Lagos State Government Public Service Rules introduction and Chapter 1




Lagos State Government Public Service Rules Foreword


It seems trite to contend that there is nothing that fairly mirrors the image, perception and indeed the effectiveness of any Government like the image, perception and effectiveness of its Public Service. I have heard people refer to the word “bureaucracy” as if it was itself a bad thing. 

Checking up on the meaning of the word confirms what I already knew. It refers to a body of rules, procedures and processes by which things are done. In my opinion this is a good thing. A large workforce like the Lagos State Public Service, inclusive of its Local Government employees, numerous 

Parastatals and Commissions comprising over one hundred thousand people, employed to relate with members of the public, provide services and solve problems, require Rules of Engagement. Without clear processes, rules and procedures, their conduct within and with members of the public would be simply chaotic. The “bureaucracy”, the rules, processes and procedures for the conduct of Public Service are contained in the “Public  Service Rules” and this is a good thing. 

What needs to be borne in mind is that society is evolving daily, people are changing, their needs are changing, technology is also having a huge impact in how things are being done. It is when the rules do not catch up with these changes that difficulties may arise and  “bureaucracy” may become counter-productive.

 Since the return of democratic governance in 1999, a lot of reforms have taken place in Lagos State, making the Lagos State Public Service the pack leader in developmental initiatives. Unfortunately, the existing Civil Service Rules was last reviewed in 1982. 

Between then and now, reforms in Pension Administration, application of technology, adoption of Oracle software and business processes, unique Identity Numbers for Public Officers, extension of Maternity Leave for female officers  from 3 months to 6 months with full pay, and the introduction of Paternity Leave for male officers have taken place. Service Charters and Mission Statements have now become part of the operational ethos of Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Lagos State Government. I have had cause to utilize Executive Orders or cause the issuance of Circulars to bring these developments in conformity with the existing Rules. 

In the circumstances, the necessity to revise the existing Rules becomes compelling. The new Public Service Rules is the outcome of the initiative to bring our bureaucracy in conformity with changing local and global trends. The change of nomenclature from “Civil Service Rules”  to “Public” Service Rules is an attempt to make the rules applicable to Parastatals,  Commissions  and other Agencies of Government that have hitherto not been considered part of the main Civil Service; because Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government are inter- connected  and   inter-dependent,  it  is  important         

(i)that  they all operate by a uniform set of processes and procedures in Human Resource Management. 

The road to these new Rules is somewhat long. It started with the tenure of Yakub Abiodun Balogun as Head of Service, continued during the tenures of Adesegun Ogunlewe and Josephine Oluseyi Williams as Heads of Service and we reach a glorious completion during the tenure of  Folashade  Jaji as Head of Service. 

I am grateful to all of them, the Office of Establishments and Training (the custodian), their staff, members of various Committees who contributed selflessly to the evolution of these new Rules and the State Executive Council members who debated and passed the motion for adoption and implementation. I can only now commend the new Rules to the entire Public Servants  in the hope that they will improve the service delivery capacity of the Lagos State Public Service.

  (Sgd) Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) Governor of Lagos State, Governor’s Office, Ikeja.




PREAMBLE This document is the product of intensive review of the rules and  regulations guiding career management in the State Public Service. Without any iota of doubt, several reform programmes have been undertaken in the Lagos State Public Service since the advent of civilian rule in May 1999 and it is only logical that they be adequately accommodated in the new Public Service Rules. 2. Lagos State Public Servants are therefore enjoined to fully acquaint themselves with these Rules, which should be applied alongside corresponding Executive Orders, Instruments, Gazettes, Circulars and Notices as we are duty bound to operate in accordance with all Laws and Procedures guiding Public Service Management, Public Finance Management as well as Policies and Strategies in the State to ensure due diligence through transparency, accountability and probity in the conduct of Government business. 3. Accordingly, our attention is being drawn to the following guidelines, which should be taken into account while going through these Rules: (i) Method of Numbering Each Rule has been accorded a six-digit number. The first two indicate the Chapter; the next two, the Section; and the last two, the Rule Number. (e.g. 130201 is the First Rule in the second Section of the thirteenth Chapter or Rule One, Section Two of Chapter Thirteen.) (ii) Arrangement of Chapters, Sections and Rules There are eighteen Chapters arranged as listed in the Table of Contents (iii) Amendments Amendments to these Rules shall be effected through Circulars, which will be issued from time to time. (iv) Review of the Public Service Rules This treatise shall be reviewed periodically to update the provisions of the Rules. 4. This Public Service Rules should be widely circulated and made available to all categories of Public Servants in Lagos State as they are require to familiarize themselves with its contents. (Sgd) ‘Shade Jaji  (Mrs.) Head of Service, Office of the Head of Service, The Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.

 Lagos State Government Public Service Rules



Foreword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         i-ii

Preamble . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         iii

Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   vi-xxiv

Chapter                                        Subject       Page

1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

2. Appointments and Exit from  the Service . . . . . .   . . 7

3. Acting Appointments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

4. Discipline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

5. Salaries and Increments . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

6. Staff Performance Evaluation . . . . . . . . . . 70

7. Prescribed Examinations for Confirmation/Promotion. . . . . . 76

8. Medical / Dental Treatment and Procedures . . . . . . 81

9. Compensation, Insurance Scheme and Personal Effects . . . . 95

 Lagos State Government Public Service Rules Contents


10. Grievances and Petitions /  Appeals . . . . . . . . . . 99

11. Occupation of Government Quarters . . . . . . . . . . 103

12. Leave   … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       108

13. Free Transport Facilities within Government     … . . . . . . 120

14. Duty and Courses of Instruction within and outside Nigeria . . . . 127

15. Allowances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 133

16. Innovations/Inventions  and  Awards  Committee . . . . . . . .144

17. Reward for Outstanding Work . . . . . . . . . . . 147

18. Application of the Public Service Rules to Lagos State Government Parastatal Organisations . . . .. . . . 148

 Lagos State Government Public Service Rules Contents



Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Application 010101 Special Definitions 010102 Application of Public Service Rules to Female Civil /Public Servants. 010105 Public Service Rules to form part of inventory items 010107


Section I – General Appointment  to Senior Posts 020102 Appointment  to Junior Posts 020103 Authority  for Appointment 020104 Incremental date 020105 Seniority 020106 Unpaid staff  prohibited 020107 Personal  Records 020108 Date of birth 020108

Section 2 – Recruitment Definition 020201 Types of Appointment 020202 Trainee or pupil 020203 Probation 020204 Eligibility for Appointment 020205 Prior  approval  in certain cases. 020206 Procedure  for  appointment 020207 Personal Particulars 020208 Change of  name owing to marriage 020208 Oath  of  Secrecy 020209 Secret  society: prohibition  of  membership 020210 Contravention 020211

Section 3 – Rules for Appointment on Probation Period of probation 020301 Compulsory examination 020302 Confirmation or termination at the end of probationary  period 020303

Section 4 – Rules for Appointment on Contract Definition 020401 Rules for Appointment  on Contract 020402 Duration  of  Contract Appointment- 020403 Termination  during  current contract 020404 Re-engagement: Responsibility  of Contract Officer 020405 Re-engagement: Responsibility of Permanent Secretary/ Head of Extra 020406 Ministerial Department/Agency Earlier  notification  of non-re-engagement 020407 Continuity  of contract service 020408 Deferred  leave 020409 Incremental date 020410 Appointment  of retired officers on contract 020411 Promotion 020412

Section 5 – Secondment, Transfers, Conversion and Advancement Definitions 020501 Procedure 020501 Emoluments  during  Secondment 020501 Conditions  to be met for transfer 020502 Posting of Officers outside their professional cadres  prohibited 020502 Conversion  on  Senior posts 020503 Conversion on Junior posts 020503 Requirements  for Conversion to the Administrative Officer cadre 020504 Salary on Advancement 020506

Section 6 – Promotion Eligibility 020601 Procedure 020601 From Junior to Senior  Post 020603 Effective Date 020604 Notional promotion 020606 Promotion of a Contract Officer 020607

Section 7 – Exit from the Service Termination of appointment during  probationary period 020701

Relinquishment  of Appointment during  probationary  period 020702 Termination 020703 Resignation 020704 Leaving the  Service  during  a leave year 020705 

Pregnancy  not a condition for exit 020705 Leaving the  Service on grounds  of failing an examination  or abolition of office or  re-organization 020706 Compulsory  pension Contribution 020707 Processing of terminal benefits: guidelines 020708 Statutory  Retirement 020709 Ways of leaving the Service 020710 Attendance at mandatory pre-retirement seminar 020712

Section 8 – Certificate of Service Authority 020801 Forms  020802 Purpose  020803 Timing 020804 Schedule (of engagement) Duties Emoluments Ill-health Dismissal Termination  of  Engagement Liability to  make good damage Further employment Gratuity Leave


CHAPTER 3 ACTING APPOINTMENT Section 1 – Introduction When made 030101

Not made unless necessary 030102 Not a form of trial promotion 030103 Procedure 030104 Date of Commencement 030105 Date of Cessation 030106 Effect of Casual or Special Leave 030107 Acting Allowance 030108

CHAPTER 4 DISCIPLINE Section 1 – Introduction Officers to acquaint  themselves  with disciplinary  rules in force 040101 Authority and delegation 040102 Delegated powers 040105 Postponement of disciplinary proceedings during Maternity Leave 040107

Section 2 – Obligations of Civil/Public Servants Civil Servant to appear before Commission 040201 Relevant  documents to be made  available to the Commission 040202 Failure to comply with requirements by Commission, a breach of discipline 040203

Section – 3 General Inefficiency Definition 040301 Drawing attention to shortcomings 040302 Removal for general inefficiency 040303 Removal of temporary staff for inefficiency 040304 Withholding of Increment: delegated powers 040305 Withholding of Increment: non-delegated powers 040305 Notification of defects 040306 Effective date of termination for inefficiency 040307

Section 4 – Misconduct Definition 040401 Issuing query 040402 Recommendations of Tribunals  of Inquiry 040403 Reporting  misconduct 040404 Disciplinary  procedure for misconduct and serious misconduct 040405 Notification  in writing 040406

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Engaging in business  after office hours 040407 Working for institutions or  Government Agencies during  office hours 040408 Fines 040409 Powers of  surcharge 040410 Money  Lending 040411 Mode of dressing 040412 Unofficial testimonials 040413

Section 5 – Serious Misconduct Definition 040501 Procedure 040504 Interdiction 040505 Responsibility of interdicted officer 040506 Suspension 040507 Dismissal and its Effects 040508 Effective date of dismissal 040509 Officer to report criminal charge and its outcome 040510 Effects of criminal proceedings 040512 Suspension of convicted officers 040513 Absence without leave 040514 Serious financial embarrassment 040515 Oath of Secrecy 040516 Unauthorized disclosure of  official information 040517 Abstraction  or  copying of  official documents 040518 Secret personal records 040519 Removal of public  records 040520 Removal of historical  documents 040521 Publication and public  utterances 040522 Political activities 040523 Resignation before seeking elective office 040524 Investments 040525 Prohibition  of private practice 040526 Mineral  discoveries 040527 Seeking  influence of prominent persons 040528 Posting and residence 040529 Paid appointment during leave 040530 Private agency 040531


Statement on appointment 040532 Borrowing money 040533 Presents in recognition of service 040534 Gifts from traditional rulers 040534 Prohibition of bribery and corruption 040535

Section 6 – Conduct Prejudicial to the Security of the State 040601

Section 7 – Retirement in Public Interest 040701

APPENDIX 4 Official Secrets  Act, Cap. 335 Commencement Protection of Official  Information, etc. Protection of Defence Establishment e.t.c. Restrictions  of photography, etc during  periods of emergency- Cap. 62 Control of  mail forwarding agencies etc. Power to require information  as to offences  under this Act. Search warrants Penalties and legal proceedings Supplementary provisions as to offence Interpretation etc. Short title, extent and repeal. Cap. 144 of the 1958 Edition Limitation of repeal made by  Cap. 144 of 1958 Laws of  Nigeria, 1962, No. 39

CHAPTER 5 SALARIES AND INCREMENTS Section 1 – Salaries Payment of Salaries 050101 Salary on appointment 050102 Salary on transfer from other Government 050103 Salary on promotion within incremental scales 050104

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Section 2 – Increment Rules Definition 050201 Increments not as of right 050202 Incremental Date 050203 Grounds for withholding  or  deferring 050204 Deferred Increment 050205 Withheld Increment 050206 Withheld  or deferred  increment not restorable 050207 Suspending of Increments 050208


Section 1 – General Reporting Officer 060101 Performance Appraisal Reports  to be  detailed and candid 060103 Communication of reports to officers – Letter Day 060104 What to do by Head of Department not familiar with  officer reported upon 060105

Section 2 – Progress Reports on Officers Progress   Report on Officer on Probation/ Initial  Contract 060201 Timing 060202 In Special Cases 060203 Reports on Officers on training courses 060204 Procedure 060205 Secondment to Ministry/Extra-Ministerial Department/ Agency 060206 Secondment to corporation, or State-owned companies 060207

Section 3 – Rendition of Staff Performance Appraisal Reports on Officers Purpose 060301 Period 060302 Action by officers 060303 Open Reporting  System 060305 Department routine 060306

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Action by Permanent Secretary/ Head of  Extra-Ministerial Department 060307


Section 1 – General Textbooks  allowed 070101 Examination Committee 070102 Failure  to pass  examination 070103 Refusal to take  confirmation  examination 070104 Time of holding  Confirmation Examination 070105

Section 2 – Combined Confirmation/Promotion Examination        for clerical officers  and Clerical Assistants

Section 3 – Compulsory Examination For Administrative Officers General 070301 Exemption 070302

Section 4 – Compulsory Examination For Executive Officers (All Cadres) Officers who are required to pass 070401 Syllabuses of examination 070402 Examination Fees 070403


Section 1 – General Definitions 080101 Medical documents to be treated as confidential 080102 Medical examination on appointment 080103 Special  medical tests 080104 Medical tests for Officer on Leave of Absence 080105 Procedure 080106

General 070303

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Leave to visit   medical specialist/ dentist 080107

Section 2 – Facilities for Medical Treatment State Government Medical Facilities 080201 Officer bears expenses 080202 Expenses Refundable in Special Circumstances 080203

TREATMENT ON BOARD SHIP/AIRCRAFT AND ABROAD Officers embarked  as invalids 080204 Officers falling seriously ill on voyage to or from Nigeria 080205 Medical expenses during  overseas leave or on duty 080206 Medical treatment overseas. 080207


Section 3 – Absence From duty on Account of Illness

Types of Medical Certificates 080301 How  obtained 080302 Responsibilities of officers: duty to notify address 080303 Duty to  report to Employer  when sick 080304 Duty to seek and comply with medical advice 080305 Duty to appear before a Medical Board and to comply with recommendations 080306 Who is responsible? 080307 Recording of addresses 080307 Enquiries about  absentees 080307 Reporting of staff member’s sickness 080307 Instructions to Officer reporting sick 080307 Constitution of Medical Board 080307

RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEDICAL OFFICERS When patient attends in person 080308 When Department reports patient unable to attend 080309

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


When a patient sends private practitioner’s report 080310 Reports  to Ministries/ Extra- Ministerial Department 080311

SICK LEAVE Officer who does not cover his Absence from duty with proper authority 080312 Power to grant an extension of leave to an Officer who is ill 080313 Aggregate sick leave for Officers 080314 Invaliding 080315 Payment to hospitalised  officer 080316

Section 4 – Matters relating to Injuries Application 080401 Action by injured officer 080402 Action by medical officer 080403 Action by Department 080404

Section 5 – Benefits  and  Repatriation  of Corpses Death of Nigerian Officer/ spouse  overseas. 080501


Section 1 – Compensation for loss of Private Property Personal effects 090101 Motor Vehicles 090102

Section 2 – Passenger Flight Insurance Insurance  at government’s expense 090201 Responsibility  for insurance 090202 Stop-over facilities. 090203 Marine Insurance on motor vehicles. 090204

Section 3 – Packing of Personal Effects Application 090301 Facilities  provided 090302

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Section 4  – Group Life/Group Personal Accident Insurance  (Welfare Package) Definition / Scope of  Cover 090401 Insurer 090402 Consideration 090403


Section 1  – General Whistle blowing /Grievance definition 100101 Procedure 100103 Petition to Head of Government 100104

Section 2 – Petition Application 100202 External  influence 100203 Identity  of petitioner 100204 Petition submitted on behalf of an illiterate 100205 Routing of petition 100206 Number of  copies 100207 Disqualification 100208 Delay in petition to be explained 100208 Conclusion  of petition 100209


Section 1 – General : Occupation of Staff Quarters Certain postings necessitate occupation of specific quarters 110101 No compulsion to occupy Government quarters 110102 Government  Housing Scheme  participants not to be given preference 110103 Condition  attached to  occupation of State Government quarters: Payment of rent 110104 Subletting  prohibited 110105

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Care of Quarters  110106 Alterations to  structure  and fixtures prohibited 110107 Removal of furniture prohibited 110108 Notice   of  vacation 110109 Taking  over and handing  over 110110 Responsibility  for  deficiency and damage 110111 Responsibility  for payment of utility bills 110112 Responsibility for  notifying Electricity and Water Authorities 110113 Vacation  of  quarters on resignation, transfer, retirement or Dismissal 110114 Ejection from Quarters 110114

Section 2 – Officers holding Senior Posts Retention of Government quarters during vacation leave 110201 Rate of Rents 110204

Section 3 – Officers holding Junior Posts Application 110301 Junior Officers not entitled to Government quarters 110302 Retention of Government quarters during vacation leave 110303 Compulsory occupant exempted 110304 Period of rent 110305


Section 1 – Definitions Leave 120101 Leave Address 120102 Earned Leave 120103 Leave- Earning Service 120104 Date of resumption 120105 Leave year 120106 Tour 120107 Types of leave 120201 Annual Leave 120202 Annual  vacation leave is compulsory 120203 Authority for  leave 120204 Dismissal 120205

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Leave  to be on working days only 120206 Casual/Sick Maternity Leave inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 120207 Entitlement to leave allowance. 120208 Annual Leave entitlement 120209 Qualifying  period for  Annual leave 120209 Annual Leave Roster 120210 Approval  for vacation 120210 Leave of Permanent Secretaries/  Heads of Extra- Ministerial Departments 120211 Leave without pay to be reported to the Treasury and Audit 120212 Leave for  Temporary Staff 120213 Normal grant of annual leave 120214 Approval to spend  Annual leave abroad 120215 Leave  address 120216 Date of Resumption from Vacation Leave 120217 Curtailment of Leave 120218 Procedure on return from leave 120219 Conditions of leave for new entrants 120220 Officers entitled to  pro-rata leave 120221 Deferred leave 120222 Deferment of leave: during exigencies 120223 Count against  deferred leave 120224 Special leave for  courses of  study 120225 Duty during leave 120226 Extension of Leave Ground of Public  policy 120227 Urgent Private Affairs 120228 Application for Extension 120229 Leave for Cultural and sporting events 120230 Casual leave 120231 Qualifying  period for  casual  leave 120232 Sick Leave 120233 Maternity Leave 120234 Twenty-Four week Maternity Leave 120235 Twelve-week Adoption  Leave 120235 Time-off for Nursing Mothers 120236 Paternity Leave 120237

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Leave for Examination 120238 Sabbatical  Leave 120239 Study Leave 120240 Types of Study Leave 120241 Study Leave with Pay 120244 Conditions for Study Leave without pay 120245 Leave for Religious  purposes 120246 Leave on compassionate grounds 120247 Leave of  Absence 120248 Types of leave 120249 Leave of  Absence to  Join spouse  on course of  instruction abroad 120250 Leave of  Absence to Joint spouse  on grounds  of public policy 120251 Leave of Absence for  Technical Aid Corps Programmes 120252 Leave of Absence for Non-elective Political  appointment 120253 Leave of  Absence for  Spouses of President,  Vice President, Governor  and Deputy  Governor 120254 Leave on retirement 120255 Leave on Permanent invalidation 120256 Leave to attend important trade union conference/ business 120257 Overstaying  Leave 120258

CHAPTER 13 FREE TRANSPORT FACILITIES WITHIN GOVERNMENT Section 1 – Economy in  use of Transport Necessity for Journey 130101 Choice of route 130102

AUTHORITY FOR USE OF TRANSPORT How Given 131103 Must be  specific and  not exceed approved rates 130104 Free transport  facilities not  transferable 130105 Transport of Orderlies or Personal Assistants 130106 Precaution with use of Waterways 130107

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Section 2 – Free Transport Facilities Available General 130201

TYPES OF JOURNEYS Duty Journeys 130202 Journeys to new station 130203 Free transport  facilities  available  for duty  journeys 130204 Transport of motor vehicle and  auto cycle  for repair 130205 Free transport for motor vehicle and motor/auto- cycle 130206

Section 3 – Miscellaneous rules regarding Free Transport Facilities Extra   Equipment 130301 Official  Documents e.t.c. by Air 130302 Use of Government  transport  from house  to airport,  motor  parks, etc. 130303

Section 4 – Standard guidelines for engaging newly-recruited officers with rare skill from overaeas miscellaneous  rules for transport facilities at governments Eligibility 130401


Section 1 – General Application 140101 Definitions 140101 Interruption  of training  courses 140102 Bond Agreement 140103 PROCEDURE Obtaining  Approval 140104 Briefing of officer 140105 Special duty visit: Effect on Leave 140106

Section 2 – Duty Visits Outside Nigeria Passages 140201 Estacode  Supplementation  Allowance 140202 Travelling Days 140203

Index Lagos State Government Public Service Rules


Discharging duties  during  Vacation Leave, away from  normal place of  residence 140204 Refund of daily  travelling  expenses  abroad 140205

Section 3 – Courses of  Instruction Outside Nigeria Conditions 140301 Passage 140302 Courses  with  special rates 140304 Overseas employment during training courses 140305

EXTERNALLY – ASSISTED COURSES Nomination 140306 Conditions 140307 Certain courses to be granted as leave without pay 140308 

Section 4 – In-service Trading and Local Courses of Instruction Definition 140401 In-Service Training 140403 Definition 140404 Local Course Allowance 140405 Mandatory Pre-Retirement Workshop for retiring officers 140406

PART-TIME COURSE OF STUDIES Part-time Studies – Approval 140407

CHAPTER 15 ALLOWANCES Section 1 – General Definition 150101 Types of Allowances 150102 Allowances Subject to Periodic  Review 150103 Rent  Subsidy – Officers not eligible 150104 Non- Accident Bonus 150105 Keeping of Record of all Accidents 150106 Forfeiture  of bonus 150107 When payable 150108 Domestic  servants of officers 150109 Allowance  of domestic servants 150110


Allowance Secretarial Staff 150111 Shift Duty Allowance for non-health  professionals 150112 Hotel Accommodation Allowance for newly-appointed, newly-posted officers 150113 Duty Tour Allowance 150114 Entitlement on Duty Visit Outside Nigeria 150118 Estacode Allowance 150119 Estacode  Supplementation  Allowance 150120 Travelling  Days 150121 Local Course Allowance 150123 Book/Project Allowance 150124 Overtime Definition 150126 Authority for Overtime and Entitled  Officers 150127 Treatment of officers not  qualified for overtime payment 150128 Work-free days 150129 Effect on acting appointment 150130 Limitation of total  monthly overtime 150131 Payment for time worked on work-free days 150132 Uniform  Allowance 150134 Acting Allowance:  When payable 150135 Rates of Acting Allowance 150136 Effect of Acting Appointment on allowance 150137 The effect on certain special remuneration 150138 Officer receiving personal allowances 150139 Contract  Officers and  re-engaged  pensioners 150140 Consolidated  Salary 150141 Resettlement  Allowance 150142 Resettlement Allowance not an Emolument 150142 Resettlement Allowance: Rate of payment 150143 Definition of  Transfer 150144 Not payable if transfer is at officer’s request 150145 Part-Time Teaching Allowance: 150146 Full-Time Teaching Allowance 150147 House Master/Mistress Allowance 150148 Science/Mathematics Teaching Allowance 150149 Laboratory  Attendants  Allowance 150150


Section 2 – Transport Allowance Definition 150201

Section 3 – Kilometre Allowance Rules Limited to official runnings 150301 House to office  journeys excluded 150302 Not payable when other transport used 150303 Motor Cycle: Rate of  Allowance 150304 Motor Vehicle: Rate of  Allowance 150305 Claims for Allowance 150306


Section 1 – General Appointment 160101 Functions 160102 Procedure 160103 Provisional protection of inventions 160104

CONTROLLING RIGHT IN PATENTS Government’s opinion 160105 Rates applicable when the officer is  allowed controlling  rights 160106 Rates applicable  when the  officer is   not  allowed  controlling  rights 160107 AWARDS AND SHARE OF COMMERCIAL PROCEEDS Determination 160108 Modification 160109 Secrecy 160110


Definition 170001 Basis of awards 170002 Frequency  of awards 170003 Nature of awards 170004 Procedure for selection 170005


Unique acts 170006 Certificate of merit 170007


Section 1 – General Definition 180101 Classification 180102 Existing R ules/ Conditions o f  Service 180103 Section 2 – Boards/Council Matters Functions of Boards/Councils 180201 Privileges of Members of Board 180202

Section 3 – Appointment and Promotions Authority  for Appointment 180301 Appointment 180302 Authority  of approve Promotion 180303

Section- 4 – Exit From the Service Exit from the Service 180401

Section 5 – Discipline Authority to Discipline 180501 General Application 180502 Application to the paramilitary 180503

Section 6 – Petition and Appeals Petition to Head of Government 180601




010101:  It shall be the duty of every officer to acquaint himself with the Public Service Rules, other regulations and extant circulars. These Rules apply to all officers except where they conflict with specific terms approved by the State Government and written into the contract of employment or letters of appointment.  In so far as the holders of the offices of: The Governor; The Deputy Governor; Rt. Hon. Speaker; Chief Judge of Lagos State; Hon. Members of the State House of Assembly; Hon. High Court Judges; The Auditor-General for Lagos State; The Auditor-General for Local Governments; The Chairmen and Members of the following Executive Bodies, namely: The State Civil Service Commission; The State Judicial Service Commission; The State House of Assembly Service Commission; The State Teaching Service Commission; The State Audit Service Commission; The State Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission; The State Health Service Commission; The State Local Government Service Commission; and any other similar organs that derive their appointments from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or the Laws of Lagos State are concerned, these rules apply only to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or the Laws of Lagos State in so far as their Conditions of Service and any other law applicable to these  officers are concerned. 010102: The special meanings, with which various words and terms are used for the purpose of particular chapters and sections in these Public Service Rules, are quoted at the beginning of such chapters or sections.


Special Definitions


 Lagos State Government Public Service Rules Chapter 1 010101

010103: Except where otherwise indicated by the context or in special definitions for particular Chapters, the following words and terms are used with the following meanings wherever they occur in this Public Service Rules: Basic Salary – a base pay excluding any inducement addition or other forms of allowances. Emolument is the total remuneration package as conveyed in an officer’s letter of appointment. Child  (of a Public Servant) means a child who: (a)     is under the age of 18 years; and (b) (i) is the officer’s biological offspring; or (ii) the officer’s step-child being the biological offspring of a       spouse of the officer; or (iii)  a child adopted by the officer in accordance with any statutory provision; and (c)       is entirely dependent on the officer. Civil Service is a body or organ which enjoys continuity of existence and is usually referred to as Government’s central bureaucracy. Essentially, it covers Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments. Public Service is a body or organ which enjoys continuity of existence. It is made up of the Civil Service, the Teaching Service, the Health Service, the Local Government Service, the Judiciary, Parastatal Organisations, Government-Owned Companies and Tertiary Institutions. Ministry – a Government organization established for the formulation  and execution of Government policies and programmes. The political head of the Ministry is the  Commissioner while the Permanent  Secretary who is a career officer, is the administrative head and Accounting Officer. Department/Directorate – the largest structure of a Ministry or Extra- Ministerial Department responsible for specific activities. It is headed by a Director who is accountable to the Permanent Secretary. Extra-Ministerial Department – a Department established by a constitutional provision. It is  a State Executive body having the same status as a Ministry. Its head reports directly to the Governor. Examples of extra- ministerial bodies include the State Civil Service Commission, Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission, the State Judicial Service Commission, Office of the State Auditor General etc. Classified Correspondence means correspondence graded as Restricted, Confidential,  Strictly  Confidential,  Secret or  Top Secret. Established Post means a post provided for under the Personal Emoluments Sub-Head of the Estimates.

Gazette  means the Lagos State Official Gazette. Administrative and Professional Cadres mean officers in the State Public Service holding the posts of: Director (XXX), G.L. 17     Deputy Director (XXX),  G.L. 16 Assistant Director (XXX), G.L. 15 Chief XXX Officer, G.L. 14 Assistant Chief XXX Officer, G.L. 13 Principal XXX Officer, G.L. 12 Senior XXX Officer, G.L. 10 XXX Officer I, G.L. 09 XXX Officer II, G.L. 08 and such other posts as may be declared by the authority responsible for Establishments Matters in the State to be  posts in the Cadres.    Contract Appointment means an engagement of a person to an established office for a tour of two years renewable only once or as stipulated in the terms and conditions of his contract.  

Commission includes the Lagos State Civil Service Commission and other Boards and Agencies.  

Centrally Deployed Cadre means the Administrative Officer Cadre, Executive Officer Cadres, Secretarial  Cadres, Accountant Cadre, Procurement Officer Cadre, Engineer Cadre, Architect Cadre, Surveyor Cadre, Information Officer  Cadre, State Counsel Cadre, Medical/Dental Officer Cadres, Veterinary /Agricultural Officer Cadres, Internal Auditor  Cadre, the Cadres of Statisticians, Auditors, Stores or any other that may be approved by any authority having responsibility for Establishments Matters in the State.

Civil Servant means any person or any officer holding or acting in any office in the State Civil Service and over whom the Civil Service Commission or any other similar body can exercise its powers  as well  as those whose Conditions of  Service are  covered by  the Public Service Rules .All Civil Servants are Public Servants but not all Public Servants are Civil Servants. For example, Officers of the Lagos Water Corporation and Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority are Public Servants and not Civil Servants. 

 Executive Officer Cadre  comprises Officers holding the posts of: Chief Executive Officer (XXX), G.L. 14 Assistant Chief Executive Officer (XXX), G.L. 13 Principal Executive Officer I (XXX), G.L. 12 Principal Executive Officer II (XXX), G.L. 10 Senior Executive Officer (XXX), G.L. 09 (XXX) (XXX) (XXX)

Higher Executive Officer , G.L. 08 Executive Officer , G.L. 07 Assistant Executive Officer , G.L. 06 It also includes officers holding corresponding  “Executive”  posts, e.g. Executive Officer (Accounts, Information , Audit e.t.c) posts. Permanent Secretary/Head of Extra-Ministerial Department/Agency means Accounting Officer of Ministry/Department/Agency (MDA). Officer, when used without qualification, means a member of staff in an established post, appointed either on permanent, temporary  or contract basis. Expatriate Officer means a non-Nigerian member of staff .

Senior Posts are posts graded on Salary Grade Level 07 and above and other posts attracting fixed salaries of equivalent salary grade levels in Ministries or Extra-Ministerial Departments/Agencies.

Senior Officer means a member of staff in an established post, appointed on Salary Grade Level 07 and above.

Junior Officer refers to a member of staff in an established post, appointed  on GL. 06 and below.

Member of staff means a person employed by any of the agencies of the Civil/Public Service of Lagos State. 

Staff is the totality of all the persons employed by the Lagos State Government. Temporary Officer means a member of staff employed temporarily in an established post. Appointment should be limited to Medical Interns and Personal Aides of the Honourable Members of the State House of Assembly. Trainee means a person appointed to a training post in any grade; it includes a pupil. Monthly-Rated  means employment on monthly rates of pay. Wife/Husband  (of an officer) means a spouse married under the Marriage Act, Islamic  or  Customary Law.

Nigerian married officer includes a non-Nigerian married to a Nigerian provided he has formally acquired Nigerian citizenship.

Private Medical Practitioner  includes traditional medical practitioner. 010104: – Nothing in this Public Service Rules shall be construed as limiting the powers of the State Government to amend or revoke any of its provisions at any time, provided it is not inimical to the well-being of the Public Service.

Application of Public Service Rules to Female Civil /Public Servants

010105: –  Notwithstanding that throughout the Public Service Rules, the terms Officer, Member of staff and Civil/Public Servant are often referred to in the masculine gender, the provisions of the Public Service Rules apply equally to female Public Servants except that: (a) provisions about wives of Civil/Public Servants do not normally apply to the husbands of female Civil/Public Servants unless where the former are incapacitated by illness or old-age, or are unemployed; (b) a child is not normally entirely dependent on a female Civil/Public Servant unless  the father of the child is dead or she is divorced from him and has been awarded legal custody of the child without a Maintenance Order. .

010106:  Where the condition of service of a public servant is inadequate or does not provide for a particular issue, the employer shall have recourse to the Public Service Rules.

Public Service Rules to form part of inventory items

 010107: A copy of the Public Service Rules shall form part of the inventory items in each office of the Service to be handed over by a departing Officer to his successor.


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