Why I want to be chairman of Alimoso NUT – Osewa

Why I want to be chairman of Alimoso NUT – Osewa

​Interview with aspirants for the post of Alimoso Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT)

Interview with aspirants for the post of Alimoso Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT)

It is another election year in the calendar of the Nigeria Union of Teachers at local and state level. Very soon teachers will be suspending action in the classroom to choose leaders that will pilot their affairs for the next four years.
As Frantz Fanon once wrote: Every onlooker is a coward or a traitor.  DAB although choosing to remain as impartial as possible is lending its voices to the aspiration for good governance. Towards this end, we shall be giving opportunity to the contenders to air their views and share their manifesto with our readers.
One of the aspirants for the post of chairman in Alimoso, Mr Samuel  Osewa shared some of his aspirations with our correspondent during one of the campaign trips. Excerpts:
DAB:  Why are you aspiring for this position?
Osewa:  I’m aspiring because I wish to satisfy the yearning of the teachers.  I am dissatisfied with the condition of teachers. I personally have seen the way NUT is being run in Alimoso. I wish that the union be run in a better way. I have been part of the struggle from the time of Somefun, the first branch chairman of Alimoso. I have been campaigning for others since.  But they don’t do what we want when they get there.  I feel that I cannot continue stay at the back and expecting the changes.  So I have decided to come in to make the type of change we need.
DAB: What do you want to do differently?
Osewa:  There had been welfare packages in the past.  But they are not enough.  If I get in, I shall ensure teachers have access to welfare packages such as loans.  If I come in as the chairman by the Grace of God, the rate at which interest is being charged will be lowered so that many teachers can benefit.  I am speaking from experience as a regular customer of NUT.   There will be reduction in the rate of interest and it would be stress-free. I will also put a stop to a situation where the Union continues to deduct loan months after one has finished paying.
Secondly, we are going to emphasise End-well programme so that teachers who retire don’t have to go through stress.  I have seen situations where retired head teachers have had to be hawking bread with Marwa.  This is not good enough.  I have the opportunity of working with teachers in primary school. There are so many things we can do to prevent this.  Many people do not have an idea of what to do after the service.  I was inspired by God to work for improvement of the lot of teachers.  How am I going to do this?  We are going to invite people to train teachers on skill acquisition and entrepreneurship.  We are going to ensure that every retiring teacher has something to do.  We are going to partner with them to finance the scheme.

 I am going to do more. For example, the principals, head teachers, are the one in charge of school leaderships.  if I am voted into power, I will partner with world class training organizations to deliver leadership trainings for the administration of schools, so that the people and the professionals who manage educational administrations at both primary and secondary School level will have the knowledge of current global practice in school administration which they can use and apply to ease their works and jobs. 
We are more on training and retraining of teachers while sourcing and providing for such opportunities for teachers in an equitable manner. In the area of providing tools for teachers to do their work, we will try as much as possible to provide teaching tools such as textbooks, teaching aids, ICT gadgets, etc. These, I believe, will aid teachers to do their work effectively.
 Also, my goal if elected in the area of religion for the benefit of Alimosho teachers. We know that the state government and others relevant state institutions and philanthropist do have slots for people on pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem. 
However, I am of the opinion that teachers have not been catered for within these slots. My goal is to ensure that teachers are also carried along in this area. If voted in by the grace of God .
 I will ensure that NUT Alimoso get its rightful place at the state headquarters. For some time now, NUT Alimoso has not been well represented in the state. This time around, my team and I will work  assiduously to make sure that we have our rightful placement in the NUT at the State Level. 
Watch out for more as we reach out to other aspirants


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