​Heads to roll in police over how Evans’ was released after armed robbery case in 2006

Heads to roll in police over Evans’ armed robbery case

By Christopher Oji

Following the disclosure of a senior police officer that he arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamdike, aka Evans, was arrested in 2006 for armed robbery but was freed soon after, the police high command has ordered a full investigation into the matter.

The investigation became necessary as Evans had allegedly owned up to the allegation of being involved in armed robbery.

A senior police officer had alleged that, in 2006, a gang of armed robbers attacked a commercial bank in Lagos and went somewhere around the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, to share the loot, where they had some issues.

According to him, “the robbers had a disagreement over sharing formula and shot one another. Seven members of the gang died on the spot. Three of the suspects, including Evans, were arrested. If you look at his chest there is a scar.”

The officer said the case was transferred to the Lagos State Anti-Robbery Squad, and: “We investigated and discovered that they were armed robbers. Evans led the gang. We also went to Mgbidi Police Station, Imo State, for investigation, where we arrested two gang members.

“There was a police woman at the band section of Police College, Lagos, Tina, who insisted that we dropped the case, as Evans was her brother. She travelled to Imo State thereafter. Not long after she returned, we got a message from the Imo State Police command that Evans was needed. We transferred the case.”

The officer said when he saw Evans’ pictures in the media, he recognised him as the man he investigated for armed robbery.

On the current investigation of this fresh fact, a senior police officer, who pleaded anonymity, said: “Evans has confessed to the 2006 armed robbery attack on a bank and the shooting of seven persons. Following his confession, the police authorities want to know how Evans was freed over the armed robbery offence. The police want to know who the police woman, Tina, is and whether she played a vital role in the release of Evans. We want to know whether other officers were also involved or if the court freed Evans.

“We suspect that Evans was released without due process. The police officers who were involved, whether they are still in the force or not, would be fished out and made to face the law. We will get to the root of the matter. The police do not joke with indiscipline. I am telling you, heads will roll, if policemen were responsible for shielding an armed robber.”
Source: The Sun


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