Balarabe Musa bows out as PRP chairman

Balarabe Musa bows out as PRP chairman

Muhammad Sabiu – Karina

THE National Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has informed party members that he will be bowing out his position as National Chairman for a younger person due to his failing health.

He made this known when he declared the 54th meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee(NEC) meeting on Friday in Kaduna.

This was as even he said that he will always remain in PRP.

In his valedictory speech, Alhaji Balarabe said that “due to declining energy and failing health, it has become necessary for me to vacate the seat for younger and fresher blood.”

The outgoing chairman, however, pointed out that his successor will not just be a young man in age but someone who is “robustly and combatively committed to all the ideals that our party, the PRP, has always stood for.”

Balarabe Musa promised to be always “available for party assignments within the limits of my fading energy and failing health.”

He thanked party men for all the support they have given to him over the years, pleading that they “should render the same support to my successor. There is work to be done and all hands must be on deck.”

The outgoing chairman further told the incoming NEC members that the national secretariat of the party has proposed uniform guidelines for “the 2018-2019 primaries and determining candidates at all levels of the party structure.”

He pointed out that the party took this measure because of the limited time frame within which PRP must conclude its primaries on or before October 7, going by INEC timetable.

Alhaji Balarabe Musa, however, warned that “these guidelines are specific to the impending 2019 elections only and may be modified as deemed fit for other subsequent elections.”

According to him, “under our party’s constitution, the NEC is empowered by article five, section f, to issue such periodic guidelines.”

Balarabe advised NEC to give state organs of the party, whether duly elected or protem, specific deadlines for the conduct of the primaries.

Source: Tribune


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