NUT seeks donation to rescue public schools from collapse

NUT pleads for donation to public schools
By Dennis Agbo

ENUGU- THE Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, has pleaded for donations to public schools, which it said are populated by children of the poor. The group said that though government is doing its best in funding of public schools, complementary donations are required from philanthropists.

Chairman of NUT in Enugu Local Government Area, Comrade Chris Isife, made the plea during the body’s presentation of awards to five philanthropists who had shown concern in the upliftment of public schools in Enugu. Isife said the concept of this award was to encourage people to start donating to public schools and to encourage philanthropists to donate at least a little, to help the children of the poor in the public schools.

“It is also meant to raise some learning and teaching materials which are not in the schools now. Government said they will do it and all the parents left it in the hands of government, but the children are too many that government cannot cope. So we want to encourage public spirited individuals to come and help government so that those things that are lacking in the public schools could be provided. These people we are neglecting will one day become one thing or the other. In the past, our communities used to give scholarships but because government took over, these communities left the responsibilities to government.

“The effect of these things is that we have kidnapping and other violent crimes. What we are saying is that people should begin to think home to queue behind School Bail Club. If you donate to the church, donate to the schools.

People are very fond of donating to the church, believing they will go to haven, forgetting the primary or secondary school that was housing that church before it was built to a magnificent edifice. You see that the school looks like a poultry farm. So we are saying that people should come and help government.”

Isife said that whatever is realised will be used to train teachers and purchase some materials to motivate teachers to put in their best.

“We have used the money we gathered in the past to buy white boards; we printed exercise books and donated to schools, chalks, pencils and biros. If you donate a cartoon of chalk, it means a lot to primary schools. The children will not forget you and their spirits are there with you,” said Isife.

He noted that government is trying but that the teachers want to help the government because the number of school children is growing day and night, whereas numbers of schools are not increasing but the numbers of children are increasing.

“You find a school where we have about 100 pupils in a class, a very small class of about 12-14ft size. So what we are saying is that if these people, donating to the church can come and help the schools. That will be very wonderful and the society will grow.”
Source: Vanguard


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