Abacha injected Yar’Adua with virus that killed him — Obasanjo

Abacha injected Yar’Adua with virus that killed him — Obasanjo

Sani Abacha


A former President , Chief Olusegun Obasanjo , revealed on Saturday that the late dictator , Gen. Sani Abacha wanted him , the late Shehu Musa Yar ’ Adua and the June 12 hero, the late Moshood Abiola , dead while in prison.

He stated this at a dinner programme organised by an inter – denominational Christian organisation , Christ The Redeemer ’ s Friends International of the Redeemed Christian Church of God , Lagos Province 39 Chapter .

The former president alleged that Yar ’ Adua was poisoned by Abacha ’ s killer squad , adding that he was to be next victim , but that he was saved by God ’ s divine grace .

Obasanjo said , “ Two people had earlier told me Abacha promised that three of us would not come out of prison or detention alive ; myself . Shehu Yar Adua and MKO Abiola . And two of them did not come out alive . So , that I came out alive , maybe God has a purpose . And therefore if the purpose is for me to serve the people and by so doing , serve God , then so be it.

“ Abacha claimed that I was plotting a coup . I wasn ’ t the first to be arrested . When Shehu ( Yar’ Adua) was arrested , I tried to plead for his release . When Abacha said he didn ’ t know about Shehu ’ s arrest , I said to him , ‘ the number two man in this country cannot be arrested without you knowing . ’ He then said he would go and find out .

“ In Abacha ’ s plan , he left God out of it and because he left God out of his plan , it ( his government ) eventually failed . There is God ’ s hand in the life of each and every one of us and every institution . I believe that very well.

“ When I was arrested , they took me to a house in Ikoyi ( Lagos ) and that became my abode ( I was ) in isolation , for three months.

“ In the meantime, there were national and international pressures for my release , ( former US ) President Jimmy Carter was one of the world leaders that came to ask for my release . Some African leaders like Yoweri Museveni and Robert Mugabe came . I believe it was because of those pressures that I was released from isolation in Ikoyi where I was under house arrest . ”

Obasanjo described the day he was court – martialled and sentenced as one of the ‘ worst days in his life . ’

He said , “ I must say that , that day , in a split second , it felt like the worst day in my life . What flashed through my mind was that I was forever ruined . I asked myself , ‘ What did I do to deserve this ? Is this what I get for serving Nigeria ?’ But then , I told myself again that this was not done to me by Nigeria, but that one man did it for me. ”

Obasanjo said he and Yar ’ Adua were detained in Jos and Port Harcourt prisons because they were the best prisons in the country at the time.

He said , “ I was to go to Jos ( prison) and Yar’ Adua was to go to Port Harcourt (prison) . In Jos, I was visited by my colleagues, including Yakubu Danjuma, Joe Garba , Domkat Bali, many of our colleagues, and then family members and friends .

“ Then a decision was made that I was becoming too popular in Jos prison and I had to be transferred to . Yola prison which is a native authority prison and I don ’ t need to tell you what life was there .

“ In Jos prison, before I was transferred to Yola prison, they had decided that Shehu Yar ’ Adua and myself should be poisoned. So , they took him from Port Harcourt prison to Abakaliki . In the process , he was injected with the virus that killed him . The same was supposed to be done to me . The man who came took me from the prison to a guest house in the GRA in Jos, said , ‘ We know you have problem with cholesterol so I have to take your blood for a test . ’ Then I said , ‘ Not on your life, I don ’ t have any problem of cholesterol . ’

“ I was slightly diabetic. But God had taken care of it because I was checking my blood sugar almost on a daily basis and it had become better than normal . So , I refused him ( the man ) touching me with anything . So , they took me to Yola and he said , ‘ when you get to where you are going , we will come again . ’”

The former president said he was saved from being poisoned by a doctor and specialist in the prison .

“ The doctor was a professional man in charge of the General Hospital in Yola . He listened to my case that I needed special food because I was diabetic. He said the specialist would come to see me. The specialist turned out to be somebody from Okeogun in Oyo State . Two, he was a Baptist, and three, he had heard about me and knew me . So , he looked at me and said , ‘ Don ’ t let anybody touch you with anything . ’

“ Within three weeks the man that came to me earlier returned again and said he wanted to take my blood . I said , ‘ No , you have to get my doctor to come and take my blood for you . ’ That was the arrangement between me and the doctor . And my doctor came and he brought a syringe and he took my blood and gave it to him . He now asked the man , ‘ When would we have the result?’ The man said , ‘ Within 24 hours of my getting to Abuja . ’ I haven ’ t heard the result till today . ”

Obasanjo said after his release from prison, he gave into pressure to contest for the presidency and he ended up becoming president for two terms by the grace of God . “Nigeria that was a pariah state became a darling ( of the world ).

“ What is the lesson for me ? I developed in prison but unfortunately I was not able to sustain it. Maybe because there was nothing else to do in prison except to pray and fast . I used to fast a lot . On three occasions , I fasted for seven days, no water , no food … a unique power was given to me by God .

“ In all these, God did not leave me alone , and I know that . I say to people that God has never let me alone nor disappointed me in spite of all. I am a sinner . It is not because of my goodness , but because of the grace of God , and the grace of God continues to abound . ”


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