We can make people disappear without trace, WAEC Official threatens Prof Akintola, others

We can make people disappear without trace, WAEC Official threatens Prof Akintola, others

In a tone reminiscent of the dark days of military era in Nigeria, an official of the West African Examinations Council, Dr. Henry S.A. Osidehinde, has threatened that the government can make anybody disappear without trace.
Answering a question from participants at a seminar on Teachers’ Development in an ICT Driven world in Lagos, Osidehinde who is a Deputy Registrar in charge of School Examinations Department at the Lagos office specifically warned the Coordinator of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Professor Akintola, against protesting on schedule of WAEC examination during Friday prayer time.
“Somebody like Professor Ishaq Akintola would go to a school and disrupt the school because of prayer time. You don’t threaten an institution like government. The government can take anybody out and they will not see that person again. And nothing will happen. Nothing”, he declared emphatically.
It would be recalled that a number of Nigerians disappeared without trace during the military era. Notable among them was a journalist, Bagauda Kaltho who was declared missing during the military era of General Sani Abacha. It was only after the fall of the regime that Nigerians got to know that he was bombed by operatives of the junta.

Delivering the paper for the Seminar, Dr Babajide Bakare implored teachers to embrace the use of information and communication technology to be able to reach out to their students in the 21st century.
He said teaching has moved away from the era where teachers merely regurgitated what had been learnt over the years.
He said students need to be stimulated to retain their attention.
He therefore charged teachers to invest in technology and research.


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