​Nigerian doctor kills one, self, injures six at New York hospital

Nigerian doctor kills one, injures six at New York hospital
Jesusegun Alagbe with agency report

A disgruntled Nigerian medical doctor , Henry Bello, on Friday, barged into the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Centre , New York , United States with an armed rifle , killing one and injuring six others.

According to the New York Police Department , Bello also opened fire on himself and died in the process .

The suspect , aged 45 , was found dead on the 17 th floor of the facility, the city police told NBC News .

The gunfire was first reported at 3 pm on the eighth floor of the hospital and it was immediately placed on lockdown as police launched a floor -by – floor search for the armed intruder .

“ This would appear, preliminarily , to be a former employee dressed in a hospital jacket similar to what you would see a doctor wearing, who is familiar with the hospital , which makes the situation a lot more problematic , ” officials said , adding that Bello had a rifle , possibly an AR- 15 type assault rifle , and had previously worked at the hospital .

Just before 4 pm, the Assistant Commissioner for Communication for the NYPD , Peter Donald , announced the search for the suspect was over .

“ One shooter is deceased at the hospital , ” he said .

Before killing himself , Bello tried to start a fire on the 16 th floor that was doused by the hospital ’ s sprinkler system , a senior official with direct knowledge of the incident said .

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced in a tweet later that the situation was not an act of terrorism .
Source: The Punch


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