (MDP), National Interest Party (NIP), National Rescue Mission (NRM), New Progressive Movement (NPM), Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP), People’s Alliance for National Development and Liberty (PANDEL), People’s Trust (PT), Providence People’s Congress (PPC), Re-Build Nigeria Party (RBNP), Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP), and Sustainable National Party (SNP).

In addition, INEC said that it would soon take a decision on the re-run election for the Anambra Central Senatorial District earlier scheduled for January 13, 2018, but which has now been affected by a ruling of the Federal High Court in Abuja.

In this regard, the commission said it has applied for the Certified True Copy of the judgment to enable it to take a decision on the Senatorial seat.

Following the judgment of the Court of Appeal, which ruled that the senatorial re-run election should go ahead, the commission had slated the Anambra Central Senatorial District poll for January 13.

However, the commission said in the statement that its attention had been drawn to the judgment of the Federal High Court on the issue on December 13 and was waiting for the Certified True Copy of the ruling to enable it to make a decision on the issue.

Source: ThisDay

News Headlines Dec 15, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

News Headlines Dec 15, 2017. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers 

The Punch

 Excess Crude Account: SERAP, CSOs flay NEC for $1bn approval to fight B’Haram
Withdraw threat to Olubadan, Mogajis warn Ibadan kings
2019 polls: Avoid politicians, CJN tells judges
EFCC/DSS clash: Senate grills Magu, Daura, others in secret
Man arrested for flogging neighbour to death
Rice truck crashes into house, kills infant, others
Now, men wear skirts to welcome Buhari
Excess Crude Account: SERAP, CSOs flay NEC for $1bn approval to fight B’Haram
Guard burgles ex-boss’ office days after quitting work
Abia police, revenue board at war over stolen jeep
‘How I lured, raped, killed female corper
Lawyer faults killing of Lagos fake kidnapper
Sea robbers, cult members kill two, injure policeman in Bayelsa
Alleged N5.3bn fraud: Nnamani seeks perpetual injunction against EFCC
End herdsmen-farmers’ crisis with technology – Ex-VC
Lagos partners firm to build 2,000 houses
Ambode tells civil servants to be enterprising
Wasiu Ayinde mourns deceased daughter
Guard burgles ex-boss’ office days after quitting work
Abia police, revenue board at war over stolen jeep
Court remands man for allegedly defiling girl, 7
Man, 50, remanded for raping seven-year-old
PDP needs South-West to succeed, says Dickson
2019: Join APGA or be sacked, Obiano tells S’East govs
PDP governors, others hail Wike on birthday
INEC sacks three for registering Kogi gov twice
Reps summon telecoms firms over non-payment of taxes
DPR proposes N415m for local, foreign trips, Senate kicks
Fuel scarcity ends in 48 hours, Kachikwu promises govs
EU pledges €25m for Nigeria’s power transmission expansion
2018: Senate queries N10bn solar streetlight project in varsities
FG, Kingline Power sign $550m power plant agreement
I will defeat Buhari in 2019, says Atiku
[BREAKING] Osun Assembly issues warrant for arrest of Bola Ige’s son, Muyiwa
[BREAKING] Kim Jong Un’s top aide executed by North Korean death squad –Report
[PHOTOS] Aisha Buhari takes a ride in Keke NAPEP 
Court rejects bid to outlaw extramarital sex
Ogun moves to save MKO, Muda Lawal stadiums
FA asks Mourinho to explain pre-derby comments
Wenger refuses to give up on Arsenal title hope
Manchester City hailed as Premier League greats
Mourinho reveals Bailly could be out for season
Pochettino spies good omens for Man City trip
Former Facebook executive bans his kids from using it, says app is ripping society apart
FG to spend N5bn on security for 104 unity schools
Foundation pays WAEC fees of Osun pupils
Family converts Akintola’s home to research centre
‘Sport deserves investment as education’
How to solve problems facing Nigeria’s education system – Okebukola
Salute to Orunmila as Sophie Oluwole hosts Dutch film-maker
Adebayo Salami, others honour Baba Sala at book presentation
Burna Boy speaks on 2kay’s attack, robbery allegation
Disney to buy parts of 21st Century Fox for $52.4bn
Women accuse rap mogul Russell Simmons of rape
I’m still learning as an actor – OC Ukeje
How blockchain is transforming health care, medical records
Editorial: Acting early to stem cancer spread
Nigeria: your father’s property
How politics shortchanges Nigeria
Plateau: Let’s keep the peace


INEC Confirms Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, Registered Twice
Dismisses staff guilty of double registration, registers 21 political parties To act on court ruling on Anambra Senate seat
Court Denies Alleged Husband Killer, Maryam Sanda Bail
Court Declares Name Change to ‘State of Osun’ Illegal
Falana: Buhari’s Overseas Medicare Confirms Inequality in Nigeria
Another 249 Nigerians Return from Libya
Falana: Buhari’s Overseas Medicare Confirms Inequality in Nigeria
Ibori Declares Support for Okowa’s Second Term Bid
After $21bn Loss, FG Moves to Amend Deep Offshore Act
Governors Okay Withdrawal of $1bn from ECA to Fight Insurgency
Battle for S’West: PDP Accuses APC of Sowing Seeds of Discord…
Daura, Magu Shun Each Other at Senate Probe
Nigerians Score Buhari 52% on Governance
TCN: Transmission Hits new Peak of 5,156MW of Electricity
IMF: Concern over FX Scarcity Persists, But Nigeria Remains Investment Destination
Buhari Returns from France
House Committee Seeks Collaboration with Dangote Refinery
Driving School Instructor Rapes, Kills Corps Member in Ogun
FG Approves PPA for $550m, 550MW Ondo Power Plant
Bulkachuwa Defends Appointment of 14 Justices to A’Court Bench
Nnamani Asks Court to Stop EFCC from Prosecuting Him
Ijaw Youths Accuse IOCs of Blackmailing N’Delta over Relocation Directive
SON Launches PAM to Check Substandard Products
House C’ttee Gives Last Chance to Adenuga, Olusanya, Bello-Osagie to Avert Arrest
Court Declares Name Change to ‘State of Osun’ Illegal
Delta’s Job Creation Template a Model, Says World Bank
You Risk Loosing Your Crowns If Olubadan is Dethroned, Family Heads Tell New Obas
NBM Moves to Partner Govt, Empower, Resettle Libya Returnees
Ajimobi Presents N267 Budget of Stability, Receives Defector from Accord Party
North-east Needs $1.1bn for Rehabilitation, Says UN
Military Successfully Repels Attempted Takeover of Borno Village
UK to Assist Nigeria on Improving Electoral Process
Prisons Officers Forestall Bold Escape of Kidnap Kingpin
Abubakar: Establishment of Special Forces Weakened Boko Haram Capabilities
LG to Immunise 50,000 Children sgainst Measles in Sokoto
Ikoyi Cash: Court to Hear Suit on Whistle-Blowing Payment Jan 17
Bank of the Year
FG to Issue First Tranche of N10.69bn Green Bond Monday
Keystone Bank empowers female entrepreneurs
PDP’s Bet on Atiku to Take it Back to Power
Anambra Central: Okonkwo Writes INEC, Demands Certificate of Return
APGA Flags off Campaign for Anambra Central Senatorial Re-run Poll
One-Bariga Woman Launch for December 18
‘You Can Enjoy Rental Income without Owning a Property’
RCCG Donates Neo-Natal Care Equipment to Massey Street Children Hospital
GKS to Celebrate Christian Feast of Tabernacle In Grand Style
Kennedy Iyeh Wins Next Titan Season 4
Kanu, Diouf, Other African Legends Play for IDPs in Kano
Boboye Pleased with Plateau Utd Display against CHAN Eagles
Golf: Odoh Sizzles on Equatorial Guinea Open Day One
Edo FA Award to Hold Dec 22
World Cup Sponsor, Hisense, Takes over Toshiba
PSG Coach Emery’s House Robbed
The Protest Judgment of the Court of Appeal

The Nation

The Nation flies highest with 10 prizes at NMMA
Harvest of awards for The Nation at NMMA
Governors approve $1b oil cash to fight Boko Haram
Mogajis warn 21 new obas for threatening Olubadan
Ajimobi presents N267b budget
Parties now 67 as INEC registers 21 associations
EFCC to battle currency traffickers
The governor-general, the chair and the beautiful bride (Is it true?)
Glo, Airtel, three others bid to take over 9mobile
I’m PDP’s valid candidate for Anambra Central, says Okonkwo
2019: No automatic ticket in Lagos APC, says Ajomale
Ajimobi presents N267 bn appropriation bill for 2018
Budget: Reps insist on Minister’s appearance
The problem with our elections, by Durotoye
NPS probes death of awaiting trial inmate at Ikoyi Prison
Behold the First Class women
‘Youth must imbibe value-driven leaderships’
Edith Agu-Ogoke to face Ashleigh Curry in pro debut
Lawrence Okolie dispatches Sousa in 2 rounds
3e Actuaries Golf Open: Odoh keeps title hope alive in Mongomo
African Union Sports Ministers Meeting Ends
2018 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon: Dubai Marathon winner eyes gold
11 wrestlers, 5 officials for Commonwealth Championship in S/Africa
Oboh is youngest player on parade in Mongomo
How Atiku missed chance to be president in 2003, by Idahosa
APC youths to enlighten Nigerians on Buhari’s achievements
Nigerian Idol winner, K-Peace, Kitwee, others thrill at AR Concert
I Go Dye gets award for anti-graft speech
Obesere, Saheed Osupa, others rock at Malaika’s housewarming
Experts suggest ways to reduce heart failure
Group restrategises on gender-based violence
Food and water poisoning: Typhoid disease
Praises for Emmanuel as pensioners celebrate their day
Yuletide: Delta IPMAN crisis threatens fuel supply
Uyo tragedy… One year, five days later
Court dismisses suit against NUT members
Baptist Academy old students honour 16 members
Assembly to subpoena LBIC boss for ‘disrespectful act’
SARS: crime in Rivers falling
Court stops El-Rufai from sacking Kaduna teachers
Finance Minister: only 40 million Nigerians pay tax
Striking varsity non-academic unions demand N30b
Will NYSC CV/jobs portal deliver?
Ogun State mulls bonds to finance infrastructure
Food and beverage workers begin indefinite strike
DMO begins investors’ campaign for N10.96b Green Bond


Government Hospitals Detain Patients In Lagos
NCC To Direct Service Providers To Roll Over Costumers’ Unused Data
GMB’s First Ever ‘Orderly’, ‘Tumultuous’ Kano Crowds – Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo
2019 Elections: Politicians Desperate To Destroy Us, CJN Warns JudgesIGR: Ugwuanyi Disbands Manual Collection Of Revenues
Rohr To Invite Sokari For World Cup Friendly
Rivers Chiefs Demand Apology From APC For Allegedly Denigrating Monarch
Atiku’s Not A Threat To APC — Idahosa
Over 600 Doctors Migrated From Nigeria In 2 Years – NMA
Senate Walks Out Fashola For Lack Of Budget Documents
Why We’re Yet To Swear In Adonomo After S-Court Judgment —Edo Speaker
FG, French Embassy, AFD Sign $60m Infrastructure Agreement In Imo State
VAIDS Success Depends On Taxing High Networth Individuals —Don
Pele Wants Salah To Shine At Russia 2018
PDP To APC: S/West Leaders Not Driven By Ethnic Sentiments
‘Fashola’s Performance Passes Integrity Test’
Obiano, Okowa To Partner With FRSC To Ease Traffic Jam On Niger Bridge At Xmas
Criticisms trial Govs’ approval of N1bn to fight Boko Haram
How I raped, killed youth corps member — Suspect
Osinbajo, Gowon, Dogara, Adebayo attend Christmas Carol at Villa
Biafra: I ‘ll sabotage another war on Igboland – Nwodo
Buhari’s Overseas medicare, evidence of inequality in Nigeria, Says Falana
Disregard evil plot to stop Umeh’s Senatorial seat, Obigwe tells Anambra electorate
Major Liberian opposition party backs George Weah presidency
BREAKING: INEC registers 21 new parties, dismisses staff for registering Kogi Gov
Buhari returns home from France
Paris Saint-Germain coach Emery’s house robbed on match night
French football to begin Video referees next season
FA queries Mourinho on pre-derby comments
2kay’s robbery attack: Burna Boy says he’s ready to reveal the truth
Blockbuster: Disney to buy 21st Century Fox assets for $52.4 bn
Lepacious Bose opens up on her past
50 prison inmates to write 2018 UTME
Rural women call for stoppage of FGM, sexual harassment, equality of women in Ebonyi
Five bidders emerge for 9Mobile

The Guardian

 NMMA honours Ibru, Jakande, Jose, others
 Nigerians rate president 52% on general performance
 Govt ready to spend extra $1 billion on anti-t­error war
Reps begin fresh probe into N30b unremitted crude oil revenue
INEC registers 21 new political parties
Group seeks more administrative, financial autonomy, flexibility powers for NAPTIP
Enugu ex-governor, Chimaroke Nnamani, challenges trial jurisdiction
Suspected sea pirates, cultists kill two, injure policeman in Bayelsa
Court denies Maryam Sanda bail, mother, brother arraigned
Reps summon telecom firms over alleged defaults in taxes, others
At birthday, PDP leaders extol Nyesom Wike’s virtues
Edo Football Association awards to hold December 22
Corruption is bane of sports in Africa, says Saraki
English FA queries Mourinho over ‘tactical foul’ comments
Babalola attributes quarterfinal loss to injury
Wenger won’t abandon Arsenal title hope
Klopp defends rotation after Liverpool held again
 Dana, SPG partner to offer customers 25% discount 
FG canvasses efforts for technologically productive economy
Why and how government should encourage coding education
Africa Code Week trains 1.3m youth
Healing from heartache during the holidays
 Five ways to avoid holiday weight gain
 Editorial. Buhari, the Sultan and fighting terrorism
 Still on losses, bad loans and debts
Poverty as a killer of democracy
Libya: Tragedy of a promising nation
Remembering Shehu Yar’Adua 20 years after
APC’s grip on Ondo under threat of leadership crisis
Will Smith Is The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Again
 Oyo to sanction defaulting owners of branded vehicles
At Christmas, Enugu offers free transport for indigenes
Governor Dankwambo explains rationale for central motor park
Buhari to commission locomotives, coaches

Daily Trust

Director forfeits 86 cars, landed properties
Govs approve $1bn for Boko Haram war
Why I withheld sensitive documents from EFCC – AVM Mamu
Many killed in clash between police, illegal miners
INEC sacks 3 staff over Kogi gov’s double voter registration
Govs approve $1bn for Boko Haram war
INEC registers 21 more political parties
Anambra senatorial rerun: Umeh picks holes in court judgement
Bello’s probe of past Kogi govs shadow chasing — Idris
Youth, women must challenge political leaders — ADP
LP ready for APC in Ogun — National chair
LG polls observers warned against partisanship
Nasarawa assembly presents LG autonomy for public hearing
Council accuses INEC of bias
Ex-Labour Party scribe backs NGO bill
PDP, S/Africa chapter, supports reconciliation
Kwara passes Not Too Young to Run Bill, others
Husband murder: Court denies Maryam Sanda bail
FG to issue N150bn sovereign green bond Monday
2019 elections: CJN warns against conflicting verdicts
Ikoyi whistleblower receives N321m commission, leaves NigeriaDubai Marathon winner Omari to race at Lagos City Marathon
Rohr considers inviting Sokari for friendly against Poland
NFF aware of Shehu’s suspension, says Sanusi
9mobile sale: Dec 31 handover is sacrosanct – NCC
Contract cost of 150km Lagos-Ibadan rail project may go up
Reps give two weeks to Marginal field operators to remit $250m to FG
Gunmen kidnap APC ward chairman in Gwagwalada
Corps members’ FRSC club builds bus stop in Gwagwalada
Group decries human rights abuse of drug users
The dangers of a self-serving judiciary
PDP Convention: Is the game already over for the party?
Echoes from the PDP Convention
Africa’s must-do decade
Li Yong
Nigeria and the imperative of happiness
Redoubling effort in anti-insurgency battle
Editorial: Return of toll gates
FG issues January deadline to complete FADAMA projects in Anambra

The Sun

Fire guts Owerri auto market
…As traders pelt Okorocha with sachet water
Anambra Central: APGA ignores court order, flags off campaign
Wike pledges to sustain religious tolerance in Rivers
Maina spits fire
•Bigger names accused of stealing in Aso Rock, ex-PRTT insists
Double registration: INEC indicts Kogi gov
…Sacks 3 staff, registers 21 political parties
Group accuses ex-Edo gov of plotting to oust Health Minister, Ehanire
Forget Biafra, Nwodo tells IPOB
We’re born to rule, not to play opposition –PDP
2018 budget defence: Senators walk Fashola out
• Query N10bn solar power project for varsities
The Sun drags Copyright Commission’s Director of Prosecution to court over harassment
Anambra Central: APGA ignores court order, flags off campaign
How I raped and killed corps member -Suspect
Wike pledges to sustain religious tolerance in Rivers
Charles Okafor, others for Awuwo Odofin Alleluia Carol Night
Cameroonians flee country as crackdown grows
Save Nigerians in Thailand from bad visa policies, Ohaneze Asia tells new ambassador
4 children killed as train crushes school bus in France
2019: Atiku’s exit no threat to Buhari -Beke
Use whistleblowers to expose patrons of fake materials –LASBCA
SON reviews NIS 444-1 of 2014, blames poor cement for building collapse
Alternative building materials panacea to soaring construction cost
NPFL invitational: Eagles not in Kano to win – Salisu
Lord’s Gin excites boxing lovers at Rumble on the Atlantic
By Zika Bobby Grand Oak spirit brand, Ndidi soars in EPL players ranking
Constitution amendment: Nasarawa Assembly okays independent candidacy, financial autonomy
Over 12m farmers’ve joined rice, wheat revolution –Buhari
EDITORIAL: The challenge of reforming SARS
Why I stepped aside as COSON Chairman –Tony Okoroji
PDP’s quest for Aso Rock Villa
2019…in need of 21st century candidate
Political intrigues and 2019 presidential election
Softly, softly on Olubadan

New Telegraph

 Governors approves $1Millon to fight Boko Haram
Nigeria loses N7.602trn revenue to foreign oil companies
We ate animal leftovers to survive in Libya –Returnees
Double registration: INEC sacks 2 staff, retires officer over Gov Bello
2019: PDP needs South-West to defeat APC – Dickson
Diabetes, obesity increase cancer risk – StudyWhy I raped, killed corps member –Driving instructor
Senate queries N10bn solar power project for varsities
PDP: The task before Secondus
ADP: APC is a super looter ‎of economy
PDP convention, Daniel, Ladoja back Secondus
Osinbajo, Gowon, Adeboye attend Christmas concert in Aso Rock
Attack on Magu’s house: ‘We can’t be intimidated’ — EFCC
It’s cheaper to prevent corruption than fight it, says Magu
PHOTOS: Aisha Buhari spotted in Keke Napep
2019: PDP needs South-West to defeat APC – Dickson
Diabetes, obesity increase cancer risk – Study
Why I raped, killed corps member –Driving instructor
Senate queries N10bn solar power project for varsities
PDP convention: How S’West lost to Secondus
Bombshell!: I received FIFA’s letter, says Sanusi
Orji Kalu gives out free World Cup return tickets
NFF must learn from FIFA’s sanctions –Dosu
Aigbogun to lead U-23 Eagles
…Babalola blames defeat on bad sight
Lagos SWAN exco visits Sport Ministry Liaison Officer
Alleged N4.5bn fraud: Nnamani seeks perpetual injunction against EFCC
A’Ibom LG poll fallout: APC chieftain alleges threat to life
Edo LGA IGR rises to N150m
Wike harps on commitment to PDP’s stability, growth
Benue: ‘Monkeypox victim treated, discharged’
Ajimobi presents N267bn budget for 2018
Group tasks FG, EFCC on suspended SEC’s DG, Gwarzo
Serena amongst world’s 30 most inspiring people
Court remands three LASU staff for forgery, stealing, extortion
PCA: We followed due process in judges’ appointment
LASU: 8,000 house owners must regularise titles –Govt
PDP has nothing good to offer South-West –APC chieftain
Over 12m farmers join rice, wheat revolution – Buhari
Ogun plans to raise fund for infrastructure
We drank our urine to quench thirst in SARS cell’
Lake Rice: Residents laud Lagos on fair sales
FirstBank partners Eventful for Fiesta of Flavours
Recession: Underwriters grow premium income by 100%
Keystone Bank empowers female entrepreneurs
Buhari, Ganduje inaugurate new ultra-modern rice mill in Kano
Anchor Borrowers: Meeting Nigeria’s local rice needs
CBN repays N340bn worth of treasury bills, overnight rates fall
NSCDC: We’ll collaborate with security agencie
Xmas: Don’t run away
AfDB approves $ 100m loan for Africa Infrastructure Fund
NB gets sectoral leadership awar
Ikoyi cash: Finance Minister, EFCC, whistle-blowers know fate January 17
Senate rejects DPR’s N355m proposal for foreign trips
Court to Aregbesola: You can’t change Osun State to State of Osun
SDGs: Nigeria partners ILO on social security
LCCI faults planned conversion of FG’s grant to tax credit system
Expulsion: FUTO, students seek out-of-court settlement
Edo LGA IGR rises to N150m


State Assemblies Begin Debate On Constitution Amendment
Relief For Kaduna Teachers As Court Halts Sack
Political Parties Now 67 As INEC Registers 21
12.2m Farmers Join Rice, Wheat Revolution
Why Stroke Cases Are Increasing — Physiotherapist
Hoodlums Attack First Class Monarch in Ondo
Delta Govt Commences Re-validation Of Private Schools
PDP Remains One Big Family, Says Spokesman
Rivers Community Threaten To Sue APC Over Attack On Monarch
Operation Cobra: FRSC Arrests 6,000 Offenders
Ebonyi Targets Over .5M Children During Healthcare Week – Dr. Umezurike
‘Report on Cadets Abscondment From Academy’ NDA Reacts
DPR Sanctions 10 Filling Stations In Zamfara Over Price Hike
Runway Repairs: FAAN Orders Partial Closure of Enugu Airport
VAIDS: FG Amnesty On Tax Defaulter Ends March 2018 – Fowler
Nigerian Auctioneers Reposition, Get New Executive
Nigeria Still Investors Destination, IMF Says
PMB Should Recruit Whom The Cap Fits To Run NIFOR
Operation Cobra: FRSC Arrests 6,000 Offenders
Yusuf Not Worried By Eagles Showing In Drab Draw With Plateau Utd
NPFL Pre-Season Invitational: Another Day of Drawn Games
FG To Stop Budget Loans To Defaulting States
NEC Approves $1bn Excess Crude Funds To Fight Boko Haram
Trump’s Plan And Long Night To Middle East Peace