Jibrin calls for Buhari’s resignation

Resign now, Jibrin tells Buhari

Jesusegun Alagbe

A former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Finance and Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin , on Friday, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign on health grounds .

Jibrin ’ s call came a day after he questioned the President ’ s “ inaction ” following the recent face- off between the Legislature and the Executive , and hours after the Presidency announced he [ Buhari ] would be travelling abroad for further medical treatment .

In a series of posts from his Twitter handle , @ AbdulAbmJ, the embattled lawmaker said Buhari should resign because of his health , which has left many of his supporters worried .

He wrote , “ PMB, TIME TO LET GO : So many issues are left unattended , even small issues , that a presidential cough can deal with are left hanging .

“ Supporters are worried , understandably resorting to grumbling in hush voices , while keeping bold faces and holding on to hope and prayers.

“ The government has so many soft targets for internal and external opposition to feast on . We must tell ourselves the truth rather than live in denial.

“ At President Buhari ’ s age , working actively for over 50 years , even without his present health condition , his capacity will be greatly challenged .

“ Mr . President himself admitted that he had never been this sick in his entire life , which makes the entire scenario really worrisome .

“ Then we are reminded every day that PMB will travel abroad again to attend to his health as if it is just normal and we should celebrate ?

“ I believe that the combination of these two factors of his age and health situation has slowed down the pace of PMB and the All Progressives Congress government .

“ This has become clearly noticeable because it is a time that the country is expected to be on auto cruise in dealing with its challenges , bearing in mind that the present APC government is fast running out of time . Yet , things continue to go even slower , slower and slower ! The more PMB appears on camera , the more the narrative of his health situation takes the centre stage and the uncertainty it creates .

“ Life and health belongs to God , but the more I see pictures of Mr . President , the more I am convinced he needs to go and rest. He needs it!”


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